Combat/Field Medicine School

The Medical Corps TM Combat/Field Medicine School prepares civilians, with or without medical background, as well as military and government personnel.

What the class consist of:

We teach how to rapidly and effectively respond to both major and minor personal injuries sustained far from medical care.

That event could be a camping, fishing or hunting trip. Or it could be the result of sudden mass casualty events and the breakdown of America’s vulnerable medical infrastructure as might occur due to nuclear, biological, chemical accident or terrorist event. ( or natural weather related causes, fire, earthquake, tornado, high wind etc. )

Based on US Navy Combat medicine

Based on state-of-the-art Navy Combat Medicine, the Medical Corps Combat / Field Medicine School trains you in diverse emergency treatment techniques not known by the general public or taught to medical professionals.

medclassfracture-casting.jpg - 13992 Bytes Classes are structured with civilians in mind and all Combat/Field Medicine techniques are taught in hands-on settings.

Open to All

The school is open to all, regardless of knowledge, experience, or skill level. No prior medical experience or knowledge is required. The school is a must for families, first responders and especially for travelers.

What You'll Learn

medclassclass.jpg - 18767 Bytes You'll learn:
· how to disinfect serious wounds in the field
· how to suture wounds under mass casualty field conditions
· how to set broken bones
· how to protect yourself from nuclear, biological, and   chemical agents
· how to perform minor emergency surgery
· mass casualty triage techniques
· shock and trauma management, and much more.

Qualified Medical Corps Instructors will teach all students in hands-on settings where they'll gain in-depth knowledge of all subjects covered.

Students also have one-on-one access to instructors.

medclassoneonone.jpg - 17546 Bytes We've graduated students from all walks of life -- doctors, nurses, teachers, nuns, homemakers, farmers, Army Medics, welders, policemen and women, carpenters, paramedics, EMTs, Navy Corpsmen, SEALS, Air Force Pararescue Medics and many others

Medical Kits: Bandages, instruments, medications etc. What you need in a medical kit. A simple medical kit should have... A good medical kit should have... What a great kit should contain...

Bandaging and First Aid

How, Where and When to use dressings... This is the foundation of all good medicine. Bandaging, be it for a minor scrape or a major laceration, is a must know for everyone.

Band-Aids, Telfa, 4x4s, Roller Gauze, Triangular, Kerlex, Tape, Cold Packs and Hot Packs. Trauma Dressings, Blood stoppers, Battle Dressings, Pharmacy.

Advanced Dressings

medclassbattle-dressing-med2.jpg - 14016 Bytes Most of us will never put this information to use, but if the something happens, this is exactly what you do...

Gun Shot Wounds, Head Wounds, Chest Wounds, Abdominal Wounds, Lacerations, Trauma to the Limbs, Traumatic Amputations, Pharmacy

Nuclear Defense Issues

The unthinkable has happened! What can I do until help arrives?

Nuclear Defense Issues The unthinkable has happened! What can I do until help arrives, or, if I find I'm on my own?

Sheltering, Shielding, Decontamination, EMP Management, Power Plants, Dirty Bombs, Shelter in Place, KI, KIO3 (thyroid blockade), Prussian Blue (internal decontamination). What to expect for long term survival.

Field Minor Surgery These are some simple things you can do just in case the Emergency Room not an option.

Cleansing of a laceration, Cleansing of an abrasion. Safe removal of foreign objects (Debridement).

Advanced Field Surgery:

medclassadv-surg.jpg - 3297 Bytes All of these are done by Corpsmen and Medics on a daily basis--in hostile conditions--without access to a hospital. While this course will not make you a Corpsman or Medic, it will give you some experience in how to -- at the very least -- help a Doctor should the medical system go down.

Suturing, Excisions, Drainage, Debridement (removal of dead tissue), Opening Airways (Cric), Excisions, Incisions, Removal of Projectiles, Ligatures, Pharmacy

Fracture Management:

medclassfracture-leg.jpg - 16782 Bytes This is advanced "First Aid" for possible fracture patients in remote or hostile conditions.

Immobilization, Splinting, Moving a patient.

Advanced Fracture Management:
This is exactly what a Doctor does when he puts a cast on a patient.

Diagnosing, Setting, Casting, Removal of a cast. Expedient casting. Pharmacy


medclassbiohazard.gif - 5737 Bytes If there's a biological attack and you want to live, this is exactly what you do! Anthrax, Plague, Cholera, Smallpox, Other Biological Agents, Prophylaxis and Treatment-- including Pharmacy.

Field Anesthesia:

Making an injury or and area of the body numb is what needs to be done to when administering any of the advanced surgical or fracture treatments.

Locals (Infusion and Topical), Nerve Blocks, Sedation, Others, Pharmacy.

Chemical Preparedness:

Correct Chemical response means the difference between life and death. If you equipment doesn't work--you may die. If you have the wrong gear--you may die!

If you don't know how to use the gear---you may die!

Masking, Filters, Equipment Check, Nerve Agents, Medical Response, Pharmacy.

Alternative Medications:

medclassclass2.jpg - 17293 Bytes Alternative (non-pharma) medications aren't just a passing fancy. They work. This is what they are, what they do and how they're used.

Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Allopathic

Cost $475.00 per person paid in advance. In the event we are unable to hold the class a full refund will be issued. We must have at least 30 people. Current schedule looks like late September 2007.

All in three days. What an awesome learning experience.
Call and reserve your seat now. 1-360-458-6778