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BDD045 14.95 A GUIDE TO RAISING CHICKENS - Contains everything you need to know, from starting your backyard flock to putting eggs on the table.

BDX139 14.95 A VETERINARY GUIDE FOR ANIMAL OWNERS - A handbook on specific preventative measures and cures for pets and livestock.

BDD017 8.95 ABC'S OF HOME FOOD DEHYDRATION - Describes the preparation, drying, and rehydration of fruits, herbs, meat, fish, and vegetables.

BDD125 3.95 ATTRACTING BIRDS - A "Country wisdom booklet"

BDD019 3.95 AXES & CHAINSAWS - Use and maintenance. Another "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD020 30.00 BACK TO BASICS (READERS DIGEST) - Learn and enjoy traditional country skills - one of our best sellers.

BDC001 6.95 BAKING SODA:OVER 500 USES - Fabulous, fun, and frugal uses you've probably never thought of.

BDD021 13.95 BASIC BUTCHERING OF LIVERSTOCK AND GAME - Provides clear, concise, step-by-step info for people who want to do it themselves.

BDD117 3.95 BASIC HOMEBREWING - A country wisdom booklet.

BDD022 16.95 BEEKEEPING:A PRACTICAL GUIDE - An authorative source book for the professional or the hobbyist. By Richard E. Bonney.

BDX126 9.95 BETTER BEER & HOW TO BREW IT - An illustrated step by step guide

BDD024 16.95 BICYCLING MAGAZINE'S GUIDE TO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR - This book covers just about everything the bike owner may encounter.

BDD016 3.95 BIRDFOOD RECIPES - Have the birds in your neighborhood bringing their friends. A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD025 3.95 BUTCHERING LIVESTOCK AT HOME - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX123 3.95 BUYING & SELLING A HORSE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD026 3.95 BUYING AN OLD HOUSE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX432 3.95 BUYING COUNTRY LAND - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD027 12.95 CANNING & PRESERVING WITHOUT SUGAR - Helpful for people on restricted diets. Third edition.

BDD028 12.95 CANNING, FREEZING, CURING OF MEAT, FISH, & GAME - Takes readers safely through the steps necessary to process and store meat.

BDD030 12.95 CHEESEMAKING MADE EASY - The bible of cheesemaking. Includes required equipment, ingredients, and "how to" instructions.

BDX145 17.95 CHICKEN HEALTH HANDBOOK - Covers nutrition, infectious diseases, immunity, anatomy, parasites, and incubation. Gail Demerow.

BDG001 15.95 CHICKEN TRACTOR - The gardener's guide to happy hens and healthy soil. This is really something to crow about.

BDD031 11.95 CHICKENS IN YOUR BACKYARD - A beginner's guide which aims at the small backyard or suburban situation.

BDD048 24.95 CLEARLY DELICIOUS - An illustrated guide to preserving, pickling and bottling. Full color photos "excellent".

BDD032 3.95 COLD STORAGE FOR FRUITS & VEGETABLES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX107 21.95 COMPLETE HERBAL HANDBOOK FOR DOGS & CATS - An alternative to processed pet foods, antibiotics, and hormone treatments.

BDX106 21.95 COMPLETE HERBAL HANDBOOK FOR FARM & STABLE - For farmers or small land holders who seek knowledge about proven herbal treatments.

BDD033 9.95 COUNTRY PLUMBING-LIVING WITH A SEPTIC SYSTEM - Laugh a little as you learn a lot about your backyard septic system.

BDD014 7.00 CREATE AN OASIS WITH GREYWATER - Don't throw away your greywater, use it!

BDD127 14.95 DECKS - How to design and build the perfect deck for your home.

BDD074 16.95 DR. PITCAIRN'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALTH FOR DOGS & CATS - Completely revised and updated edition.

BDD034 6.95 DRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT - This book is about dehydrating foods. includes recipes and plans for building your own dehydrator.

BDD035 3.95 EGGS & CHICKENS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX140 34.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUTRY LIVING - This book belongs on the bookshelves of every homesteader. By Carla Emery.

BDX109 14.95 FAMILY COW - This is the basic book, with all the essential details, for anyone who decides to keep a cow.

BDX118 3.95 FAST GROWING FIRE WOOD - a "country wisdom" booklet

BDD036 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #1

BDD037 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #2

BDD038 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #3

BDD039 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #4

BDD040 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #5

BDD041 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #6

BDD042 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #7

BDD043 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #8

BDD044 15.95 FOXFIRE BOOK #9

BDD055 135.95 FOXFIRE SET VOL 1 THRU 9 -(SPECIAL) - All of the great Foxfire books in one package.

BDD057 8.95 FUN WITH FRUIT PRESERVATION - Fruit leathers, drying and other methods.

BDD116 3.95 GETTING READY TO DRIVE A HORSE AND CART - A country wisdom booklet.

> BDD001 14.95 HIVE MANAGEMENT - A seasonal guide for beekeepers. For the amateur or professional.

BDD061 10.95 HOME FOOD DEHYDRATING - Economical do-it-yourself methods of preserving, storing, and cooking.

BDD005 14.95 HOME SAUSAGE MAKING - Learn the secrets to the world's finest sausage.

BDD121 13.95 HOME SMOKING AND CURING - How you can smoke-cure, salt and preserve fish, meat, and game.

BDD062 18.95 HOME WATER SUPPLY - How to find, filter, store, and conserve it. By Stu Campbell.

BDX104 14.95 HORSE SENSE - A complete guide to horse selection and care.

BDX103 16.95 HORSEKEEPING ON A SMALL ACREAGE - The essentials for designing safe and functional facilities for your horses. Cherry Hill.

BDD064 14.95 HOW TO BUY LAND CHEAP - This is the bible of bargain-basement land buying. 4th Ed. By Edward Preston.

BDD113 10.00 HOW TO DEVELOP A LOW-COST FAMILY STORAGE SYSTEM - Slash your food bill by over 50% and increase your independence.

BDD120 15.00 HOW TO DRY FOODS - Comprehensive manual covering many different drying techniques including homemade dehydrators.

BDD132 24.95 HOW TO FIND YOU IDEAL COUNTRY HOME - 431 pg The most complete & updated book availalbe for prospective rural home buyers.

BDD103 6.95 HOW TO LIVE ON WHEAT - Packed full of tried and tested, proven recipes. Great info from storage to grinders.

BDD066 8.95 JUST ADD WATER - How to use dehydrated foods and textured vegetable protein (TVP). By Barbara G. Salsbury.

BDD067 17.95 KEEPING LIVESTOCK HEALTHY - A veterinary guide to horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep. 3rd Ed.

BDD105 16.95 KEEPING THE HARVEST - Preserving your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Revised and Updated.

BDD068 14.95 LEATHER MAKIN' - Filled with patterns, photos, and detailed drawings. By Larry J. Wells.

BDD104 3.95 MAKE THE BEST APPLE CIDER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDS002 12.95 MAKING & USING DRIED FOODS - Whether you use the sun, your oven, or purchase a dehydrator, this book makes it easy.

BDD069 3.95 MAKING & USING FLAVORED VINEGARS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX101 3.95 MAKING BASKETS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD070 3.95 MAKING CHEESE, BUTTER & YOGURT - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD051 3.95 MAKING GRAPEVINE WREATHS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD071 3.95 MAKING HOMEMADE WINE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD072 3.95 MAKING MAPLE SYRUP - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD073 3.95 MAKING POTPOURRI - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX117 3.95 MAKING WOOD BOXES & COAL BINS - a "country wisdom" booklet

BDD046 18.95 MAKING YOUR OWN PAPER - A comprehensive introduction to creative paper-making, paper crafts, and paper art.

BDD109 12.95 MODERN HOMESTEAD MANUAL - What it really takes to succeed beyond the sidewalks and powerlines.

BDD005 29.95 MUSHROOM BOOK - How to idintify, gather and cook wild mushrooms and other fungi.

BDX134 18.95 NATURAL BASKETS - Create over 20 unique baskets with materials gathered in gardens, fields and woods.

BDD108 14.95 NATURAL SOAP BOOK - Make herbal and vegetable-based soaps at home. By Susan Miller Cavitch.

BDD075 13.95 NEW CONCEPTS IN DEHYDRATED FOOD COOKERY - Hundreds of new ideas and tested recipes for enjoying home dehydrated foods.

BDD076 12.95 NEW WOODBURNERS HANDBOOK - A guide to safe, healthy, and efficient woodburning. Select the right stove for your needs.

BDD006 16.95 PRESERVING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Making the most of seasonal abundance.

BDC002 26.95 PRESERVING SUMMER'S BOUNTY - A quick and easy guide to freezing, canning, preserving, and drying the food you grow.

BDD009 13.95 PUTTING FOOD BY - Great ideas and methods for perserving and storing food. By Hertzberg, Vaughn, and Green.

BDD078 10.95 PUTTING IT UP WITH HONEY - A natural foods, canning cookbook with 207 recipes for perserving without sugar or perservatives.

BDD079 3.95 QUILTING BASICS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD080 9.95 RAISING A CALF FOR BEEF - Detailed information on choosing a calf, feeding and housing it, and its daily care. By Phyllis Hobson.

BDX122 3.95 RAISING DUCKS & GEESE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD081 3.95 RAISING GAME BIRDS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD082 18.95 RAISING MILK GOATS THE MODERN WAY - Info on raising, feeding, housing, grooming, kidding, breeding, and milking goats.

BDD083 18.95 RAISING POULTRY THE MODERN WAY - Everything to keep your chickens clucking!

BDX125 16.95 RAISING RABBITS - Another great book to hop into if you're serious about bunnies. By Ann Kanable.

BDD084 18.95 RAISING RABBITS THE MODERN WAY - The most recent info for successfully raising rabbits on a small or semi-commercial scale.

BDD085 18.95 RAISING SHEEP THE MODERN WAY (UPDATED & REVISED ED.) - The small scale sheep raisers bible. By Paula Simmons.

BDD086 18.95 RAISING THE HOME DUCK FLOCK - Ducks are the easiest domestic fowl to raise - find out how. By Dave Holderread.

BDD087 18.95 RAISING YOUR OWN TURKEYS - How to guarantee your next Thanksgiving dinner and have some entertainment along the way.

BDD129 4.95 RECYCLER'S HANDBOOK - Simple things you can do to help the earth.

BDD008 26.95 RODALE'S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERBS - An extensively researched and illustrated guide to more than 150 herbs and their uses.

BDD088 16.95 ROOT CELLARING - Natural cold storage for fruits and vegetables. By Mike and Nancy Bubel.

BDX451 15.95 SCISSORS & COMB HAIRCUTTING - A cut-by-cut guide for home haircutters who want to beat the high cost of a barber.

BDD111 25.00 SELF-RELIANT LIVING - By Jim McKeever, author of "Christians Will Go Through Tribulation".

BDD089 3.95 SHARPENING HAND TOOLS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD003 17.95 SHEDS - The do-it-yourself guide for backyard builders. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

BDS001 14.95 SKILLS FOR SIMPLE LIVING - Divided into sections on crafts, household products, gardening, the kitchen, tools, and animals.

BDX142 18.95 SMALL-SCALE PIG RAISING - Penning and handling, health and nutrition, commercial feeds, breeding, physiology, and butchering.

BDD131 18.95 SOAP MAKER'S COMPANION - One of the few good book on making soap at home. New ed.

BDD007 12.95 SPROUT IT - From seed to salad in one week. Grow more than 30 fresh greens right in the kitchen. By Steve Meyerowitz.

BDD006 7.95 SPROUTING BOOK - A combination of an excellent recipe book and a practical guide to sprouting. By Ann Wigmore.

BDD112 11.95 SPROUTING FOR ALL SEASONS - How and what to sprout, including delicious, easy to prepare recipes.

BDD002 12.95 STAIN AND SPOT REMOVER HANDBOOK - Say goodbye to ruined furniture and emergency trips to the dry cleaner. By Jean Cooper.

BDX143 3.95 STARTING RIGHT WITH BEES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD090 16.95 STEP-BY-STEP KNIFEMAKING - David Boye takes you through each stage of the design and fabrication of a knife.

BDD091 26.95 STOCKING UP (REVISED, 3RD ED.) - This is our best selling book on food preservation.

BDD092 12.95 SUCESSFUL SMALL-SCALE FARMING:AN ORGANIC APPROACH - Revised and updated. By Karl Schwenke.

BDD118 12.95 SWEET & HARD CIDER:MAKING IT, USING IT, & ENJOYING IT - Comprehensive guide to every aspect of cider making.

BDD093 3.95 TACK CARE AND CLEANING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD094 8.95 TAN YOUR HIDE - Home tanning of leathers and furs with a special section on working with leather. By Phyllis Hobson.

BDD124 16.95 THE CONTRARY FARMER - A wll-known homesteader offers practical advice for cottage farmers. By Gene Logsdon.

BDE003 12.95 TOILET PAPERS: RECYCLING WASTE AND CONSERVING WATER - Plans for a compost privy and a variety of greywater systems.

BDD096 9.95 TOO BUSY TO CLEAN - An ingenious collection of over 500 simple and clever ways to make housecleaning easier. By Patt Barrel.

BDX131 3.95 WALL PAPERING STEP BY STEP - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD099 3.95 WHAT TO DO WHEN THE POWER FAILS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDX119 3.95 WOOD LOT MANAGEMENT - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BDD101 14.95 WOODSTOVE COOKERY-AT HOME ON THE RANGE - Full of tips on buying, setting-up, cleaning, and enjoying a woodstove. Jane Cooper.

BDX105 14.95 YOUR HORSE - A step by step guide to horse ownership by Judy Chapple.

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