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Disposable Emergency Toilet Supplies

"Pee Bag"©

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    Pee Bags©


    You know the feeling. You’ve got to go, but there are no restroom facilities around. You don’t want to use the great outdoors and face possible embarrassment, and the last thing you want is to be forced to use an unclean or unsafe facility.

    What option do you have?

    Restop gives you two options when you are on the go and without restroom facilities.

    Kit # 1 is designed for liquid waste while Kit # 2 handles both liquids and solids. Both contain our exclusive blend of polymers and enzymes to instantly gel liquid and break down solid waste. Restop’s patented design prevents leakage and fully contains waste, even if the bag is dropped! What’s more, both products can be disposed of in any trash receptacle—no special dumping requirements, harsh chemicals, or hassle like other portable toilets!

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    #33116 Kit # 1 $7.99 + s&h per four pack: Includes liquid waste bags, pack of tissue and antiseptic hand wipe.

    # 33117 Kit # 2 $2.99 each + s&h: Includes bag for solid ( and liquid ) waste, includes tissue and antiseptic hand wipe.

    # 33118 Kit # 3 $59.99 + s&h includes: Commode ( bucket, seat & lid ) and 3 daily Restroom Kits.

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    Why use Restop

    • Restop is completely portable. A four pack of Restop 1 can be easily carried in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment, ready when you need it. And it’s lightweight—only 2.5 ounces per four pack!
    • Restop is completely spill proof. Liquid waste is turned into a odorless gel instantly on contact. And Restop’s patented one-way valve prevents leakage, even if the bag is turned upside down!
    • Restop is sanitary. Since Restop is used only by you, there’s no chance of disease or smell like a public restroom.
    • Restop is disposable. Unlike bottles or other containers, all Restop products can be disposed of legally in any normal trash container. And Restop's unique enzyme formula breaks down waste into environmentally-friendly components.

    Click Here to order Restop On line

  • What kinds of people use Restop products?

    Aviators.jpg - 1.21 K Aviators

    Boaters.jpg - 1.27 K Boaters

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    Anyone who can’t get to a restroom can use Restop products! Pilots, boaters, campers, hikers, hunters and families all love Restop because it can go anywhere, stored until you need it. Keep a supply in the car to avoid the problem of finding a restroom when you need it. Perfect for those who care about the environment and who don’t want to pollute with human waste. Click on the icon to find out how people use Restop.

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    In the Car
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    Family Activities
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    Potty Training

    Our products are recommended by Tim and Neil of KFI Radio!

    Contact us today, and never be far from a Restop

    Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900

    Local Number is 1-360-458-6778


    Snail mail to: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna. Wa 98558

    Portable Toilets

Luggable Loo Portable Toilet

Similar to the Reststop Commode, however not as soft a seat and it does not have a lid that will seal

portable toilet

as good as the Restop lid.

It comes with the famous Reststop liquid and solid waste bags. Comes with 1 bucket with lid and seat plus 3 solid and 8 liquid waste bags.

Total Price is $49.90.

For use in:
power outages
emergency shelters
tornado shelters  etc.

Here is the on line link.




    no rinse body wash

    No Rinse Body Wash 2 oz

    No rinsing is required
    Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free
    No alcohol means no dryness
    Gentle on sensitive skin
    Safe and effective perineal cleanser
    Use full strength as a liquid soap

    Great for clean up when water is limited.

    Click Here to order No Rinse Body Wash On line

    no rinse hand sanitizer

    No Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitizer

    No Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitizer:

    Instant Foam Non- Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer

    Safe, effective: eliminates 99.99% of common germs in 30 seconds

    Antibacterial foaming formula with aloe vera; non-drying

    Effective in killing C.difficile bacteria

    Approx. 118 applications per 47 ml bottle

    plus s&h

    Click Here to order Foaming Hand Sanitizer On line

    no rinse bathing whipes

    No Rinse Bathing Wipes

    No Rinse Bathing Wipes

    Eight large premoistened aloe and lanolin enriched cloths.

    Cleansing, deodorizing and moisturizing.

    Leaves skin clean, refreshed and odor free.

    Alcohol free 

    plus s&h

    Click Here to order Bathing Wipes On line

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