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The Survival Center Book List

Being Prepared is about the Future - yours.

Books to help you Plan and Prepare To Survive
Whatever may come your way

This page is the Alphabetical Listing of most of The Survival Center Books.

The book prices and availability of books on this page may have changed.

We have been carrying many books over the years and decided to keep them posted, just in case there are still some "bookworms" out there, who are interested in hard copies.

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This page is the Alphabetical Listing of most of The Survival Center Books.

The Survival Center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual, hard to find books anywhere, including in-depth selections on Health, Science, Alternative Living, Wisdom Literature, Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Cooking, Building Projects, Solar Energy, Survival and more. Click on the various book sections listed below or search by subject in this alphabetical listing.

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BCC309 18.00 366 DELICIOUS WAYS TO COOK RICE, BEANS, AND GRAINS - Food basics for every day with rice, beans, and grains.

BBS127 19.95 $50 & UP UNDERGROUND HOUSE BOOK - Constuct an inexpensive, energy efficient U/G house and still have views and natural light.

BHH002 3.95 02-02-02 - DONSBACH - Presents the latest facts about the therapeutic uses of oxygen in its various forms.

BSS316 18.00 100 DEADLIEST KARATE MOVES - Hard-hitting, practical karate techniques that could save your life. Dr. Ted Gambordella

BS1077 10.95 101 WEAPONS FOR WOMEN - Over 200 action photos depict shocking and effective deterrants that women can use.

BED005 21.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS ALTERNATOR BOOK- Get to know your alternator, it could save your battery's life.

BED004 26.50 12 VOLT DOCTORS PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE BOAT'S ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - Not just for marine use, but for any 12 volt system.

BED009 16.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS PROJECT BOOK - Some nice projects to streamline your electrical system.

BED003 16.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS TROUBLESHOOTER BOOK - Learn how to correct any electrical problem in your 12 volt system.

BFX924 8.95 2.8 ANGSTROMS: THE UNIFYING FORCE OF G AND C - The unified field theory, gravity, and the speed of light. By physicist K. Salem.

BSS944 4.95 24+WAYS TO USE YOUR HAMMOCK IN THE FIELD - How to live like a king in the great outdoors.By former Green Beret Don Paul.

BSA023 13.98 40 KEYS TO FAMILY EMERGENCY READINESS-CASSETTE: Offers an extensive checklist to help people prepare for emergencies. 60 mins.

BFX349 15.00 5/5/2000:ICE, THE ULTIMATE DISASTER - A polar shift that could change the earth forever. Is it really possible? Richard Noone.

BCC003 3.95 52 GREAT GREEN TOMATO RECIPES - Includes frost protection of your crop, preserves, pickles, main dishes, salads & dressings & desserts. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BED060 7.95 547 WAYS TO BE FUEL SMART - Defend yourself against rising fuel costs. Tips to lower your fuel bills with more comfortable living.

BHH301 22.00 A BOOK FOR MIDWIVES: Pregnancy and childbirth for those far from medical care.From the publishers of "Where there is no Doctor".

BFX613 12.95 A BRIEF TOUR OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (formerly THE COSMIC BOOK) - New Edition. Sequel to classic "Stalking the Wild Pendulum". by Itzhak Bentov.

BDD045 18.95 A GUIDE TO RAISING CHICKENS - Contains everything you need to know, from starting your backyard flock to putting eggs on the table.

BHF054 16.95 A HOLISTIC PROTOCOL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - A compilation of healing methodologies for major infections, including AIDS.

BSS070 14.95 A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PHOTGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE: A complete manual for taking and interpreting surveillance photos.

BIX114 9.95 A RICH MAN'S SECRET: A NOVEL - Amazing formula for success by gazillionare Ken Roberts.

BHS015 10.95 A SHOT IN THE DARK - This is a guide for concerned parents. How safe is the DPT vaccine and the warning signs of adverse reactions.

BDX139 22.95 A VETERINARY GUIDE FOR ANIMAL OWNERS - A handbook on specific preventative measures and cures for pets and livestock.

BDD017 8.95 ABC'S OF HOME FOOD DEHYDRATION - Describes the preparation, drying, and rehydration of fruits, herbs, meat, fish, and vegetables.

BF1042 16.95 ABDUCTION TO THE 9TH PLANET - Classic report of out-of-this-world vacation. BHH296 8.95 ACID AND ALKALINE BALANCE (REVISED) - A carefully studied account of the acid and alkaline condition as explained by Yin/Yang terms.

BHH137 10.00 ACIDOPHILLUS & COLON HEALTH (REVISED) - Explains the vital role of the colon in body health with an easy to follow program for maintaining colon health.

BCC004 11.55 ACORNS & EAT 'EM - A "how-to" vegetarian cookbook with complete directions for harvesting, preparing, and cooking acorns.


BHF112 13.00 ACUPUNCTURE WITHOUT NEEDLES - Bring safe, easy, and lasting relief from pain, almost immediatly, for many ailments.

BS1206 17.00 ADVANCED FUGITIVE - Running, hiding, surviving and thriving forever. K Abaygo

BSS209 14.00 ADVANCED MASTER HANDGUNNER: Secrets and surefire techniques to make you a winner. By Charles Stephens.

BIX140 15.00 ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY - How to experience "out of body" travel.

BF1095 8.95 AFTER WE DIE, WHAT THEN - Evidence you will live forever

BIX012 14.00 AGELESS BODY, TIMELESS MIND - The quantum alternative to growing old. By Deepak Chopra, Md.

BUX092 14.95 AIDS & THE DOCTORS OF DEATH - An inquiry into the origin of the AIDS epidemic. By Alan Cantwell.

BFX711 14.95 ALCHEMICAL MANDALA - A survey of the mandala in the western esoteric traditions.

BFX227 12.50 ALCHEMISTS HANDBOOK - Frater Albertus's major contribution to the study of Alchemy.

BFX394 32.50 ALCHEMY, THE GOLDEN ART - The Secrets of the Oldest Enigma: the myths, theories, language, symbols & meaning of alchemy

BSX004 27.95 ALCOHOL DISTILLERS HANDBOOK - Look out revenuers this is a book for all those moonshiners out there (hic!).

BHH199 15.95 ALERGIES:DISEASE IN DISGUISE - How to heal your allergic condition permanently and naturally.

BHX014 16.95 ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE WORKBOOK - Using your body without stress. Facilitate healthy balance, posture, & movement in everyday activities. Richard Brennan

BIX093 19.00 ALICE IN QUANTUMLAND - great introduction to quantum physics. Robert Gilmore.

BHH039 14.95 ALKALIZE OR DIE - Learn about PH balance in the body and how to correct any imbalance.

BGX037 3.95 ALL THE ONIONS AND HOW TO GROW THEM - A "country wisdom" booklet. Includes starting from seed, harvesting. Chives, garlic, leeks, shallots, potato onions and more.

BHX019 2.95 ALOE VERA HANDBOOK - Compact guide to use of aloe vera juice and gel in home treatment and everyday common ailments.

BCC216 7.95 ALTERNATE EGG COOKBOOK - Serve everyone safely using pasteurized, dried, or frozen eggs. By Frances Naldrett.

BFX774 15.95 AMAZING BRAIN - A fascinating study of the human brain. Stunning drawings and Illustrations.

BCC070 12.95 AMAZING GRAINS - Creating vegetarian main dishes with whole grains. Includes chapters on grains, sauces, nutrition & charts. By Joanne Saltzman.


BSS525 4.99 AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION POCKET GUIDE TO EMERGENCY FIRST AID - Concise, clearly illustrated sections in convenient pocket size.

BHH105 4.95 AMINO ACIDS BOOK - Carlson Wade shows how amino acids function as natural healing substances in the body.

BHF104 14.95 AMINO ACIDS IN THERAPY - Recent research on the therapeutic applications of amino acids. By Leon Chaitow.

BHH094 11.00 AMMINO REVOLUTION - A dramatic step-by-step program of amino acid supplementation to achieve optimum health.

BS1018 14.95 AMMO FOREVER - The complete "what to shoot and how" manual for rifles and shotguns. By Don Paul and David Smith.

BFX560 15.95 AN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TRADITIONAL SYMB0LS - Nearly 1500 entries, many of them strikingly illustrated.

BFX463 19.95 ANATOMY COLORING BOOK - A unique and fun way of learning about the workings of the human body. (Revised, 2nd Ed.).

BIX411 14.00 ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT - The seven stages of power of healing. A major call to awakening. Caroline Myss Ph.D.

BHF169 12.00 ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - How to physically and mentally turn the aging process around.

BUX068 14.95 ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS H.A.A.R.P. - The U.S. government's new ground-based "Star Wars" weapon in remote Alaska.

BHH080 12.95 ANTI-FAT NUTRIENTS - Reduce body fat in 15 days by adding special vitamins, herbs, and other nutrients to your diet.

BFS061 14.95 ANTI-GRAVITY & THE UNIFIED FIELD - Is Einstein's Unified Field theory the answer to our energy and transportation problems?

BFX062 14.95 ANTI-GRAVITY AND THE WORLD GRID - Is the earth surrounded by an intricate electromagnetic grid network offering free energy?

BFX063 14.95 ANTI-GRAVITY HANDBOOK - Sir Isaac Newton dubs this "possibly the most important book on science of the century."

BF1001 25.00 ANTIGRAVITY: THE DREAM MADE REALITY - The story of John R. Searl and his amazing technology.

BHH181 12.95 ANTIOXIDANTS:YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE - Fight cancer and heart disease, improve your memory, and slow the aging process.

BS1046 17.95 APOCALYPSE TOMORROW - Duncan Long presents an in-depth look at the survival scene.

BHH027 6.95 APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (BRAGG) - The powerful qualities of apple cider vinegar to preserve radiant health.

BCC214 12.95 APPLE COOKBOOK - An apple a day probably will keep the doctor away. Bushels of good recipes.

BHF100 9.95 APPLIED KINESIOLOGY - Learn how the science of Kinesiology can prevent the underlying cause of many bodily problems.

BF1098 14.95 AQUARIAN GOSPEL OF JESUS THE CHRIST - Includes a record of the lost 18 years of Jesus life.

BS1097 20.00 AQUIRING NEW ID - How to easily use the latest computer technology to drop out, start over and get on with your life.

BHH234 9.95 ARE YOU POISONING YOUR PETS? - A guidebook on how our lifestyles affect the health of our pets.

BUX050 16.95 ARKTOS:THE POLAR MYTH - Explores the tangled web of myths, scientific notions and religious beliefs surrounding the poles.

BIX084 15.00 ARMCHAIR MILLIONAIRE - How to go from rags to riches. By Fred Hal Vice.

BSS000 14.95 ART AND SCIENCE OF DUMPSTER DIVING - How to get everything you want or need - absolutley free.

BHX422 12.95 ART OF AROMATHERAPHY - How the essential oils of flowers and herbs are used for healing, beautifying, and soothing.

BHH099 11.00 ARTHRITIS - Reduce and even reverse the effects of arthritis naturally. By Michael T. Murray, ND.

BS1032 16.95 ASK ME NO QUESTIONS I'LL TELL YOU NO LIES - How to survive being interviewed, interrogated, questioned, quizzed, and grilled.

BFX615 14.00 ASTONISHING HYPOTHESIS - The scientific search for the soul by Francis Crick.

BGF308 12.95 ASTROLOGICAL GARDENING - The ancient wisdom of successful planting and harvesting by the stars. By Louise Riotte.

BSS066 6.95 AT HOME IN THE WILDERNESS - Ancient survival techniques of the Chippewa Indians. By Sunbear.

BIX182 14.95 ATLANTII - An exciting spiritual adventure of the beginning of mankind, the balance of man/spirit, to the deluge of Atlantii. by Alice Lane.

BIX092 19.95 ATLANTIS, MOTHER OF EMPIRES - Robert Stacy-Judd’s 1939 classic back in large-sized reprint. 336 pages.

BF1069 22.95 ATLANTIS RESEARCHES - Did Atlantis disappear beneath the sea in a single day and night of geological upheaval.

BFX167 14.00 ATMAN PROJECT - by Ken Wilber. Widely hailed as the first psychology that succeeds in uniting East & West, orthodox & mystical. A transpersonal view of human development

BIX071 14.95 AT THE GATES OF THE CITADEL-THE SUBJUGATION OF MODERN SCIENCE. Vol. 1 of 8. Scientific method is a tool to create facts rather than a method to analyse physical reality. Describes mistakes & misconcepts in science. Peter Bros.

BDD125 3.95 ATTRACTING BIRDS - A "Country wisdom booklet" - Includes feeding, food & recipes, nesting boxes, landscape and more.

BHX053 8.50 AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL GUIDE - More information and uses of this medicinal "cure-all". With photos and updated resource guide. By Cynthia B. Olsen.

BHX055 6.95 AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL FIRST AID HANDBOOK - The first aid kit in a bottle. 101 Plus ways to use Tea tree Oil. By Cynthia B. Olsen.

BIX085 4.50 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI - Yogananda expounds the esoteric doctrines of the east. A life filled with spiritual adventure.

BIX184 8.95 AWAKENED IMAGINATION - by Neville. Reveals "the power that makes the achievement of aims, attainment of desires, inevitable," through imagination.

BF1060 17.95 AWAKENING TO THE ZERO POINT - Dramatic shifts in the earth, human understanding, perception and experience.

BDD019 3.95 AXES & CHAINSAWS - Use and maintenance. Sharpening, fitting new handles, bow saws, felling trees and more. Another "country wisdom" booklet.

BHX005 18.95 AYURVEDIC HEALING - The most complete book yet on the natural medicine of India. By Dr. David Frawley.

BHF068 12.95 BACH FLOWER THERAPY - THEORY & PRACTICE . Takes Dr. Bach's approach a giant step further considering the spiritual and psychological applications.

BDD020 30.00 BACK TO BASICS (READERS DIGEST) - Learn and enjoy traditional country skills - one of our best sellers. A Classic that belongs in your library!

BHH369 9.95 BACK TO EDEN - This is the classic American herbal book credited for the early growth of the natural foods movement. Jethro Kloss.

BCC006 4.50 BACK TO EDEN COOKBOOK - From the renowned author of "Back To Eden", a treasury of recipes and information. Jethro Kloss.

BHX296 12.95 BACK TROUBLE - A New Approach to Prevention & Recovery. Based on the Alexander technique, includes simple exercises and posture corrections. By Deborah Caplan.

BSS247 14.95 BACKPACKER'S HANDBOOK - The definitive resource guide to planning and preparing for survival in the back country. Fully illustrated throughout with step-by-step color sequences.

BGG095 15.95 BACKYARD BERRY BOOK - A "hands-on" guide to growing berries, brambles, and vine fruit in the home garden. By Stella Otto.

BGF267 6.95 BACKYARD COMPOSTING - Your complete guide to recycling lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, and animal droppings for a better crop.

BBD201 14.95 BACKYARD MEAT PRODUCTION - How to grow all the meat you need in your own back yard. A thin but meaty book by Anita Evangelista.

BHH223 12.95 BACKYARD MEDICINE CHEST - A Herbal Primer. Offers herbal solutions for the complaints most often treated with nonprescription drugs.

BGG027 14.95 BACKYARD ORCHARDIST - Growing fruit trees in the home garden for the novice or the experienced fruit grower. By Stella Otto.

BDC001 6.95 BAKING SODA:OVER 500 USES - Fabulous, fun, and frugal uses you've probably never thought of.

BCC007 3.95 BAKING WITH SOURDOUGH - A "country wisdom" booklet. Includes starters, basic procedures & recipes.

BIX186 13.95 BASHAR:BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE - An extraordinary adventure & gateway to the future. A message from our future channelled from an extraterrestrial.

BDD021 14.95 BASIC BUTCHERING OF LIVERSTOCK AND GAME - A book for anyone who hunts, farms, or buys large quantities of meat. Clear & easy to follow step-by-step info for people who want to do it themselves.

BSX037 6.95 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF EDIBLE WILD PLANTS & USEFUL HERBS - Identify, collect & eat over 100 of the most nutritious vegetation in North America.

BSS953 6.95 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF FIRST AID FOR THE OUTDOORS - Treat problems you and your group might encounter. Design your own First Aid Kit.

BSS955 6.95 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF KNOTS FOR THE OUTDOORS - Windproof your tent & rain fly, cinch down cargo while travelling, slice ropes together & more.

BSS950 6.95 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF MAPS & COMPASS - Leave commonly travelled paths, relocate a favorite fishing spot, learn to map your way & more.

BSS952 5.99 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF SURVIVAL - Obtain essential skills needed to survive 2-3 days in the event of a wilderness misadventure.

BS1049 6.95 BASIC ESSENTIALS OF WEATHER FORECASTING - Simple techniques to predict weather, geographic variations & more.

BHH616 6.95 BASIC HOME REMEDIES - Using simple everyday foods, from Ginger Compress to Rice Bran Plaster & more. The title pretty much says it all. By Michio Kushi.

BDD117 3.95 BASIC HOMEBREWING - Equipment & supplies, ingredients, cooking & fermentation, bottling & storage & more. A country wisdom booklet.

BSS001 19.95 BASIC PREPAREDNESS - Our most highly recommended title. Covers food storage, water, shelter & medical. Charts & lots of how-to suggestions. Provides a firm yet easy-to-follow foundation for basic preparedness.

BED002 10.00 BATTERY BOOK FOR YOUR PHOTOVOLTAIC HOME - How to maintain and care for the heart of your photovoltaic system.

BCC009 12.95 BEAN BANQUETS FRON BOSTON TO BOMBAY - 200 International, high fiber, vegetarian recipes based on beans and legumes.

BCC010 7.95 BEAN CUISINE - A Comprehensive Guide & Source of Reference to cooking beans and pulses plus delicious, meatless, budget-wise recipes.

BS1023 15.00 BEAT THE BORDER - An insider's guide on how the U.S. border works and how to beat it. By Ned Beamont.

BHH054 16.95 BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION - Clinically proven & easy-to-follow strategies to dramatically improve your quality & quantity of life & chances for a complete remission. New & Revised.

BDD022 18.95 BEEKEEPING:A PRACTICAL GUIDE - An authorative source book for the professional or the hobbyist. By Richard E. Bonney.

BDD200 18.95 BEES - lectures by Rudolf Steiner, who predicted current dire state of the honeybees in 1923.

BIX187 14.00 BEETHOVEN & THE SPIRITUAL PATH - Traces the Spiritual themes running through Beethoven's life & works, with vast insight into the multi-musical dimensions of sound, music & spiritual life. David Tame

BF1087 18.00 BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTING THE UNIVERSE - The mathematical archetypes of nature, art and science. A Voyage from 1 to 10. Illustrated throughout.

BSX044 11.95 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FAMILY PREPAREDNESS - Food storage, back to basics, survival facts. Full of essential info.

BFX161 12.95 BEHAVING AS IF THE GOD IN ALL LIFE MATTERED - Machelle Small Wright shares the compelling messages communicated by nature.

BGG111 3.95 BERRIES, RASPBERRY AND BLACK - Includes planting, cultivation, pruning, fertilizing & more. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS934 3.95 BEST FENCES - Includes planning, choosing the right type of fence, tools, construction techniques & more. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSD730 17.95 BEST OF WOODSMOKE - A manual of primitive outdoor skills. A must for your survival book collection. By R.L. Jamison.

BDX126 9.95 BETTER BEER & HOW TO BREW IT - An illustrated step by step guide with 19 recipes for top-grade beer & ale to light summer beers & heavier Irish stout.

BHS561 9.95 BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES - The Bates' revolutionary and practical theory of self-taught improved eyesight.

BIX147 14.00 BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE - Accumulated information through 16 years of hypnotic research & past-life therapy. Experience the sessions & conversations with a spirit. Dolores Cannon.

BF1090 11.00 BEYOND PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS - Ancient prophecy & modern science reveal the new millenium. Everyone's guide to the coming changes.

BDD023 9.95 BICYCLING MAGAZINE'S BASIC MAINTENANCE & REPAIR - Covers basic maintenance and emergency roadside repair. Illustrated.

BDD024 16.95 BICYCLING MAGAZINE'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR - This book covers just about everything the bike owner may encounter. Includes road & mountain bikes. B&W photos.

BGG018 21.95 BIG BOOK OF GARDENING SKILLS - For beginners & advanced. Comprehensive, clearly organized by topic, with charts, tables, and more than 450 illustustrations.

BSS038 14.95 BIG BOOK OF SECRET HIDING PLACES - Biggest and best book on the dynamics of successful concealment ever written. By Jack Luger.

BHH119 3.95 BIOCHEMIC HANDBOOK - Fact filled explanation of what the biochemic tissue salts are and how they are used to get well and keep fit.

BDD016 3.95 BIRDFOOD RECIPES - Menus, feeders, favorite foods, seasonal feeding & more. Have the birds in your neighborhood bringing their friends. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS159 10.00 BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD - U.S. government's report on the holes in the current issuing system.

BFX736 19.95 BLACK SUN - Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection. The fourth book in the Montauk series. Very Interesting. Peter Moon

BIX300 18.95 BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL - The hidden lineage of Jesus revealed. Did Jesus marry and have children? A book that may rock your boat! International bestseller. Laurence Gardner.

BHH305 12.50 BODY CHEMISTRY: THE DUST OF THE EARTH - Dr.Bernard Jensen explains how vitamins, nutrients & minerals work with our body's chemistry to keep us healthy. Vol. 4 of 6 of Master Nutrition Course.

BHF146 13.00 BODY ELECTRIC - Science at the cutting edge.The body's bio-electricity, a force vital to life, and its effect on healing and regenerative processes.

BFX737 10.95 BODY OF LIFE - Creating new pathways for sensory awareness and fluid movement, applying gentle physical manipulation. Classic book on bodywork education.

BHF049 11.95 BODY REFLEXOLOGY:HEALING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Relieve arthritis, back pain, prostate trouble, headaches, and many more disorders.

BIX089 12.00 BOND WITH THE BELOVED - Fabulous book that is written for the lovers of God on our relationship to the infinite.

BHC781 6.99 BOOK OF MISO - Food for Mankind. High protein, low calorie traditional food & seasoning, rich in flavor. Complete introduction to Miso cookery. 400 delicious recipes.

BHC444 5.99 BOOK OF TOFU (ABRIDGED) - An oriental staple food derived from soybeans which are economical, low in fat, and nutritious. 250 delicious recipes.

BHH319 7.95 BRAGG HEALTHY LIFESTYLE : VITAL LIVING TO 120 - This proven method for a youthful, painfree, tireless body and physical, mental & spiritual rejuvenation offers a lifestyle to keep you ageless.Body purification, toxicless diet & healing system.

BFX912 11.95 BRAINSTATES - If you are committed to enhancing your mind-body connection and exploring its limitless potentials, you must read this book. by Tom Kenyon

BCC011 16.95 BREAD BOOK:A BAKER'S ALMANAC - A Classic on bread making and a "bestseller" for over a decade and a half.

BIX191 10.95 BREATHING WITH THE MIND - Versus in Senryu and Haiku style. "Sometimes the current is within you, and sometimes against: who keeps changing it?"

BFX273 14.95 BRIDGE TO INFINITY:HARMONIC 371244 - Bruce Cathie theorizes that physical reality is formed from harmonics of waveforms of light.

BF1007 14.95 BRIDGING SCIENCE & SPIRIT - Common elements in David Bohm's physics, psychic understanding, and mystical experience.

BYX004 16.99 BROTHER EAGLE SISTER SKY - Chief Seattle's classic wisdom beautifully illustrated in this 1992 Abby Award winning book. For children & adults alike.

BED006 24.95 BROWN'S ALCOHOL MOTOR FUEL COOKBOOK - Convert your gas powered motors to run on alcohol distilled at home. By Michael Brown.

BSS714 11.95 BUGS & ELECTRONIC SURVEILANCE - How to build and hide miniature microphones and inexpensive "bug" detectors.

BGF114 14.95 BUGS, SLUGS & OTHER THUGS - Controlling garden pests organically. Stop pests without risk to the user or the environment.

BBS011 19.95 BUILD A CLASSIC TIMBER FRAMED HOUSE - Using the trees from your own property to build an attractive and affordable home. Step-by-step instructions.

BBS117 3.95 BUILD A POLE WOODSHED - Drying wood, materials, construction, roofing. Includes plans. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBD139 3.95 BUILD A POND FOR FOOD & FUN - Site location & clearing, construction, water, & laws. Illustrations & photos. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS036 3.95 BUILD A SMOKEHOUSE - Illustrated with lists of materials and plans. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS112 3.95 BUILD AN UNDERGROUND ROOT CELLAR/STORM SHELTER - Location, tools, materials, step-by-step construction. Illustrated. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBD004 3.95 BUILD ATTRACTIVE HEARTHS - Safe settings for wood & coal stoves. Includes instructions for wall protectors. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBD456 3.95 BUILD RABBIT HOUSING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS708 19.95 BUILD YOUR OWN LOW-COST LOG HOME - Using your own logs or a kit. One of the best books on this popular subject. Updated edition. By Roger Hard.

BBD455 12.95 BUILD YOUR OWN STONE HOUSE - Complete instructions on tools, materials, siting, excavation, and using/removing forms.

BBG090 3.95 BUILDING & USING COLD FRAMES - Materials, tools, plans & assembly. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBD458 3.95 BUILDING A SOLAR HEATED PIT GREENHOUSE - Design, foundation, plans & materials, heat storage & more. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS121 3.95 BUILDING SIMPLE FURNITURE - Tools, materials, plans with step-by-step instructions. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS905 16.95 BUILDING SMALL BARNS, SHEDS & SHELTERS - Hundreds of projects including multipurpose barns, garages, studios, & woodsheds.

BBX142 17.95 BUILDING WITH STONE - An introduction to the art and craft of creating stone structures. Photos & illustrations. Walls, fireplaces, barbecue pit & more. By Charles McRaven.

BBD070 18.95 BUILDING YOUR OWN GREENHOUSE - Building a greenhouse can be easy and inexpensive with this comprehensive handbook. by Mark Freeman, author of The Solar Home.

BS1201 15.95 BULLETPROOF PRIVACY - How to live Hidden, Happy and Free. Start a new life of privacy. by Boston T. Party, author of Good-Bye April 15th + others.

BSM945 24.95 BUSINESS PARTNERS - The best pistol/ammo combinations for personal defense. Critical examination of automatic pistols and ammunitions.

BDD025 3.95 BUTCHERING LIVESTOCK AT HOME - Covers equipment. Rabbits, poultry, sheep & goats, calves, hogs and more. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX123 3.95 BUYING & SELLING A HORSE - Criteria for selection, agreements and contracts & more. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD026 3.95 BUYING AN OLD HOUSE - Conducting an evaluation on structure and function, including details of what to look for. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX432 3.95 BUYING COUNTRY LAND - A "country wisdom" booklet. Includes finding land, land character, soil testing, water, land value & more.

BFX513 12.00 BY THE BODY OF THE EARTH or THE SANNYASI - Classic by Satprem. Chronicles the voyages of the Soul unfolding in 3 cycles of lives. An intriguing read!

BSS027 12.95 CAMOUFLAGE (FM5-20) - A compehensive guide to all aspects of camouflage.

BSS116 16.95 CAN YOU SURVIVE? - Guidelines for the resistance to tyranny for you and your family. Covers physical, economic & philosophical survival.

BHF469 10.95 CANCER CURE THAT WORKED - 50 years of suppression - The Rife Report. By B. Lynes

BHC407 17.95 CANCER PREVENTION DIET - Prevent and cure major types of cancer through Oriental medicine and Western nutritional knowledge.

BHF458 19.95 CANCER THERAPY - Dr. Gerson cites 50 cases of cancer cures effected through diet therapy.

BHC545 10.95 CANDIDA ALBICANS-YEAST FREE COOKBOOK - Comprehensive cookbook and diet plan for victims of candida and other fungal infections.

BHC822 13.95 CANDIDA CONTROL COOKBOOK - Good foods for yeast sensitive people. By Gail Burton.

BHH114 24.95 CANDIDA:SILVER (MERCURY) FILLINGS & THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Encyclopedic collection of the known facts about causes of candida.

BDD027 15.95 CANNING & PRESERVING WITHOUT SUGAR - Helpful for people on restricted diets. Third edition.

BDD028 12.95 CANNING, FREEZING, CURING OF MEAT, FISH, & GAME - Takes readers safely through the steps necessary to process and store meat.

BSX713 9.95 CANTEEN CUP COOKERY - If you thought MRE's could never taste yummy, this little cookbook will change your mind. By Galen Geer.

BGD901 14.95 CARROTS LOVE TOMATOES - Secrets of "companion" planting for successful gardening. By Louise Riotte.

BUX053 14.95 CASEBOOK ON ALTERNATIVE 3 - UFO's, secret societies, and world control. Is the plan truth or a hoax? By Jim Keith.

BXX201 17.95 CELESTIAL TEACHINGS - The emergence of the true testament of Immanuel Jesus.

BDD029 3.95 CHAIR CANING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BFX915 6.50 CHARIOTS OF THE GODS - Dramatic discoveries that prove God-Like Aliens from other worlds colonized ancient earth.

BSS069 16.95 CHECK FRAUD INVESTIGATION - Police writer Burt Rapp takes a look at the techniques of the paper hanger.

BDD030 14.95 CHEESEMAKING MADE EASY - The bible of cheesemaking. Includes required equipment, ingredients, and "how to" instructions.

BHH046 12.95 CHELATION WAY - Complete book of Chelatian Therapy. An effective, risk-free alternative to by-pass surgery.

BFX451 17.00 CHEMICAL WEDDING OF CHRISTIAN ROSEN KREUTZ - The inner transformation of the soul.

BFX907 22.95 CHEMISTRY OF CONSCIENCE STATES - How the brain changes it's mind. J. Allan Hobson MD.

BDX145 19.95 CHICKEN HEALTH HANDBOOK - Covers nutrition, infectious diseases, immunity, anatomy, parasites, and incubation. Gail Demerow.

BDG001 19.95 CHICKEN TRACTOR - The gardener's guide to happy hens and healthy soil. This is really something to crow about.

BDD031 11.95 CHICKENS IN YOUR BACKYARD - A beginner's guide which aims at the small backyard or suburban situation.

BIX415 17.95 CHILDREN OF THE LAW OF ONE & THE LOST TEACHINGS OF ATLANTIS - Alternative theories about creation, Atlantis, pre-history.

BDX112 3.95 CHIMNEY & STOVE CLEANING - a "country wisdom" booklet

BHH257 25.00 CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE - A color-illustrated list of 200 major Chinese herbs and their uses.

BHX050 7.99 CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH - The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. By Dr. Carey Reams. Recommended reading.

BFX784 19.00 CHRONICLES OF THE TAO - The secret life of Taoist master Deng Ming Dao.

BFX271 14.95 CIPHER OF GENESIS - The original code of the Qabala as applied in the scripture.

BFX345 16.95 CIRCULAR EVIDENCE - A detailed investigation of the flattened swirled crops phenomena.

BHF159 6.95 CIRCUMCISION: WHAT IT DOES - Medicine, religion, and sex have a lot to do with circumcision, but what is the truth.

BDD204 8.95 CLEAN & GREEN - guide to nontoxic, environmentally friendly housekeeping. Annie Berthold-Bond.

BHH341 15.95 CLEANSE COOKBOOK- Delicious & healthy recipes for cleansing and detoxification.

BHH089 13.95 CLEANSE & PURIFY THYSELF - The "Clean-Me-Out" program - a method of self healing. By Rich Anderson.

BDD048 24.95 CLEARLY DELICIOUS - An illustrated guide to preserving, pickling and bottling. Full color photos "excellent".

BUS002 12.95 CLINTON CHRONICLES - An investigation into the alleged criminal activities of Bill Clinton and his circle of power.

BSS112 10.95 CODE MAKING & CODE BREAKING - Ideal for those interested in professional or personal privacy. By Jack Luger.

BSS985 16.00 CODEMASTER:SECRETS OF MAKING/BREAKING CODES - Practical field manual on the basics of coding/decoding communications.

BHF138 2.50 COENZYME Q-10: NEW FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? - The latest facts about the far reaching importance of this essential nutrient.

BGS705 14.95 COLD CLIMATE GARDENING - Shows you how to extend your growing season by at least 30 days. By Lewis Hill.

BDD032 3.95 COLD STORAGE FOR FRUITS & VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS715 11.95 COLD WEATHER SURVIVAL - Fight, defend, and survive under the most severe and varying cold weather conditions.

BHH003 3.50 COLLOIDAL SILVER - The natural antibiotic. A completely non-toxic broad spectrum germ fighter and disinfectant.

BHH136 7.95 COLON HEALTH HANDBOOK (REVISED 12TH ED.) - Rejuvinate the entire body and revive ailing health through colon cleansing.

BHH106 5.95 COLON HEALTH: KEY TO VIBRANT LIFE - Dramatic evidence that every organ, gland, and cell is affected by the condition of the colon.

BHH620 11.95 COLOR MEDICINE - The secrets of color/vibrational healing. Safe, simple, economical, and highly effective.

BSS464 24.95 COMBAT SURVIVAL - The manual used to instuct S.A.S. on physical and combat survival tactics and techniques.

BF1073 12.95 COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION:The Search For Free-energy - Looking at breakthrough technologies, inventions and inventors.

BSS187 14.95 COMMONSENSE OUTDOOR MEDICINE - The essential medical, first-aid, and survival guide for home or field.

BS1075 17.95 COMMONSENSE SURVIVAL GUIDE - Tried and true suggestions to become more self reliant in today's everchanging world.

BDD202 9.95 COMMUNITY TECHNOLGY. A must for community organizers. By Karl Hess.

HH323 15.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF DENTAL REMEDIES - Homeopathic, conventional, herbal, nutritional remedies.

BHH088 19.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL OILS & AROMATHERAPY - Used for health remedies, beauty purposes, and non-toxic house cleaners.

BCC201 10.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF HERBS, SPICES, AND CONDIMENTS - A unique, cross-referenced guide to kitchen seasonings.

BHF356 9.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF HOMEOPATHY - A comprehensive manual of natural healing. By Michael Weiner and Kathleen Gross.

BS1095 17.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF KNOTS AND ROPEWORK - 95 knots, hitches, plaits, bends, splices and ropework mats.

BHC146 9.95 COMPLETE DIABETIC COOKBOOK - Anything the diabetic could want, from snacks to gourmet meals. By Mary Jane Finsand.

BHF040 12.95 COMPLETE FOOT BOOK - A family self-care guide for relieving common foot problems. First aid for your feet.

BGG020 24.95 COMPLETE GARDENER'S ALMANAC - A month by month guide to succcessful gardening. By Marjorie Willison.

BHH133 19.95 COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEALTH & NUTRITION - Designed for easy reference and written in terms anyone can understand. By Gary Null.

BHH006 29.95 COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - A practical family reference book, full of color photos and charts, highly recommended.

BSS045 14.95 COMPLETE GUIDE TO LOCK PICKING - The single finest manual on lock picking ever written.

BDX107 12.95 COMPLETE HERBAL HANDBOOK FOR DOGS & CATS - An alternative to processed pet foods, antibiotics, and hormone treatments.

BDX106 12.95 COMPLETE HERBAL HANDBOOK FOR FARM & STABLE - For farmers or small land holders who seek knowledge about proven herbal treatments.

BBB004 22.95 COMPLETE ILLLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FENG SHUI - Apply the secrets of Chineese wisdom for health, wealth and happiness.

BHH151 24.95 COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HOLISTIC HERBAL - A safe and practical guide to making and using herbal remedies.

BHH325 29.95 COMPLETE MEDICINAL HERBAL—250 herbal remedies for common ailments. Hardback, excellent pictures.

BBD073 17.95 COMPLETE POND BUILDER - The tranquillity of water has the power to calm frazzled nerves & soothe the weary soul. How To w/ pics.

BHX038 6.95 COMPLETE RAW JUICE THERAPY - The healing and regenerative powers of energy-packed raw juices.

BCC022 19.95 COMPLETE VENISON COOKBOOK - Every aspect of Venison processing, preparation, cooking & preservation.

BSS343 29.95 COMPLETE WILDERNESS TRAINING BOOK - Field skills training for adventures in the great outdoors. Highly recommended.

BUX024 23.95 COMPROMISED - Clinton, Bush and the CIA. by former airforce intelligence officer.

BS1062 14.95 CONCEALED CARRY REVEALED - A how-to-book about concealed carry and the use of weapons that can be concealed.

BHF433 12.95 CONFESSIONS OF MEDICAL HERETIC - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn exposes modern medicine's ineffective methods and practices.

BF1008 20.00 CONSCIOUSNESS, MATTER & ENERGY - The emergence of the Mind in nature. By Benjamin Pinkel.

BUX056 16.95 CONSPIRITORS HIERACHY COMMITTEE OF 300 - Dr. John Coleman rips the lid off the conspiratorial group above the laws of all countries.

BS1051 8.95 CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - A beautiful, gold inlaid, hard-covered version. Belongs in every library.

BUX099 14.95 CONSTITUTION:FACT OR FICTION? - The nation's descent from a constitutional republic to an unconstitutional dictatorship.

BSS197 15.95 CONSTRUCTION OF SECRET HIDING PLACES - Learn how to stash all of your precious goodies.

BGG028 25.00 CONTAINED GARDENS - Boundless ideas for decorating limited space, adding color to a garden, and moving the garden indoors.

BGG318 3.95 CONTAINER GARDENING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BF1027 14.95 CONVERSATIONS WITH NOSTRADAMUS:VOLUME 1 - Well known psychic Dolores Cannon bridges time to speak directly with Nostradamus.

BFX077 14.95 CONVERSATIONS WITH NOSTRADAMUS:VOLUME 2 - Modern interpretation and update of Nostradamus's prophecies from the man himself.

BFX078 15.95 CONVERSATIONS WITH NOSTRADAMUS:VOLUME 3 - Nostradamus speaks from outside time about events to unfold.

BCC212 14.95 COOKIN' WITH HOME STORAGE - Vicky Tate explains how to use all of that wonderful Survival Center Food that you just bought.

BCC318 11.95 COOKIN' WITH BEANS AND RICE - Peggy Layton series on food storage cooking.

BCC317 6.50 COOKIN' WITH DRIED EGGS - How to use dried eggs in every day recipes. Great to know if you are storing dried eggs. P. Layton

BCC319 8.50 COOKIN' WITH POWDERED MILK - Peggy Layton series on food storage cooking. From drinking to desserts.

BCX001 14.00 COOKING FOR CONSCIOUSNESS - Whole food recipes for the vegetarian kitchen

BCC077 13.95 COOKING FOR GOOD HEALTH - This healthful collection of recipes can reduce your family's risk of cancer and heart disease.

BCC220 7.95 COOKING FOR ONE OR TWO - If you don't have a tribe to feed, then this is the book for you.

BCC013 3.95 COOKING WITH CAROB - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC014 3.95 COOKING WITH DRIED BEANS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC015 7.95 COOKING WITH GLUTEN & SEITAN - Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

BCC016 3.95 COOKING WITH HONEY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC017 3.95 COOKING WITH OATS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC018 3.95 COOKING WITH POTATOES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC019 3.95 COOKING WITH RICE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC076 16.95 COOKING WITH THE RIGHT SIDE THE BRAIN - Creative vegetarian cooking with over 500 mouth watering recipes.

BCC020 3.95 COOKING WITH TOFU - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC021 3.95 COOKING WITH YOGURT - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC315 5.99 COOKING WITHOUT A GRAIN OF SALT - Helpful hints and tasty recipes for creating delicious low-salt meals.

BCC305 23.00 COOKING UNDER PRESSURE - Rediscover fast, healthful, and down-home delicious foods with the new totally safe pressure cookers.


BIX073 14.95 HOW THE WEATHER REALLY WORKS. Vol. 3 of 4. Peter Bros.

BHC098 10.95 COPING WITH CANDIDA COOKBOOK - A whole range of exciting meals that are free of nutrients that "feed the yeast".

BUX075 6.50 COPYHOLD, EQUITY AND THE COMMON LAW - By Charles Montgomery Gray.


BFX232 8.95 COSMIC BOOK (REISSUE) - On the mechanics of creation. Follow up book to "Stalking the wild pendulum"

BIX011 8.95 COSMIC POWER WITHIN YOU - Joseph Murphy (author of "Power of your subconscious mind")

BIX085 24.95 COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE, THE - The revolutionary biological power behind UFOs. Trevor Constable.

BFX164 10.95 COSMIC TOP SECRET - America's top secret UFO program by William F. Hamilton.

BFX196 6.99 COSMIC VOYAGE - A scientific discovery of extraterrestrials visiting earth.

BSX030 15.95 COUNTERFEIT I.D. MADE EASY - Learn how to make photo ID cards, driver's licenses, birth certificates, and much more.

BCC312 14.95 COUNTRY BEANS - If you have 30 minutes, you’ll have great bean meals you can eat to your heart’s content. Rita Bingham

BDD033 9.95 COUNTRY PLUMBING-LIVING WITH A SEPTIC SYSTEM - Laugh a little as you learn a lot about your backyard septic system.

BGD225 3.95 COVER CROP GARDENING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD014 7.00 CREATE AN OASIS WITH GREYWATER - Don't throw away your greywater, use it!

BED045 12.00 CREATING ENERGY - Solar electric & a crash course in basics of electric & how to hook up panels,appliances, collectors and more.

BGX112 3.95 CREATING A WILDFLOWER MEADOW - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BIX022 12.95 CREATING AFFLUENCE - Wealth consciousness in the field of all possibilities. By Deepak Chopra.

BS1025 9.95 CREATING COVENANT COMMUNITIES - Relocate with other patriots in the best way possible. By Robert Spear.

BHF056 9.95 CREATING HEALTH - How to wake up the body's intelligence. By Deepak Chopra, Md.

BGX113 3.95 CREATING YOUR OWN WATER GARDEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BIX410 4.95 CREATIVE ETHERS, THE - A growing body of esoteric knowledge which makes good sense of all comparative religions.

BFX764 9.95 CREATIVE IMAGERY - How to visualise in all 5 senses by W. Fezler.

BFX079 12.95 CREATIVE IMAGINATION - by Christopher Hills

BIX023 9.95 CREATIVE VISUALIZATION - Shakti Gawain describes how to imagine yourself to health, wealth, and happiness.


BCC314 7.99 CREATIVE WHEAT COOKERY - Over 300 easy tips, tasty recipes and low-cost ideas using wheat and gluten in the home.

BS1040 18.00 CREDIT SECRETS - How to erase bad credit and establish a AAA-1 credit rating regardless of your past/present credit situation.

BCC202 9.95 CROCKERY FAVORITES COOKBOOK - For your crock-pot or slow cooker


BFX156 13.95 CROSS CURRENTS - The perils of electropollution and the promise of electromedicine. By R.O. Becker.

BHC022 2.95 CRUDE BLACK MOLASSES - The curative powers of blackstrap molasses. By Cyril Scott.

BFX666 19.95 CRYSTAL & DRAGON - The cosmic dance of symetry and chaos in nature, art and consciousness.

BHH621 5.95 CULPEPER'S GUIDE: HERBS & HEALTH - Color illustrations and solid information are packed into this beautiful little book.

BHH622 5.95 CULPEPER'S GUIDE:HERBS & AROMATHERAPY - Promote and maintain health through the use of Essential oils. Another great Culpeper Guide.

BCC023 5.95 CULPEPPER'S GUIDE:COOKING WITH HERBS - Beautiful, compact, hard-covered book with lovely illustrations and plenty of recipes.

BHH021 19.95 CURE FOR ALL CANCERS - One of our most popular titles. Hulda Clark, Phd.,Nd. reveals the cause and cure of cancer.

BHH228 21.95 CURE FOR ALL DISEASES - The third book by Hulda Clark. A must for those seeking a cure from other than that of mainstream medicine.

BHH178 19.95 CURE FOR HIV AND AIDS - Has Hulda Clark found the cure for AIDS? We will let you be the judge.

BHX034 12.95 D.M.S.O. NATURES HEALER - How to use DMSO to relieve pain, increase circulation, repair tissue damage, and fight diseases.

BFX117 6.99 DANCING WU LI MASTERS - An overview of the new physics by Gary Zukav

BFX404 15.95 DARKNESS OVER TIBET - Rare account of an underground city in Tibet by the only westerner to ever enter it.

BDD127 14.95 DECKS - How to design and build the perfect deck for your home.

BSS146 9.95 DEFENDING YOUR RETREAT - How to establish a defensive position and protect it against rioters, looters, or "others".

BSS085 12.95 DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN:TECHIQUES & TACTICS - Cuts through the maze of myths concerning the shotgun and its ballistics effects.

BHH304 3.95 DENTAL MERCURY DETOX - A health info book to answer ?’s you may have on countering effects of dental mercury.

BUX010 25.00 DEFRAUDING AMERICA: A PATTERN OF RELATED SCANDALS - Dirty secrets of the CIA and other government operations. (2nd Ed.).

BUX058 11.00 DESCENT INTO SLAVERY - The international bankers and their total involvement in creating a totalitarian One World Government.

BSS474 14.95 DETECTIVE'S PRIVATE INVESTIGATION TRAINING - Home study training text. Originally published for a well known detective academy.


BHH282 14.95 DHEA: THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH DISCOVERED - Explaining the link between youth and aging

BF1109 12.00 DICTIONARY OF ALCHEMY - From Maria Prophetissa to Isaac Newton.


BHH243 2.95 DIGESTIVE ENZYMES- 20 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders. Are you one of them?

BUX112 20.00 DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION - An account of the treasonous conduct by the governments of Britain and the U.S.

BHX043 17.95 DIRECTORY OF ESSENTIAL OILS - An essential resource that no aromatherapist should be without. By Wanda Sellar.

BSS885 15.00 DIRECTORY OF U.S. MAIL DROPS (91-92 ED) - Pretty self explanatory title, huh?

BGG093 9.95 DIRT CHEAP GARDENING - For those on a budget, hundreds of ways to save money in your garden.

BSX008 14.95 DIRTY TRICKS COPS USE - If you want to know how the "justice" system really works get this shocking book.

BUX107 22.00 DISAVOW - A CIA saga of betrayal. The CIA's involvement, actions and denials.

BHF101 12.95 DISCOVERING HOMEOPATHY - Introduction to the science and art of homeopathic medicine. By Dana Ullman.

BHH259 21.95 DISCOVERY OF MAGNETIC HEALTH - The amazing healing properties of magnetism.

BUX105 19.95 DISNEYLAND OF THE GODS - Does somebody else really own this earth and use it as an amusement park of the gods.

BS1003 25.00 DITCH MEDICINE - Advanced field proceedures for traumatic injuries and medical emergencies.

BF1066 6.50 DIVINE ENCOUNTERS - A guide to Visions, Angels and other emissaries by author of the earth chronicles Zecharia Sitchin.

BFX552 12.95 DIVINE LIBRARY - A comprehensive reference guide to the scred texts and spiritual literature of the world.

BFM411 10.95 DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW - Discovering your right livelihood by Marsha Sinetan.

BSS226 12.00 DO-IT-YOURSELF GUNPOWDER COOKBOOK - A practical and safe approach to making the oldest propellant/explosive known.

BS1205 21.95 DO-IT YOURSELF MEDICINE - How to find and use antibiotics, painkillers, and miracle drugs w/o costly doctors etc. R. Benson

BHH079 27.95 DOCTOR'S BOOK OF HOME REMEDIES FOR CHILDREN - From allergies to TV addiction, 100's of techniques and tips to care for your kids.


BCC025 9.95 DOIN' DUTCH OVEN-INSIDE & OUT - How to use Dutch ovens at home, in the kitchen, as well as around the campfire.

BS1038 22.95 DON'T BUG ME - The latest, high-tech spy methods and how to protect your privacy. By M.L. Shannon.

BS1087 14.95 DON'T DRINK THE WATER - The essential guide to our contaminated drinking water and what you can do about it.

BSS182 15.95 DON'T LET THEM PSYCH YOU OUT - This is a great book on psychological "self-defense". Deal with difficult people in your life.

BGG108 14.95 DOWN TO EARTH VEGETABLE GARDENING KNOW HOW FOR THE 90'S - Revised and updated edition of Dick Raymond's gardening classic.


BDD074 16.95 DR. PITCAIRN'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALTH FOR DOGS & CATS - Completely revised and updated edition.


BF1009 13.00 DREAMING UNIVERSE - A mind expanding journey into the realm where psyche and physics meet. By Fred Alan Wolf, Phd.

BHC032 4.95 DRINK YOUR TROUBLES AWAY - John Lust goes "on the wagon" with raw vegetable and fruit juices (the vegetable cart that is).

BHH321 14.95 DR. JENSEN’S GUIDE TO BETTER BOWEL CARE - complete program for tissue cleansing.

BGS212 3.95 DROUGHT GARDENING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD034 6.95 DRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT - This book is about dehydrating foods. includes recipes and plans for building your own dehydrator.

BCC026 15.95 DRY PEAS AND LENTILS - Cooking with the "Protein Twins". Another book of Mormon wisdom from Horizon Publishers.

BS1050 26.95 DISCOVERING WILD PLANTS - Covers Alaska, Western Canada, and the Northwest U.S.. Color photos, detailed drawings.

BUX059 9.95 DUMBING US DOWN - The hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling. By John Taylor Gatto.

BCX082 9.95 DUTCH OVEN SECRETS - A complete guide to Dutch ovens written by a veteran world champion Dutch oven cook.

BHH623 13.00 EARL MINDEL'S FOOD AS MEDICINE - Where you can eat to prevent everything from colds to heart disease and cancer.

BHH608 12.00 EARL MINDEL'S SOY MIRACLE - This book proves soy foods make it easy to enhance health without sacrificing the pleasures of eating.

BHH092 13.00 EARL MINDELL'S HERB BIBLE - Easy to use herbal remedies available today. By Earl Mindell, Phd.

BF1043 29.95 EARTH CHRONICLES (VOLUMES 1-5) - Zecharia Sitchin's complete series of the remarkable earth chronicle books.

BF1167 10.00 EARTH ENERGY THEORY - Unified field theory, the Egyptian pyramids, Nikola Tesla...and much more.

BHH314 14.95 EARTHLY BODIES & HEAVENLY HAIR - Natural and healthy Personal Care for every body. Dina Falconi.

BDD012 17.00 EARTH PONDS - The country pond makers guide to building, maintenance, and restoration. By Tim Matson.

BBD072 24.95 EARTH SHELTERED HOUSE : AN ARCHITECT’S SKETCHBOOK - Malcolm Wells, pioneer of underground building and natural design.


BIX105 12.95 EARTH:PLEIDIAN KEYS TO THE LIVING LIBRARY - Barbara Marciniak's sequel to the best-selling "Bringers Of The Dawn".

BS1048 10.95 EARTHQUAKE PREPARED - An easy to follow plan for getting yourself, your family, and your home ready.

BS1073 18.95 EARTHQUAKE READY - The complete preparedness guide (hardcover).


BSS198 14.95 EARTHQUAKE SURVIVAL MANUAL - What to do before, during, and after the "Big One".

BF1006 14.95 EARTHQUAKES, TIDES, UNIDENTIFIED SOUNDS, AND RELATED PHENOMENA - A catalog of geophysical anomalies. William R. Corliss.

BBD465 24.95 EARTHSHIP VOLUME 1 - How to build an attractive and energy efficient home using old tires and soda cans.

BBD466 24.95 EARTHSHIP VOLUME 2 - Build with tires and let someone else pay for your building materials.

BBD467 24.95 EARTHSHIP VOLUME 3 - More great energy efficient ideas that save the earth and allow you to live in your own beautiful home.

BGG002 7.95 EARTHWORMS UNLIMITED - Practical info for those who want to try their hand at raising and breeding earthworms.

BGD104 3.95 EASY COMPOSTORS YOU CAN BUILD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC027 3.95 EASY GAME COOKERY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG015 14.95 EASY GARDEN DESIGN - 12 simple steps to creating successful gardens and landscapes.

BHH013 23.00 EAT SMART, THINK SMART - Function consistently at peak mental capacity. By Robert Haas.

BS1004 12.95 EAT THE WEEDS - The classic guide to nature's abundant supermarket of free, flavorful, delicious food.

BHH042 16.95 EATING ALIVE - John Matsen, Nd. shows that disease is a a result of inefficient digestion due to stress.


BHH100 6.95 ECHINACEA:THE IMMUNE HERB - Up-to-date information about how to use Echinacea for everyday health problems.

BBD459 16.95 ECO-RENOVATION - The ecological home improvement guide. Reduce your energy bills and select resource efficient building materials.

BSM886 10.00 ECONOMIC GUERRILLA: A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY HANDBOOK - How to get out of your financial hole and stay out.


BHH624 14.95 EDGAR CAYCE HANDBOOK FOR HEALTH THROUGH DRUGLESS THERAPY - A compendium of health remedies from the great "sleeping prophet".

BHH625 9.95 EDGAR CAYCE:THE PALMA CHRISTI - The "Palm of Christ", known in modern terms as Castor Oil, and its remarkable properties.

BF1028 5.99 EDGAR CAYCE:THE SLEEPING PROPHET - The life, the prophecies, and the readings of America's most famous mystic.


BS1005 7.95 EDIBLE AND USEFUL WILD PLANTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA - Another great little book for the backpack.

BSX209 10.95 EDIBLE WILD PLANT CARDS (DECK) - Set of playing cards with glossy photos and plant descriptions.

BFX170 10.95 EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE: A NOVEL - by Forrest Carter.....Great Book....

BDD035 3.95 EGGS & CHICKENS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHX153 13.00 EIGHT-WEEK CHOLESTEROL CURE COOKBOOK - Robert Kowalski presents immaginative ways to prepare foods that actively lower cholesterol.

BFX003 8.95 EINSTEIN'S DREAMS: A NOVEL - New York Times bestseller by Alan Lightman.

BIX084 14.95 ELECTRIC UFOs - fireballs, electromagnetics and abnormal states. Albert Budden.

BHH255 15.00 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - A consumer's guide to the issues and how to protect ourselves.

BHX051 12.00 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND YOUR HEALTH - The hidden hazards of electricity and how you can protect yourself.

BSS104 14.95 EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE FOR DISASTER - An aid for quickly determining the treatment of diseases, disorders, and injuries.

BS1208 11.95 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - A practical, Common-sense Guide. Make preparedness a way of life with the common-sense way.

BSS345 10.95 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUIDE - A highly recommended guide packed full of useful information.

BSS022 5.95 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL PACKS - How to prepare a 14 day family emergency or evacuation kit.

BSS234 24.95 EMERGENCY WAR SURGERY (UPDATED) - Revised and updated version of the original NATO handbook.

BIX211 11.95 EMMANUELS BOOK (VOL 1): A manual for living comfortably in the cosmos by Pat Rodegast.

BIX210 11.95 EMMANUELS BOOK (VOL 2): THE CHOICE FOR LOVE - by Pat Rodegast.

BHG307 9.95 EMPTY HARVEST - We are unalterably tied to the soil, water, and air. When these are polluted are bodies will suffer. By B. Jensen.

BF1111 10.00 ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAIRIE REALM - Communicate with nature spirits and elementals by Ted Andrews.

BDX140 27.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUTRY LIVING - This book belongs on the bookshelves of every homesteader. By Carla Emery.

BHH037 19.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATURAL MEDICINE - The naturopathic approach to the treatment of over 70 common ailments and diseases.

BHH263 19.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS - Detailed profiles of all major nutritional supplements. Michael Murray ND.

BHH024 12.95 END OF CANCER - How new discoveries made by European Holistic researchers may bring final victory over cancer within our reach.

BUX027 11.00 ENDANGERED MINDS - Why children don't think and what we can do about it.

BED008 14.95 ENERGY SAVING HOUSE DESIGN HANDBOOK - Your super guide to earth sheltering, solar heating, and thermal construction.

BUX097 9.95 ENROUTE TO GLOBAL OCCUPATION - A high ranking government liaison exposes the secret agenda for world unification.

BHH262 24.00 ENTER THE ZONE - Lose weight, reset your genetic code, achieve maximum physical performance. Excellent!

BHH085 8.95 ENZYME NUTRITION - Startling facts about the essential role of enzymes. What they are and how they work.

BSS119 12.95 ESCAPE FROM CONTROLLED CUSTODY - Learn how to make knives from toothbrushes, printing presses from shoes, and other great stuff.

BIX093 19.00 ALICE IN QUANTUMLAND - great introduction to quantum physics. Robert Gilmore.

BHH612 12.95 ESSENTIAL KOMBUCHA - The amazing Manchurian mushroom used for thousands of years to promote health and longevity.

BHH246 12.95 ESSENTIAL OILS BOOK - Creating personal blends for mind and body. Dozens of step-by-step recipes.

BHH221 14.95 ESSIAC: A NATIVE HERBAL CANCER REMEDY - A complete account of the recipe, doses and uses of Essiac.

BIX091 24.95 ETIDORPHA - 19th classic on journey to interior of Earth. Continues to be of great interest. Large print, 375 pages.

BIX216 15.95 ETERNAL QUEST: A NOVEL - A mystical story of love by Joseph Whitfield.

BF1091 12.95 ETHER TECHNOLOGY - A rational approach to gravity control.

BHH072 7.95 EVENING PRIMROSE OIL - Facts about gamma linolenic acid (GLA) required for the production of hormones. Richard Passwater.

BHX405 10.95 EVERYBODY'S GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE - A steady top seller! The premier family guidebook for home treatment.

BSS156 12.95 EVERYBODY'S KNIFE BIBLE - The all new way to use and enjoy your knives in the great outdoors. By Don Paul.


BIX156 14.00 EVERYDAY TAO: LIVING WITH BALANCE AND HARMONY - pocket book of wisdom by Deng Ming Dao.

BIX408 18.00 EVERYDAY IMMORTALITY - A concise course in spiritual transformation. Learn how love can stay with you. Deepak Chopra

BHF603 12.95 EVERY WOMAN'S BOOK - Complete, drugless health guide for women of all ages. By Paavo Airda, Nd.

BED027 21.95 EVOLUTION OF AN INDEPENDENT HOME - The story of a solar electric pioneer. By Paul Jeffrey Fowler.

BFX561 14.00 EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS - the origins of the way we think by Robert Ornstein.


BIX081 17.95 EXCITOTOXINS - The taste that kills (MSG, aspartic acid, aspartame, etc.). R.L. Blaylock, M.D.

BDX453 27.95 EXPERT'S BOOK OF PRACTICAL SECRETS - Over 1200 hints and tips to save money, avoid rip-offs, and solve everyday problems.


BGG029 2.95 EXTEND YOUR GROWING SEASON:ROW COVERS & MULCHES - A country wisdom booklet.

BHH102 17.95 EYEWITNESS HANDBOOK TO HERBS - A visual guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world. Highly recommended.

BHH249 17.95 EYEWITNESS HANDBOOKS:HERBS -Packed with more than 1500 color photos of more than 700 herb species.

BCC218 9.95 FABULOUS BEANS - More Ideas on how to use your stored food items. By Barb Bloomfield.

BDX109 14.95 FAMILY COW - This is the basic book, with all the essential details, for anyone who decides to keep a cow.

BHX107 15.00 FAMILY GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - Use gentle, yet effective homeopathic remedies to treat both everyday ailments and emergencies.

BFX635 16.95 FANTASTIC INVENTIONS OF NIKOLA TESLA - The amazing inventions of this little-known genius, described by himself. By D. Childress.

BFX080 12.00 FAR JOURNEYS - Robert Monroe's second volume on "out of body" experiences.

BCC029 8.95 FARM VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK - Easy instructions for a diet based on the versatile and noble soybean.

BCC030 3.95 FAST & HEALTHY WAYS TO COOK VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHH613 22.95 FATS THAT HEAL,FATS THAT KILL - Udo Erasmus dispels the myths about the role of fats in nutrition and human health.

BCC031 3.95 FAVORITE PICKLES & RELISHES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC302 14.95 FEED A FAMILY OF FOUR FOR AS LOW AS $10 PER WEEK - A unique way of life & recipe cook book. Lots of great ideas.

BHH138 14.00 FEET FIRST:GUIDE TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Enjoy the innumerable benefits of professional or do-it-yourself foot therapy.

BFX133 11.95 FELDENKRAIS METHOD - How to teach people by handling. A manual of basic theories.

BBG091 14.95 FENCES FOR PASTURE & GARDEN - The complete guide to choosing, planning, and building todays best fences. By Gail Damerow.

BBX139 16.00 FENG-SHUI MADE EASY - The best book we've seen on this unique Oriental art of harmony.

BGG203 3.95 FERTILIZER FOR FREE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS155 16.95 FIELD GUIDE TO EDIBLE WILD PLANT/ANGIER - Quick (all in color) identifier of 116 edible wild plants in the U.S./Canada.

BSS528 16.96 FIELD GUIDE TO MEDICINAL WILD PLANTS - Another great book from Bradford Angier.

BSS035 9.95 FIGHTING RADIATION & CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS:WITH FOODS, HERBS, AND VITAMINS - Natural remedies that boost your immunity.

BSS485 20.00 FIND EM FAST: A PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS WORKBOOK - Rarely is so much practical info contained in one book.

BGF309 16.00 FINDHORN GARDEN - The famous findhorn community in Scotland

BDD015 25.95 FINDING & BUYING YOUR PLACE IN THE COUNTRY - If you dream of "getting away from it all" - Make your dream come true!

BHF002 4.95 FINGER ACUPRESSURE - Do-it-yourself treatment for many common ailments by massaging acupressure points.

BF1049 17.00 FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS - The evidence of earth's great, lost civilization. By Graham Hancock.

BS1006 14.95 FIRST AID FOR SOLDIERS FIELD MANUAL 21-11 - Uncle Sam has spent a lot of money to compile this information.

BSH007 10.95 FIRST AID HANDBOOK - This is a National Safety Council book which we highly recommend.

BS1007 3.95 FIRST AID WITH HERBS - Tried and true health care for emergencies and minor injuries. By John Heinerman.

BSS995 14.00 FISTS, WITS & A WICKED RIGHT - Surviving on the wild side of the street. By Marc "Animal" MacYoung.

BHC439 6.95 FIT FOR LIFE (VOL.I) - Food combining for health. "Americas all time, No.1 health and diet book" (over three million in print).

BHC440 6.95 FIT FOR LIFE (VOL.II) - Follow up to the enormously successful "Fit For Life".

BHH150 3.95 FITNESS PROGRAM WITH SPINE MOTION - Unique spine motion exercises to banish backache and restore youthful energy. Paul Bragg.

BHH626 9.95 FIVE TIBETANS - Five dynamic exercises for health and personal power.

BBB007 14.95 FIX IT FAST FIX IT RIGHT - Hundreds of quick and easy home improvement projects

BFX312 7.95 FLATLAND - Edwin Abott's classic to describe the concept of dimensions.

BGF112 3.95 FLOWER ARRANGER'S GARDEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHX044 13.95 FLOWER ESSENCES & VIBRATIONAL HEALING - The therapeutic uses of flower essences and how they relate to homeopathic remedies.

BFX460 5.50 FOCUSING - A superb manual for self-managed therapy by Eugene Gendlin PhD.

BCC065 7.95 FOLLOW YOUR HEART'S VEGETARIAN SOUP COOKBOOK - A soup-rich collection of all-natural, all-meatless recipes.

BHH035 2.95 FOOD ADDITIVES: A SHOPPER'S GUIDE TO WHAT'S SAFE AND WHAT'S NOT - Contains over 600 of the most commonly used food additives.

BHH182 12.95 FOOD ALLERGY BOOK - The foods that cause you pain and discomfort and how to take them out of your diet.

BHC017 12.00 FOOD AND HEALING - How food affects our moods, its healing qualities, dangers of diets, and much more. Annmarie Colbin.

BHF476 4.95 FOOD COMBINING MADE EASY - Dr. H.R. Shelton discusses the food classes and how they are best assimilated into the body.

BHC026 13.95 FOOD COMBINING MENU COOKBOOK - Meals for a healthy lifestyle.

BUX093 5.95 FOOD FIRST - The policies and politics that have kept and continue to keep starving people from feeding themselves.

BHS010 13.00 FOOD FOR LIFE - How the four food groups can save your life - eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

BS1202 16.95 FOOD STORAGE BIBLE - Excellent for people on a limited budget. Rates supermarket foods and the best ones to use.

BCC320 11.95 FOOD STORAGE 101 - Where do I begin? Peggy Layton series on food storage cooking.Try this book plus Basic Preparedness.

BHH048 9.95 FOOD WOULD LAST FOREVER - Examines the research documenting the dangers of eating irradiated food. By Dr. Gary Gibbs.

BHH026 13.00 FOOD YOUR MIRACLE MEDICINE - Jean Carper helps the reader decide which foods are beneficial for the body's well-being.

BHF144 14.95 FOODS THAT HEAL - A guide to understanding and using the healing powers of natural foods. By Bernard Jensen.

BGX115 15.95 FOOLPROOF PLANTING - How to successfully start and propagate more than 250 vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

BHF242 11.00 FOOT BOOK - A holistic guide to foot care using reflexology, massage, diet, exercise, and visualization.

BHF117 5.95 FOR THE VEGETARIAN IN YOU - Billy Ray Boyd explains vegetarianism from the moral, physical, and enviromental perspective.

BS1090 25.00 FOUR-WHEEL FREEDOM - Virtually every tip and situation about off-road ever published.

BDD036 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #1

BDD037 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #2

BDD038 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #3

BDD039 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #4

BDD040 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #5

BDD041 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #6

BDD042 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #7

BDD043 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #8

BDD044 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #9

BDD055 135.95 FOXFIRE SET VOL 1 THRU 9 -(SPECIAL) - All of the great Foxfire books in one package.


BFX914 16.95 FREE ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK - Do free-energy motors exist that will supplant combustion engines and nuclear power?

BS1094 14.00 FREE STUFF - How others get free money, booze, gasoline and everything.

BHX026 14.95 FREEDOM FROM DISEASE - How to control free radicals, a major cause of aging and disease. By Hari Sharma, Md.

BHC362 5.95 FRESH VEGETABLE & FRUIT JUICES - The secret to a long, healthy productive life. By Dr. Norman W. Walker.

BUX061 5.99 FROM FREEDOM TO SLAVERY - An urgent wake-up call for all Americans about the growing attack on our freedom. By Gerry Spence.

BGX124 18.95 FRUITS & BERRIES IN THE HOME GARDEN - Master gardener Lewis Hill provides instuctions for both the beginner and the pro.

BSS230 14.00 FUGITIVE: HOW TO RUN, HIDE & SURVIVE - U.S. Government recon and intelligence gathering specialist tells you how to make it.

BDD057 8.95 FUN WITH FRUIT PRESERVATION - Fruit leathers, drying and other methods.

BSS144 17.95 FUR, FOOD, & SURVIVAL - An experts guide to trapping. By Emil R. Johnson.

BIX026 9.00 GAME OF LIFE & HOW TO PLAY IT - Filled with wisdom and creative insights. By Florence Scovel Shinn.

BGG329 27.95 GARDEN ANSWERS - Vegetables, fruits and herbs. At a glance solutions for every gardening problem. Rodale

BGG219 45.00 GARDENER'S COMPLETE Q & A - One of the most useful and comprehensive gardening books available. 300 color photos.

BGG130 3.95 GARDENING ANSWERS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG031 3.95 GARDENING IN CLAY SOIL - A country wisdom booklet.

BIX106 12.00 GARDENS FROM THE SAND - A story about looking for answers and finding miracles.

BHC299 3.95 GARLIC FOR HEALTH - The therapeutic benefits of garlic in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other problems.

BHC012 4.95 GARLIC:THE MIRACLE NUTRIENT - Supports the immune system, helps lower blood pressure, and a myriad of other benefits.

BUX030 14.95 GEMSTONE FILE - Does this privately circulated document reveal the identity of the conspirators in the JFK assisination.

BF1068 39.95 GENESET: TARGET EARTH - The cataclysmic history of planet earth. (2nd book by David Wood) "must read".

BFX108 6.99 GENESIS REVISITED:VOL.5 - Is modern science catching up with Ancient Knowledge? By Zecharia Sitchin.

BIX223 19.95 GENESIS:THE CHILDREN OF THOTH - A novel by Eugene Whitworth.

BFX178 29.95 GENISIS: 1ST BOOK OF REVELATIONS - Extraordinary reading by researcher David Wood

BHH012 2.95 GERMANIUM: A NEW APPROACH TO IMMUNITY - Oxygen catalyst, anti-oxidant, electro-stimulant, and immune enhancer.

BIX149 10.95 GERONIMO: HIS OWN STORY - The autobiography of a great patriot warrior.

BDD058 3.95 GET MORE FROM YOUR POWER EQUIPMENT - A "country wisdom booklet".

BSX002 10.00 GET OUT OF JAIL FREE BOOK - You'll be stunned how simple some escapes are and how simple-minded some attempts are.

BSS366 8.95 GETAWAY:DRIVING TECNIQUES FOR ESCAPE - Driving techniques for escape and evasion. By veteran dirt track driver Ronald Erickson.

BSM222 14.95 GETTING STARTED IN THE UNDERGROUND ECONOMY - Adam Cash tells you how to ease your way into the tax free underground economy.

BIX005 10.00 GIANT STEPS - Daily lessons in self-mastery from "Awakening the giant within" Anthony Robbins.

BCC084 3.95 GINGERBREAD HOUSES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHH336 8.95 GINGER BOOK - The ultimate home remedy. How to use ginger to maximize your health and vitality.

BIX080 18.00 GIZA POWER PLANT, THE - technologies of ancient Egypt. Superb book. Christopher Dunn.

BHF412 3.50 GLANDULAR EXTRACTS - Helps stimulate endocrines, provide enzymes, and promote cellular repair. By Michael Murray, Nd.

BCC033 12.95 GLORIOUS GARLIC-A COOKBOOK - 130 mouth watering recipes - plus garlic history, nutritional information, and gardening/storage tips.

BHH186 8.00 GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES - The writings of the "Grandmother of Health" Hanna Kroeger.

BIX224 16.95 GOD I AM: FROM TRAGIC TO MAGIC - by Peter O Erbe.

BFX637 12.95 GOD PARTICLE - The funniest book about physics ever written by Leon Lederman.

BFX321 6.99 GODS OF EDEN - Have extraterrestrials conspired to dominate humanity through violence and chaos since the beginning of time?

BIX085 16.00 GODS, GEMINI, AND THE GREAT PYRAMID,THE - Heritage of ancient civilizations and changes of earth now. 5/5/2000 ref. J. Bowles

BHH313 14.95 GOLDEN FOUNTAIN - The complete guide to urine therapy. Concerned about biological warfare?

BFF213 13.95 GOLDEN UNDERSTANDING - The ancient art of positive thinking by Roy Norville.

BFX171 10.95 GOLDEN VERSES OF PYTHAGORAS - (with commentaries of Hierocles) N. Rowe.

BHC031 10.95 GOOD FOOD GLUTEN FREE - Recipes, menus, and feeding programs for those needing to avoid wheat gluten and other grain proteins.

BHC048 10.95 GOOD FOOD, MILK & GRAIN FREE - Complete program of nutrition for those who can not tolerate milk and grain.

BHF022 9.98 GOOD HEALTH NATURALLY - 20 steps to better nutrition using natural foods.



BGG112 3.95 GRAFTING FRUIT TREES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BF1041 19.95 GRAND ILLUSIONS - UFO abductions, crashed saucers, afterlife experiences, sacred ancient sites, and other enigmas.

BYY013 6.95 GRANDFATHER TWILIGHT - (ages 4-8) Barbara Berger

BFX618 24.50 GRAVITOBIOLOGY - Using internal and external EM field energy to produce new mechanisms for deep effects in bio systems.

BFX921 16.95 GRAVITY AND LEVITY - The philosophy of paradox. Alan McGlashan addresses the subject with wit and weight.

BF1011 12.95 GRAY'S ANATOMY - One of the greatest texts of our time. An international best-seller for over 100 years.

BFX419 35.00 GREAT ART, THE - An alchemical treatise on the key to natural magic/physics.

BDD003 19.95 GREAT BOOK OF HEMP - Complete guide to the enviromental, commercial, and medicinal uses of the world's most extraordinary plant.

BGG327 27.95 GREAT GARDEN FORMULAS - The ultimate book of mix-it-yourself concoctions for your garden. From Org. Gardening mag.

BGG113 3.95 GREAT GRAPES! GROW THE BEST EVER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS883 12.95 GREAT LIVIN IN GRUBBY TIMES - Book 2 of "The Green Beret's guide to outdoor survival". By Don Paul.

BF1061 17.95 GREAT PYRAMID DECODED - An indespensable guide for all who seek to understand the mysteries of the past.

BCC245 3.95 GREAT RHUBARB RECIPES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS882 6.95 GREEN BERET'S COMPASS COURSE - The new way to stay found (not lost) anywhere. Don Paul does it again.

BGG134 19.95 GREENHOUSE GARDENER'S COMPANION - Growing food and flowers in your greenhouse or sunspace. By Shane Smith.

BHH332 29.95 GREEN PHARMACY - New discoveries in herbal remedies for common diseases & conditions from the world’s authority.

BGC124 3.95 GROW 15 HERBS FOR YOUR KITCHEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG120 3.95 GROW SUPER SALAD GREENS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG129 3.95 GROW THE BEST ASPARAGUS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG128 3.95 GROW THE BEST BLUEBERRIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG127 3.95 GROW THE BEST CORN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BFX407 3.95 GROW THE BEST PEPPERS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG204 3.95 GROW THE BEST ROOT CROPS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG131 3.95 GROW THE BEST STRAWBERRIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGC079 3.95 GROW THE BEST TOMATOES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX118 12.99 GROWING & USING HEALING HERBS - A complete resource guide. By Gae and Shandor Weiss.

BGG205 3.95 GROWING & USING SCENTED GERANIUMS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC081 3.95 GROWING AND COOKING WITH MINT - A country wisdom booklet.

BGC152 3.95 GROWING AND USING BASIL - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGC311 12.95 GROWING AND USING HERBS SUCCESSFULLY - Teaches you how to plant, propagate, harvest, dry, freeze, and store 64 popular herbs.

BGG319 3.95 GROWING AND USING LAVENDER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG320 3.95 GROWING AND USING OREGANO - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHG101 21.95 GROWING AND USING THE HEALING HERBS - profiles more than 60 plants. (hardcover)

BGG016 27.95 GROWING FRUIT & VEGETABLES ORGANICALLY - The backyard gardener's guide to growing great tasting, problem free harvests.

BGG116 3.95 GROWING MINIATURE ROSES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX121 14.95 GROWING VEGETABLES WEST OF CASCADES - Steve Solomon's guide to natural gardening for the Northwest.

BDD059 10.95 GUERRILLA FINANCING - Alternative techniques to finance any small business.

BHH049 9.95 GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER (PARASITES AND YOUR HEALTH) - Crucial information to guard against parasitic-related disorders.

BSS005 4.95 GUIDE TO ANIMAL TRACKS - Over 40 big and small game animals are identified by their tracks. Pocket size for easy field use.

BS1210 14.95 GUIDE TO GERM WARFARE - Military biology and biological warfare agents.

BSH005 6.95 GUIDE TO INDIAN HERBS - This well illustrated book describes 52 of the best known herbs used by N. American Indians.

BS1222 14.95 GUIDE TO WILD FOODS AND USEFUL PLANTS - easy-to-read, good pictures. Well worth the money.

BFU200 5.95 GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS - UFO contact continues to this day in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

BHH061 13.95 GULTEN FREE GOURMET - Living well without wheat. By Betty Hagman.

BHF052 12.00 HAND AND FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Enables the average person to correct urgent health problems. Free and rechannel tension.

BHH311 12.95 HANDMADE MEDICINES - 43 easy recipes for natural remedies for everyday ailments, by Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac.

BHH162 5.95 HANDBOOK FOR HERBAL HEALING - Christopher Hobbs describes the blending of herbs into formulas that can be taken daily.

BHH333 19.95 HANDBOOK OF CHINESE MASSAGE - Tui Na techniques to awaken body and mind.

BHS012 10.95 HANDBOOK OF ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICAL MEDICINE - A compilation of dozens of herbal and other all-natural drugless remedies.


BHH629 22.50 HANDS OF LIGHT - Guide to healing through the human energy field. By Barbara Ann Brennan.

BUX204 14.95 HAARP - The ultimate weapon of the conspiracy. Super beam weapon to world-wide mind control device in Alaska. Star Wars Now.

BFX922 16.95 HARMONIC CONQUEST OF SPACE - The long awaited new book by Capt. Bruce Cathie.

BGG136 17.95 HARVEST GARDENER - Growing for maximum yeild, prime flavor, and garden fresh storage. By Susan McClure.

BGG217 9.95 HAVE MORE PLAN - "A little land - a lot of living". Back-to-the-land. A 50 year old classic.


BHF336 5.95 HEAL YOUR BODY (REVISED) - A quick reference guide to the mental problems that may underlie the disease in one's life. Louise Hay.

BHH630 10.00 HEALERS MANUAL - A beginners guide to Vibrational Therapies. How your mental states affect your health. By T. Andrews.

BHX036 14.95 HEALING AIDS NATURALLY - AIDS is not necessarily fatal. Lawrence Badgley shows how infected persons can regain their health.

BHF047 11.95 HEALING BENEFITS OF ACUPRESSURE - A manual of contact healing with instuctions and diagrams to show all the pressure points.

BHF387 10.95 HEALING BRAIN - Breakthrough discoveries about how the brain keeps us healthy. By Robert Ornstein, Phd.

BHH091 12.95 HEALING CHILDREN NATURALLY - Sensible, safe, and effective treatments for a variety of childhood ailments.

BHC180 16.95 HEALING CUISINE - Harish Johari presents India's art of Ayurvedic cooking. Sumptuous meals that feed both body and soul.

BIX407 16.95 HEALING: THE DIVINE ART - Esoteric physiology and anatomy, magnetic & mental healing, function of pineal gland etc.M.P. Hall

BHF162 12.00 HEALING ENERGIES OF MUSIC - Locate just the right music for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing. H. Lingerman.

BHH126 12.95 HEALING ENERGY OF YOUR HANDS - by Michael Bradford.

BHG100 9.95 HEALING HARVEST - Michio Kushi introduces a revolutionary method of ecological, natural farming and gardening.

BHF607 12.95 HEALING OF CANCER - The cures, the cover-ups, and the solution now. By B. Lynes.

BHX089 24.95 HEALING OURSELF - Growing beyond the true cause of disease by Kathy Oddenino.

BHH509 8.00 HEALING POWER OF CHLOROPHYLL - Complete survival and health based on the bio-chemical properties of chlorophyll. B. Jensen.

BHG127 12.95 HEALING POWER OF HERBS - The enlightened person's guide to the wonders of medicinal plants. By Michael Murray, Nd.

BHF058 14.95 HEALING POWER OF ILLNESS - The meaning of symptons and how to interpret them.

BHF233 4.50 HEALING POWER WITHIN - The use of natural laws of energy to reinforce the self-healing mechanism within. A. Wigmore.

BHH633 17.95 HEALING THROUGH COLOR - A book of great wisdom and insight on the use of ancient healing practices. By Theo Gimbel.

BHX046 32.50 HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS - Oriental traditions and modern medicine. One of our most recommended health titles. P. Pitchford.

BHH090 12.95 HEALING WITHIN - Complete colon health guide (revised). By Stanley Weinberger.

BHF859 12.00 HEALING WORDS - Larry Dossey writes about the power of prayer in the healing experience.

BHF114 12.95 HEALTH FROM GOD'S GARDEN - The sequel to Maria Treben's classic "Health From God's Pharmacy".

BHH095 6.95 HEALTH HANDBOOK - A guide to family health by Louise Tenney (pocket sized)

BHF760 18.95 HEALTH THRU GOD'S PHARMACY - Maria Treben gives instructions for treating a wide range of maladies with time honored herbal remedies.

BHC308 5.95 HEALTHFUL EATING WITHOUT CONFUSION - Paul Bragg separates sense from nonsense regarding "Good" foods.


BIX227 15.00 HEART SONG - From "The right use of will" series by Ceanne DeRohan.

BSX016 12.95 HEAVY DUTY NEW IDENTITY - Establish a new identity that will not fail. By John Q. Newman.

BHH260 13.95 HEINERMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALING HERBS AND SPICES - For hundreds of todays most common health problems.


BHH258 12.95 HEINERMAN'S NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Health promoting uses (revised and expanded).

BS1223 17.95 HERBS - Visual guide to 700 + species around world. Many color pioctures for easy identification. Well done. I would have this one.

BHH604 7.50 HERB BOOK - Probably the most complete encyclopedia ever published on medicinal plants and their uses. John Lust's bestseller.

BHX086 2.95 HERB REFERENCE GUIDE (REVISED) - Specific formulas for 64 herbal combinations to treat a wide range of problems.

BHX365 3.95 HERB TEA BOOK - Complete guide to the healing benefits of herb teas. By Dorothy Hall.

BHX366 10.95 HERBAL HANDBOOK - A user's guide to medicinal herbalism. By David Hoffman.

BHH649 12.95 HERBAL HEALING - Learn how to prepare herbal medicines at home. Know which herbs are safe and which are used for various ailments.

BHH055 12.00 HERBAL HEALING FOR WOMEN - Prepare remedies for common disorders that arise in the different cycles of a woman's life.

BHF475 2.95 HERBAL REMEDIES II - Lists illnesses such as acne, colic, coughs, hayfever, morning sickness, and their natural remedies.

BHC071 6.95 HERBAL TEAS FOR HEALTH AND HEALING - Use as tonics, pain relievers, beautifiers, pacifiers, or just sip for the sheer delight.

BCC060 12.95 HERBAL VINEGAR - Make easy and inexpensive herb, spice, vegetable, and flower vinegars.

BYH001 15.95 HERBALIST OF YARROW - A fairytale on the wisdom of plants. Beautifully illustrated gold mine of wisdom.

BHX424 6.95 HERBALLY YOURS - One of our best sellers. An easy to use, alphabetized guide. By Penny C. Royal.

BHC073 10.00 HERBS AND THINGS - Herbal and folk medicine. Hundreds of herbal recipes plus potions to ward off evil. Lots of botanical lore.

BHG306 5.00 HERBS FOR HEALTH: HOW TO GROW & USE - Get a thrill raising your herbs, making gifts, and add zip to your cooking.

BHH326 8.95 HERBS FOR LONGEVITY 7 WELL-BEING - Rosemary Gladstar, includes RG’s favorite herbal recipes.

BHF447 11.00 HERBS: THE MAGIC HEALERS - Knowledge for the health of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

BFX499 14.95 HERDER SYMBOL DICTIONARY - From art, archaeologyk, mythology, literature and religion.

BCC035 10.00 HERE'S TO YOU HONEY - All natural honey recipes for flavor, sweetness, therapy, nutrition, and canning.

BF1113 16.95 HERMETIC TRADITION - Symbols and teachings of the royal art by Julius Evola.

BFX182 13.95 HERMETICA - The writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus

BIX414 15.95 HIDDEN DOMAIN, THE - Home of the quantum wave function, nature’s creative source. All events exist in potential all around us.


BHF017 3.95 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Dr. Donsbach answers your questions and provides guidelines to assist the body with nutritional measures.

BHH076 29.95 HIGH SPEED HEALING - The fastest, safest, and most effective shortcuts to lasting relieve.

BHH233 10.95 HILDEGARD OF BINGEN'S MEDICINE - The divinely inspired visions of medicine and healing by a major 20th century mystic.

BIX093 19.00 ALICE IN QUANTUMLAND - great introduction to quantum physics. Robert Gilmore.

BUX069 11.95 HISTORY OF AMERICAN CONSITUTIONAL OR COMMON LAW - With commentary concerning equity and merchant law.

BDD001 14.95 HIVE MANAGEMENT - A seasonal guide for beekeepers. For the amateur or professional.

BHF015 16.95 HOLISTIC PROTOCOL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM (6th Ed.) - Beat the deadly new diseases and microbial mutations.

BFX115 22.00 HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM AND OTHER PARADOXES -Exploring the leading edge of science by Ken Wilber

BFX194 13.50 HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE - Michael Talbot proposes that the real world has many characteristics of a giant hologram.

BUX063 6.99 HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL - Do parchments found in the south of France a century ago reveal one of the best-kept secrets in religion.

BF1114 18.95 HOMAGE TO PYTHAGORAS - Sacred sciences of number, geometry, architecture, music, form and color.

BDD061 10.95 HOME FOOD DEHYDRATING - Economical do-it-yourself methods of preserving, storing, and cooking.

BHH250 19.95 HOME HERBAL - A practical family guide to making herbal remedies for common ailments (hardcover).

BBD461 11.95 HOME INSULATION - Do it yourself and save as much as 40%. A guide to insulating new and old homes. By Harry Yost.

BHF009 16.95 HOME REMEDIES FOR CANDIDA - Basic information about Candida, colon health, and dental problems. By Betty Russel-Manning.

BHF247 11.95 HOME REMEDIES: HYDROTHERAPY, MASSAGE, CHARCOAL, AND OTHER SIMPLE TREATMENTS - Clear, authoritive, drugless home treatments.

BDD018 14.95 HOME SAUSAGE MAKING - Learn the secrets to the world's finest sausage.

BDD121 13.95 HOME SMOKING AND CURING - How you can smoke-cure, salt and preserve fish, meat, and game.

BDD062 18.95 HOME WATER SUPPLY - How to find, filter, store, and conserve it. By Stu Campbell.

BCC036 2.95 HOMEMADE JAMS & JELLIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBD181 13.95 HOMEMADE:101 EASY-TO-MAKE THINGS - For your garden, home, or farm. Step-by-step instructions and drawings.

BHF460 2.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE - What Homeopathic medicine is, why it is scientific, and why it has many advantages over orthodox medicine.

BHF376 11.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE AT HOME - Choose and use 28 basic remedies as the mainstays of family health care.

BHF384 9.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE FOR WOMEN - The use of homeopathy to treat the entire range of female disorders and gynecological problems.



BHF176 18.95 HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF CHILDREN - Understand children more deeply and help to cure them more completely.

BHH101 5.95 HOMEOPATHY: FROM ALCHEMY TO MEDICINE - Evidence of an innate, vital force in man that heals.

BHF414 9.00 HOMEOPATHY: MEDICINE OF THE NEW MAN - A valuable, useful explanation of homeopathy, which is simply nature's own way of healing.

BBD180 10.00 HOMESTEAD CARPENTRY & BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - Learn the basics and confidently build whatever you want.

BCC210 5.95 HONEY & YOGURT RECIPES - The subtle and exciting flavours of Mother nature's own larder.

BDD063 2.95 HOOKING RUGS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BYY029 9.95 HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS - A tale, partly about life, partly about revolution, and a lot about hope.

BIX303 10.95 HOPI SURVIVAL KIT - The latest on Hopi prophecy and survival.

BDX104 14.95 HORSE SENSE - A complete guide to horse selection and care.

BDX103 16.95 HORSEKEEPING ON A SMALL ACREAGE - The essentials for designing safe and functional facilities for your horses. Cherry Hill.

BUX040 6.99 HOT ZONE - A terrifying true story of a lethal virus released into the suburbs of Washington, D.C.. By Richard Preston.

BSS208 12.00 HOW BIG BROTHER INVESTIGATES YOU: KEEPING YOUR TRAIL CLEAN - A master list of many of the sources used by investigators.

BIX028 6.95 HOW CAN ONE SELL THE AIR? - Chief Seattle's vision. (Revised).

BHH232 8.50 HOW DID WE GET SO FAT? - A guide for those who want to safely obtain their weight goals "without going crazy".

BHH650 7.95 HOW I CONQUERED CANCER NATURALLY - A true story of courage and triumph. By Eydie Mae.

BSS161 6.95 HOW INDIANS USE WILD PLANTS FOR FOOD, MEDICINE, AND CRAFTS - A wealth of information. By Francess Densmore.

BHS005 2.95 HOW SAFE IS YOUR WATER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSX001 14.95 HOW TO AVOID A DRUNK DRIVING CONVICTION - Judge "X" reveals everything drinkers must know about drunk driving and the law.

BSS060 11.95 HOW TO BE SAFE IN AN UNSAFE WORLD - A security consultant shows you how to protect your home or business from intruders.

BS1212 10.95 HOW TO SURVIVE A NUCLEAR ACCIDENT - What is the danger? To flee or not? Detection equipment. China Syndrome and more.

BHF363 5.95 HOW TO BE YOUR OWN NUTRITIONALIST - Design a personal nutritional program to protect against disease and provide more energy.

BHH163 10.95 HOW TO BEAT ARTHRITIS WITH IMMUNE POWER BOOSTERS - Boost your immune system to alleviate pain and symptoms of arthritis. C. Wade.

BSM010 17.00 HOW TO BEAT THE CREDIT BUREAU - The insiders guide to consumer credit. Restore your good credit once and for all.

BHF459 7.95 HOW TO BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER - Achieve peak intelligence, memory, and creativity. By Roger Yepsen.

BBD462 13.95 HOW TO BUILD A JUNK YARD STILL - Be your own motor fuel magnate. By Michael H. Brown.

BBD009 18.95 HOW TO BUILD SMALL BARNS & OUTBUILDINGS - 20 plans written specifically for the do-it-yourselfer on a budget. Monte Burch.

BSS054 8.00 HOW TO BURY YOUR GOODS - The complete manual for long term underground storage. By Eddie "The Wire".

BDD064 14.95 HOW TO BUY LAND CHEAP - This is the bible of bargain-basement land buying. 4th Ed. By Edward Preston.

BS1043 12.00 HOW TO DETERMINE UNDISCLOSED FINANCIAL INTERESTS - Reveals methods used by government agents to snoop into financial records.

BDD113 10.00 HOW TO DEVELOP A LOW-COST FAMILY STORAGE SYSTEM - Slash your food bill by over 50% and increase your independence.

BSS134 14.95 HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY & NEVER BE FOUND - Planning a disappearence, arranging new identity, finding work, etc...

BSM075 14.95 HOW TO DO BUSINESS OFF THE BOOKS - Adam Cash digs even deeper into the secrets of the underground economy.

BDD120 15.00 HOW TO DRY FOODS - Comprehensive manual covering many different drying techniques including homemade dehydrators.

BSS059 35.00 HOW TO FIND ANYONE ANYWHERE (4th EDITION) - An encyclopedia of top investigative secrets. By Ralph D. Thomas.

BSS063 18.95 HOW TO FIND MISSING PERSONS - A handbook for investigators. Revised and expanded-2nd edition. By Ronald Erickson.

BSS949 30.00 HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYBODY - State-Of-The-Art investigative/surveillance techniques by the world's best agencies.

BSS174 35.00 HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYONE BOOK 2 - The long awaited follow-up to the above book.

BHH240 6.95 HOW TO HEAL DEPRESSION - If you can't remember the last itme that you felt genuinely good, please read this book.

BSS061 14.00 HOW TO HIDE ANYTHING - More than 100 drawings show how to turn ordinary items into extraordinary hiding places.

BHF367 5.95 HOW TO KEEP SLIM, HEALTHY & YOUNG WITH JUICE FASTING - Let Paavo Airola show you how.


BIX078 8.95 HOW TO MAKE AND USE A MAGIC MIRROR - Psychic windows into new worlds. Donald Tyson.

BS1037 19.95 HOW TO MAKE $100,000 PER YEAR AS A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - By America's leading financial crime investigator. E.J. Pankau.

BDE004 19.00 HUMANURE HANDBOOK - A comprehensive book on recycling human waste without chemicals, high technology, or pollution. BSX024 16.95 HOW TO MAKE CASH SELLING AT SWAP MEETS, FLEA MARKETS, ETC.. - The author lets you in on the secrets of success.

BSX005 9.95 HOW TO OPEN HANDCUFFS WITHOUT KEYS - Harry Houdini eat your heart out. Impress your friends or the law.

BSM103 6.95 HOW TO OPEN SWISS BANK ACCOUNT - Do what the big boys do and bank off-shore.

BHF340 5.99 HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR - Medical "heretic" Dr. R. Mendelsohn advocates nature as the best doctor.

BSS180 12.95 HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON EVERYTHING - Finally a book on practical financial management. Revised and expanded-2nd edition.

BHH198 12.00 HOW TO SAVE YOUR TEETH:PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY - Toxic free preventive dentistry. Chase away the "Tooth Fairy".

BS1036 12.95 HOW TO START YOUR OWN COUNTRY (2nd Ed.) - Over 100 pages of fascinating case histories and dozens of rare photos.

BS1066 8.00 HOW TO STAY ALIVE IN THE WOODS - A complete guide to food, shelter, and self-preservation in the wilderness.

BSH008 13.95 HOW TO SURVIVE DISASTERS WTH NATURAL MEDICINE - What items should you have in your medicine chest to cope with emergencies.

BHH023 13.95 HOW TO SURVIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT - A holistic guide to avoiding the risks and side effects of conventional medicine.

BS1096 14.95 HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A SALARY - How to get along with less and make do with what you have.

BSX310 4.95 HOW TO TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF TRAFFIC TICKET - Avoid the inconvenience of an unnecessary ticket. Highway Patrolman D.W. Kelly.

BSS057 13.95 HOW TO TRAIN A GUARD DOG - Complete "how to" guide on the selection, care, and training of security or "guard" dogs.

BSX018 16.95 HOW TO USE MAIL DROPS FOR PRIVACY & PROFIT - Confidential mailing addresses that allow you to receive and send mail anon..

BHH229 19.95 HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS - An electrifying ride through the neural world inside your head.

BHH230 19.95 HOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS - Unravels the mystery and presents it through colorful, easy-to-understand illustrations.

BFX333 16.00 HUMAN BRAIN COLORING BOOK - Keep those human brains occupied for hours.

BHF005 3.95 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE THERAPY - Used as a successful treatment for many disorders, including arthritis, cancer, and AIDS.

BS1219 16.95 I AM NOT A NUMBER - Freeing America from the ID State. Can’t do much without a number or license - or maybe...

BFX330 14.95 I CHING CLARIFIED - A practical guide by Mondo Sector (with cards)

BIX030 7.95 I CHING WISDOM - Taken from one of the oldest and greatest literary works known to mankind, the I Ching. By Wu Wei.

BSS102 19.95 ID BY MAIL - Want a new ID, no questions asked? ID By Mail lists the names and addresses of every mail order ID company.

BHH190 12.95 IMMUNE FOR LIFE:STRENGTHEN THE DOCTOR WITHIN - A powerful program of mind and body conditioning. By Arnold Fox, Md.

BHH193 10.95 IMMUNE POWER - A comprehensive healing program for HIV. By Jon D. Kaiser.

BHH160 12.95 IMMUNE POWER BOOSTERS - Carlson Wade explains what is necessary for the smooth, effective functioning of the immune system.

BHH164 3.95 IMMUNE SYSTEM - Louise Tenney explains how the immune system works and gives tips on how to strengthen it naturally.

BHH172 15.00 IMMUNE SYSTEM HANDBOOK - A thoroughvolume on how to maintain your body's immune system.

BHH166 2.95 IMMUNE SYSTEM NUTRITION FOR OPTIMAL WELLNESS - Dr. Bruce Miller explains how to improve your immune power.

BHF103 10.00 IMMUNE SYSTEM, YOUR MAGIC DOCTOR - A guide to the immune system for the curious of all ages. By Helen Garvey.


BHX011 11.95 IMMUNIZATION DECISION - A guide for parents looking for an alternative to immunizations for their young children.

BHH220 12.95 IMMUNIZATION: THEORY VS. REALITY - An expose' on vaccinations. Medicinal ploys, Gulf War Syndrome, childhood shots, and more.

BHF528 12.95 IMMUNIZATION:THE REALITY BEHIND THE MYTH - A well documented case against mass immunizations. By Walene James.

BHH248 14.95 IMMUNIZATIONS:THE PEOPLE SPEAK! - Questions, comments, and concerns about vaccinations.

BGG312 2.95 IMPROVING YOUR SOIL - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS086 10.00 IMPROVISED LOCK PICKS BOOK - How do you pick locks without fancy lock picking tools? This book tells you how.

BS1220 39.95 I.R.S. UNDER INDICTMENT - The people of the U.S.A. vs the I.R.S.Citizens arming themselves with the law and win.

BFX279 9.95 IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS - P.D. Ouspensky searches for solutions to the problems of man and the universe.

BFS132 15.95 IN SECRET TIBET - Tibetan monks levitating stones by acoustics and lots of other exciting things.

BF1046 14.00 INANNA RETURNS - Account of the gods of ancient earth.

BBB007 30.00 INDEPENDENT BUILDER (THE) - Designing and building a house your own way.

BED026 19.95 INDEPENDENT ENERGY GUIDE - Electrical power for home, boat, and RV. Helps plan the ideal independent power system.

BED010 19.95 INDEPENDENT HOME - Living well with power from the sun, wind, and water. By Michael Potts.

BSD473 17.95 INDIAN CRAFTS AND SKILLS - An illustrated guide to making authentic Indian clothing, ornaments, and shelters.

BGG013 10.95 INDOOR VEGETABLE GARDENING - Construct a low-cost hydroponic garden in your home and grow fresh foods all year long.

BSS087 13.95 INFANTRY SCOUTING, PATROLLING & SNIPING - How to inflict the maximum amount of damage on the enemy.

BIX032 8.95 INFINITE ECONOMY - How we can all be rich. By Vivian Arthur.

BFX274 15.95 INITIATE (THE) BK 1 - By Cyril Scott.

BFX390 11.95 INITIATE IN THE DARK CYCLE - (book 3 of "The Initiate" series) by Cyril Scott.

BFX389 11.95 INITIATE IN THE NEW WORLD - (book 2 of "The Initiate" series) by Cyril Scott.

BFX150 18.00 INITIATION - An account of past life memory recall by Elisabeth Haich.

BFX572 14.95 INITIATION IN THE GREAT PYRAMID - by Earlyne Chaney.

BFX850 9.95 INITIATION OF THE WORLD - Explorations into consciousness and knowledge of ancient wisdom.

BS1009 4.99 INSTANT GUIDE TO MEDICINAL PLANTS - A companion to the above book. Convenient pocket size. A worthwhile little book.

BHF239 3.50 INSTANT HERBAL LOCATOR - Look up the most beneficial herbs for any purpose. By Hanna Kroeger.

BIX033 8.95 INSTANT MILLIONAIRE - A tale of wisdom and wealth. A delightful book to read and read again. Mark Fisher.

BHH129 3.95 INTESTINAL TOXICITY & INNER CLEANSING - "Sweep Out" hostile organisms and promote intestinal health. Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

BHH302 15.95 INTO THE LIGHT- The exciting story of the life-saving breakthrough therapy of the age. W. C. Douglass, MD.

BSS241 20.00 INTO THE PRIMITIVE:ADVANCED TRAPPING TECHNIQUES - Learn how to meet your basic survival needs and make traps, weapons, and alarms.

BBB001 9.95 INTRO TO EARTHQUAKE RETROFITTING TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES - Reinforce your timber framed home to withstand earthquakes.

BHC770 6.95 INTRO TO MACROBIOTICS - A way of balancing one's life with nature. Easy to understand and even easier to make it work.

BFX621 18.50 INVENTIONS, RESEARCHS, & WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA - A comprehensive hard-cover reference book.

BIX087 9.95 INVISIBLE RECORDS OF THOUGHT & ACTION - Manly P. Hall’s practical guide to subtle vibrations.

BIX079 00.00 INVISIBILITY & LEVITATION - how-to keys to personal performance. OUT OF PRINT.

BHF043 7.99 IRIDOLOGY SIMPLIFIED - A basic introducion to the science and practice of iridology. By Dr. Bernard Jensen.

BHF035 14.95 IRIDOLOGY:HOW EYES REVEAL HEALTH AND PERSONALITY - Dorothy Hall tells how one's entire health picture can be diagnosed by the eyes.

BSS601 15.00 IRS INVESTIGATORS HANDBOOK - Big brother's guide to getting at your money.

BUX067 9.95 IT'S A CONSPIRACY - The shocking truth about America's favorite conspiracy theories by the National Insecurity Council.

BHX031 10.95 IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD - Diseases caused by silver-mercury fillings. By Hal Huggins, DDS.

BCX080 2.95 JAMS, JELLIES & PRESERVES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BUX008 14.95 JESUS CONSPIRACY - The Turin Shroud and the truth about the resurrection. An international bestseller.

BHH053 24.95 JOSLIN DIABETES GOURMET COOKBOOK - 530 creative recipes let diabetics indulge their passion for good food.

BHH269 15.00 JOURNEY INTO HEALING - Awakening the wisdom within you by Deepak Chopra.

BFX092 10.95 JOURNEY INTO NATURE - A spiritual adventure into oneness by Michael J. Roades.

BIX239 10.95 JOURNEY INTO ONENESS - A spiritual odyssey by Michael J. Roades.

BF1116 14.95 JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT - By R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz

BXX274 12.95 JOURNEY OF SOULS - Case studies of life between lives by Michael Newton.

BFX173 11.95 JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY - The classic on "out of body" travel by Robert Monroe.

BGG017 19.95 JOY OF GARDENING - Dick Raymond's gardening "Bible" can help anyone, anywhere turn any patch of ground into a veggie garden.

BCC069 19.95 JOY OF GARDENING COOKBOOK - Originally published 10 years ago, it has become the classic book for anyone cooking with fresh veggies.

BHC741 5.95 JUICE FASTING: HOW TO KEEP SLIM, HEALTHY, & YOUNG - Paavo Airola, Nd. tells how to fast and what juices to use.

BHH007 5.99 JUICEMAN'S POWER OF JUICING - Everything readers need to know about juicing is here, including 100 delicious recipes.

BHH034 8.00 JUICING DETOX DIET - Give yourself a kick start on the road to optimum health.

BHH648 12.95 JUICING FOR LIFE - The healthy benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing with nutritional programs to aid health problems.

BHF422 2.95 JUNK FOOD WITHDRAWAL MANUAL - Fast reading guide to the dangers of processed foods and how to make the transition to better eating.

BDD066 8.95 JUST ADD WATER - How to use dehydrated foods and textured vegetable protein (TVP). By Barbara G. Salsbury.

BSS512 12.00 KEEP 'EM ALIVE: THE BODYGUARD'S TRADE - If the Black Market isn't your thing then maybe this is!

BDD203 16.00 KEEPING FOOD FRESH - How to choose and store everything you eat. Janet Bailey.

BS1020 18.00 KEEP WHAT YOU OWN - Protect your money, property, and family from courts, creditors, and the IRS. Adam Starchild.

BHH185 19.95 KEEP YOUR BREASTS - Preventing breast cancer the natural way. By Susan Moss.

BDD067 17.95 KEEPING LIVESTOCK HEALTHY - A veterinary guide to horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep. 3rd Ed.

BGG508 14.95 KEEPING THE HARVEST - Preserving your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Revised and Updated.

BBS066 2.95 KEEPING YOUR BASEMENT DRY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BFX201 8.95 KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE - Real life experiences showing how animals communicate with each other and with people who understand them.

BSX185 10.95 KLUTZ BOOK OF KNOTS - If you're all thumbs when it comes to tying knots, then this book will see you through those knotty times.

BDD052 2.95 KNITTING PROBLEM SOLVER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BS1129 14.95 KNIFE TALK - Ed Fower’s valuable advice regarding knife design and construction.

BSS173 12.00 KNIVES, KNIFE FIGHTING, AND RELATED HASSLES - How to survive a real knife fight. More by "Animal" MacYoung.

BS1010 6.95 KNOTS & SPLICES - A very popular pocket guide. Plenty of photos. Over 100 knots and splices.

BFX189 8.95 KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLD - Manual for the attainment of supersensible knowledge. Rudolf Steiner.

BHH030 12.95 KOMBUCHA: HOW-TO AND WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT - Everything you wanted to know about the miracle tea Kombucha.

BHH197 6.95 KOMBUCHA:THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE - Christopher Hobb's concise guide to the "Miracle" Manchurian Tea Mushroom.

BS1215 16.95 KNIFEMAKING - Gun Digest Book. All the ins and outs for the do-it-yourself knifemaker.

BIX240 12.00 KRYON II: DON'T THINK LIKE A HUMAN - Channelled answers to basic questions.

BIX112 14.00 KRYON III - ALCHEMY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT - A guide to human transition in the new age.

BF1036 12.00 KRYON:THE END TIMES - Channeled teachings with a positive view of the future.


BFX556 7.95 KYBALION - A study of the Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece.

BFH001 17.95 LAKHOVSKY MULTI WAVE OSCILLATOR HANDBOOK - Is this device an electronic fountain of youth? Restores cells with frequency.

BIX241 16.00 LAND OF PAN: LOSS OF POWER AND MAGIC ON EARTH - ("The right use of will" series) by Ceanne De Rohan.

BGG326 15.95 LASAGNA GARDENING - Fromm pub. of Organic Gardening Mag. New layering system. No digging, no tilling, no weeding, no kidding.

BSS020 29.95 LASER SIGHTS & NIGHT VISION DEVICES - Duncan Long looks at the various light limited optical devices in use tonight.

BS1035 10.95 LAST FRONTIERS ON EARTH - Strange places where you can live free. By Jon Fisher.

BUX101 13.95 LAST WALTZ OF THE TYRANTS - Prophecies of the Ram. The most important and succinct history of the world you will ever read.

BCC037 21.00 LAUREL'S KITCHEN BREAD BOOK - A guide to whole-grain breadmaking. Laurel Robertson and the authors of "Laurel's Kitchen".

BHH242 7.00 LAVENDER OIL - The new guide to nature's most versatile remedy.

BFX564 12.95 LAW OF ONE BOOK II - (Ra material)

BFX565 12.95 LAW OF ONE BOOK IV - (Ra material)

BFX302 12.95 LAW OF ONE III - (Ra material)

BS1083 16.95 LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO ELECTRONIC EAVESDROPPING - How it's done and simple ways to prevent it.

BHF481 5.95 LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO FASTING AND LOSING WEIGHT - Everything about fasting explained in simple terms.

BF1118 15.95 LEADERSHIP & THE NEW SCIENCE - Learning about organization from an orderly universe.

BDD068 14.95 LEATHER MAKIN' - Filled with patterns, photos, and detailed drawings. By Larry J. Wells.

BFX160 24.95 LECTURES ON ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY - Companion to "The secret teachings of all ages" by Manly P. Hall.

BHH082 12.95 LEFT FOR DEAD - A rebellious autobiography of a man's battle with the FDA and serious heart problems. By Dick Quinn.

BGG310 8.95 LET IT ROT! - Takes the mystery out of creating useful, ecologically sound compost. By Stu Campbell.

BCC038 8.95 LET'S COOK DUTCH-COOKING IN A DUTCH OVEN - A book that makes Dutch oven cookery enjoyable and a delicious experience for everyone.

BHX224 5.99 LET'S GET WELL - Adelle Davis outlines ways to combat disease and illness through nutrition.

BHH043 11.95 LICK THE SUGAR HABIT - Find out how sugar upsets the body's chemistry and devastates the immune system.

BSS012 29.95 LIFE AFTER DOOMSDAY - The excellent "classic" reference about surviving any major disaster. Bruce Clayton, Phd.








BFX799 23.95 LIGHT EMERGING - The experience of healing through the human energy field by Barbara Ann Brennan.

BHF434 16.95 LIGHT:MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE - Summarizes the current scientific knowledge about the science of phototherapy.


BHH303 19.95 LIGHT YEARS AHEAD - The illustrated guide to full spectrum and colored light in mindbody healing.

BSS075 7.95 LIP READING MADE EASY - Now you can eavesdrop to your heart's content without hearing a word.

BHH634 14.95 LITTLE HERB ENCYCLOPEDIEA (3rd Ed.) - Alphabetical listings reference guide for the beginning herbalist.

BHH025 6.95 LIVE FOOD JUICES - Enjoy a longer, healthier life as a benefit of drinking "live" food juice from fruits and vegetables.

BSD322 29.95 LIVE OFF THE LAND IN THE CITY & COUNTRY - A gold mine of Native American lore. A complete guide to surviving in style.

BF1082 19.95 LIVING ENERGIES - Victor Schauberger's work with natural energy explained.

BIX247 5.99 LIVING IN THE LIGHT - A guide to personal and planetary transformation by Shakti Gawain.

BCC308 17.95 LIVING IN THE RAW - Vegetarian non-cooking at it best. Create new lifestyle with healthy & delicious uncooked recipes.

BSS514 15.00 LIVING IN TROUBLED LANDS: BREAKING THE TERRORIST THREAT OVERSEAS - Security programs for Americans stationed abroad.

BIX248 9.95 LIVING IS FOREVER: A novel about earth changes by Edwin Carter.

BED011 25.00 LIVING ON 12 VOLTS WITH AMPLE POWER - "Energy for the unplugged". A must book for anyone interested in alternative energy systems.

BF1013 11.95 LIVING WATER - Viktor Schauberger and the secrets of natural energy. By Olof Alexandersson.

BHF792 9.95 LIVING WELL NATURALLY - The macrobiotic guidelines Dr. Anthony Sattilaro used to recover from terminal cancer.

BSS211 19.95 LIVING WELL ON PRACTICALLY NOTHING - This book is stocked with proven methods of saving money.

BFX796 20.00 LIVING WITH KUNDALINI - The autobiography of Pandit Gopi Krishna

BIX037 15.95 LIVING WITH THE HIMALAYAN MASTERS - The spiritual experiences of Swami Rama.

BSS516 8.50 LOCK PICKING SIMPLIFIED - If you want to know how simple it really can be to open locks, then this is your book.

BGG030 2.95 LONG-LASTING HANGING PLANTS - A country wisdom booklet.

BDX147 14.95 LOOKING FOR GOLD - A modern prospectors guide. By Bradford Angier.

BFX510 10.95 LOOKING GLASS UNIVERSE - Startling new theories that are changing our understanding of the universe.

BHH306 12.95 LOSE WEIGHT WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - easy way to ideal body 4-week program.

BIX088 16.95 LOST CONTINENTS & THE HOLLOW EARTH. Plus “I Remember Lemuria.” DH Childress & Richard Shaver.

BFX070 10.95 LOST MILLENNIUM - How did the Atlanteans tap the free energy of the universe. A novel.

BFX186 6.50 LOST REALMS (VOL.4) - Incredible documentary evidence of extraterrestrial giants who brought civilization to the New World.

BIX082 16.95 LOST SCIENCE - important suppressed science and technology in the 20th century. Gerry Vassilatos.

BF1121 22.50 LUCID DREAMER - A waking guide for the traveller between worlds by Malcolm Godwin.

BFX044 5.95 LUCID DREAMING - Power of being awake and aware in your dreams by Stephen LaBerge.

BHC782 9.95 MACROBIOTIC APPROACH TO CANCER (REVISED & EXPANDED) - Michio Kushi points toward a long lasting solution to the cancer problem.

BHH073 9.95 MACROBIOTIC BROWN RICE COOKBOOK - How brown rice can be used in dozens of macrobiotically acceptable recipes.

BHC778 21.00 MACROBIOTIC COOKING FOR EVERYONE - The basic principals of inexpensive and nutritious cooking.

BHC419 9.95 MACROBIOTIC WAY - A beautifully illustrated volume from the world's foremost Macrobiotic authority, Michio Kushi.

BHC482 5.95 MACROBIOTICS:INVITATION TO HEALTH & HAPPINESS - Explains the philosophical/physiological reasons for the macrobiotic lifestyle.

BFX343 8.95 MAGIC AND MYSTERY IN TIBET - One woman's journey to the secret Tibet. Alexandra David-Neel.

BIX250 11.00 MAGIC OF BELIEVING - The science of setting your goal and then reaching it. Claude Bristol.

BIX251 14.95 MAGIC OF IMAGINATION - Another gem from the writings of Neville.

BIX252 12.95 MAGICAL APPROACH - Seth speaks about the art of creative living by Jane Roberts.

BHF530 3.95 MAGICAL AROMATHERAPY - A practical guide to using essential oils and scents for many healthful purposes.

BIX162 14.95 MAGICAL, MYTHICAL, MYSTICAL BEASTS - How to invite them into your life by D.J. Conway.

BHH205 7.00 MAGNET & MAGNETIC FIELDS - The significant effects of experiments on plant, animal, and human systems with healing applications.


BHX859 10.95 MAGNETIC THERAPY: Balancing your body's energy flow for self-healing.

BGG208 2.95 MAINTAINING YOUR DWARF ORCHARD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD104 2.95 MAKE THE BEST APPLE CIDER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHC033 4.95 MAKE YOUR JUICER YOUR DRUGSTORE - Use raw vegetable juices to cure disease. By Dr. Laura Newman.

BDX450 19.95 MAKE YOUR OWN LIVING TRUST - Save your family thousands. Avoid probate and eliminate estate taxes.

BDS002 12.95 MAKING & USING DRIED FOODS - Whether you use the sun, your oven, or purchase a dehydrator, this book makes it easy.

BDD069 2.95 MAKING & USING FLAVORED VINEGARS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX101 2.95 MAKING BASKETS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD070 2.95 MAKING CHEESE, BUTTER & YOGURT - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX102 2.95 MAKING COUNTRY CURTAINS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD051 2.95 MAKING GRAPEVINE WREATHS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCX126 2.95 MAKING HOMEMADE CANDIES - a "country wisdom" booklet

BDD071 2.95 MAKING HOMEMADE WINE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC080 2.95 MAKING ICE CREAM AND FROZEN YOGURT - A country wisdom booklet.

BDD072 2.95 MAKING MAPLE SYRUP - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD053 2.95 MAKING MONEY AT CRAFT SHOWS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD073 2.95 MAKING POTPOURRI - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC203 2.95 MAKING QUICK BREAD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX117 2.95 MAKING WOOD BOXES & COAL BINS - a "country wisdom" booklet

BDD046 18.95 MAKING YOUR OWN PAPER - A comprehensive introduction to creative paper-making, paper crafts, and paper art.

BFX762 5.00 MAN WHO TAPPED SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE - The story of Walter Russell, genius scientist, artist, sculptor, and mystic.

BIX287 11.50 MAN'S ETERNAL QUEST - the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda

BUX036 18.95 MAN-MADE UFO'S 1944-1994 - 50 years of suppression. Blows the lid off the Government's UFO conspiracy. By David Childress.

BFX803 13.50 MAN: GRAND SYMBOL OF THE MYSTERIES - Thoughts in occult anatomy by Manly P. Hall.

BED028 19.95 MANAGING 12 VOLTS - How to upgrade, operate and troubleshoot 12 volt electrical systems.


BF1123 18.00 MANUAL OF HARMONICS - Nicomachus the Pythagorean (translated by Flora Levin)

BSS145 19.95 MAP READING & LAND NAVIGATION (FM 21-26) - Another great Army field manual. 260 pages (illustrated).

BHH125 5.95 MASTER CLEANSER - How the "Lemonade" diet is applied to effect a complete body detox. By Stanley Burroughs.

BF1125 10.95 MATRIX OF THE GODS: A NOVEL - by John Nelson.

BHH097 12.95 MEANING & MEDICINE - Lessons from a "Doctor's Tales" of breakthrough and healing. By Larry Dossey, Md.

BHH318 16.95 MEDICAL AROMATHERAPY - Healing with essential oils.

BHH224 2.95 MEDICINAL HERBS:AQUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - The properties and specific uses of over 50 of the most popular herbs in use.

BHS008 11.95 MEDICINAL PLANTS - An authentic guide to natural remedies. Fully illustrated, in color. By Hans Fluck.

BSS129 16.95 MEDICINE FOR MOUNTAINEERING AND OTHER WILDERNESS ACTIVITIES (4th ed.) - A popular first aid guide for outdoor enthusiasts.

BHH187 9.95 MELATONIN:NATURE'S SLEEPING PILL - Sleep like a baby, improve your mood, have vivid dreams & more energy, and possibly live longer.

BFX896 9.50 MELCHIZEDEK TRUTH PRINCIPALS - From the ancient mystical white brotherhood. Frater Achad

BIX040 22.50 MEMORY’S VOICE - Deciphering the brain-mind code. Dr. Alton.

BHH189 9.95 MENOPAUSAL YEARS THE WISE WOMAN WAY - Alternative approaches for women 30 to 90 . By Susan Weed.

BHH434 16.95 MENOPAUSE SELF HELP BOOK - A woman's guide to feeling wonderful for the second half of her life. By Susan Lark.

BHH464 13.95 MENOPAUSE WITHOUT MEDICINE - Feel healthy, look younger, live longer. By L. Ojeda.

BF1126 8.95 MESSAGE OF A MASTER - by John McDonald, Classic tale of wealth, wisdom and the secret of success.

BUX071 5.95 MESSIANIC LEGACY - The controversial sequel to the best-selling book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".

BSS339 17.95 METHODS OF DISGUISE - Everything there is to know about disguise. Revised and expanded 2nd ed. By John Sample.

BSS132 8.95 METHODS OF LONG TERM UNDERGROUND STORAGE - At only 24 pages this book not only packs a lot of info., it's one of our most popular.

BIX126 12.00 MICHAEL FOR THE MILLENIUM - What is the fate of planet Earth? Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

BHS093 3.95 MILK THISTLE:THE LIVER HERB - Christopher Hobbs explains in lay terms the values of milk thistle, especially for the liver.

BF1029 22.50 MILLENNIUM BOOK OF PROPHECY - John Hogue presents 777 visions and predictions from famous and not-so-famous seers and mystics.

BIX307 15.95 MIND MACHINES YOU CAN BUILD - Move objects with your mind and other experiments.


BF1128 12.95 MIND TREK - Exploring consciousness, time and space through remote viewing by Joe McMoneagle.

BCH002 12.95 MIRACLE FOODS COOKBOOK - Anti-oxidant rich vegetables and fruits that help you lose weight, fight disease, and slow aging.

BF1065 19.95 MIRACLE IN THE VOID - Free Energy,UFO's and other scientific revelations.

BHF192 5.95 MIRACLE NUTRIENT COENZYME Q10 - Find out why Q10 is considered the "miracle" nutrient.

BHX028 7.95 MIRACLE OF FASTING - For agelessness, physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. By Paul Bragg.

BHH120 3.95 MIRACLE OF GARLIC - The amazing therapeutic and health promoting properties of garlic. By Paavo Airola.

BUX041 10.95 MISSING DIARY OF ADMIRAL BYRD - Who lives inside our earth? R.E.Byrd.

BFX881 13.00 MISSION TO MILLBORO - A truly unique and fascinating story of past-life regression

BSS225 8.95 MODERN CAMOUFLAGE - Duncan Long does it again.

BHH167 9.95 MODERN DAY PLAGUES (REVISED) - Why are so many diseases, attributed to the breakdown of the immune system, flourishing today.

BDD109 12.95 MODERN HOMESTEAD MANUAL - What it really takes to succeed beyond the sidewalks and powerlines.


BIX308 25.00 MOLECULES OF EMOTION - One of top 10 biology books of the ‘90s. Dr. Candace Pert.

BFX147 15.95 MONTAUK PROJECT - Experiments in time. Chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history.

BFX729 19.95 MONTAUK REVISITED - Probes the history and occult principles behind the Montauk Project. By Preston Nichols.

BFU152 16.95 MONUMENTS OF MARS - Richard Hoagland's evidence that a highly advanced civilization inhabited Mars milleniums ago.

BHH062 25.00 MORE FROM THE GLUTEN FREE GOURMET - Delicious dining without wheat. Bette Hagman creates 267 more gluten-less treats.

BED025 9.95 MORE POWER TO YOU - China Diesel powered home energy systems.

BHH029 13.95 MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD - The history and uses of "Pascalite" an amazing healing clay rich in minerals and elements.

BFX629 14.95 MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS - An investigation that recognizes no barriers to human thought.

BSX186 12.95 MORROW'S GUIDE TO KNOTS - Compact, practical handbook with 70 of the most useful knots. 647 full-color photos.

BSD726 17.95 MOUNTAINMAN CRAFTS & SKILLS - An illustrated guide to clothing, shelter, equipment, and wilderness living. D. Montgomery.

BHH009 3.95 MSM MIRACLE - Learn the many uses for MSM from a doctors point of view. Dr. Earl Mindell

BHH008 4.95 MUCOUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM - A complete program for cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining a healthy body.

BGG123 9.95 MULCH BOOK - Gardeners & landscapers know that nothing beats mulch for weed control, retaining moisture, and fertilizing soil.

BS1100 29.95 MUSHROOM BOOK (THE) - How to identify, gather and cook wild mushrooms and othe fungi.

BDD005 29.95 MUSHROOM BOOK - How to idintify, gather and cook wild mushrooms and other fungi.

BHC132 2.95 MUSHROOM COOKERY - a "country wisdom" booklet

BHH635 12.95 MUSIC:PHYSICIAN FOR THE TIMES TO COME - Music and sound profoundly affect body, mind, and spirit.

BFX350 14.00 MY JOURNEY TO LHASA - Adventures of explorer/adventurer Alexandra David-Neel.


BF1014 11.95 MYSTERIOUS FIRES AND LIGHTS - Lethal lightning, intelligent fireballs, living UFO's, ghost lights, and much more.

BCC041 10.00 NATURAL BABY FOOD COOKBOOK - Dozens of all-natural recipes for making baby and junior foods at home - better and cheaper.

BDX134 18.95 NATURAL BASKETS - Create over 20 unique baskets with materials gathered in gardens, fields and woods.

BHH486 15.00 NATURAL CHILDBIRTH:THE BRADLEY WAY - The best and safest approach to chidbirth that's possible.

BFX503 16.95 NATURAL CREATION & THE FORMATIVE MIND - How outer forms are actually projected images in a greater formative mind.

BCC042 18.00 NATURAL FOODS COOKBOOK - Vegetarian, dairy-free cuisine. Over 200 delicious, easy to prepare recipes with international flair.

BHH338 12.95 NATURAL GUIDE TO COLON HEALTH - Herbal Therapies, supplements, diet, nutrition, constipation, parasites, fiber etc

BHH058 2.95 NATURAL HEALING FOR PARASITES - An information packed booklet on how to treat and prevent parasites.

BHH553 14.95 NATURAL HEALING WITH HERBS - The complete reference book on the use of herbs.

BBD063 19.95 NATURAL HOUSE BOOK - Creating a healthy, harmonious, and ecologically sound, home environment. By David Pearson.

BHH144 12.95 NATURAL IMMUNITY:INSIGHTS ON DIET & AIDS - The elements of natural (drugless) immunity to disease.

BGG021 6.95 NATURAL INSECT REPELLENTS - For pets, people, and plants an absorbing guide to safe herbal repellants and insecticides.

BCC311 14.95 NATURAL MEALS IN MINUTES - High-fiber, low-fat meatless meals in 300 minutes or less. Rita Bingham

BHH145 11.00 NATURAL REMEDIES A-Z - Practical information about the many natural remedies available.

BHF294 8.95 NATURAL SKIN CARE - Natural cosmetic treatments with chapters on diet, nutrition, and preventive health care.

BDD108 14.95 NATURAL SOAP BOOK - Make herbal and vegetable-based soaps at home. By Susan Miller Cavitch.

BGG330 13.95 NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL BEINGS - Working with the intelligence in nature. Findhorn book.

BF1129 13.00 NATURE AS TEACHER AND HEALER - How to awaken your connection with nature. James A. Swann.

BHF554 13.00 NATURE HAS A REMEDY - Bernard Jensen's "Magical Survival Kit".

BIX043 15.95 NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY - Specific, practical techniques for solving everyday problems and enriching your life. A Seth Book.

BFX308 10.95 NATURE WORD - An important work of "Schwaller De Lubicz"


BGG024 12.95 NATURE'S OUTCASTS - A fact filled look at more than 20 unwelcome "pests" who may actually be better for mankind than we think.

BS1104 5.00 NATURE'S PANTRY - 100 common, wild, edible plants, for vitamins, minerals and survival.


BHF343 21.00 NEW AGE HERBALIST - A compendium of healthy alternatives and a guide for contemporary, natural living.

BBD012 17.95 NEW COMPACT HOUSE DESIGNS - 27 award winning plans for homes of 1250 sq. ft. or less. By Don Metz.

BDD075 13.95 NEW CONCEPTS IN DEHYDRATED FOOD COOKERY - Hundreds of new ideas and tested recipes for enjoying home dehydrated foods.

BSS300 18.00 NEW ID IN AMERICA - How to create a fool-proof new identity and start again with a " clean slate".

BCC045 24.95 NEW LAUREL'S KITCHEN - The all new, 10th anniversary edition. A complete cookbook and reference center for the kitchen.

BCC306 12.95 NEW LIFE COOKBOOK - Based on the Health & Nutritional Philosophy of the Edgar Cayce readings.

BIX400 6.50 NEW MADRID RUN - Action packed adventure that starts when the planet shifts on 5/5/2000. Awesome!

BGG132 19.95 NEW ORGANIC GROWER - A master's manual of tools and techniques for the home or market gardener. By Elliot Coleman.

BGG025 17.95 NEW ORGANIC GROWERS FOUR SEASON HARVEST - How to harvest fresh, organic vegetables from your home garden all year long.

BGG137 15.95 NEW SEED STARTERS HANDBOOK - Nancy Bubel shows you how to get your garden off to a good start.

BCC002 9.00 NEW SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Fast and easy vegetarian recipes. By Rose Elliot.

BED032 20.00 NEW SOLAR HOME BOOK - Up-to-date revision of the 300,000 copy best-seller. Excellent!

BHH132 2.95 NEW SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT PLUS - Pycnogenol, more effective than vitamin C, reduces inflamation, improves circulation, and more.

BCC046 13.95 NEW VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK - Has plenty of information on "stocking the larder", as well as over 300 recipes.

BDD076 12.95 NEW WOODBURNERS HANDBOOK - A guide to safe, healthy, and efficient woodburning. Select the right stove for your needs.

BUX038 9.95 NEW WORLD ORDER - Upcoming world events as revealed by the Ashtar Command.

BCC243 12.95 NEW ZUCCINI COOKBOOK & OTHER SQUASHES - What do you do with all of those extra squashes?

BFX702 4.95 NEXUS MAGAZINE (MONTHLY PUBLICATION) - Behind the news-news, Big-Brother, UFO's, the unexplained, health, and future science.

BSS189 12.00 NIGHT MOVEMENTS - Regarded as the finest study of night fighting techniques ever written.Translated from Japanese.

BF1063 16.95 NIKOLA TESLA'S EARTHQUAKE MACHINE - With Tesla's original patents plus new blueprints to build your own model.

BFX183 10.95 NIKOLA TESLA, FREE ENERGY, & THE WHITE DOVE - Top secret revelations by former military intelligence operative, Commander X.

BSS304 12.00 NINJA SECRETS OF INVISIBILITY - Walk unobserved, penetrate forbidden areas unseen and depart without a trace.

BS1099 29.95 NO SUCH THING AS DOOMSDAY: UNDERGROUND SHELTERS - Prepare for earth changes, wars and other threats.

BSS168 12.95 NOLS WILDERNESS FIRST AID - Meaty first-aid guide written by the national outdoor leadership school.

BHH065 9.95 NON TOXIC BABY - Removing harmful chemicals from your baby's life. By the Natural Choices Co.

BHC007 7.95 NOT MILK-NUT MILKS - Make super nutritious milks using nuts, seeds, and many other natural products.

BUX072 12.95 NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS TRUE, BUT ITS EXACTLY HOW THINGS ARE - This book has it all. By Bob Frissell.

BSX214 13.95 NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS - Lifesaving nuclear facts and self-help instructions. A real classic by Cressan K. Kearny.

BHF432 15.95 NUTRITION ALMANAC (3rd Ed.) - Practical information about vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. A best seller.

BHH194 14.95 NUTRITION AND THE MIND - The treatment of mental disorders as well as conditions commonly misdiagnosed as mental disease.

BHH020 25.00 NUTRITION FOR WOMEN:THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Elizabeth Somer helps women to look and feel their best.

BCC047 11.95 OATS, PEAS, BEANS AND BARLEY COOKBOOK - A great book by E. Cottrell.


BUX073 6.95 OCCULT TECHNOLOGY OF POWER - Detailed instructions for achieving and maintaining total power over society.

BHX298 3.50 OLD TIME REMEDIES FOR MODERN AILMENTS - A classic! By Hanna Kroeger.

BFX438 12.95 ON THE BREATH OF THE GODS - A journey into the heart of love by A. Tomioka.

BF1016 20.00 ON WILHELM REICH & ORGONOMY - By James DeMeo.

BCC083 12.95 ONE PAN GOURMET - Fresh food on the trail for backpackers, canoeists, kayakers, boaters or bicyclists.

BFX705 14.95 OPENING OF THE WAY - Practical guide to the wisdom of ancient Egypt by Schwaller De Lubicz.

BS1086 14.95 OPIUM FOR THE MASSES - The greatest pain killer ever discovered. Practical guide to making opium.

BGG325 12.95 ORGANIC GARDENING-THE BEST OF - 50 yrs. of organic advice & reader-proven techniques of U.S. Best loved gardening mag.


BGG214 19.95 ORGANIC GARDENER'S HOME REFERENCE - Organically growing, harvesting, and storing 62 of the most popular veggies, fruits, & herbs.

BFX402 12.95 ORGONE ACCUMULATOR HANDBOOK - Construction plans, experimental use, and protection against toxic energy. By James DeMeo.

BFX280 9.00 ORIGINAL CAUSE II: REFLECTION LOST WILL HAS TO GIVE - "Right use of will" series by Ceanne DeRohan.

BFX324 10.00 ORIGINAL CAUSE: THE UNSEEN ROLE OF DENIAL - "Right use of will" series by Ceanne DeRohan.

BHF024 5.95 OWN YOUR OWN BODY - A clear, detailed view of the basics of nutrition and elements of self-healing. By Stan Malstrom.

BHH609 12.95 OXYGEN HEALING THERAPIES - Nathaniel Altman dicusses the new bio-oxidative therapies.

BHF452 15.00 OXYGEN THERAPIES - The entire spectrum of therapeutic uses of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. By Ed McCabe.

BIX141 19.95 P'TAAH: THE GIFT - Selected quotes from the P'TAA Tapes material by Jani King.

BSS336 21.95 PAPER TRIP I - Changing your identity is made simple with the help of Vol.I and II of the Paper Trip.

BSS337 21.95 PAPER TRIP II - More of the techniques discussed in Vol.I.

BFX334 12.00 PARALLEL UNIVERSES - Amazing speculations on time travel, the nature of reality and existence, and the role of consiousness.

BHX033 7.95 PARASITES:AN EPIDEMIC IN DISGUISE - By Stanley Weinberger.

BHH231 5.00 PARASITES:THE ENEMY WITHIN - By Hanna Kroeger, Msd.

BHH309 14.00 PARENTS AS MENTORS - Highly recommended book on parenting, by Sandra Burt and Linda Perlis. BBE970 25.00 PASSIVE ANNUAL HEAT STORAGE - Never have to heat or cool your home again. Store summer's heat for use in the winter.

BBD074 24.95 PASSIVE SOLAR HOUSE - Using solar design to heating and cool your home.

BS1044 4.95 PASSPORT AGENTS MANUAL - The actual manual used by the U.S. government to train passport agents.

BF1017 14.95 PASSPORT TO MAGONIA - UFO folklore and parallel worlds. The underground classic by Jacques Vallee.

BFX902 12.00 PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE - Learning to become the creative force in your own life.

BIX301 24.00 PATH OF LOVE - Renewing the power of spirit in your life. Deepak Chopra.

BIX061 11.00 PATH OF POWER - Sunbear's life and lessons are told subtly through stories of his experiences.

BHH188 8.95 PAU D'ARCO:IMMUNE POWER FROM THE RAINFOREST - A long-time folk medicine in South America used to strengthen the immune system.

BS1026 15.00 PEPPER SPRAYS - Practical self-defense for anyone, anywhere. By Doug Lamb.

BGX385 19.95 PERALANDRA GARDEN WORKBOOK VOL.1 (2nd Ed.) - Gardening with nature intelligences. By Machaelle Small Wright.

BGF115 16.95 PERELANDRA GARDEN WORKBOOK VOL.2 - More from Machaelle Small Wright on gardening in partnership with nature.

BHH201 16.00 PERELANDRA MICROBIAL BALANCING PROGRAM - "Make peace not war" with viruses, fungi, bacteria & turn infectious disease on its ear

BCC206 9.95 PERFECT FRUIT PIES - Award winning recipes submitted from across America. From the editors of Storey Publishing.

BCC082 2.95 PERFECT GRILLED MEATS - A country wisdom booklet.

BCC085 2.95 PERFECT GRILLED VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHF166 13.00 PERFECT HEALTH - Mind/body program for total well being. By Deepak Chopra, Md.

BGG317 16.00 PERMACULTURE GARDEN - Work in harmony with nature. Produce far more than basic needs with far less effort.

BDD047 16.00 PERMACULTURE WAY - Practical steps to creating a self-sustaining world. Permanent methods of sustainable Agriculture.

BS1034 10.00 PERSONAL DEFENSE WEAPONS - A practical guide to help you find the right weapon for your protection. By J. Randall.

BSX023 10.00 PERSONAL PRIVACY THROUGH FOREIGN INVESTIGATING - Trent Sands shows you how to safely and secretly move your money overseas.









BUX076 12.95 PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT & OTHER UFO CONSPIRACIES - Also includes information on genetic cloning, age regression, and time travel.

BFU496 5.99 PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT - Project Invisibility. The starting account of a ship that vanished. By William Moore.

BF1018 12.95 PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT CHRONICLES - Time travel, teleportation, alternative energy, and anti-gravity. By Commander X.


BF1067 15.95 PHYSICS OF LOVE - The ultimate universal laws based on the science of sympathetic vibration.

BFX862 13.95 PHYSIOLOGY COLORING BOOK - A truly enjoyable way to visually understand the workings of the human body.

BCX813 12.95 PICKLES AND RELISHES - Use a myriad of fruits and vegetables to make traditional salt-free pickles and relishes.

BHH227 6.99 PILL BOOK - 1500 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States are profiled.

BGG191 2.95 PLANNING YOUR OWN DWARF FRUIT ORCHARD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BF1134 16.95 PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - A spiritual autobiography by Muktananda.

BHS391 17.95 PLEASURE OF HERBS - How to cultivate, harvest, and preserve every kind of common garden herb for culinary or botanical needs.


BF1020 20.00 PLEIDIAN MISSION - Learn the wisdom of the universe through the eyes of the Pleidians. By Randolf Winter.


BS1067 12.95 POCKET GUIDE TO OUTDOOR SURVIVAL - Everything you need in one compact, lightweight, and easily referenced book.

BBD193 18.95 POLE BUILDING PROJECTS - Over 25 low cost plans. Pole building construction saves time, labor, and money. By Monte Burch.

BF1023 9.95 POLE SHIFT - Are we on the verge of a cataclysmic inversion of the planet's axis? By John White.

BGC288 2.95 POTATOES, SWEET AND IRISH - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHH270 6.95 POTTY TRAIN YOUR BABY - A practical guide for easier toilet training.

BIX047 5.99 POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING - The greatest inspirational best-seller of our time. Norman Vincent Peale.

BFX284 12.00 POWER OF SILENCE - Further lessons of Don Juan by Carlos Casteneda.

BIX048 5.99 POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - The keys to the most awesome power within your reach. By Dr. Joseph Murphy.

BHF345 12.95 PRACTICAL ENCYLOPEDIA OF NATURAL HEALING - Hundreds of natural remedies from the editors of "Prevention Magazine".

BDD130 9.95 PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PRACTICALLY ANYTHING (THE) - Tips on everything under the sun and moon.

BHF044 16.95 PRACTICAL HANDBOOK OF PLANT ALCHEMY - How to prepare medicinal essences, tinctures and elixers.

BED013 8.00 PRACTICAL HOME ENERGY SAVINGS - Its cheaper to save energy than to waste it. The Rocky Mountain Institute shows you how.

BHH016 9.95 PRACTICAL SCLEROLOGY, HERBOLOGY, & NUTRITION - How to use the white of the eye to diagnose the body's health.

BFX563 10.95 PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY - Your power is only a theory until it is demonstrated. John Randolf Price.

BED033 12.00 PRACTICAL SUN POWER - Build your own parabolic reflectors, solar ovens, heat water...and more. Inc. 5 basic projects w/plans.

BIX092 18.95 PRECIOUS PRESENT - One of the most meaningful gifts you can give. By Spencer Johnson.

BSX731 14.95 PREPARE TODAY-SURVIVE TOMORROW - This guide provides essential information needed to survive catastrophic events.

BSS998 13.95 PREPARING FOR EMERGENCIES - Jim McKeever shows you how to prepare now with info that may save your life.

BHH183 16.95 PRESCRIPTION FOR DIETARY WELLNESS - Foods & herbs that can prevent serious diseases and a multitude of illnesses.

BHF395 19.95 PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING - A best-selling, A to Z reference on drug-free remedies. By James F. Balch, Md.

BDD006 16.95 PRESERVING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Making the most of seasonal abundance.

BDC002 26.95 PRESERVING SUMMER'S BOUNTY - A quick and easy guide to freezing, canning, preserving, and drying the food you grow.


BSX722 17.95 PRIMITIVE OUTDOOR SKILLS - More wilderness techniques from the Woodsmoke Journal. Over 100 professional photos.

BSS542 14.00 PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DEFENSE - Jeff Cooper's classic on personal defense.

BS1080 16.95 PRIVACY POACHERS (THE) - How the government and big corporations gather, use and sell info about you.

BSS106 19.95 PRIVACY-HOW TO GET IT, ENJOY IT - The author knows what he's talking about. Even his friends aren't sure of where he lives.

BXX117 12.95 PRODIGAL GENIUS: LIFE OF NIKOLA TESLA - Inventor extraordinare by John O'Neill.

BIX090 13.00 PROPHET (THE) - Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece has become one the beloved classics of our time.

BS1209 18.95 PROJECT: READINESS - A guide to family emergency preparedness. Written to help families prepare for any disaster.

BS1092 15.00 PROTECT YOUR ASSETS - How to avoid faling victim to the government's forfeiture laws.

BSS058 8.95 PROTECT YOUR HOME - A common-sense guide to home security by Richard Geiger.

BGG008 2.95 PRUNING TREES, SHRUBS & VINES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BF1136 19.95 PSYCHIC EXPLORER - by Vee Van Dam.

BFX658 9.95 PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE - by Dion Fortune.

BUX116 6.99 PSYCHIC WARRIOR - Inside the CIA's Stargate Program: The true story of a soldier's Espionage & Awakening.

BFX586 6.95 PSYCHO CYBERNETICS - A new technique for using your subconscious power by Maxwell Maltz.

BFX391 12.95 PSYCHOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - by Robert Ornstein.


BDD009 13.95 PUTTING FOOD BY - Great ideas and methods for perserving and storing food. By Hertzberg, Vaughn, and Green.

BDD078 10.95 PUTTING IT UP WITH HONEY - A natural foods, canning cookbook with 207 recipes for perserving without sugar or perservatives.


BFX068 18.00 PYRAMID ENERGY - The philosophy of God, the science of man.

BIX086 14.95 PYRAMID POWER - the millennium science. G. Patrick Flanagan. First released in 1973.

BFX504 8.95 PYRAMID POWER - by M. Toth and G. Nielson.

BF1022 19.95 PYRAMIDS OF MONTAUK - The third volume in the Montauk series. By Preston Nichols.

BF1138 14.95 QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS - A guide to experiencing quantum psychology by Steven Wolinsky.



BF1048 9.95 QUANTUM REALITY - Beyond the new physics. An excursion into metaphysics and the meaning of reality.

BFX360 10.00 QUANTUM SELF - Human nature and consciousness defined by the new physics.

BHH239 19.95 QUESTIONING CHEMOTHERAPY - Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it necessary? By Ralph Moss, Phd.

BCC250 7.95 QUICK & EASY COOKING - A busy person's guide to simple, nutritious meals. Alona S. Perkes. A Horizon Publishing book.

BHH310 8.00 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE FOR USING ESSENTIAL OILS - pocket-sized ready reference, by Connie and Alan Higley.

BDD079 2.95 QUILTING BASICS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BED014 18.95 R.V.'ers GUIDE TO SOLAR BATTERY CHARGING - A better way to charge batteries than with a noisy, high maintenance generator.

BFX636 12.95 RA MATERIAL: THE ANCIENT ASTRONAUGHT SPEAKS - (Vol 1 of the"Law of One" series of books)

BUX080 12.95 RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE - Profits for the pharmaceutical companies as justification for suppression of alternative medicine.


BDD080 9.95 RAISING A CALF FOR BEEF - Detailed information on choosing a calf, feeding and housing it, and its daily care. By Phyllis Hobson.

BDX122 2.95 RAISING DUCKS & GEESE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD081 2.95 RAISING GAME BIRDS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD082 18.95 RAISING MILK GOATS THE MODERN WAY - Info on raising, feeding, housing, grooming, kidding, breeding, and milking goats.

BDD083 12.95 RAISING POULTRY THE MODERN WAY - Everything to keep your chickens clucking!

BDX125 11.95 RAISING RABBITS - Another great book to hop into if you're serious about bunnies. By Ann Kanable.

BDD084 12.95 RAISING RABBITS THE MODERN WAY - The most recent info for successfully raising rabbits on a small or semi-commercial scale.

BDD085 12.95 RAISING SHEEP THE MODERN WAY (UPDATED & REVISED ED.) - The small scale sheep raisers bible. By Paula Simmons.

BDD086 12.95 RAISING THE HOME DUCK FLOCK - Ducks are the easiest domestic fowl to raise - find out how. By Dave Holderread.

BDD087 18.95 RAISING YOUR OWN TURKEYS - How to guarantee your next Thanksgiving dinner and have some entertainment along the way.

BIX152 9.95 RAMAYANA (THE) - The greatest of Indian epics (translated by R.K. Narayon)

BBB006 30.00 RAMMED EARTH HOUSE - Rediscover the most ancient of all building materials - Earth.

BHH636 9.95 READING BY THE COLORS - Overcoming Dyslexia and other reading disabilities. By Helen Irlen.

BF1140 18.95 REALITIES OF THE DREAMING MIND - How dreams can help us live more meaningful lives.

BF1141 12.95 REBIRTH OF NATURE - The greening of science and god by Rupert Sheldrake.

BSS193 19.45 REBORN IN THE USA-(EXPANDED 2ND ED) - Personal privacy with the use of a new identity. By Trent Sands.

BSS195 16.00 REBORN OVERSEAS - Trent Sands is at it again. This time it's Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

BSX022 10.00 REBORN WITH CREDIT - Build a credit rating that will make tens of thousands available to you in months.

BCC048 2.95 RECIPES FOR GOURMET VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD129 4.95 RECYCLER'S HANDBOOK - Simple things you can do to help the earth.

BHH316 25.00 REFERENCE GUIDE FOR ESSENTIAL OILS (Jan ‘99 rev), by Connie and Alan Higley.

BHF045 12.95 REFLEX ZONE THERAPY: THERAPY OF THE FEET - A textbook for therapists. Authoritive guide for treatment.

BHF243 8.95 REFLEXOLOGY TODAY - The technique of stimulating the body's healing forces through foot massage. By Doreen Bayly.


BSS163 25.95 REGISTRY OF U.S. GOVERNMENT RADIO FREQUENCIES (8th Ed.) - The largest amount of data compiled on the Fed's frequencies.

BFF115 17.95 RELATIVITY VISUALIZED - Makes Einstein's theory so simple and entertaining. By Lewis Carroll Epstein.


BSS232 8.95 RESEARCHING PUBLIC RECORDS - How to access public records to reveal the most obscure facts about yourself or others.

BHH283 21.95 RESETTING THE CLOCK - Five anti-aging hormones that are improving the quality and length of life.

BED043 18.00 RESIDENTIAL HYDRO POWER BOOK - The complete How-To manual for DC residential hydroelectric systems.

BIX271 9.95 RESURRECTION - Inspirational book by Neville.

BFX362 12.95 RETURN OF THE BIRD TRIBES - A modern classic that retells Native American myths and spirituality.

BFX725 29.95 REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS - Discover your own fountain of youth by Gene Davis.

BHH121 10.00 REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS NATURALLY - A comprehensive look at Free Radicals, what causes them, and how to combat them.

BBB003 12.95 REVIVING OLD HOUSES - Over 500 low-cost tips and techniques.

BIX087 8.95 RICHES WITHIN YOUR REACH - Arouse the sleeping giant within. By Robert Collier.

BIS002 4.99 RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON - The success secrets of the Ancients. By George S. Classon.


BSS346 9.95 RIGHTS OF GUN OWNERS - This compilation of Federal and State laws pertaining to guns and ammo is priceless.

BHH515 2.95 RINSE FORMULA - The nutritional formula that Dr. Rinse devised to restore his health after crippling Angina.

BSS110 24.95 RIOT CONTROL: MATERIAL AND TECHNIQUES - by Col. Rex Applegate (USA ret.)

BFX714 14.95 ROBER FLUDD - Hermetic philosopher and surveyor of two worlds by Jocelyn Godwin.

BGD135 19.95 RODALE'S ALL NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ORGANIC GARDENING - The indispensable resource for every gardener.

BGX117 14.95 RODALE'S BOOK OF COMPOSTING - Improve your soil, recycle kitchen and yard wastes, grow healthier plants, create an earth-safe garden.

BDD008 26.95 RODALE'S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERBS - An extensively researched and illustrated guide to more than 150 herbs and their uses.








BIX052 11.95 ROLLING THUNDER - An illuminating insight into the the mysterious power of the Indians. By Doug Boyd.

BFS106 15.00 ROLLING THUNDER:THE COMING EARTH CHANGES - If you live anywhere on planet earth, you had better know what's in this book.

BCC049 12.95 ROMANCING THE BEAN - Essentials for creating vegetarian bean dishes. By Joanne Saltzman.

BDD088 14.95 ROOT CELLARING - Natural cold storage for fruits and vegetables. By Mike and Nancy Bubel.

BCC252 14.95 ROOTS:A VEGETARIAN BOUNTY - Experience new appreciation for root vegetables, nutritional treasures from the earth.

BGG121 11.95 ROSES LOVE GARLIC - Secrets of companion planting with flowers. By Louise Riotte.

BS1203 14.99 ROUGHING IT EASY - Dian Thomas’s creative cook book and ideas for camping, emergencies and just plain fun. NYT best seller.

BIX409 18.00 RUMI, THE ESSENTIAL - Perhaps the worlds’s greatest spiritual poet brought forth by Coleman Barks.

BDD122 12.95 RUMMAGER'S HANDBOOK - Methods and techniques for finding, buying, selling and trading second-hand goods.

BIX053 29.95 SACRED MIRRORS - The visionary art of Alex Gray. A beautiful collection of the artist's works.

BIX071 24.00 THE SECOND BRAIN - The scientific basis of gut instinct. Stomach/intestinal disorders. Michael Gershon, M.D.


BCC050 2.95 SALT FREE HERB COOKERY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BIX418 18.00 SANCTUARIES - Updated complete guide to lodgings in Monasteries, abbeys & retreats in the USA.

BCC300 16.95 SAUSAGE MAKING COOKBOOK - Complete instructions & recipes for making 230 kinds of sausage easily in your own kitchen.

BSS202 21.95 SATELLITE SURVEILLANCE - How to hide from the "eye in the sky". By Harold Hough.

BGS094 12.95 SAVING SEEDS - Raise, harvest, and store seeds for both vegetables and ornamental plants. By Marc Rogers.

BGG110 3.95 SCAT:PEST-PROOF YOUR GARDEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHF012 14.95 SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF HERBAL MEDICINE - The science, history, pharmacology, and clinical applications of herbal medicine.

BDX451 15.95 SCISSORS & COMB HAIRCUTTING - A cut-by-cut guide for home haircutters who want to beat the high cost of a barber.

BSS046 12.95 SCRAM:RELOCATING UNDER A NEW IDENTITY - Get away from it all - permanently! By James S. Martin, Attorney at Law.

BGG209 8.95 SEA VEGETABLES - The complete guide to foraging, harvesting, and the preparation of highly nutritious sea vegetables.

BF1053 16.95 SEARCH FOR THE HISTORICAL JESUS - Evidence Jesus travelled widely throughout Asia and Europe.

BUX106 12.95 SECRET AND SUPPRESSED - Banned ideas and hidden history. Master of conspiracy Jim Keith does it again.

BUX082 9.95 SECRET DESTINY OF AMERICA - Manly P. Hall's epic on the founding of America.

BIX056 17.95 SECRET LANGUAGE OF DREAMS - A visual key to dreams and their meanings. Contains a richly illustrated dream directory.

BIX057 17.95 SECRET LANGUAGE OF SYMBOLS - A visual key to symbols and their meanings. More than 300 full-color illustrations.


BGF365 15.00 SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS - A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relationships between plants and people.

BFX366 9.95 SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS - Are your cells not telling you everything??

BF1089 23.00 SECRET OF LIGHT (THE) - Brilliant work of genius sculptor, artist, philosopher and scientist Walter Russel.

BFX305 25.95 SECRET OF THE CREATIVE VACUUM: MAN AND THE ENERGY DANCE - Excellent book by John Davidson.

BIX108 6.95 SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER - Ancient Chineese book of wisdom.

BFX251 12.95 SECRET POWER OF MUSIC - The transformation of self and society through musical energy

BFX123 13.95 SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES - Unveiling the Huna traditions of the ancient Polynesians.

BSS114 12.95 SECRET SCIENCE OF CONVERT INKS - Reveals formulas, recipes, and instructions for making your own special inks.

BFX325 39.95 SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES - Collective wisdom of Manly P. Hall. For the serious student of esoteric knowledge.


BHH179 12.95 SECRETS FOR A NATURAL MENOPAUSE - A positive drug-free approach. By Edna Copeland Ryneveld.

BS1011 19.95 SECRETS OF A SUPER HACKER - Step-by-step technical details on how computer hackers get at your data base.

BS1047 35.00 SECRETS OF ASSET SEARCHING - Find out everything you need to know. By Ralph D. Thomas.

BUX113 15.95 SECRETS OF COLD WAR TECHNOLOGY - Complete technical history of secret military projects.

BS1093 11.95 SECRETS OF FINDING UNCLAIMED MONEY - Inheritances, life insurance proceeds, forgotten bank accounts.

BSS196 17.95 SECRETS OF INTERNATIONAL ID CHANGE - New ID in Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. By Tony Newborn.

BED040 5.75 SECRETS OF LEAD-ACID BATTERIES - It is all about lead acid batteries. Want to know. Get this book.

BGX111 16.95 SECRETS OF PLANT PROPAGATION - Start plants from seeds and cuttings, dividing, layering, and grafting. By Lewis Hill.

BFX427 14.95 SECRETS OF RENNES LA CHATEAU - Insights into some of it's most bizarre secrets and history.

BIX091 14.00 SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL JOB HUNTING - Surefire tactics for finding hidden jobs, writing resumes, and handling interviews.

BIX088 9.95 SECRETS OF THE I CHING - by Joseph Murphy.

BSS033 16.95 SECRETS OF THE NINJA - Enter rooms unseen, climb vertical walls, and stealthily scout unknown territory. By Ashida Kim.

BGF305 15.00 SECRETS OF THE SOIL - Applying innovative, non-traditional, and unusual methods to reverse agricultural problems.

BSS167 14.95 SECURE FROM CRIME - How to be your own bodyguard. Deal with any confrontation and win it decisively.

BIX276 6.95 SEED TIME & HARVEST - by Neville.

BGG096 20.00 SEED TO SEED - Detailed seed saving guide for 160 vegetable crops. Conserve our vegetable heritage.

BFF006 10.95 SEEING THROUGH YOUR ILLUSIONS - Look at life from the principals of Holography. Excellent.

BHH170 12.95 SEEING WITHOUT GLASSES - Improve your vision naturally and throw away your glasses and contacts. By Dr. Robert Kaplan.

BBB009 30.00 SELF BUILD BOOK - How to enjoy designing and building your own home. Revised and updated.

BSS014 11.95 SELF DEFENCE REQUIRES NO APPOLOGIES - A firearms training book for Women by a Woman. By Jan Jones.


BDD111 25.00 SELF-RELIANT LIVING - By Jim McKeever, author of "Christians Will Go Through Tribulation".

BGG218 13.95 SELF-SUFFICIENCY GARDENING - Financial, physical, and emotional security from your own backyard. By Martin Waterman.

BHH152 16.95 SELF-TREATMENT FOR AIDS:OXYGEN THERAPIES - A wealth of little known data about AIDS and AIDS therapies.

BGG210 22.50 SELL WHAT YOU SOW - The grower's guide to successful produce marketing. By Eric Gibson.

BFX153 16.95 SELL YOURSELF TO SCIENCE - The complete guide to selling your organs, body fluids etc etc.

BIX059 12.00 SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE - Powerful lessons in personal change. By Stephen Covey.

BFX631 14.95 SEVEN MYSTERIES OF LIFE - An exploration in science and philosophy by G. Murchie

BIX060 14.00 SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS - A practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams. By Deepak Chopra, Md.

BIX277 14.00 SEVEN TAOIST MASTERS - A folk novel of China (translated by Eva Wong)

BFX900 14.95 SHAMAN OF TIBET - A novel by Heather Hughes Calero (formerly entitled "The Golden Dream").

BHH637 11.95 SHARKS DON'T GET CANCER - How shark cartilage could save your life.

BDD089 2.95 SHARPENING HAND TOOLS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BBS097 9.95 SHELTERS, SHACKS & SHANTIES - Shows you how to build over 50 different structures, from a simple one night shelter to a log cabin.

BHX129 5.95 SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT WATER - What kind of water is safe to drink? Learn how and why to have pure, safe water.

BHS015 10.95 SHOT IN THE DARK - Guide for concerned parents. How safe is DPT vaccine? Warning signals of adverse reactions.

BF1056 15.00 SIGN AND THE SEAL - by Graham Hancock (author of "Fingerprints of the Gods").

BHH019 9.95 SILICA, THE AMAZING GEL - Testimonials and case histories support the findings that silica gel can aid the immune system.

BBD464 2.95 SIMPLE HOME REPAIRS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHH161 12.95 SIMPLE SOYBEAN AND YOUR HEALTH - The many benefits, uses, and good tastes of soy foods.

BCX127 12.95 SIX INGREDIENTS OR LESS - Over 500 quick and easy recipes using six ingredients or less. By Carlean Johnson.

BCC256 14.95 SIX INGREDIENTS OR LESS - PASTA & CASSEROLES - Dozens of mouth watering recipes using six ingredients or less. (low-fat also)

BCC257 10.95 SIX INGREDIENTS OR LESS: CHICKEN COOKBOOK - Another great six ingredient cookbook .

BCC316 12.95 SIX INGREDIENTS OR LESS: COOKING LIGHT & HEALTHY - Quick & easy low-fat low-cholesterol recipes.

BDS001 14.95 SKILLS FOR SIMPLE LIVING - Divided into sections on crafts, household products, gardening, the kitchen, tools, and animals.

BSS021 16.95 SKILLS FOR SURVIVAL: HOW FAMILIES CAN PREPARE - A classic book on family home preparedness. By Esther Dickey.

BFX999 14.95 SMALL TIME OPERATOR: HOW TO START YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS - Keep your books, stay out of trouble.

BDX142 14.95 SMALL-SCALE PIG RAISING - Penning and handling, health and nutrition, commercial feeds, breeding, physiology, and butchering.

BHX540 12.95 SMART DRUGS & NUTRIENTS - How to improve your memory and increase your intelligence. By John & Dean Ward.

BHH607 14.95 SMART DRUGS II - Improve mental performance with test proven pharmaceuticals and nutrients.

BHH064 17.95 SMART MEDICINE FOR A HEALTHIER CHILD - This is a great book! Alternative care and conventional medicine for your child.

BHH324 17.95 SMART MEDICINE FOR YOUR EYES—Guide to safe & effective remedies for common eye disorders.

BHH103 9.95 SMART NUTRIENTS - A guide to the nutrients that can prevent and reverse senility.

BCC301 18.95 SMOKED FOODS COOKBOOK - How to flavor, cure, and prepare savory meats, game, fish, nuts, and cheese.

BCC303 14.95 SMOKE-COOKING MEAT, FISH & GAME - Home book of. Get more flavor from port, cheese, fish & wild game + storing methods.

BF1024 12.00 SMOKEY GOD & OTHER INNER EARTH REALITIES - Is our earth really hollow and populated by a super race? By T.G. Beckley.

BDD131 18.95 SOAP MAKER'S COMPANION - One of the few good books on making soap at home. New Ed.

BED015 8.95 SOLAR BOAT BOOK - Simple plans and methods for heating water, cooking, sun drying foods, and generating electricity.

BED016 8.95 SOLAR COOKING - Harness the sun's power to cook your food. Shows you how to make your own solar cooker

BED017 5.00 SOLAR ELECTRIC CATALOG - The Survival Center's alternative energy catalog. Full of great info and products.

BED018 21.95 SOLAR ELECTRIC HOUSE - This is the definitive book on solar electric systems for home use. By Strong and Scheller.

BED034 8.00 SOLAR ENERGY NOTEBOOK (THE) - How to figure all the data you need for house and water heating from solar.

BGG201 24.95 SOLAR GARDENING - Concentrate and retain the sun's energy in order to grow more vegetables on less, 12 months a year.

BED019 14.95 SOLAR HOME - How to design and build a house that you heat with the sun. By Mark Freeman.

BED020 30.00 SOLAR LIVING SOURCEBOOK (8th Ed.) - The complete guide to living "off the grid" and in tune with mother earth. A Real Goods Book.

BGE141 2.95 SOLAR-HEATED PIT GREENHOUSE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BED042 1.50 SOLAR WATER PUMPING DESIGN & PRODUCT GUIDE - Some simple ideas with pictures and charts.


BHF516 10.95 SOLVED:THE RIDDLE OF ILLNESS - Simple ways that hyperthyroidism may be discovered and treated successfully.

BF1144 16.95 SOUL TRAVELLER - A guide to "out of body" experiences and the wonders beyond.

BCH001 9.95 SOUP ALIVE - A new, easy way to make delicious, healthy soups brimming with vital enzymes, vitamins, and flavor.

BCC051 4.95 SOYBEAN GRANULE RECIPES - Use TVP (textured vegetable protein) as a great meat substitute. Alan Briscoe.

BUX109 17.95 SPACE ALIENS FROM THE PENTAGON - The "Big Lie" about UFO's. Don't miss this book!

BHF374 18.00 SPACE TIME AND MEDICINE - Powerful case for the deeply causative role of "mind in health".

BXX151 9.95 SPACE, TIME AND SELF - Three mysteries of the Universe by E. Norman Pearson.

BUX045 9.95 SPACESHIP CONSPIRACY - The true story of the inventor of orbital propulsion powered spaceships and his fight for recognition.

BSS133 12.00 SPECIAL FORCES HANDBOOK - One of our best sellers. This book has advice on every phase of survival.

BSS974 17.95 SPECIAL FORCES RECON MANUAL - This book represents combat lessons learned the hard way - in Vietnam.


BIX406 14.95 SPIRITUAL POWER OF TRUTH - guidebook for initiates and mystics. Joel Goldsmith.

BHF302 13.95 SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES OF HERBS - Trance channeled information on over 100 Western and Chinese herbs. By Gurudas.

BDD007 10.95 SPROUT IT - From seed to salad in one week. Grow more than 30 fresh greens right in the kitchen. By Steve Meyerowitz.

BDD054 7.95 SPROUTING BOOK - A combination of an excellent recipe book and a practical guide to sprouting. By Ann Wigmore.

BDD112 11.95 SPROUTING FOR ALL SEASONS - How and what to sprout, including delicious, easy to prepare recipes.

BCC053 14.95 SPROUTMAN'S KITCHEN GARDEN COOKBOOK - Sprout breads, cookies, soups, salads, and 250 other low-fat, dairy-free recipes.

BGG125 16.95 SQUARE FOOT GARDENING - Mel Bartholomew details his unique method of growing more vegetables in less time, half the space.

BIX404 9.95 SRI AUROBINDO - The adventure of consciousness. On consciousness and new species of man emerging on Earth.

BF1033 19.95 ST GERMAIN: EARTH'S BIRTH CHANGES - The upheavels, unrest, and torment of humanity are the birthing pains of a greater time to come.

BDD002 12.95 STAIN AND SPOT REMOVER HANDBOOK - Say goodbye to ruined furniture and emergency trips to the dry cleaner. By Jean Cooper.

BFX210 5.99 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (VOL.2) - Man's astonishing quest for the immortality of the Gods. By Zecharia Sitchin.

BFX225 12.95 STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM - Itzhak Bentov's exciting and original view of the universe.

BFX403 10.95 STAR CHILDREN - The true story of Alien off-spring among us. By Jenny Randles.


BCC054 10.95 STARTING OVER:LEARNING TO COOK WITH NATURAL FOODS - Polly Pitchford and Delia Quigley prepare favorites from their Florida TV show.

BDX143 2.95 STARTING RIGHT WITH BEES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGS099 2.95 STARTING SEEDS INDOORS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHF386 2.95 STARTLING NEW FACTS ABOUT OSTEOPOROSIS - Why calcium alone does not prevent bone disease and how to select a calcium supplement.

BS1090 13.95 STATE OF THE WORLD - Can we avoid catastrophe? Not if we keep sleeping by the Worldwatch Institute.

BHH117 15.95 STAYING WELL IN A TOXIC WORLD - The poisonous substances that we inhale, contact, ingest, and the effect on our health.

BDD050 2.95 STENCILING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD090 16.95 STEP-BY-STEP KNIFEMAKING - David Boye takes you through each stage of the design and fabrication of a knife.

BDD091 17.95 STOCKING UP (REVISED, 3RD ED.) - This is our best selling book on food preservation.

BBD007 18.95 STONESCAPING - A guide to using stone in your garden

BHH123 2.95 STOP HAIR LOSS - A Swedish discovery that stops hair loss and grows more - even in advanced cases of baldness.

BUX102 12.95 STOP THE FDA:SAVE YOUR HEALTH - Why is the FDA working overtime to wipe out the nutritional supplement industry??

BUX017 9.95 STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON - Who was the man who had no finger prints, could read minds, and whose garments could not be destroyed?

BBD014 30.00 STRAW-BALE HOUSE - Designing and building with a resource efficient material. We highly recommend this book and building style.

BSS162 17.00 STREET SMART SURVIVAL - Be prepared, be street smart. A 90's guide to staying alive and living well.

BHH087 12.95 STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - An informative book about the modern dangers that threaten our immune systems. By G. Agell.

BHF023 14.95 STRETCH & SURRENDER - A guide to yoga, health, and relaxation for people recovering from accident or illness.

BFX299 6.95 STUDY OF NUMBERS - by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz.

BFX515 8.95 SUBLIMINAL COMMUNICATIONS - How to create your own subliminal program by Eldon Taylor.

BIX279 12.95 SUBLIMINAL LEARNING - How to learn what you want while taking a nap by Eldon Taylor.

BFX145 18.95 SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS - 100,000 years of dragons, dwarfs, the dead, lost races, and UFO's from inside the earth.

BFX216 9.95 SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS INSIDE EARTH - Is our planet honey-combed with caverns inhabited by a mysterious race?

BSS216 8.95 SUBURBAN SECURITY - Establish protection for your loved ones by properly using safe, effective methods. C.C. Goddard.

BGX120 11.95 SUCCESSFUL SMALL FOOD GARDENS - How to scale down your garden to produce more than enough with less work.

BDD092 12.95 SUCESSFUL SMALL-SCALE FARMING:AN ORGANIC APPROACH - Revised and updated. By Karl Schwenke.

BHS337 5.95 SUGAR BLUES (DUFFY) - The health disaster created by wide-spread use of sugar, white flour, and other refined foods.

BCC056 12.00 SUGAR FREE COOKING - If you want to give up sugar but feel you can't live without it - then this book is for you.

BHH104 5.95 SUPER FOODS:AMARANTH, BUCKWHEAT, QUINOA, SPELT, & TEFF - The basics of cooking these grains - with recipes.

BGG212 14.95 SUPER NUTRITION GARDENING - Grow spray-free, power charged food that has 100 to 1200% more nutrition than found in grocery stores.


BIX062 4.95 SUPERBEINGS - Men and women in all walks of life are rapidly evolving toward unheralded powers. By John Randolph Price.

BSS100 8.00 SURVIVAL BARTERING - This book foresees a time when bartering is necessary. Learning how could be your best insurance.

BSS128 9.95 SURVIVAL MANUAL, US ARMY (FM 21-76) - Describes and clearly illustrates a vast array of topics, including but NOT limited to: The Will to Survive, Survival Planning, Medicine, Weapons, tools, firebuilding, water, cold and hot climate survival, knots and a lot more, heavily illustrated.

BSS729 11.95 SURVIVAL CHEMIST - Contains far more info than just how to make exlosives. Learn how to make your own beer and more.

BSS368 12.00 SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION - Three problems threating our existence: CO2, Investment Money, Population. What to do about it?

BSS217 13.95 SURVIVAL EVASION AND ESCAPE - Covers all aspects of emergency and combat survival including evading capture and how to escape.

BGS292 8.95 SURVIVAL GARDENING - Enough nutrition to live on from 1000 sq. ft. (just in case). 2nd Ed.. By John Freeman.

BSS249 9.95 SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM - How to survive the coming earth changes. By Byron Kirkwood.

BSS238 11.95 SURVIVAL MEDICINE NATURES WAY - A complete guide to preventative and curative techniques. By Marilyn Moore.

BSS372 12.00 SURVIVAL RETREAT - A total plan for the defense of your survival retreat. By Ragnar Benson.

BSS349 20.00 SURVIVAL SHELTERS:DO IT YOURSELF - Complete plans, material lists, and instructions for eleven different shelters.

BSS712 11.95 SURVIVAL SHOOTING FOR WOMEN - Just about everything a woman could ever want to know about using a gun for defense.

BS1103 15.00 SURVIVAL WORKBOOK - You are lost in the woods with no aids of civilization...Can you survive??

BSS946 18.00 SURVIVAL:A MANUAL THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE - Having this book could mean the difference between life or death.

BSS126 14.00 SURVIVALIST MEDICINE CHEST - A truely practical guide about using specialized medicines in a world without doctors.

BHS955 9.95 SURVIVE THIS DAY - A doctor's guide for these critical times. By Bernard Jensen.

BDD118 12.95 SWEET & HARD CIDER:MAKING IT, USING IT, & ENJOYING IT - Comprehensive guide to every aspect of cider making.

BCC057 6.95 SWEET & SUGARFREE - An all-natural, fruit-sweetened dessert cookbook. By Karen E. Barkie.

BS1064 15.00 SWISS MONEY SECRETS - How you can legally hide your money in Switzerland. By Adam Starchild.

BF1148 8.95 SYMBOL AND THE SYMBOLIC - Ancient Egytian science and evolution of consciousness by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz.









BDD093 2.95 TACK CARE AND CLEANING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BFX408 16.00 TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP - (revised) by Fred Allan Wolf.

BFX316 9.95 TALKING WITH NATURE - Sharing the energies and spirit of trees, plants, birds and earth.

BS1204 7.95 TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF A TRAFFIC TICKET - By Calif. Highway Patrolman for 26 years. Can it be done?

BF1150 15.95 TALMUD OF IMMANUEL - Is this the true origin of the gospel of Matthew?

BDD094 8.95 TAN YOUR HIDE - Home tanning of leathers and furs with a special section on working with leather. By Phyllis Hobson.

BFX913 9.95 TAO OF CHAOS - DNA and the I ching unlocking the code of the universe.

BHH322 12.95 TAO OF HEALTHY EATING - Dietary wisdom according to traditional Chinese medicine.

BHH337 17.95 TAO OF NATURAL BREATHING - For health, well-being and inner growth. Discover the transformative power of natural breath.

BFX409 14.00 TAO OF PHYSICS - Integration of modern physics with Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

BYX028 10.95 TAO OF POOH - A clue to the secret wisdom of the Taoists through A.A. Milne's story.

BIX071 9.00 TAO TE CHING - Stephen Mitchell's translation of Lao-Tzu's literary work. Possibly the wisest book ever written.

BFX617 9.95 TAPPING THE ZERO POINT ENERGY - How "free energy" and "anti-gravity" might be possible with today's physics. By M.B. King.

BHH010 12.00 TASSAJARA BREAD BOOK - by Edward Brown.

BCC059 7.95 TASTY IMITATIONS - A practical guide to meat substitutes (TVP recipes). By Barbara Salsbury.

BHH184 14.95 TEA FUNGUS:KOMBUCHA - The natural remedy and its significance in cases of cancer and other metabolic diseases.

BHX052 7.00 TEA TREE OIL - The new guide to one of nature's most remarkable gifts. By Julia Lawless.

BHS153 27.95 TECHNOLOGY'S CURSE; DIET FOR THE ATOMIC AGE - How to protect yourself from low level radiation. By Sara Shannon.

BHX040 16.95 TEN ESSENTIAL HERBS - 10 very useful and common plants which are ideal for hundreds of ailments. By Lalitha Thomas.

BF1152 15.00 TERTIUM ORGANUM - by P.D. Ospensky

BFE472 4.95 TESLA COIL - By George Trinkaus.

BFE473 5.95 TESLA, THE LOST INVENTIONS - More information on Tesla by George Trinkaus.

BFX341 5.99 TESLA:MAN OUT OF TIME - A biography of the flamboyant, eccentric, and almost supernaturally gifted genius, Nikola Tesla.

BIX073 10.00 THE ALCHEMIST - A fable about following your dreams. By Paulo Coelho.

BDD124 16.95 THE CONTRARY FARMER - A well-known homesteader offers practical advice for cottage farmers. By Gene Logsdon.

BHH192 5.00 THE ESSIAC HANDBOOK - Canada's amazing Ojibway herbal remedy that has cured thousands of illnesses

BIX303 19.95 THE HOPI SURVIVAL KIT - The Hopi Survival Kit gives us the most comprehensive account of traditional Hopi prophecy ever revealed.

BHH127 15.00 THE IMMUNE TRIO - Excellent book. Includes section on legally avoiding unwanted immunizations.

BS1213 16.00 THE MODERN SURVIVAL RETREAT - A new and vital approach to retreat theory and practice. R. Benson

BHH009 3.95 THE MSM MIRACLE - What is MSM and what has it done for people. Dr. Earl Mindell BGG035 16.00 THE PERMACULTURE WAY - Practical to create a self-sustaining world. By Graham Bell.

BXX192 24.95 THE PHOENIX - An illustrated review of occultism and philosopy by Manly P. Hall.

BF1067 15.95 THE PHYSICS OF LOVE - The ultimate universal laws based on the science of sympathetic vibration.

BFX386 10.00 THINK AND GROW RICH - Classic work by Napoleon Hill.

BF1153 19.95 THINKING AND DESTINY - by Harold Percival.

BF1154 13.95 THIRD EAR (THE) - On listening to the world by Joachim Ernst Berendt.

BIX148 5.99 THIRD EYE (THE) - The renowned story of one man's spiritual journey on the road to self-awareness.

BIX086 12.00 THIRD MILLENIUM - A survival guide for the 21st century. Profound, prophetic, and practical. By Ken Carey.

BHH640 12.95 THIRTY PLANTS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE - Introduces readers to the best plants for promoting wellness and soothing mind & body.

BFX908 16.95 THOUGHT AS A SYSTEM - by David Bohm.

BIX417 10.95 THOUGHT, THE GREATEST POWER OF ALL - Learn How To think not what to think. I Am One. The power of thinking correctly.

BIX075 10.00 THREE MAGIC WORDS - This book tells about the greatest idea in the world. A splendid secret revealed in just three words.

BFX440 14.95 THREE POUND UNIVERSE - Revolutionary discoveries about the brain. From the chemistry of the mind to new frontiers of the soul.

BHH254 19.95 TIJUANA CLINICS - Alternative therapies, Hospitals and Medical Centers - Where and how to go.

BBS972 18.95 TIMBER FRAME CONSTRUCTION - The use of posts and beams in building. Explains the basics in terms the beginner can understand.

BFX920 9.95 TIME TRAVEL:FACT, FICTION, OR POSSIBILITY? - Written in straight-forward language, without confusing scientific jargon.

BGG903 8.95 TIPS FOR THE LAZY GARDENER - Light, easy reading for every gardener who wants to cut down on weeding and enjoy gardening more.

BHF338 8.50 TISSUE CLEAN THROUGH BOWEL MANAGEMENT - Why preventive and corrective bowel management is the key to health. By Bernard Jensen.

BHS014 9.95 TO SAVE A CHILD - Steps that you can take to protect, nurture, and teach your children.

BHX300 12.95 TODAY'S HERBAL HEALTH (REVISED 3RD ED.) - Louise Tenney compares herbal treatments to that of prescribed medicines.

BHX045 16.95 TODAYS HEALTH ALTERNATIVE - Comprehensive research about chiropractic care from a patient's perspective.

BHX032 10.95 TOFU BOOK - The new American Cuisine. Make tofu a part of your balanced diet.

BCC061 14.95 TOFU COOKERY - High protein, low-calorie, cholesterol free, healthy recipes for the 90's. By louise Hagler.

BCC207 5.95 TOFU RECIPES - Indispensable guide to a fascinating and unique cuisine.

BHC788 2.95 TOFU, TEMPEH, MISO & OTHER SOY FOODS - Spectacular health benefits from the many tasty high protein soy products.

BDE003 10.95 TOILET PAPERS: RECYCLING WASTE AND CONSERVING WATER - Plans for a compost privy and a variety of greywater systems.

BDD096 9.95 TOO BUSY TO CLEAN - An ingenious collection of over 500 simple and clever ways to make housecleaning easier. By Patt Barrel.

BHH307 12.95 TOO BUSY TO EXERCISE - how to fit adequate exercise into a busy life, by Porter Shimer.

BCC088 15.00 TOO MANY TOMATOES, SQUASH, BEANS AND OTHER GOOD THINGS - A cookbook for when your garden explodes.

BHF435 24.95 TOUCH FOR HEALTH - The use of accupuncture, touch, and massage to improve postural balance, reduce tension, and emotional distress.

BF1074 14.95 TOWARDS A NEW ALCHEMY - The fantastic work of Dr Patrick Flannigan, one of the most brilliant scientists since Tesla.


BHH169 14.95 TOXIC METAL SYNDROME - Exposes the root causes of the debilitating conditions from metal poisoning.

BHX311 5.95 TOXICLESS DIET AND BODY PURIFYING - Proven methods for a youthful, pain free, tireless body and total rejuvenation.

BSX013 12.95 TRACKING: A BLUEPRINT FOR LEARNING HOW - Retired U.S. Border Patrol agent Jack Kearny shows you how it's done.

BSS096 14.00 TRAPPERS BIBLE: TRAPS, SNARES, AND PATHGUARDS - Meat in the freezer and money in the bank, it's a neat little book.

BFX708 15.95 TREASURES OF EL DORADO - by Joseph Whitfield.

BHS189 10.95 TREASURY OF NATURAL FIRST AID - Natural remedies for everything from allergies and burns to infections and shock. By James Kusick.

BFX405 14.95 TREE OF LIFE - Image of the Cosmos (with 165 illustrations, 31 in color)

BBB008 19.95 TREEHOUSES - The art and craft of living out on a limb.

BFX485 12.00 TRIAL OF A MAN WHO SAID HE WAS GOD - Witty, wise, humorous yet profoundly serious by D.E. Harding.

BIX076 10.95 TRICK TO MONEY IS HAVING SOME - Making money is not a serious business, it is a game that you play. By Stuart Wilde.

BFX124 7.95 TRUE MESSIAH - The story and wisdom of Apollonius of Tyana (3 BC to AD 96)

BFX769 9.95 TRUSTING THE HEALER WITHIN - The clearest guide yet to the difficult process of self-healing.

BHH271 12.95 TRUTH ABOUT LYING - Why we do it, how we do it and can we live without it.

BSS186 7.99 TRUTH ABOUT SELF PROTECTION - Massad Ayoob provides fully illustrated, livesaving techniques against crime.

BS1072 16.95 TUNE IN ON TELEPHONE CALLS - How to intercept cellphone, cordless,and other phone calls on scanners & shortwave receivers.

BF1050 15.00 TURBULENT MIRROR - An illustrated guide to chaos theory and the science of wholeness.

BFX693 15.95 TURNING POINT - Science society and the rising culture by Fritjof Capra.

BDD097 14.95 TURNING WOOL INTO A COTTAGE INDUSTRY - Operate a profitable wool business at home. By Paula Simmons.

BCC001 6.95 TVP COOKBOOK - Using the quick cooking, meat substitute. By Dorothy Bates.

BFX159 6.50 TWELFTH PLANET (VOL 1-EARTH CHRONICLES) - Indisputable documented proof of humanity's extraterrestrial forefathers.

BHF408 2.95 TWELVE HEALERS AND OTHER REMEDIES - Dr. Edward Bach details a number of herbal and homeopathic remedies.

BSS242 27.95 U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES MEDICAL HANDBOOK - This is the finest military medical handbook we have ever seen.

BCC072 11.95 UNCHEESE COOKBOOK - Create amazing dairy-free cheese substitutes and classic "uncheese" dishes.

BF1072 15.95 UNCONVENTIONAL FLYING OBJECTS - A well respected NASA scientist talks about his career investigating suppressed technologies.

BCC217 14.95 UNCOOK BOOK - Raw food adventures for a new health high. By Dr. Elton & Elizabeth Baker.

BUX006 13.95 UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNELS - A must read for students of conspiracy, technology supression, UFO's, and the New World Order.

BSX034 27.95 UNDERSTANDING U.S. IDENTITY DOCUMENTS - The most detailed examination of identity documents ever published. J.Q. Newman.

BS1013 16.95 UNINHABITED OCEAN ISLANDS - The only people you're likely to meet on one of these islands are people who have read this book.


BF1062 19.95 UNIVERSAL LAWS NEVER BEFORE REVEALED - Keely's secrets. Understanding & using the science of sympathetic vibrations.

BFX472 10.95 UNIVERSE IS A GREEN DRAGON - by Brian Swimme Ph D, a specialist in mathematical cosmology.

BFX832 10.00 UNIVERSE IS CALLING - Opening to the divine through prayer by Eric Butterworth.

BFX917 9.95 UNKNOWN SPIRIT - The unity of matter and spirit in space and time by Jean Charon.

BHF065 11.95 UNMEDICAL BOOK - Natural therapies and sensible solutions to eliminate pain and suffering and reverse disease.

BHH614 14.95 UNMEDICAL MIRACLE: OXYGEN - Elizabeth Baker explains the body's various needs for oxygen and the forms in which it can be found.

BCC063 13.95 UPRISINGS:THE WHOLE GRAINS BAKER'S BOOK - This book has it all!

BIX402 29.96 URANTIA BOOK - most book for the buck! 2,095 pages.

BSS128 9.95 US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL (FM 21-76) - Describes and clearly illustrates a vast array of topics, including but NOT limited to: The Will to Survive, Survival Planning, Medicine, Weapons, tools, firebuilding, water, cold and hot climate survival, knots and a lot more, heavily illustrated.

BSS215 9.95 US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES CACHING TECHNIQUES - Survival depends on having what you want - when you need it.

BSS894 20.00 US ATTORNEY'S MANUAL ON ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE - So what does the law say about eavesdroppers??

BSS588 22.95 US NAVY SEAL COMBAT MANUAL - An inside look at the equipment, weapons, and tactics employed by U.S. Navy Seals.

BFX489 11.00 USE BOTH SIDES OF YOUR BRAIN - New mind mapping techniques to help you raise all levels of your intelligence and creativity.

BGG118 3.95 USING BENEFICIAL INSECTS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BS1079 15.00 USING OFFSHORE HAVENS FOR PRIVACY AND PROFITS - Discover the benefits of storing wealth overseas.

BHH038 13.95 VACCINATION & IMMUNIZATION - Dangers, delusions, and alternatives. Leon Chaitow discusses facts and falacies about immunizations.

BHH641 14.95 VACCINATIONS THE REST OF THE STORY - Vaccines do not guarantee immunity. Forgoing vaccines does not guarantee safety.

BHH171 14.95 VACCINE GUIDE - Helps parents understand their options and enables them to make an informed choice.

BHH031 8.95 VACCINES, ARE THEY REALLY SAFE & EFFECTIVE - A parents guide to childhood shots. By Neil Miller.

BHH130 2.95 VEGETARIAN ALTERNATIVE (REISSUE) - How and why to stop eating meat. By Vimala McClure.

BHC286 10.95 VEGETARIAN BABY - A complete and valuable source book for vegetarian parents.

BHC147 10.95 VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES - Concentrates on the wide range of foods that diabetics can enjoy.

BCC064 7.95 VEGETARIAN GOURMET RECIPES - Live better, longer, and cheaper with around the world recipes for nutritional power. Paul Bragg.

BHC024 12.00 VEGETARIAN LUNCH BASKET - 225 easy, nutritous recipes for the quality conscious family on the go.

BCX076 12.95 VENISON COOKBOOK - Clear, complete instructions for 150 delicious, low-fat recipes for America's favorite game.

BHF119 16.95 VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE - New choices for healing ourselves. Bridges the gap between science and spirituality. R. Gerber, Md.


BF1075 15.95 VIMANA AIRCRAFT OF ANCIENT INDIA AND ATLANTIS - Did flying machines exist more than four thousand years ago.

BXX134 17.00 VISION (THE) - Reflections on the way of the Soul by Kahlil Gibran.

BHH047 12.95 VISIONS OF HEALTH - Understanding iridology, the method of diagnosing health by examining the eyes. By Bernard Jensen.

BFX807 16.95 VISITORS FROM TIME - Do extraterrestrials manipulate time as part of their travel mechanism? By Marc Davenport.

BHH643 11.95 VITAL TOUCH - Japanese "Do-In" exercises for physical energy and mental relaxation.

BHH069 3.95 VITAMIN C: THE FUTURE IS NOW - C metabolites, threonate, and the power of Ester C.

BHH124 4.25 VITAMIN HERB GUIDE - Natural treatments for 150 ailments. By David Nyholt.

BHF200 6.95 VITAMINS & MINERALS:THE HEALTH CONNECTION - Understand how vitamins and minerals function and when a diet needs to be supplemented.

BFX487 29.95 VOICES OF THE FIRST DAY - Awakening in the aboriginal dreamtime by Robert Lawlor.

BF1166 14.00 VOID (THE) - A.H. Almaas introduces us to the space or ground of mind within which mental structures operate.

BFX574 10.00 VOLCANIC VISIONS - Encounters with other worlds by Michele Jamal.


BIX309 12.95 VOYAGES INTO THE UNKNOWN - extreme journeys based on Monroe Institute techniques.

BSS248 39.95 VULTURES IN EAGLES CLOTHING - Lawfully stop paying income taxes. Lynne Meredith shows you how.


BIX412 17.95 WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS - Science of compassion. Are we at the last of a grand cycle in human experience? G. Braden BHF021 11.98 WALKING THROUGH STRESS - Meditation in motion by Dick Harding.

BDX131 3.95 WALL PAPERING STEP BY STEP - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX122 12.95 WARM CLIMATE GARDENING - Tips, techniques, plans, and projects for humid or dry conditions. By Barbara Pleasant.

BFX211 5.99 WARS OF GODS & MEN (VOL 3-EARTH CHRONICLES) - Startling documented evidence of the E.T. warlords who destroyed ancient civilization.

BIX089 17.95 WATER WIZARD - the extraordinary properties of natural water. Viktor Schauberger (tr. Callum Coats).

BHF508 5.95 WAY OF HERBS (REVISED) - Michael Tierra's best-selling manual on herbal properties and therapies.

BFX327 16.95 WAY OF THE ESSENES - Christ's hidden life remembered by Anne Meurois-Givaudin.

BIX131 15.95 WAY OF THE WIZARD - Deepak Chopra's twenty spiritual lessons for creating the life that you want.

BYY026 4.99 WEAVING OF A DREAM - A Chinese folktale by Marilee Heyer.

BFX494 19.95 WEB OF LIFE: LIFE FORCE - The energetic constitution of man and the neuroendoctrine connection.

BHH241 16.95 WEB THAT HAS NO WEAVER - Understanding Chinese medicine. Explains this non-scientific but effective system of healing

BHH644 5.95 WELLNESS JUST A STATE OF MIND - An excellent, very simple and readable book concerning the mind's effect on health. By Eldon Taylor.

BHH219 12.95 WHAT ABOUT IMMUNIZATIONS? - Exposing the vaccine philosophy. A parent's guide to the vaccination decision.


BHH646 13.95 WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS - The frequency of dangerous reactions and deaths caused by DPT vaccines.

BDD099 3.95 WHAT TO DO WHEN THE POWER FAILS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHS353 8.95 WHEATGRASS BOOK - All the practical information one needs to grow and use wheatgrass. By Dr. Ann Wigmore.

BHH134 5.95 WHEATGRASS: NATURE'S FINEST MEDICINE - Everything you ever wanted to know about its use and benefits.

BCC304 17.95 WHEAT-FREE COOKING - The complete guide. Truly delicious wheat-free recipes and guide lines for great food.

BCC066 11.95 WHEATLESS COOKING - Includes gluten-free recipes. By Lynette Coffey.

BS1078 22.00 WHEN SECONDS COUNT - Everyone's guide to self defense. Protect yourself and your loved ones from violence.

BFX338 6.99 WHEN TIME BEGAN (VOL 6- EARTH CHRONICLES) - Proof of E.T. "Gods" who changed the course of human development. Z. Sitchin.

BFX604 19.95 WHERE SCIENCE & MAGIC MEET - The common ground that links developments in new science with ancient wisdom.

BS1041 14.00 WHERE THERE IS NO DENTIST - How to diagnose and treat dental problems. Companion of "Where There Is No Doctor".

BS1042 22.00 WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR - What you can do for yourself when you are far from medical help. One of our best selling books!!

BS1088 22.00 WHERE WOMEN HAVE NO DOCTOR - Self-Help Medical info developed from 30 countries and Peace Corp. .

BHH050 9.95 WHY SHOULD I EAT BETTER? - Simple answers to all of your nutritional questions. A guide to food, diets, and lifestyles.

BGG126 3.95 WIDE ROW PLANTING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BS1012 7.95 WILD EDIBLE FRUITS & BERRIES OF THE NORTHWEST - Pocket compendium of 42 edible fruits and berries - in color.

BSX959 6.95 WILD EDIBLE PLANTS OF WESTERN NORTH AMERICA - Over 300 pages, fully illustrated.

BS1076 14.95 WILD ROOTS - A forager's guide to the edible and medicinal Roots, Tubers, Corms and Rhizomes of N. America.

BS1224 14.95 WILDERNESS FIRST AID - 75 + practical illustration showing signs, treatment, prevention & anatomy. One of the best.

BSS002 14.95 WILDERNESS MEDICINE (4th Ed.) - William Forgey, Md. takes you "beyond first-aid".

BS1091 14.95 WILDERNESS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK - Practical all-season guide. Survival techniques for anyone stranded in the outdoors.

BSS206 16.00 WILDERNESS WAYFINDING - How to survive in the wilderness as you travel. By Bob Newman.

BED041 19.95 WIND ENERGY BASICS - A guide to small and micro wind systems.

BED022 35.00 WINDPOWER FOR HOME & BUSINESS - The authors have really done their homework, everything you ever wanted to know about windpower.

BGC409 3.95 WINTER SQUASH AND PUMPKINS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BSS360 12.95 WIRETAPPING & ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE - Thorough desciptions of a wide variety of surveillance techniques and equipment.

BED023 18.50 WIRING 12 VOLTS FOR AMPLE POWER - This is a "how to" companion to "Living On 12 Volts With Ample Power".

BF1160 9.95 WISDOM OF THE MYSTIC MASTERS - by Joseph Weed.

BHF053 11.95 WISE WOMAN HERBAL HEALING - A wise woman herbal. By Susan Weed.

BHF079 9.95 WISE WOMAN'S HERBAL FOR THE CHILDBEARING YEARS - Complete herbal guide for problems during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

BHH115 14.95 WOMAN'S GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - Safe, natural and effective remedies for women.

BFX339 15.00 WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES - Honors what is tough, smart and untamed in women.

BHH247 14.95 WOMEN'S BODIES, WOMEN'S WISDOM - An approach to healing that allows women to control their physical & emotional health.


BF1162 30.00 WOMEN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS & SECRETS - by Barbara Walker.

BHC952 4.95 WONDER FOOD SPELT - This well written book explains the history of spelt, its uses, benefits, and offers a number of recipes.

BDX119 3.95 WOOD LOT MANAGEMENT - A "country wisdom" booklet.


BDX110 2.95 WOOD STRIP CANOE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD101 12.95 WOODSTOVE COOKERY-AT HOME ON THE RANGE - Full of tips on buying, setting-up, cleaning, and enjoying a woodstove. Jane Cooper.

BBD006 12.95 WOODWORKERS DICTIONARY - An essentially practical handbook. Fully illustrated.

BUX089 15.00 WORLD ORDER:OUR SECRET RULERS - Discover the hidden manipulators of the New World Order and how they maintain their power.

BHH261 14.95 WORLD'S BEST ANATOMICAL CHARTS - A collection of 37 medical school quality human anatomy charts.

BSS183 14.95 WRIGHTS COMPLETE DISASTER SURVIVAL MANUAL - How to prepare for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters.

BHF762 11.95 YEAST CONNECTION - National best-seller about Candida Albicans and its harmful effects. (Revised and Updated). By Dr. W. Crook.

BHH204 17.95 YEAST CONNECTION AND THE WOMAN - Women are particularly sensitive to yeast infections. Dr. William Crook investigates.

BCC067 12.95 YEAST CONNECTION COOKBOOK - Based on Dr. Crook's guidelines for combating yeast related health problems.

BHF130 5.95 YEAST SYNDROME - A comprehensive, single information source on everything known to date on Candida Albicans Syndrome.

BIX413 13.95 YOGA OF DICIPLINE, THE - Discipline gives total freedom; it allows you to go beyond limitations & break through boundaries.

BHF081 12.95 YOGA OF HERBS - Ayurvedic guide to herbal medicine. Written for the Western student or practitioner.

BS1074 14.95 YOU AND THE POLICE - If you don't "know" your rights, you never really had rights.

BF1163 12.50 YOU ARE PSYCHIC - A proven program for expanding your psychic power by Pete Sanders.

BHF543 12.00 YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE - This is a best-seller! Louise Hay offers practical steps for disolving both fears and causations of disease.

BHS170 15.00 YOU CAN LIVE! - A guide to natural health centers in America and Mexico and natural food products sources. Lindsey Williams.

BSS043 9.95 YOU CAN STAY ALIVE - Wilderness living and emergency survival. By Larry Wells & Roger Giles.

BHH610 5.99 YOU CAN STOP SMOKING - A former, heavily addicted smoker shows you the easy, "smoker friendly" way to quit.

BFX864 5.99 YOU'LL SEE IT WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT - The way to your personal transformation by Wayne Dyer.

BHH605 19.95 YOUNG AGAIN:HOW TO REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS - A personal guide to ageless living. By John Thomas.

BHH308 14.95 YOUNG SKIN FOR LIFE - Guide to smoother, clearer, more beautiful skin at any age. BGG328 16.95 YOUR BACKYARD HERB GARDEN - A gardener’s guide to growing over 50 herbs + how to use them in cooking,crafts etc.

BHF456 11.95 YOUR BODY BELIEVES EVERY WORD YOU SAY - The link between mind and body and the words you speak.

BHF413 5.50 YOUR BODY DOESN'T LIE - The science of behavioral kinesiology and how to build the body's strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

BHH252 14.95 YOUR BODY'S MANY CRIES FOR WATER - You are not sick - you are thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medications.

BSX020 8.95 YOUR DRIVING & THE LAW - A crash course in traffic tickets , auto acccidents, insurance, and vehicle related lawsuits.

BHF292 6.95 YOUR FACE NEVER LIES - Determine your state of health and others based upon facial features. By Michio Kushi.

BIX535 8.95 YOUR FAITH IS YOUR FORTUNE - Inspirational book by Neville.

BGG022 14.95 YOUR GARDEN POND - Includes designing, planning, constructing, maintenance etc. etc.

BS1207 7.99 YOUR GUIDE TO EMERGENCY HOME STORAGE - The best inexpensive guide to family emergency storage. Your key to storage.

BDX105 14.95 YOUR HORSE - A step by step guide to horse ownership by Judy Chapple.

BHX047 12.95 YOUR INNER PHYSICIAN AND YOU - Craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release.

BFX562 10.95 YOUR MIND THE MAGICIAN - Your creative mechanism determines the results you get.

BIX283 11.95 YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE - Transforming your relationship with money.

BHH135 19.95 YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE - The incredible proven natural miracle cure that medical science has never revealed.

BS1211 15.00 VANISH - DISAPPEARING THROUGH ID ACQUISITION - Get the facts on mail drops, the untraceable signature, new ID etc.

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1.   Introduction
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3.   Bird Flu & Pandemics
4.   General Preparedness
5.   Food Storage
6.   Grain Mills
7.   Water, Water Storage, Water Filters
8.   Home Canning
9.   Medical - Kits & Supplies
10. Mini Field Trip
11. Self Defense
12. Shelters, Above & Below Ground
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