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UnderGround Shelters

Your EarthShip to the Future

Deluxe Underground Shelters +

The New Climate Change Protection Complexes

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Complete Turn-Key
Underground Shelter Systems

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This is Real ASSET Protection - for You and Your Family.

If you want the BEST Underground Shelters, Then this is the Place. We have been doing this since the 1970's.

Who has been doing it longer? The Military!

Quick, Easy and Stealth Installation of our Underground Shelters.

The Survival Center has it down to a science. Normally 1 to 1 1/2 weeks on site from beginning to end.

Fast Turnaround - from order to installation in about 8-10 weeks.
(One week on site. Other Underground Shelters take months to years)

Built Submarine Tough to be Underground Tough - ready to install.

Reinforced and Insulated Heavy Duty Solid Steel Construction.

Air Tight, Water Proof and Insulated.

The Survival Center has a Proven 40+ year Track Record Underground.

One Shelter Holds over 2 years food supply for a family of up to 5 people.

Faraday Cage - Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMP & CME)

Shelters can be clustered together for more people and storage space.

100% Rust Resistance (special anodes). Double Moisture Protection.

Will Not Crack and Leak Like Fiberglass, Wood and many Concrete structures.

Mililtary Grade NBC Filter ( Nuclear, Biological, Chemcial ) air filtration system.

Designed and Built by The Survival Center here in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Integrated Emergency Escape Hatch System.

Complete Solar/Generator/Battery Self Contained Energy System.

This Underground Shelter is the BEST available to the civilian market.

Turn-Key. Shelters can arrive Fully Stocked.

Low Environmental Impact.

Air Tight and Water Proof - Excellent Protection from Tornadoes.

We have been building Custom Underground Shelters and Retreats since the 1970's.

Come to the Experts First. Avoid wasting your valuable time and money.

Stealth Installations and Operation.

Keep your Underground Shelter Secret from Nosy Neighbors

- Now Shipping To Canada -

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The Survival Center's Underground Shelters have the Smallest Foot Print and the Least Exposure Before, During and After Installation.

We have Specifically Designed Underground Shelters for One or More.

Cluster together to shelter more people, for additional Space and Comfort.

For your FREE Initial Consultation, Call the Experts at 1-800-321-2900.

There is much more involved than just putting in an "Underground Shelter"

Keep In Mind, Architects and Engineers are NOT Survival Experts!

If your Underground Shelter IS NOT Reinforced both Vertically and Horizontally, in a Major Earthquake or Blast event, chances are real good it will fail!

If your Underground Shelter is not Insulated, it will remain at the temperature of its surroundings unless some kind of heat is applied.

Talk to the Real Survival Experts FIRST!!



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This page has information on Under Ground Shelters, Above Ground Ankored/Earth Bermed Shelters, Inside Retro Fit Shelters, Climate Change Protection Complexes, Executive Retreats ( Safe Areas), Under Ground or Above Ground Secure Data Storage Facilities, Hardened Shelters, Hardened Structures, Back up Command Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, fuel, water, & liquid storage tanks above and below ground. Safe Rooms, Bunkers, Portable Safe Rooms, Smart Rooms, family, group, government or military supply or personel protection.

Question: What if the prophecies and predictions are true?

One of the safest places to be could be underground.

View Order Details for this Basic Underground Unit

Find the following within this page using these quick links:

1. Climate Change Protection Complexes
2. Solar Powered Utility Shelter
3. Under Ground Shelters
4. Air Filters
5. Liquid Storage Tanks
6. Budget Underground Shelters - If you are Handy
7. Storm Shelters
8. Blast Doors

Please call us at 1-360-458-6778 to order or if you are looking for something you do not see here. We are adding new models. Please sign up for our FREE News Letter for the latest underground shelter and preparedness news.

underground shelter side view
New Improved Insultated Underground Shelter

Our Underground Shelters can be Installed in days - not weeks, months or years. Please click here to See a quick video demonstration

Undergound Shelter Video Demo

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underground shelter outside
New Walk through or Walk Down Entrance

Under Ground Shelters

What does the Ground Hog and Ant know

That we should know?

underground inside
Roomy Beds, Tons of Storage, 7 1/2 Foot Head Room, Looks Like Home

Many people ask us how could one survive a major disaster, whether natural or man made or a combination thereof. One way nature protects its critters is getting them under ground. Ground hogs and ants are good examples. They have been around for a long time. So has nature.

A properly built and installed underground shelter is an excellent way to improve your chances for long term survival. The Survival Center has been building and installing under ground shelters since the late 1970’s. Over the years we have refined what really works well and not so well.

underground shelter
Air Tight/Water Proof Door

We build our shelters with the utmost of care and with your long term multi-hazard protection in mind no matter what scenario one would be preparing for. Our Under ground shelters are designed to protect from earthquake, nuclear, biological or chemical events, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc., and as a home safe area. Great Idea for VIP or Executive Protection - retreat, Secure Data Storage, Backup Command Post, Remote Protective Location, and more. Our heavy duty steel reinforced under ground shelters are air tight and water tight. Your particular situation may require additional equipment.

Shelter9Partcovered.jpg 20.92 K

Remember the three most important things in real estate? Location, Location, Location! This also applies to properly installing your shelter. The best location is in a slope or gradual incline of a hill so one can be high, dry and achieve natural air flow. Avoid putting your shelter below the water line or in an area that may flood. If you live near the coast line of any body of water you may want to consider moving your shelter inland to a safer area. Shelters can arrive fully stocked with food, water, supplies and most anything else one would want inside.

The Deluxe Under Ground Shelter ( Order Code # UG1) is an internally and externally reinforced ( reminds one of a submarine ) 8 ft diameter by 27 ft long Ľ inch Thick Heavy Duty Steel Shelter.

underground bunker

Two Underground Shelters with Central Walk Down Spiral Stairs. Plus Emergency exits/hatches.
For Up to 10 People

underground bunker

Three Underground Shelters with Central Walk Down Spiral Stairs. Plus Emergency exits/hatches.
For up to 15 people

underground shelter

Four Underground Shelters with Two Central Walk Down Spiral Stairs. Plus Emergency exits/hatches. For up to 20 people

Call Toll Free For Your Initial FREE Consultation 1-800-321-2900

underground shelter storage
Plenty of Storage for big
6 gal buckets and #10 cans

underground kitchen area
Large Kitchen Area

Underground Shelter
Easy Installation

Underground Shelter
Can Truck Most Anywhere

Underground Bomb Shelter
Plenty of Storage

Underground Shelter
Optional Walkdown Spiral Staircase

Single Shelter Includes:

Underground Shelter 8’X 27’ starting @ $89,995.00 +S&I

What is included in the Deluxe Underground Shelter

Sleep up to 5 people at the same time. See pictures on web site

1. 3 Lockable Air valves - makes it Air Tight and Water Proof
2. Entrance with ladder, lockable. Includes Marine entrance hatch.
3. 1 Emergency exit, bolted/sealed with gasket
4. Emergency main hatch opening 20 ton jack system
5. Storage shelves - will store many years of food (can come filled)
6. Paint, special formula inside and out
7. Metal protective anodes ( to prevent rust )
8. Wood floor down the middle approx. 6 inches high ( with carpet )
9. High Head Room - 7.5 feet ( approx )
10. Flush Toilet, One low volume
11. Shower - you provide the water
12. Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
13. Grey Water Collection valve under sink
14. Wired for both 110 v and 12 v
15. 2 12 volt LED overhead lights
16. 5 Sleeping beds/bunks with 5 custom made mattresses and covers
17. 4 Individual tables and one main table
18. 1 12 v deep cycle sealed battery ( you may have to get this locally )
19. 1 Standard Hatch with ladder
20. 3’’ of foam insulation on outside
21. 4 lifting points on top
22. 4 tie down locations, 2 each side
23. 1 Intake and 2 Exhaust air Lines. Metal risers for above ground and up to 100’of plastic Hook up pipe for below ground. Includes flexible connections.
24. Skids for easy movement into place
25. Ceiling Hangers to hook up additional hammocks, gear storage etc
26. 30’’ escape tower to sub-surface for emergency hatch
27. Riser tower and braces ( Std. 5 ft, extra depth optional )
28. Electric Breaker box with 1 x 20 amp breaker and 1 x 15 amp breaker
29. Seat back hinged off top bunks as a built in seat.
30. Quick disconnect for utility lines in. ( water, electrical, etc. )
31. 2 double 4 ft tube 98% full spectrum lights
32. Shower curtain rail ( curtain not supplied )
33. Main shut off valve for waste line
34. Full plumbing for kitchen, shower, toilet area.
35. Drain line out to septic tank.
36. Cover plate for septic tank.
37. Ceramic tile cooking area

What is Optional:

Water Tanks - need 2-4 min.
Fuel Tanks 1 min.
Generator 1 min. maybe 2 as a backup
Batteries - 4 or more
Hook up lines, wiring, plumbing etc. for exterior hook up.
Concrete - this is the optional slab over top of shelters
Septic Tank(s) and hook up lines ( drain field )
Heavy Equipment Rental and any other equipment

The Survival Center's Underground Shelters and Shelter Complexes are the finest, strongest, most unique, best Heavy Duty Shelters we could make for civilian use.

Stealth is the KEY here! During and After Installation.

All our Under Ground Shelters are Built Submarine Tough and are Air Tight and Water Proof.

Have you ever seen a submarine built out of fiberglass, sheet metal or corrugated sheet metal?

Have you ever seen a rectangular shaped submarine or rocket?

These are tried and proven Underground Shelters tested over time.

Starting at $89,995.00 plus delivery and installation.

Many options are available. Custom Steel Fabrication available.

Air filtration, septic tank, water tanks, and hook ups, optional.

Come to othe Real Prepper Experts and save your Valuable Time and Money.

1-800-321-2900 Mon-Thur 10-6 PT (by appointment)

How Fast can I Install a

Survival Center Underground Shelter?

Now This Is FAST!

Call us NOW at 1-800-321-2900

Why Heavy Duty Reinforced Round Steel? It works the best.

Over 100 years in use and millions of installations.

We have tried fiberglass and found they will crack and leak. So does wood and concrete.

Concrete is great. How many people do you want to know where your underground shelter is? Concrete can also crack and leak.

Keep in mind nosy neighbors, chatty concrete truck drivers, and yaky suppliers.

The Survival Center Shelters are designed and installed with the least amount of exposure in mind.

Keep secret from nosy neighbors. ( yes, this is a BIG problem you should be aware of )

The Survival Center's single underground shelter is designed for long term family survival and will handle
a family of 3/5 long term or more people for a shorter time period. More deluxe units are available.

Several units can be clustered together ( see drawing ) for additional people, comfort and storage.

How many do you need to protect? Additional Shelters can be clustered together to meet your requirements.

Underground Shelters can arrive fully stocked with all the food and emergency supplies one would need.

The Survival Center is your one stop shop for all your emergency and long term preparedness supplies.

Remember, most Engineers and Architects are "NOT" Survival Experts.

Talk to the Real Survival Experts First

Call us Toll Free at 1-800-321-2900.

- Now Shipping To Canada -

Walk down stairs are available as an option.

underground shelter
4 Underground Shelters together
Up to 20 people. With Central Walk Down Spiral Stairs, Plus emergency exits/hatches


Optional Utility Shelters are available, that could include but not limited to: generator, fuel storage, water storage, washer and dryer, additional storage, water heaters, batteries, invertor, etc. Concrete reinforcing is a suggested option to make your unit a more hardened shelter or hardened structure. Come to the experts. Normally quick turn around time 8-10 weeks.

underground shelter

Deluxe Underground Shelter and Utility Underground Shelter

Two Together. Walk Between

Sleeps 10 + people at the same time. More if necessary.

Completely Solar Energy Self-Contained.

Quick and Easy Installation.

Awesome Protection for You and Your Family.

To Order This Deluxe Under Ground Shelter On Line Click Here

Check out 200 underground cities
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200 underground cities

Features of our Underground Shelter System

Stealth Installations and Operation - Smallest foot print of all

Quick and Easy Installation ( hours instead of months - more secure & less exposure)

Easily transported to your location - we can ship to all 48 states
Heavy Duty Reinforced welded steel construction - looks like a mini submarine
Water and Air Tight
Options for attached additional Storage or Utility Shelters
Protection from Nuclear, Biological & Chemical attack, Incoming space debris, etc.
Optional concrete reinforcement, extra storage, air filtration, insulation, fuel, etc.
Can connect units together for additional space
Proven and Tested over time
Bright & roomy inside with lot of head room
Great protection against high winds, earthquakes, tornadoes, fire, vandals, etc.
Easily camouflaged
Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, Bunks, Storage space included.
Excellent Data or other Sensitive Items Storage Facility.
Excellent EMP and CME Protection.
Insulated for Heat Regulation, added protection.

So, the Ground Hog ( and Ants ) are protected by going Under Ground. How about You ?

Underground Shelter Installation Site

General consensus today is that if one was to put themself in the best situation to be able to survive the POTENTIAL Planet X effects, climate changes, earth changes, earthquakes, asteroids, comets, war and the effects that may be coming our way, and stand up to the potential high surface winds, high water, and nuclear explosions ( nuclear type winter, etc.) (from whatever source, be it man made or from crashing asteroids) then one would be wise to observe nature, like the Ground Hog (ants included) and Get Under Ground!

A properly designed, build and installed under ground shelter may give you the edge you need to survive. This page is presented as a brief synopsis of what we have learned over the past almost 40 years of building and installing various under ground shelters. Keep in mind, It is better to be one year too early that one day to late!

dome shelter

Here is an excellent place to live above ground while building your underground shelter.

Available from The Survival Center

dome house

Underground Shelter

All Good Hobbits Have a Nifty Place Underground.


underground shelter



Perhaps this is a view to the future !

Underground Shelter- Its the Future

Under Ground Shelter Gallery

Underground Shelter Interior Underground Shelter Kitchen Underground Shelter Reinforced Shelves Underground Shelter Shower Underground Shelter Storage Compartments Underground Tank Exterior
Underground Shelter Batteries Shelter Mill Underground Shelter Interior Views Excavation site for Underground Shelter Shelter end to end Underground Shelter Connectors
Shelter Toilet Shelter Kitchen Sink

Shelter Interior Shelves

shelter Interior shelves   Shelter Stove Shelter Stove
Underground Shelter Kitchen Counter Underground loading on truck Underground on Truck Underground loading on Truck

Add on Shelters are Available See Below

Climate Change Protection Complex

This is a Turn-Key 5 Underground Shelter Complex Including a Complete Solar Powered Energy System with Enough Energy for all 5 Underground Shelters.

This complex is designed with long term survival in mind. Includes most everything you will need to survive for up to 10 years* (our choice - except personal items, medications, etc.) with the main focus on the first 4 basics of Survival: 1. Food 2. Water 3. Medical 4. Shelter as indicated in the book “Basic Preparedness”.

Includes: 5 Under Ground Shelters 8’ diameter x 27’ long connected together. One of these Underground Shelters is Our Utility Shelter that is Solar Powered and will provide Power for all five Shelters.

This 5 Shelter Under Ground Shelter Complex provides living space for up to 25 people long term or more short term. This includes transportation in the connected 48 states. Does not include installation. Site must be approved by the Survival Center engineering staff in consultation with local certified civil engineers and dirt contractors. Potential Land (site) Options available in the Pacific Northwest.

5 shelter complex
5 Shelter Complex
ugcluster.jpg - 9.44 K
Connecting Two Together
UGCan0404.jpg - 78.23 K
Utility Module
  • 5 Shelter Complex                              
  • Inner Connected, Flexible and
  • Easy to access.
    underground stairs
    Walk Down Stairs Through Secure Hatch
    underground shelter walk through
    Walk Way Between Shelters

    Left: Optional Walk Way between Shelters

    The following is a Partial List and description of the items included. More detailed information is available once customer is approved and deposits made.

    1. The Main Living Shelters: This is the living area with sleeping, cooking, shower and toilet facilities.

    2. Food: The Food Shelter is where most of the long term storage food is located. Some food preparation can be done here. This includes 10 years food supply (our choice) for 5 people. Grain mill for grinding grain, stainless steel cook ware, alcohol cook stove & fuel, utensils, flatware and kitchen basics.

    3. Water: The Water Shelter is where most of the water, water purification, pumps, etc., is located. This supply will need to be replenished at regular intervals via a well, etc.

    4. Medical: The Medical Shelter is the built in medical facility with extensive medical supplies including but not limited to be able to do minor surgery and long term care and special needs for the occupants. This area also doubles as the entertainment, play, recreation, sprouting, time out, etc., area when not in use as a medical facility. Can also be a back up sleeping area.

    5. Utility: The Solar Powered Utility Underground Shelter is the generator/battery room with storage for fuel and extra supplies to repair and maintain the under ground facility. Also included a Stainless Steel Internal Water Tank, Stainless Steel Laundry Tubs, clothes washing area, extra shower, inside gardening (hydroponics, sprouting, etc.) Communication center - short wave radio, satellite hook up, satellite phone, etc. Non-Hybrid Garden seeds and tools.

    All underground shelters are connected to fresh air with NBC type filtering system operated by electric power with hand option included. Internal Battery bank is charged with solar panels and is also hooked up to gas/diesel generating backup system.

    What all can I have? One of the questions most asked in regards to Under Ground Shelters is can I have this or can I have that?

    Keep In Mind

    You are only limited by Two things:

    1. Your imagination

    2. Your ability to pay for it.

    Price for the Climate change Protections Complex:

    Starting at $ 1,575,000.00 + installation for the Climate Change Protection Complex.

    Single Units Listed Above


    underground bunker


    undeerground shelter cluster


    Design: We can design and manufacture for most any hazard you are planning for. Generally our units are NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical ) ready. Some customers require less, some require more protection. Initial consultations will determine the direction for your complex.

    SheltinShelves3.jpg - 20.17 K

    Reinforcing: All our underground shelters are reinforced for added strength, however, remain flexible for potential earth movement. Earth arching and correct installation assure maximum protection and longevity. Concrete options are suggested for additional protection. The interior reinforcement reminds one of a mini submarine. Heavy Duty and Built to last.

    Installation: Is not included in the price. We will work with your local contractor, certified civil engineer, licensed electrical contractor and other who may be needed to properly install your system. These contractors know your soil conditions and can give valuable advise. Many things must be considered before construction begins and pre-planning is a must.

    No-Cook-Unit2.jpg - 5548 Bytes

    Delivery & Supplies: Most of the modules will arrive ready to go with supplies for each stored inside. Additional supplies, storage tanks for water, fuel, etc., can be shipped at the same time.

    Additional Information & Details:

    This is a very brief overview of what this Climate Change Protection Complex is all about. Please give us a call to discuss the details of your complex. Many potential scenarios could develop, and Pre-planning and Commitment to your survival will determine your future. It is about the future - yours and how you prepare for it.

    Stealth Installations and Operation.

    How many do you want to know what you are doing?

    The Survival Center's Underground Shelters have the smallest foot print
    and the least exposure before, during and after installation.

    Call 1-360-458-6778 m-thur 10-6 pt (by appointment)

    * Longer scenarios are available.

    Under Ground Shelter Add on Shelters

    Can be connected to your main Underground Shelter

    Add-on shelters ( Order Code # UG-AU) extend your stay and provide additional needed services which could include but are not limited to: extra storage, generator room, fuel storage, water storage, washer, dryer, refrigerator, extra kitchen, extra shower - wash room, tool room, equipment storage, work shop, sprouting seed area, garden area, cool room, communication room, entertainment room, etc. etc. Many units can be clustered together.

    What all can I have? One of the questions most asked in regards to Under Ground Shelters is can I have this or can I have that?

    Remember - You are only limited by your imagination and your ability to pay for it.

    UGCan0404.jpg - 95.93 K ugcluster.jpg - 9.44 K UGRound0404.jpg - 78.23 K

    And The Solar Powered

    Underground Utility Shelter



    solar panels
    solar inverter survivalcenter









    Solar Powered Battery Bank with Generator Backup

    Totally Energy Self-Contained Stand Alone system.

    Everything is internal except the solar panels which can be taken inside
    your Underground Shelter as needed.


    underground generator room
    underground battery bank survival center

    Massive Underground Battery Storage for the power you generate from the sun, or you can recharge them from the built-in generator.

    Your choice.

    Just like the WWII Submarines only we use SOLAR!


    You can be totally energy independent underground with your own Solar Power/Backup Generator power generating system. This one Utility Underground Shelter will supply the power for an entire underground complex.

    Call us NOW and get Yours on order


    STORM Shelters

    Above Ground Anchored Shelters - New Models

    Anchored in Your Back Yard

    Can be Earth Bermed

    Discrete Above Ground Anchored Shelter Designed for
    Short Term Use & Close to Home!

    Outdoor Above Ground Anchored Shelter
    surrounded by a Garden Type Shed.

    shelterdooropenAGSII.jpg - 9063 Bytes
    shelterdoorclosedAGSII.jpg - 10148 Bytes

    Now You See It

    Now You Don't

    Above Ground Anchored Shelter 6’ X 6’ Round
    ( other sizes available )

    shelterAseatsII.jpg - 13274 Bytes

    Easily seat 6 adults. Storage under seats.
    Large Entrance for easy access.
    Locks from the outside when not in use.
    Lockable from the inside when in use.

    Mil Spec ground anchors hold shelter securely in the ground. Special Heavy Duty Four Corner Ground Anchor attachment locations.

    sheltereAlegII.jpg - 9972 Bytes shelterAsidemountII.jpg - 8148 Bytes

    Shelter can be bolted into concrete with pre-drilled hole already in the legs.

    sheltertwolockII.jpg - 7319 Bytes

    Locks: Double dead-bolt locks. Locks and keeps shelter secure when not in use. Can be locked or unlocked from the outside with a key when not in use. Lockable from the inside when in use and can easily be unlocked from the inside by most children over 4. ( we did a test )

    Easily accessible, inconspicuous ( looks like a garden tool shed ) ready to use at a moments notice. Protection from high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, flying debris, earthquakes and more.

    With the doors closed no one will know your Above Ground

    shelterdoorclosedAGSII.jpg - 10148 Bytes

    Anchored Shelter/Safe Room is ready and available.

    The Above Ground Anchored Shelter is easily disguised inside this inconspicuous simple garden shed. A basic garden shed comes standard with The Above Ground Anchored Shelter. Several optional garden shed designs are available. ( yes, we realize that in high winds the shed will probably blow away. Small price to pay for your safety and protection. It is easy for you to replace )


    1/4'' Heavy Duty Reinforced Round Steel Shelter ( heavier is available )
    4 Heavy duty ground anchors ( mil. spec.) = (military Specifications )
    Entrance Door 2’x5’
    Lockable entry door.
    Additional Steel Bar Door Latch ( Inside for added security )
    Seats 6 adults ( depending on size )
    Storage under Seat
    Reinforced structural interior
    Upper and Lower air vents
    Bright interior. Paint inside and out.

    Storage bins are located below the 6 person seats and can be used for storage of emergency and survival supplies.

    Special industrial heavy duty door, door hinges with interior lock down bar for added safety.

    gardenshelter3dcopy3.jpg - 59185 Bytes

    Reinforced steel vents allow natural air ventilation. Optional air filters and blowers are available.

    The Above Ground Outdoor Shelter is anchored into the ground with steel anchors at four locations ( mil. spec. ).

    Capacity - 6 people seated facing each other 3 per side.

    Designed and built to withstand most high winds, flying debris, minor earth quakes, if properly INSTALLED AND ANCHORED according to specifications.

    Options: Not included in base cost.

    Optional - Spray on insulation for the exterior surfaces
    Optional - Hardened steel and /or thicker steel
    Optional - Garden Shed design of your choice
    Optional - Inside Insulation
    Optional - Lighting package
    Optional - Bullet Resistant material
    Optional - Overhead storage
    Optional - Emergency Kits/Accessories can come installed with unit
    Optional - Other Sizes are available. Call or e-mail us

    Order # AGS01 $15,595.00 + s&h

    All prices are plus delivery, assembly, and installation. Some assembly is required for the garden shed.

    To Order Please call 1-360-458-6778 m-f 10-6 pt (by appointment).

    Shipped via common carrier or air freighted at your request.

    The Heavy Duty Specially Designed Ground Anchors, properly installed will hold the Above Ground Anchored Shelter in place in winds up to 200 MPH. Made to Mil-Spec = (military Specifications ) these heavy duty anchors will do the job.

    We will need to know the type of soil you have for correct sizing of the ground anchors. This unit IS NOT designed to be installed where there is danger of flooding. It is NOT water proof. The internal reinforcing will protect from MOST blowing and falling hazards ( not big trees, etc. ) . Site location ( away from falling hazards, etc. ) is very important. Back Yard, Garage, etc. We expect the garden shed ( surrounding the Above Ground Anchored Shelter ) to be destroyed or damaged in the event of high winds, flying debris, etc. Replacement is the responsibility of the shelter owner not the manufacturer or distributor.

    The shelter systems we present here, properly installed, is what we believe will help protect us. Location of any of our shelters is vital and great care and consideration to its location is a must for maximum safety. Whether it will do the same for you is your decision. In normal times, 8-10 weeks lead time is required. Shelters are currently only available in the connected 48 states and can be shipped via common carrier. We will work with your local contractor for installation. Prior to purchase, consultation is available and billed at an hourly rate. One hour minimum. Due to the potential nature of events, No guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied. ALL OF OUR SHELTERS MUST BE INSTALLED ACCORDING TO SPECIFICATIONS TO RECEIVE MAXIMUM BENEFITS.

    Blast Doors, Secure Doors,

    Undergound Shelter Doors

    Bullet Proof Doors

    Explosion Resistant

    Bullet Resistant - With Gun Port

    Predator Resistant

    blast door

    We carry a complete line of Blast Doors.

    They are used for Underground Shelters and Industrial applications.

    The standard sizes are 32 by 72 inches and 36 by 80 inches. These dimensions are the outside of the frame lips that insert into the opening in the wall. You need to make your wall opening a little larger that these dimensions - see the manual for more information. We have built many custom sized doors. If you have an existing opening that needs a blast door, please contact us.

    1-800-321-2900 ext. 2 Mon-Thur 10-6 PT (by appointment)

    This is a 38 by 80 inch door with a bolt-on frame and a stepover threshold. It features assault resistant cam latches, an inset deadbolt, a wide angle viewer, and the differential pressure gauge will mount just below the viewer.


    We can build you most anything.




    bullet proof door

    Bullet Proof Doors

    Front View with gun port.

    Swinging, sliding, or double leaf

    (7.62 NATO) UL 752 level 8 protection

    Or what level of protection do you need?


    bullet proof door inside view


    Inside view with gun port.


    The Survival Center's pre-hung ballistic doors are engineered to protect your shelter from malicious people.

    They feature a ballistic steel plate that is capable of withstanding multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO rifle round - UL 752 level 8 protection.

    Wide angle viewers flank a secure gun port at any height you need. Rotating cam latches draw the door into the frame, compressing the seal that prevents airborne toxins from entering your shelter.

    Need a different level of protection for your home or shelter?

    Give us a call. 1-800-321-2900 M-Thur 10-6 PT (by appointment)




    This is the inside of the door. There are two cam latches, two viewers, and a swinging gun port with a smaller cam latch.

    This door has its viewers mounted below the gun port. You determine the height you want the port and viewers at time of order. We provide a confirmation drawing showing these heights before we build the door.

    These ballistic doors come standard with weld-on wall capture brackets that hold the door frame in place from the inside.

    Drive a Car through a Bullet Proof Door

    bullet proof door drive through

    We also make custom ballistic doors like this double leaf sliding door large enough to move vehicles through.

    It features top rail trolleys that support the weight of the door.

    What size door do you need?

    Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada 1-800-321-2900

    Mon-Thur 10-6 PT (by appointment)


    Shelter Options

    NBC Air Filtration System


    Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada

    Complete Blast Protected NBC Air Filter System

    airfiltercomplete09II.jpg - 62566 Bytes

    The Best Price available for Blast Protected NBC filtered air.

    IN 235 CFM Fresh Air, OUT 60 CFM Filtered air.

    Click Here to Order on Line Total System - Cost $4125.00

    + s&h and sales tax if applicable

    Please give us a call to see if you qualify for FREE Shipping USA only. 1-800-321-2900

    Everything shown above is included with this package: One ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell with Bypass Port and Battery Backup capability that has a pre-filter set, a nuclear grade HEPA, a war gas carbon adsorber, a wall mount bracket, air intake hose, and a hose wall flange

    One emergency backup Hand Pump
    Two 50-PSI automatic double acting Blast Valves
    One Overpressure Relief Valve - either ceiling or wall mount
    Free door-to-door UPS Ground shipping to any US address - 48 States
    Free technical support from the engineer who designed this system

    Ordering Details Here

    Note: Air Filters Systems and components are a NON-Returnable Item. All Sales final.

    Order Toll Free in the USA

    M-Thur 10-6 PT (by Appointment)



    airfilter110&12vII.jpg - 8311 Bytes

    True NBC Filtration Ventilation System

    Budget System

    A shelter is only as good as its air filtration system. This Air Filter System is a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) air filter that will enable you to create either a positive pressure safe room, fallout shelter, bomb shelter or a negative pressure isolation room. It will operate on regular 110v line power or will automatically switch to battery backup. An optional ( shown ) hand powered manual bellows can be ordered for use in a long term electrical outage. It will handle up to 12 Adults. Output is 100 cubic meters per hour.

    This Air Filter System can be mounted in a residential safe room with both backup systems in place: a user supplied battery for short term power outages & the optional hand operated bellows for longer power outages - note the 36 inch yardstick to the right for size reference. The air is drawn through the flex hose, into the bottom end bell, then through the filter bank in the middle and out the top end bell to overpressure the shelter or safe room.

    How does it work?The filtration unit draws in unfiltered air from outside your shelter or safe room through an intake vent that can be located in a wall, window, or door. The air passes through a bank of up to 6 filters certified for the collection of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC or CBRN) toxins or natural contaminants and allergens such as dust or pollen at 99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns. The NBC filtration system is comprised of Three separate filter media's: (1) a pre-filter, (2) a gas adsorption cell, (3) a HEPA particulate filter. Filters are easily changed. Spares are available.

    Then, the safe, breathable air is blown into your protected space with just the right force to produce a slight overpressure in the room. This overpressure keeps toxins from migrating into your safe room or shelter from any other entry source. This is the same technology used by the US military to keep soldiers alive in a CBRN environment.

    The Air Filter System can set on the floor or mounted vertically on a wall. You can order many optional accessories such as a hand-operated bellows backup, a blast valve, and a warfare gas absorber which is filled with military grade activated carbon that adsorbs gases. What really sets this air filtration unit apart from other NBC air filtration systems are the redundant backup systems.

    This is for those who are not concerned about blast protection or hand operation and want to save a few $'s.

    With this order # 42201, you do not receive the Blast Valves, Over Pressure Valves or the Hand Air Pump

    NBC Air Filter Budget System - Order # 42201 $2695.00 + s&h. Details Here

    Typical air filtration schematic of a normal installation

    airfilterdrawing-internalIl.jpg - 14672 Bytes
    1. Optional through the wall kit
    2. Wall mount flange for hose - included with the air filter
    3. Intake hose: 5-inch diameter/60-inches length - included with the air filter
    4. NBC filtration/ventilation unit
    5. Optional emergency hand pump shown mounted on the air filter
    6. Optional digital pressure monitor
    7. Optional overpressure valve - ceiling mount also available
    8. 10/220 Volt AC outlet (standard wall plug) for the air filter
    9. User supplied 12-volt deep cycle (marine) battery - standard automotive batteries will work as well

    Bellows, Emergency Hand Pump.

    This hand operated bellows slip-fits instantly into the top of the air filter and is operated by pumping it up and down. It is used to draw filtered air into a protected space during a long term power outage.

    airfilterhand-pumpII.jpg - 7168 Bytes

    into a protected space during a long term power outage.

    A typical shelter occupant cannot physically maintain an overpressure with this device (truth in advertising), but you can draw in air through the filter bank and into your shelter, displacing the carbon dioxide that is exhaled by the occupants ~and~ you still have safe, breathable air being filtered for NBC toxins.

    The constraint for maintaining an overpressure in any decent sized shelter (larger than a coat closet) is human endurance - there is simply too much air to move, either by a plunger system (which we have), or a rotary crank system, to maintain an overpressure for more than a few minutes. Either way, the oxygen that you consume and the carbon dioxide that you exhale while you bring in filtered air by hand power is beyond what humans can accomplish.

    Our emergency backup bellows has an output of 50 cubic meters (1766 cubic feet) per hour at 50 strokes per minute using a 7 inch stroke and an output of 100 cubic meters (3200 cubic feet) per hour at 50 strokes per minute using a 14 inch stroke.

    Order # 42220 $335.00 +s&h

    Hand Crank, Emergency Backup

    hand crank air filter pump

    Mount this hand operated air pump on the wall above the NBC Air Filter at a convenient height and it is operated by turning the handle. It is used to draw filtered air into a protected space during a long term power outage.

    Turning the hand crank at 60 revolutions per minute (RPM) will give a blower output of 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM). When attached to the NBC Filter, the bank of filters imparts a resistance to the airflow that reduces it to a complete system output of 60 CFM.

    This hand cranked blower may be mounted in any position and features solid steel gears made from A-36 steel, riding in heavy duty oil-lite impregnated bronze bearings, 1/8-inch thick steel side plates for the gearbox cases and blower housings made from ABS with a matched high velocity forward curved impeller made from Dielectrite 44-10 HG . Details Here:



    What Comes With This Hand Pump:

    One Hand Crank Pump.

    One section of hose.

    Four concrete wedge anchors.

    One hard copy of the Manual.

    Order # $735.00 + s&h. Details Here


    airfilteroverpressure-valve.jpg - 6878 Bytes

    Overpressure Relief Valve
    Ultra-low pressure purge valve

    This overpressure relief valve is critical to creating an overpressure in the protected space by adding the proper, metered resistance to the outgoing airflow. The valve is normally closed and will not open unless the air pressure inside the shelter is slightly greater than the outside air pressure.

    This gives you true ventilation - air in through the air filter and out through this valve preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide exhaled by the occupants. Carbon dioxide poisoning will incapacitate and kill the occupants of an enclosed space without ventilation long before oxygen deprivation.

    Please specify at time of ordering whether or not you are mounting this valve directly on the wall or ceiling - or if you are going mount it to the blast valve. We will configure your overpressure relief valve so it either has a mounting flange for the wall or ceiling or a slip-fit connection for the blast valve.

    A good rule of thumb is that if you are underground, you need blast valves and if you are above ground, you do not - unless you have a hardened structure above ground. There is not much need for blast valves unless you have a hardened, blast resistant structure.

    Any protected space will benefit from this valve, especially if it is well sealed, then this overpressure relief valve is a necessity - if you want true ventilation.

    Order # 42230 $175.00 + s&h.

    Note: Air Filters Systems and components are a NON-Returnable Item. All Sales final.

    Blast valve

    airfilterBlastValveII.jpg - 20859 Bytes

    This Blast Valve is designed and tested to withstand a 50 PSI blast.

    In order to withstand this incredible pressure, this item is fabricated from 3/8" (.375 inch) steel. It is a heavy, robust item designed to keep the massive pressures of a nearby conventional or nuclear blast from injuring or killing the occupants of your bomb shelter. The bolt pattern meets the Israeli standard for blast valves.

    This Automatic Double Acting Blast Valve automatically closes when the initial positive pressure wave from an explosion hits and automatically closes a second time (in the other direction) when the outside air pressure goes negative in relationship to the internal shelter pressure. When the outside air pressure returns to normal, the blast valve automatically returns to its normally open state. In other words, it lets air flow into your air filter or out of your exhaust port for normal operation, but will not allow a blast of high-pressure air to enter your shelter - and bring contaminants with it.

    These valves are only necessary in hardened bomb shelters and should be used in pairs - one on the air intake pipe and one on the air outflow pipe. So you need TWO of these.

    Order # 42225 $525.00 + s&h.

    Replacement filters

    These replacement filters are of the highest quality. They are all easily replaced by using simple hand tools (two Crescent wrenches) and a suitable receptacle such as a plastic bag to place to old filter in. For more information about how to replace the filters, please see the Air Filter manual.

    All three of these filters come with the Air Filtration System:


    airfilter-replace1II.jpg - 6178 Bytes airfilterreplacement2II.jpg - 11853 Bytes

    The TWO pre-filters are designed to extend the life of the HEPA filter by trapping both large and small particles. The first filter is the roughing filter with an average efficiency of 25 to 30 percent when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.1. The roughing filter extends the life of the intermediate filter or pre-filter and reduces its change frequency. The second filter is the intermediate filter with an average efficiency of 80 to 85 percent when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.1.

    Order # 42228 Pre-filter #1 $55.00 + s&h.
    Order # 42229 Carbon Absorber Pre-filter #2 $395.00 + s&h

    The HEPA filter

    airfilter-replace3II.jpg - 9037 Bytes

    The nuclear grade HEPA filter is a special filter we have made just for our application.Each HEPA filter is individually tested to MIL-STD-282 before it leaves the factory, your assurance that it meets rated efficiency. The penetration and actual airflow rate are indicated on the label. Each filter is also assigned an individual serial number.

    Every HEPA filter is individually DOP tested: This has been the industry standard test method for many years. It is conducted using a forward light scattering photometer. The HEPA is challenged with 0.3 micrometer particles of dioctyl-phthalate (DOP). By measuring the upstream and downstream concentration of these particles, the HEPA filter cell efficiency can be calculated.

    Underwriters Laboratories Classification UL 586: This classification to insure that each HEPA filter cell is individually tested at the factory. Additionally, representative HEPA filter cells are tested by UL to ensure that they provide their rated HEPA level filtration, after being subjected to the following conditions of a high moisture environment of (90% R.H.), a high temperature environment of (371 deg/C), low temperature environment of (-3 deg/C). UL also subjects the HEPA filter cell to a spot flame test of (954 deg/C).

    Media: Water repellant glass micro fiber 99.97% True HEPA cell type (A)
    Cell Side Material: Fire retardant particle board
    Separators: Aluminum
    Bond: Polyurethane foam
    Gasket Material: Neoprene (RE43E1)
    Gasket Location: Both sides
    Factory Test: Certified 99.97% (DOP)
    UL 866 Label: Required:

    Order # 42210 for filter # 3 HEPA filter $335.00 + s&h.

    Total for all three spare filters is $785.00 + s&h. Details Here

    Note: Air Filters Systems and components are a NON-Returnable Item. All Sales final.

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