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Diesel Generators

This page contains Diesel Generators, Fuel Tanks & Fuel Life Extender


6000 Watts AC Current

Portable diesel generators provide a high quality, compact, non-fluctuating AC power source. Rugged and capable of long hours of operation, Loadstar gensets provide mobility just like their gasoline cousins and they are "green", meeting the most rigid environmental pollution standards (even California's C.A.R.B. certification is available!).



 Special Features

  • Dependable & safe diesel operation
  • Roll cage frame for portability &protection
  • Electric starting with manual backup
  • 12 volt D.C. auxiliary charging
  • Emergency low oil shutdown
  • Brushless rotating field design
  • 8 to 15 hours per tankful of fuel




Dimensions: 36 " (long) x 24.41 inches (high)
x 21 inches (wide)

Rotating Field Type 2 Pole AC Generator

60 Hz Standard (50 Hz Available)
Maximum AC Output

6 KW
Continuous AC Output

5.5 KW
DC Output

12 Volts @ 8 Amps

120 Volts (and/or) 240 Volts
Power Factor

Unity 100%

Single Phase (3 Phase available)

Self Regulated

Engine Model


Vertical 4 Cycle Air Cooled

Starting System

Recoil & Electric
Combustion System

Direct Injection
Governor System

Generator Specific-Centrifugal Weight Governor

#2 Diesel Fuel
Fuel Tank Capacity

3.5 Gallons (13.5 Liters)

Approx. Run Time/One Tank

8 Hours @ Full Load
Weight (lbs.)

Emergency Shutdown

Low Oil Pressure
Fuel Gauge

In Tank Dial Type

Operation and Service
Breakers AC - with GFIC

Main and 120/240 Volt Individual Breakers

Tool Set

Basic Metric-Engine
Noise Level

85 @ 7 Meters

Portable diesel generators, compact easy to move AC power anywhere you want it. Rugged and capable of long hours of operation. Meets rigid environmental pollution stands. Runs up to 10 hours on one tank full. Weights 258 lbs. Comes with electric and / or hand start. 120/240 volt. 6 kw Max or 5.5 kw continuous AC output. 30'' long x 25 '' high x 20'' wide. Compact & powerful. Can run most home well pumps.

Price SC6DG $5995.00 + s&h while supply last.

Most of the generators we carry have several options available such as engine speed, auto idle, various generator specs depending if you need a full service unit or just occasional use. We have the stealth operational mode ( more quiet operation for noise sensitive areas ) optional remote control - start mode, extra fuel storage, fuel life extender etc.

Fuel Tanks - All sizes to store that extra fuel in. We also have fuel preserver to extend fuel shelf life for many years.

We carry a wide selection of Diesel Generators. Some are Stationary Heavy Duty units from 12 KW continuous duty to 60 KW continuous are available. Call or email for a size to fit your needs. Our generators are not comparable to the discount store type. These diesel generator sets are all heavy duty units built to last and give you years of trouble free operation and reliability.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor not including transporation. Nationwide Service Centers available.

Questions? Call 1-360-458-6778 ext. 2

To Order call Toll Free in the USA and Canada 1-800-321-2900.

e-mail us -

loadstar-12000y.jpg - 26110 Bytes

SC 12000Y Liquid Cooled Generator

11/12 KW, 120/240 Volt, 2 Pole, Single Phase, Diesel Generator Set, Heavy Service

The SC 12000Y diesel driven, water cooled genset is powered by the new environmentally friendly Yanmar 3TNE68 engine. This modern engine series meets the most exacting E.P.A. and I.S.O. environmental standards, i.e.: low exhaust emissions and low noise (critical muffler installed). The latest fuel system design provides excellent fuel economy, assuring minimum operating expense.

The state of the art, synchronous, brushless, self excited, electronically regulated generator is designed for continuous single phase power application.

The engine and single bearing type brushless generator are direct coupled, (S.A.E. #5 housing) and then resilient mounted on a welded steel skid base with sound and weather enclosure, and 11.5 gallon fuel tank base.

The newly designed A.C. and D.C. deluxe control panel is divided into two sections. Included is an A.C. 3 pole line circuit breaker (rated for output), A.C., Volt, Amp, Frequency and Hour meters.

D.C. engines provide the user with the ability to monitor the engine status at all times. Key switch starting is also provided to meet safety standards.

These premium diesel generator sets are very well suited to both prime (continuous) and standby (intermittent) electrical power supply. Operation in either mode is without operational hour limitations. (Service factor)

SC 12000Y Premium Diesel Generator Specifications

( this is not your discount store variety - this is the Heavy Duty Stuff )

Power Rating
Continuous Duty (KW) 11.0
Standby Duty 12.0
Power Factor Unity
Generator Type SL165-12
Rated Output Connected single Phase (KW)
(120-240 Volt Single Phase)
Number of Stator Leads 4
Frequency (Hz) 60
Running Speed (R.P.M.) 3600
Temp. rise / Ambient temp.
125 / 40 C.
Insulation class (premium) H ( 180 C.)
Voltage regulator type Basler Electronic VR63-4UL
HP/RPM 4.7 @ 3600
Diesel Engine Yanmar 3TNE-68
Power Rating:
11 KW
12 KW
Number of Cylinders 3
Bore / Stroke (mm) 68 / 72
Displacement (L) 48 cu. in.
Fuel Consumption, 50% load (Per/Hr.)
2.27 Qt.
Starting System, electrical (KW / VOLTS)
1.2 KW / 12 Volt
Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallons)
11.5 Gallons
A.C. Control Panel
Running Hour Meter
Frequency Meter
Full Output GFCI Breaker
D.C. Control Panel
Start / Stop / Auto / Manual Rotary Switch
Low Oil Pressure Alarm Light (LED)
High Water Temp Alarm Light (LED)
Charge System - 12 Volt Failure Alarm Light (LED)
Automatic Shutdown on All Alarms - LED Indicators
Emergency Stop / Shutdown Switch
Diesel Fuel Gauge W / LED Alarm
Weather Enclosure
Vandal Proof - Lockable Door Panels
Sound Proofing Canopy, 70 DB / 1m
Zinc Treated Frame & Enclosure Before Powder Coating
Severe Service Industrial Powder Paint (Oven Baked)
Dimensions L x W x H (inches)
56" x 27' x 35"
350 Kg.
Site Tow Trailer Kit

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor not including transporation. Nationwide Service Centers available.

Order # SC12000y Price $ 13,995.00 + s&h. Please call for current pricing and availability.
1-360-458-6778. Price and availability subject to change without notice.

To properly size these larger generators please send us your specifications


Loadstar stationary 1800 RPM continuous duty generators are designed for the long run. Three and four cylinder Yanmar diesel engines drive the best slow speed brushless 1800 RPM generators available, providing both long life and fuel economy in a light weight package.

How much of a generator do you need? We can help you estimate your energy needs with this handy energy worksheet.

Loadstar Generator
 Special Features

  • Yanmar "Clean & Silent" E.P.A. Certified Diesel Engine
  • Continuous duty 1800 RPM brushless generator
  • Severe service welded marine aluminum skid frame
  • 12 lead for single or three phase operation
  • Convenient "one side" maintenance
  • Emergency shutdown - Low Oil/High Temperature
  • A rugged, dependable unit engineered for worry-free operation

Model Loadstar 8 KW Loadstar 10 KW Loadstar 12 KW Loadstar 15 KW Loadstar 20 KW
Type Rotating Field Type 4 Pole AC Generator
Frequency 60 Hz Standard (50 Hz Available)
Maximum AC Output 8 KW 10.5 KW 13 KW 16 KW 23 KW
Continuous AC Output 7.5 KW 10 KW 12 KW 15 KW 20 KW
Cylinder/Aspiration 3 cyl. / Natural 3 cyl. / Natural 3 cyl. / Natural 4 cyl. / Natural 4 cyl / Turbocharged
Regulation Self Regulated
Voltage 120/240 or Multi-Voltage
Power Factor (Unity) Single Phase0.8 Three Phase
Phase Single Phase or 3 Phase
Excitation Systems
Self Excitation
Engine Model 3TNE 74-G1 3TNE 78-G1 3TNE 88-G1 4TNE 84-G1 4TNE 84TE-G1
Type Vertical Inline Cylinder 4 Cycle Radiator Cooled
HP/RPM 13.2 @ 1800
16 @ 1800
21.9 @ 1800
26.1 @ 1800
36 @ 1800
Starting System Electrical Starting 12 Volts D.C.
Combustion System Swirl Pre-combustion Chamber Type or Direct Injection
Lubrication System Forced Lubrication by Trochoid Pump
Cooling System Oversize Radiator with Pusher Fan
Fuel #1 or #2 Diesel Fuel
Noise Levels
78 to 82 @ 7 Meters Unshielded
Operation and Service
Breakers AC
Main and 120/240 Volt Individual Breakers
Volt - AMP - Freq. - Hour

Industrial Heavy-Duty, Diesel Generator Set, 60 HZ, 120/240 Volt,
1 Phase, High Performance 1800 RPM

Price List

8 KW    $9750.00
10 KW    $10355.00
12 KW    $11995.00
15 KW $13,850.00
20 KW $15,255.00

These generators are not your discount store variety. They are designed for heavy duty service and long operational life. All prices are plus shipping. The Above Described Units Will Include, But are Not Limited to the Following:

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor not including transporation. Nationwide Service Centers available.


Yanmar TNE Series Heavy Duty Industrial 3 or 4 Cylinder Engine
Modern Waffle Pattern sound Attenuating Block (Cast Into Block Interior)
Oversize Isolated Radiator With Overflow Recovery-Skid Mounted
Donaldson Type Heavy Duty Air Silencer-Filter (Severe Service)
Spin-On Single Side Service Oil Filter
S.A.E. #4 Commercial Grade Flywheel Housing
12 Volt Electric System With Oversize Alternator
Engine Mounted Fuel Filter System With Primer Pump
Auto Safety Shutdown System L.O. Pres / Hi Water Temp
Industrial Pusher Type Fan Assembly
Unit Mounted Critical Muffler W/ Heat Shield
Cold Region Starting Assist (to 50 Degrees F)


Heavy Service Brushless 4 Pole 1800 RPM Generator
Solid State Auto Voltage Regulator
Vibration Isolated Foot plate to Frame
S.A.E. Direct Connected to Engine
B-10 Rated Super Duty Bearing (10 Years)
High Efficiency Windings for Reduced Fuel Consumption
Rated + or - 1% With Auto Voltage Regulator
Separate Exciter Winding for Rapid Load Recovery
Premium Class-H Insulation Used Throughout


Heavy Duty Welded Structural Aluminum Skid Frame #6061-T6
DF-2204 Engine to Frame Isolator Mounts
Radiator Isolator Base With Rubber Radiator Mounts
Pull Bar Pipe Cross Supports for Pulling & Lifting
Acid Hardened & Finished Bright for Reduced Maintenance

CONTROLS: Standard 12 Volt Engine Panel With Key Switch Start & Stop Auto Shutdown With Visual Alarms




D.C. Hi Water Temp Meter
D.C. Volt Meter
D.C. Oil Pressure Meter
A.C. Voltmeter
A.C. Amp meter with Phase Select Switch
A.C. Frequency Meter (Dial Type)
A.C. Hour meter



Unit Load Tested 4 Hours Actual Load Base
Shipped W/ Documentation on Testing
Unit Painted Gunmetal Silver (Engine Paint)
Complete Operators & Service Manuals
Crated, Palletized & Shrink Wrapped for Shipment


We will provide a generator set that offers the maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost. We would manufacture this unit to meet, and exceed, where possible, all customer requirements.All prices are plus shipping.

Price and Availability subject to change without notice.

Please Call for the Best Pricing and to make sure you get the generator that meets your requirements. 1-360-458-6778 m-f 10-6 PT.

How Much Standby Power Do I Need?

Deciding which generator set is best for your home or business depends upon how much power you require. We offer a full line of standby power systems to meet the specific requirements of each application.

This sizing worksheet will help you to determine how much auxiliary power you may need. Simply add the total wattage of each electric appliance which would be operating during a power outage. Divide by 1000 for the kilowatt rating.


Average Wattage*
Air Conditioner (Room) 1,000
Clothes Dryer 4,850
Coffee Maker 1,200
Computer Equipment
Copy Machine 1,500
Dehumidifier 250
Dishwasher 1,200
Fan (Attic) 350
FAX Machine (Operating) 220
Humidifier 200
Lighting 1,000
Microwave Oven 1,450
Postage Machine 70
Refrigerator & Freezer 750
Security System 250
Sump Pump 750
Television (Color)
Washing Machine
Water Heater
Well Pump
Total Wattage:
Divide total wattage by 1,000:

*Based industry averages for purposes of estimation.
Check the owner's manual for all electrically operated equipment to determine actual wattage.

Why Diesel?

  • 1/2 Fuel Consumption of Gas
  • Many Times More Engine Life
  • Unparalleled Reliability - No Ignition
  • Better Size & Weight Than Similar Gas Engines
  • No Evaporating Fuel or Carburetor Gumming
  • Effortless Starting ( Electric or Hand Recoil on smaller units)
  • Long Term Fuel Storage O.K. ( 5 + years or More)( we have fuel extender )
  • Non Explosive Fuel = Better Insurance Rates
  • Inclined Operation O.K. ( No carburetor Floats )
  • Counter Balanced Engines-Diesels are Smoothest
  • Re buildable Engine Format ( Inexpensive )
  • Latest in New Engine Technology ( No Tune ups )
  • Much Simpler Maintenance

Storage Tanks

Most any size or shape - from your choice of material
Steel, Stainless Steel etc. - Single Wall, Double Wall, Fire Rated

To Store: Fuel, Gas, Water, Oil, Kerosene, Solvents etc.

Above Ground or Under Ground Water and Fuel Tanks

UL or not UL

Built in Pumps available - Lockable fill cap

tankfanysize.jpg 15.03 K tankfbig red.jpg 11.95 K tankfbiggrey.jpg 12.75 K tankfbigwhite.jpg 11.95 K tankfmanyblack.jpg 8.54 K tankfmanyred.jpg 13.19 K tankfmultired.jpg 10.55 K tankfsquare.jpg 8.89 K

Call, e-mail, or write us with your specifications

Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada
1-800-321-2900 ext.2

e-mail us -

Order Form - Order Form

International Number 1-360-458-6778 ext.2
Mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558

Visa and Master Card accepted.

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Saver

Pri-g.jpg - 4.06 K
Extend storage life about 5 + years, depending on its starting condition, and some instances up to 10 years - cool storage and sealed containers will really help here.
  • 1. Stabilizes Fuel & Extends Storage Life ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 2. Inhibits Carbon Deposits ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 3. Removes Slime & Sludge ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 4. Lubricates & Cleans Fuel Systems ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 5. Controls Moisture & Inhibits Gelling ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 6. Prevents Tank Corrosion ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 7. Increases Power & Efficiency ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 8. Reduces Smoke ( use daily in your car or truck )

Special Sale Price

1 Quart $ 27.95
2-5 Quarts $ 26.95
6-11Quarts $ 23.95
12 + Quarts $19.95 + s&h
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