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Being Prepared is about the Future - yours.

Books to help you Plan and Prepare To Survive
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This is The Survival Center's Page for Cooking Books

Listed below are the specific categories of titles we carry

The book prices and availability of books on this page may have changed.

We have been carrying many books over the years and decided to keep them posted, just in case there are still some "bookworms" out there, who are interested in hard copies.

If you are interested in any of these books and would like to check on availability or price, you can e-mail us  or give us a call: 1-800-321-2900  Mon-Thurs 10-5 pm PT.

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This is The Survival Center's Page for Cooking Books

The Survival Center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual, hard to find books anywhere, including in-depth selections on Health, Science, Alternative Living, Wisdom Literature, Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Cooking, Building Projects, Solar Energy, Survival and more. Click on the various book sections listed below or search by subject in this alphabetical listing.

Where to Start and What To Do

A. Get the Book "Basic Preparedness"
B. Our Catalog ( free with order ) or $2.00
C. Do the First Four Basics of Survival
    1. Food - Store Food - Lot's of it
    2. Water - Store Water & Have a Filter
    3. Medical - First Aid Kit & Extra Meds
    4. Shelter - Under Ground Best

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Why the book "Basic Preparedness"
is so important?

Because it saves you time and money. It takes most of the guess work out of figuring what and how much to store. The charts offer a quick and easy reference. It is a "How To" Guide for Preparedness and Self-Reliant Living.

This is an Emergency Preparedness Manual that teaches the reader How - To prepare for most anything that threatens their Survival. The idea of preparedness is spreading rapidly among those waking up to the reality of today's chaotic economic, geologic, political and environmental climate. There are many reference books available that deal with specific areas of preparedness for an uncertain future. That's the problem. There are too many books. Most of us are busy, and reading time is precious, this is why Basic Preparedness was written. Save Time and Money preparing with "Basic" Preparedness"

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Cooking Books

How to Find Your Subject

Note: Book prices and availability change faster that the weather - so - please e-mail, call or write us to see if the title/price you want are current and available.

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BCC070 12.95 AMAZING GRAINS - Creating vegetarian main dishes with whole grains. Includes chapters on grains, sauces, nutrition, & charts. By Joanne Saltzman.

BCC214 10.95 APPLE COOKBOOK - An apple a day probably will keep the doctor away. Bushels of good recipes.

BCC006 4.50 BACK TO EDEN COOKBOOK - From the renowned author of "Back To Eden", a treasury of recipes and information. Jethro Kloss.

BCC007 3.95 BAKING WITH SOURDOUGH - Starters, basic procedures & recipes. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCH781 6.99 BOOK OF MISO - One of Japan's most beloved foods, high in protein seasoning, rich in flavor.

BCC022 19.95 COMPLETE VENISON COOKBOOK - Every aspect of Venison processing, preparation, cooking & preservation.

BCC212 16.95 COOKIN' WITH HOME STORAGE - Vicky Tate explains how to use all of that wonderful Survival Center Food that you just bought.

BCC014 3.95 COOKING WITH DRIED BEANS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC016 3.95 COOKING WITH HONEY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC017 3.95 COOKING WITH OATS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC018 3.95 COOKING WITH POTATOES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC019 3.95 COOKING WITH RICE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC025 9.95 DOIN' DUTCH OVEN-INSIDE & OUT - How to use Dutch ovens at home, in the kitchen, as well as around the campfire.

BCC026 15.95 DRY PEAS AND LENTILS - Cooking with the "Protein Twins". Another book of Mormon wisdom from Horizon Publishers.

BCX082 9.95 DUTCH OVEN SECRETS - A complete guide to Dutch ovens written by a veteran world champion Dutch oven cook.

BCC027 3.95 EASY GAME COOKERY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC218 14.95 (More)FABULOUS BEANS - More Ideas on how to use your stored food items. By Barb Bloomfield.

BCC029 12.95 (New) FARM VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK - Easy instructions for a diet based on the versatile and noble soybean.

BCC030 3.95 FAST & HEALTHY WAYS TO COOK VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC031 3.95 FAVORITE PICKLES & RELISHES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC084 3.95 GINGERBREAD HOUSES - A "country wisdom" booklet. - plus garlic history, nutritional information, and gardening/storage tips.

BCC245 3.95 GREAT RHUBARB RECIPES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC060 12.95 HERBAL VINEGAR - Make easy and inexpensive herb, spice, vegetable, and flower vinegars.

BCC036 3.95 HOMEMADE JAMS & JELLIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCX080 3.95 JAMS, JELLIES & PRESERVES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC069 19.95 JOY OF GARDENING COOKBOOK - Originally published 10 years ago, it has become the classic book for anyone cooking with fresh veggies.

BCC037 23.00 LAUREL'S KITCHEN BREAD BOOK - A guide to whole-grain breadmaking. Laurel Robertson and the authors of "Laurel's Kitchen".

BCC038 9.95 LET'S COOK DUTCH-COOKING IN A DUTCH OVEN - A book that makes Dutch oven cookery enjoyable and a delicious experience for everyone.

BCC080 3.95 MAKING ICE CREAM AND FROZEN YOGURT - A country wisdom booklet.

BCC203 3.95 MAKING QUICK BREAD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC041 12.95 (SIMPLY) NATURAL BABY FOOD COOKBOOK - Dozens of all-natural recipes for making baby and junior foods at home - better and cheaper.

BCC045 21.95 NEW LAUREL'S KITCHEN - The all new, 10th anniversary edition. A complete cookbook and reference center for the kitchen.

BCC082 3.95 PERFECT GRILLED MEATS - A country wisdom booklet.

BCC085 3.95 PERFECT GRILLED VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCX813 10.95 PICKLES AND RELISHES - Use a myriad of fruits and vegetables to make traditional salt-free pickles and relishes.

BCC250 7.95 QUICK & EASY COOKING - A busy person's guide to simple, nutritious meals. Alona S. Perkes. A Horizon Publishing book.

BCC048 23.95 RECIPES FOR GOURMET VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCC252 14.95 ROOTS:A VEGETARIAN BOUNTY - Experience new appreciation for root vegetables, nutritional treasures from the earth.

BCC050 3.95 SALT FREE HERB COOKERY - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BCX127 12.95 SIX INGREDIENTS OR LESS - Over 500 quick and easy recipes using six ingredients or less. By Carlean Johnson.

BCC051 4.95 SOYBEAN GRANULE RECIPES - Use TVP (textured vegetable protein) as a great meat substitute. Alan Briscoe.

BCC053 14.95 SPROUTMAN'S KITCHEN GARDEN COOKBOOK - Sprout breads, cookies, soups, salads, and 250 other low-fat, dairy-free recipes.

BCC057 6.95 SWEET & SUGARFREE - An all-natural, fruit-sweetened dessert cookbook. By Karen E. Barkie.

BCC061 21.95 TOFU COOKERY - High protein, low-calorie, cholesterol free, healthy recipes for the 90's. By louise Hagler.

BCC001 9.95 TVP COOKBOOK - Using the quick cooking, meat substitute. By Dorothy Bates.

BCC217 14.95 UNCOOK BOOK - Raw food adventures for a new health high. By Dr. Elton & Elizabeth Baker.

BCC063 18.95 UPRISINGS:THE WHOLE GRAINS BAKER'S BOOK - This book has it all!

BCX076 12.95 VENISON COOKBOOK - Clear, complete instructions for 150 delicious, low-fat recipes for America's favorite game.


BCC067 15.95 YEAST CONNECTION COOKBOOK - Based on Dr. Crook's guidelines for combating yeast related health problems.

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