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Alcohol Cook Stoves

Alternative Cooking Supplies

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Alcohol, Gelled or liquid, is an excellent way to cook. Used for years in the marine industry as a safe clean burning fuel that does not give off any toxic fumes, it has been used in the galley of many fine boats and yachts. Campers and backpackers have also discovered this method of cooking.

Cook & Heat

Cook & Heat is gelled alcohol in a can. As this picture shows it can be used as a stand alone one burner stove. Approx. burn time is 4-6 hours, depending on altitude and oxgyen supply. Produces approx. 2,500 BTU’s of heat per hr. Produces approx. 10,000 BTU’s per can. Creates 60° to 65° temp. in an average room. Boils water in 8 - 10 min. Fries eggs in 4 - 5 min

# 25733 Can $4.55 + s&h

cook and heat gelled alcohol
# 25731 Case of 12 cans $49.50 + s&h
# 25735 Snap on Stove Click here to order ( reuseable ) $ 12.95 + s&h

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The 16 oz. steel can contains gelled ethanol fuel, which is one of the big reasons we like it. It burns clean, and can be used anywhere you need heat to cook or keep warm. The new “Snap On” stainless steel stove is specifically designed to attach to the top and bottom of the gelled ethanol fuel can, and is reusable. It has its own damper control to regulate flame when cooking and to shut off.

Pure Ethanol Alcohol

Organic Gelling Agents (to prevent spilling)

Use Safely in Confined Areas

Requires Minimum Oxygen Flow

Safe - Clean - Non Toxic

Indefinite Shelf Life

Renewable Resource Product

Made in the USA

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Liquid Alcohol Cook Stove

This alcohol burner uses liquid alcohol. Popular with hikers and backpackers. Many use it to cook in their properly vented Under Ground Shelter since no toxic fumes are given off. It is versatile and easy to use. The sliding flame adjuster controls the cooking temperature. The lid on the left seals the unit for transportation. # 22334 $ 24.95 + s&h

Why Cook with Liquid Alcohol?

Quiet - you can hear the birds while you cook instead of the roar and sputter of your cook stove.

Simple - no pumping or priming. Just add fuel and light.

Odorless - the fuel doesn't smell while burning and quickly evaporates when spilled.

Environmentally Friendly - alcohol is made from clean, renewal plant-based sources.

Fuel Availability - fuel is easy to find at gas stations, hardware stores, auto parts, marine and outdoor shops.

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Alcohol Distillers Handbook

Covered in this one great book are Milling, Mashing, Fermentation, Distillation, Distillers’ dried grain and solubles and Laboratory control. Perfect for personal fuel self-sufficiency or commercial production. Hardcover, 195 pages, illustrations, full appendix. BSX004 $24.95 + s&h


Aladdin Table Lamp

Uses Lamp Oil or K1 Kerosene

Order Code # 25606 Click Here to Order Table Lamp with Parchment Shade $194.95 This is one of our favorites. All the features of the table lamp above with a parchment shade to diffuse the light and make it easier to read or study by. We keep one of these always ready near our kitchen table.

aladdin lamp


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