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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare Protection Supplies,
Equipment, and Research Information

This page includes but is not limited to:

1. NBC Filters Systems
2. Gas Mask
3. Potassium Iodate - Thyroid Blocker
4. Survivadine
5. Radiation Detector
6. Video here on what we do to Protect ourselves.

How To Be Safe In an UnSafe World

Under Ground Shelters - May Be The Only Safe Place To Be!

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Potassium Iodate PotIodate06BigII.jpg - 13174 Bytes

Each tablet contains 170 mg. of potassium iodate. 60 tablets per bottle.

Potassium Iodate is a superior form of KI (KIO3) supplied by The Survival Center. KIO3 will shield (or block) the Thyroid and prevent it from absorbing radioactive Iodine.

*Each factory sealed bottle contains 60 fresh tablets of Potassium Iodate 170 mg.

*Because of the extra molecule of oxygen in Iodate, the shelf life of Potassium Iodate is exceptional and should last a generation.

*Medical Corps recommends that each family member should have at least one bottle in their emergency kit. Youngsters are extremely susceptible to thyroid cancer after exposure to radioactive contamination.

*Unlike other blockers, our stock is NOT government surplus tablets.


Be it a spill, accident, war or terrorism, Potassium Iodate will protect you and your children.

It can be used for your pets also.

If there's a "nuclear event," and you're down-wind, you need to take KIO3 or KI before the radioactive plume reaches you.

If you don't have KIO3 or KI at the time of the event, then it's probably too late.

Please note: KIO3 is FDA approved, while a number of studies link KI with cancer.

Order Code # 24005 $15.95 each or save with quanitity discounts.    

We are Back In stock. Be sure to get on one of our Two Newsletters for Current updates and what to do to help you be Prepared.

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Radiation Detector

Radiation Detector - Portable Hand Held

Check the Radiation in your area. Then you will know.

This is a compact, general purpose survey meter capable of detecting alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays over 3 selectable ranges. A red count light flashes and a beep sounds with each event detected.

Halogen-quenched uncompensated GM tube with thin mica window 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 thick.

Detects alpha down to 2.5 MeV; typical detection efficiency at 3.6 MeV is greater than 80%. Detects beta at 50 keV with typical 35% detection efficiency. Detects beta at 150 keV with 75% typical detection efficiency. Detects gamma and x-rays down to 10 keV typical through the window, 40 keV minimum through the sidewall of the detector. Normal background is approximately 10-20 CPM. Gamma Sensitivity: 1000 CPM/mR/hr

Specifications: Accuracy: ±10% of full scale (referenced to Cs-137) Audio: Internally mounted beeper (can be switched off for silent operation). Anti-Saturation: Meter will hold at full scale in fields as high as 100 times the maximum reading. Power Requirements: One 9-volt alkaline battery. Battery life is up to 2,000 hours at normal background radiation levels. Temperature Range: -20° C to 55° C (-4° F to 131° F). Size: 145 x 72 x 38 mm (5.7 x 2.8 x 1.5 in.) Weight: M4: 178 grams (6.3 oz.) without battery 4EC: 198.1 grams (7 oz.) without battery Range Switch: X1, X10, X100, Battery Check. Includes: 1 year limited warranty, carrying case, and CE mark.

Order Code #24500 Price $395.00 + s&h

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A nutritional supplement and a thyroid protector all in one bottle. Survivadine is 99% bio available into the blood stream. Iodine's main function is to provide the necessary element for the thyroid gland, "shield for the body", this is the center of the immune system in the body.

The thyroid infuences all of the glands and hormones within the human system; this in turn affects and regulates all the systems directly. When the thyroid is operating correctly the body can be restored and vitality returns.

Most long standing health conditions could improve in the body.

This DETOXIFIED IODINE is totally different from the typical toxic iodine's that are normally available.

It is also unlike glandular or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid's job, instead of nutritionally building the thyroid to do its own job.

Seaweed, seafood, greens, raw sunflower seeds, and iodized salt may not have the necessary levels to support the thyroid fully for good health in the body.

Survivadine is:

1. Deep Mined Iodine
2. Most Pure
3. Does a better Job
4. 10 Drops = appox. one 170 mg Potassium Iodate tab
5. One bottle will last approx. 1 month at 10 drops per day. 2-3 Months using smaller amounts.
6. Smaller amount can be taken for body balancing purposes.
7. Easy to use 1/2 oz dropper bottle.
8. No harmful side effects.
9. This is an alcohol based iodine solution for regular usage.
10. As an option, We use approx. 3-5 drops daily 5 days a week to extend our supply.

DIRECTIONS Suggested: 1 drop in 3 to 6 oz of water for the first day then increasing 1 drop each day thereafter for 5 days, then give yourself 2 days off. Then start the process all over again, do this for 3 weeks. After this process 5 to 7 drops per day or what you feel is right for you. Children newborn to one month 1/8 - 1/4 amount. One month to 3 years 1/4 amount, 3-12 1/2 amount. 12 and older full amount.

You can apply topically also with great results. Taking this product after mid afternoon can raise your energy levels could cause you not to be able to sleep well.

In an emergency, one could take up to 10-15 drops in 24 hours.

1 - $59.95 per 1/2 oz. bottle
2-3 56.95 each
4-6 53.95 each
7 + 49.95 each

Order Your Supply of Survivadine Today

Any seaweed or plant based source is suspect.
In-depth details here about Survivadine. Probably more than you want to know but very educational.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product Is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is an alcohol based iodine solution. Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical conditions. Discontinue use and consult your physician immediately if you experience any adverse reactions.

Here is what we do to protect ourselves

NWSS.JPG - 15.79 K

Nuclear War Survival Skills

LifeSaving Nuclear Facts
and Self-Help Instructions

UpDated and Expanded

By Cresson H. Kearny

Author of The Original 1979 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Edition

Foreword by Dr. Edward Teller

This updated and expanded edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills gives instructions that have enabled untrained Americans to make high-protection-factor expedient shelters, efficient air pumps to ventilate and cool shelters, the only homemakeable fallout radiation meter that is accurate and dependable, and other life-support equipment. These instructions have been developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory civil defense researchers and others over the past 14 years, and have been field- tested repeatedly under simulated crisis conditions.

Over 400,000 privately reproduced copies of the original 1979 Oak Ridge National Laboratory edition have been sold. You and your family can improve your chances of surviving during and after a nuclear attack by learning the nuclear facts and following the self-help instructions given in this book.

Cresson Kearny is the leading inventor and field-tester of self-help survival equipment. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Princeton University and two Honours degrees from Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. Before and during World War II Kearny pioneered the development and testing of jungle combat equipment. In 1964 he initiated self-help civil defense research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory - work that he has continued in many states and several countries.

"I do not understand or accept the morality of a policy which requires that the lives of innocent children, women and men, whether Soviet or American, be held hostage to the political power and authority of the leaders of either nation."

I think it immoral for national leadership to fail to plan for national survival and population protection."

Bardyl Tirana, Director of the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency during the Carter Administration

"This book takes a long overdue step in educating the American people. It does not suggest that survival is easy. It does not prove that national survival is possible. But it can save lives and it will stimulate thought and action which will be critical in our two main purposes:

1. to preserve freedom 2. and to avoid war." Dr. Edward Teller

"Readers will be astonished at the wide variety of the problems which have excited his enquiry and the cunning simplicity of some of his solutions. There is no other book which offers so rounded a view of this large subject nor any on a smaller scale which one could recommend with so few reservations."

Journal of the Institute of Civil Defense, London

Order Code # BSX214 $ 19.95 + s&h

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What You and Your Family Can Do Before and After

Bacteriological-1.jpg - 12.56 K

LARRY WAYNE HARRIS, Registered Microbiologist, has researched and written this powerful and important book.

Are we facing a nationwide threat of terrorist attacks using biological warfare? Is this just a fearful possibility, or is there evidence supporting hostile activity by enemy agents within the United States? YES, is the answer to both questions. Larry Wayne Harris reveals what we do not want to hear in a compelling lecture about Iran's present activity within our nation. In an urgent plea ignored by national health and security officials, Mr. Harris warns of the devastating attack which is a matter of when, not if. This book tells us how we can be ready and what resources are available when the attack occurs. This is not sensationalism...this is real!

Order Code #BSS983 Regular $42.50



Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada
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Order Bacteriological Warfare Online

International Number 1-360-458-6778 ext.2
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Visa and Master Card accepted. Order more than one book at a time and the s&h goes to $1.50 for each additional book going to the same address at the same time 48 states.

Germ_Warfare.JPG - 7.86 K

Germ Warfare

Military Biology and Biological Warfare Agents

Technical Manual No.3-216 - Air Force Manual No. 355-6

Purpose: This manual provides a source of information on aspects of biology having military application and on the types of biological agents which might be used against us. Although this manual is intended primarily for use by chemical officers in accomplishment of their mission, all commanders of ground and air forces should be familiar with it in order that they may realize the dangers of biological warfare ( BW) and how such warfare may be recognized and combated.

Order Code # BS1210 $17.95 + s&h.

Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada
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Visa and Master Card accepted. Order more than one book at a time and the s&h goes to $1.50 for each additional book going to the same address at the same time 48 states.

Surviving Doomsday.JPG - 14.73 K

Surviving Doomsday

Can Mankind Survive Another World War?

by C. Bruce Sibley

This is a controversial book; it is a frightening book; but it is a factual book.

It sets out in detail the nuclear armament of the Great Powers;

It describes the effects of a nuclear explosion;

It examines the development of chemical and biological warfare;

And it ask the vital question - Is a third World War possible - and imminent"

The author, who is a scientist, has spent many years investigating these matters, and has consulted authorities from all parts of the world.

All may not agree with his conclustions: but none can afford to ignore them.

Order Code # BSS136 $ 16.95 + s&h.

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Undergrd storage.JPG - 9.38 K

Methods of Long Term
Underground Storage

The purpose of this book is to give the reader some basic ideas on how to prepare various materials( coins, firearms, etc.) for long term storage below ground. The reason for this book is, or should be, obvious. Namely the political and social climate in this country and the rest of the world.

History has shown that during major social or natural upheavals the people who survived were those who prepared for the worst. During these times the most valuable items were: Food, firearms, and a valuable medium of exchange. ( i.e. gold, silver, precious gems, etc.) The authors considered this book just the first edition. We urge our readers to send us any critizisms, comments, suggestions or different methods which they have tried and found successful, so that we may pass it on in the next edition.

Some of the prices of the materials which we quote are based on the current costs in our area. ( Eastern Washington state) They may vary according to location, inflation, shipping, etc., their main purpose is just to give the reader a rough idea of costs.

Order Code # BSS132 $9.95 + s&h.

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    Shelter Options

    NBC Air Filtration System

    Complete Blast Protected NBC Air Filter System

    airfiltercomplete09II.jpg - 62566 Bytes

    The Best Price available for Blast Protected NBC filtered air.

    IN 235 CFM Fresh Air, OUT 60 CFM Filtered air.

    Click Here to Order on Line Total System - Cost $4195.00

  • + s&h and sales tax if applicable

    Please give us a call to see if you qualify for FREE Shipping. 1-800-321-2900

    Everything shown above is included with this package: One ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell with Bypass Port and Battery Backup capability that has a pre-filter set, a nuclear grade HEPA, a war gas carbon adsorber, a wall mount bracket, air intake hose, and a hose wall flange

    One emergency backup Hand Pump
    Two 50-PSI automatic double acting Blast Valves
    One Overpressure Relief Valve - either ceiling or wall mount
    Free door-to-door UPS Ground shipping to any US address - 48 States
    Free technical support from the engineer who designed this system.

    Note: Air Filters Systems and components are a NON-Returnable Item. All Sales final.

    Order Toll Free in the USA


    airfilter110&12vII.jpg - 8311 Bytes

    True NBC filtration ventilation system

    Budget System

    A shelter is only as good as its air filtration system. This Air Filter System is a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) air filter that will enable you to create either a positive pressure safe room, fallout shelter, bomb shelter or a negative pressure isolation room. It will operate on regular 110v line power or will automatically switch to battery backup. An optional ( shown ) hand powered manual bellows can be ordered for use in a long term electrical outage. It will handle up to 12 Adults. Output is 100 cubic meters per hour.

    This Air Filter System can be mounted in a residential safe room with both backup systems in place: a user supplied battery for short term power outages & the optional hand operated bellows for longer power outages - note the 36 inch yardstick to the right for size reference. The air is drawn through the flex hose, into the bottom end bell, then through the filter bank in the middle and out the top end bell to overpressure the shelter or safe room.

    How does it work?The filtration unit draws in unfiltered air from outside your shelter or safe room through an intake vent that can be located in a wall, window, or door. The air passes through a bank of up to 6 filters certified for the collection of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC or CBRN) toxins or natural contaminants and allergens such as dust or pollen at 99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns. The NBC filtration system is comprised of Three separate filter media's: (1) a pre-filter, (2) a gas adsorption cell, (3) a HEPA particulate filter. Filters are easily changed. Spares are available.

    Then, the safe, breathable air is blown into your protected space with just the right force to produce a slight overpressure in the room. This overpressure keeps toxins from migrating into your safe room or shelter from any other entry source. This is the same technology used by the US military to keep soldiers alive in a CBRN environment.

    The Air Filter System can set on the floor or mounted vertically on a wall. You can order many optional accessories such as a hand-operated bellows backup, a blast valve, and a warfare gas absorber which is filled with military grade activated carbon that adsorbs gases. What really sets this air filtration unit apart from other NBC air filtration systems are the redundant backup systems.

    This is for those who are not concerned about blast protection or hand operation and want to save a few $'s.

    With this order # 42201, you do not receive the Blast Valves, Over Pressure Valves or the Hand Air Pump

    NBC Air Filter Budget System - Order # 42201 $2695.00 + s&h

    Typical air filtration schematic of a normal installation

    airfilterdrawing-internalIl.jpg - 14672 Bytes
    1. Optional through the wall kit
    2. Wall mount flange for hose - included with the air filter
    3. Intake hose: 5-inch diameter/60-inches length - included with the air filter
    4. NBC filtration/ventilation unit
    5. Optional emergency hand pump shown mounted on the air filter
    6. Optional digital pressure monitor
    7. Optional overpressure valve - ceiling mount also available
    8. 10/220 Volt AC outlet (standard wall plug) for the air filter
    9. User supplied 12-volt deep cycle (marine) battery - standard automotive batteries will work as well

    Emergency Hand Pump This hand operated bellows slip-fits instantly into the top of the air filter and is operated by pumping it up and down. It is used to draw filtered air

    airfilterhand-pumpII.jpg - 7168 Bytes

    into a protected space during a long term power outage.

    A typical shelter occupant cannot physically maintain an overpressure with this device (truth in advertising), but you can draw in air through the filter bank and into your shelter, displacing the carbon dioxide that is exhaled by the occupants ~and~ you still have safe, breathable air being filtered for NBC toxins.

    The constraint for maintaining an overpressure in any decent sized shelter (larger than a coat closet) is human endurance - there is simply too much air to move, either by a plunger system (which we have), or a rotary crank system, to maintain an overpressure for more than a few minutes. Either way, the oxygen that you consume and the carbon dioxide that you exhale while you bring in filtered air by hand power is beyond what humans can accomplish.

    Our emergency backup bellows has an output of 50 cubic meters (1766 cubic feet) per hour at 50 strokes per minute using a 7 inch stroke and an output of 100 cubic meters (3200 cubic feet) per hour at 50 strokes per minute using a 14 inch stroke.

    Order # 42220 $335.00 +s&h

    airfilteroverpressure-valve.jpg - 6878 Bytes

    Overpressure Relief Valve
    Ultra-low pressure purge valve

    This overpressure relief valve is critical to creating an overpressure in the protected space by adding the proper, metered resistance to the outgoing airflow. The valve is normally closed and will not open unless the air pressure inside the shelter is slightly greater than the outside air pressure.

    This gives you true ventilation - air in through the air filter and out through this valve preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide exhaled by the occupants. Carbon dioxide poisoning will incapacitate and kill the occupants of an enclosed space without ventilation long before oxygen deprivation.

    Please specify at time of ordering whether or not you are mounting this valve directly on the wall or ceiling - or if you are going mount it to the blast valve. We will configure your overpressure relief valve so it either has a mounting flange for the wall or ceiling or a slip-fit connection for the blast valve.

    A good rule of thumb is that if you are underground, you need blast valves and if you are above ground, you do not - unless you have a hardened structure above ground. There is not much need for blast valves unless you have a hardened, blast resistant structure.

    Any protected space will benefit from this valve, especially if it is well sealed, then this overpressure relief valve is a necessity - if you want true ventilation.

    Order # 42230 $165.00 + s&h.

    Blast valve

    airfilterBlastValveII.jpg - 20859 Bytes

    This Blast Valve is designed and tested to withstand a 50 PSI blast.

    In order to withstand this incredible pressure, this item is fabricated from 3/8" (.375 inch) steel. It is a heavy, robust item designed to keep the massive pressures of a nearby conventional or nuclear blast from injuring or killing the occupants of your bomb shelter. The bolt pattern meets the Israeli standard for blast valves.

    This Automatic Double Acting Blast Valve automatically closes when the initial positive pressure wave from an explosion hits and automatically closes a second time (in the other direction) when the outside air pressure goes negative in relationship to the internal shelter pressure. When the outside air pressure returns to normal, the blast valve automatically returns to its normally open state. In other words, it lets air flow into your air filter or out of your exhaust port for normal operation, but will not allow a blast of high-pressure air to enter your shelter - and bring contaminants with it.

    These valves are only necessary in hardened bomb shelters and should be used in pairs - one on the air intake pipe and one on the air outflow pipe. So you need TWO of these.

    Order # 42225 $525.00 + s&h.

    Replacement filters

    These replacement filters are of the highest quality. They are all easily replaced by using simple hand tools (two Crescent wrenches) and a suitable receptacle such as a plastic bag to place to old filter in. For more information about how to replace the filters, please see the Air Filter manual.

    All three of these filters come with the Air Filtration System:


    airfilter-replace1II.jpg - 6178 Bytes airfilterreplacement2II.jpg - 11853 Bytes

    The TWO pre-filters are designed to extend the life of the HEPA filter by trapping both large and small particles. The first filter is the roughing filter with an average efficiency of 25 to 30 percent when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.1. The roughing filter extends the life of the intermediate filter or pre-filter and reduces its change frequency. The second filter is the intermediate filter with an average efficiency of 80 to 85 percent when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.1.

    Order # 42228 Pre-filter #1 $55.00 + s&h.
    Order # 42229 Carbon Absorber Pre-filter #2 $395.00 + s&h

    The HEPA filter

    airfilter-replace3II.jpg - 9037 Bytes

    The nuclear grade HEPA filter is a special filter we have made just for our application.Each HEPA filter is individually tested to MIL-STD-282 before it leaves the factory, your assurance that it meets rated efficiency. The penetration and actual airflow rate are indicated on the label. Each filter is also assigned an individual serial number.

    Every HEPA filter is individually DOP tested: This has been the industry standard test method for many years. It is conducted using a forward light scattering photometer. The HEPA is challenged with 0.3 micrometer particles of dioctyl-phthalate (DOP). By measuring the upstream and downstream concentration of these particles, the HEPA filter cell efficiency can be calculated.

    Underwriters Laboratories Classification UL 586: This classification to insure that each HEPA filter cell is individually tested at the factory. Additionally, representative HEPA filter cells are tested by UL to ensure that they provide their rated HEPA level filtration, after being subjected to the following conditions of a high moisture environment of (90% R.H.), a high temperature environment of (371 deg/C), low temperature environment of (-3 deg/C). UL also subjects the HEPA filter cell to a spot flame test of (954 deg/C).

    Media: Water repellant glass micro fiber 99.97% True HEPA cell type (A)
    Cell Side Material: Fire retardant particle board
    Separators: Aluminum
    Bond: Polyurethane foam
    Gasket Material: Neoprene (RE43E1)
    Gasket Location: Both sides
    Factory Test: Certified 99.97% (DOP)
    UL 866 Label: Required:

    Order # 42210 for filter # 3 HEPA filter $335.00 + s&h.

    Total for all three filters is $785.00 + s&h.

    Note: Air Filters Systems and components are a NON-Returnable Item. All Sales final.

    Order Toll Free in the USA


Underground Shelters Here


Gas Masks & Protective Suits


Evolution 5000 Military Gas Mask Kit
- Loaded with extra features!

evolution 5000 gas mask

Kit includes : Evolution 5000 gas mask,
NBC filter, tactical bag, & more!

• Butyl Rubber face seal & Silicone inner mask
• Complete Military Setup, includes drop-leg
carry bag, hood & much more!
• Accepts all 40mm NATO filters, side mount
• Includes long-life 10 yr. C2A1 Military Spec.
40mm NBC FIlter
• Filter exceeds U.S. military specs.



evolution 5000 gas mask hoodHood/Filter On




The Evolution 5000 Deluxe Gas Mask Kit:

Kit Includes: 1 - Evolution 5000 Gas Mask 1 - C2A1 Spec. Stealth Black 40mm NBC Filter 1, Lens Cleaning Cloth & Watertight container, Stealth Black 1 - Butyl Hood (designed for / integrates perfectly with gas mask) 1 - Military Green Drop-Leg Carry Bag with 7 compartments for all accessories!


gas mask bagGas Mask Bag
gas mask filterGas Mask Filter

The Evolution 5000 Military Gas Mask - Designed for military use, this respirator is also appropriate for tactical, law enforcement & civilian use. Manufactured in a fully ISO 9001 certified facility, this is a TRUE Military mask system. Consists of a butyl rubber facepiece which resists all known chemical & biological warfare agents, a soft rubber inner mask/nose cup designed to minimize lens fogging, and a removable (olive drab) outer hood/second skin made of butyl coated nylon fabric. The mask can be used with or without the outer butyl hood. The facepiece is stealth black & has impact resistant, optically correct, eye lenses.

gas mask cleaning kitGas Mask Clean Kit

Equipped with voicemitter for clear communications. Comes with a brand new C2A1 long life 10 year stealth black filter canister. Side mounted filter position facilitates the use of weapons & other equipment. Designed to be worn for long periods, this mask has been tested, used & proven in combat & military operations. Available in medium or regular only.

gas mask hoodGas Mask Hood

Additional features & extras: Integrated drinking capability for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres. Works with standard issue U.S. canteens. A specialized self-sealing canteen cap and drinking tube connects the canteen to the drinking port on the facepiece. Comes in (a.) water repellant olive drab drop leg style carry bag with compartments for all included accessories: (b.) NBC filter C2A1, 40mm stealth black aluminum; (c.) Butyl rubber coated nylon hood; (d.) Waterproofing bag to prevent moisture damage in wet conditions; (e.) Lens cleaning cloth in sealed container; Total weight (complete kit in carrier with all accessories) 3.4 lbs.

You won't find a better protective setup for less. GUARANTEED!

This item is not returnable.

Reg $259.95 + s&h

On Sale for only $195.00 + s&h.

Click here for your gas mask kit and order on line or

Call us Toll Free at 1-800-321-2900 Mon-Thur 10-6 PT

Quantity Discounts are avaialble.


PSCPF2.jpg - 16.95 K PSCPF Suits.jpg - 17.79 K

What level of protection do you want?

PSIntroSuits.jpg - 89.48 K

Order Code # Call Quote + s&h Chemical Protective Suit with hood and boots.
Order Code # 22223 $Call Quote + s&h Tyvek suit with hood and boots.
Order Code # 22224 $Call Quote + s&h Level B Bio/Chem protective suit
Order Code # 22225 $ 9.95 + s&h Flock Lined Nitrile Glove - fits over cuff.
Order Code # 22230 $Call Quote + s&h Gas Mask with filter. Advantage 1000
Order Code # 22232 $Call Quote + s&h Gas Mask with filter. Ultra Lite

Advantage 1000 Gas Mask - Order Code# 22230 $Call Quote + s&h

GasMaskAdv1000.jpg - 12.82 K

NEW Advantage 1000
Chemical & Biological Warfare Agent Gas Mask

NIOSH approved for respiratory protection in atmospheres
containing CN & CS and particulates under 42 CFR 84 P100
classification ( 99.97 % efficiency level ) against all
particulate aerosols, including oil-based aerosols.

This gas mask is effective against:

Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) including:
Nerve Agents—GA, GB (Sarin), GD and VX
Blister Agents—Mustard and Lewisite
Blood Agents—HCL ( Hydrogen Cyanide)
Biological Warfare Agents (BWAs) including: Anthrax
Tear gases including: CN, CS, and OC
Price: $ Call Quote

Extra Filters available


Please note: Gas masks, Respirators, suits, gloves and surplus items are not returnable.

Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada
1-800-321-2900 ext.2

e-mail us -

International Number 1-360-458-6778 ext.2
Mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558

Visa and Master Card accepted.

Price and Availability subject to change without notice.


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