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Gardening Books - Gardening Books

This is The Survival Center's Page for
Gardening Books

The Survival Center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual, hard to find books anywhere, including in-depth selections on Health, Science, Alternative Living, Wisdom Literature, Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Cooking, Building Projects, Solar Energy, Survival and more. Click on the various book sections listed below or search by subject in this alphabetical listing.

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This is an Emergency Preparedness Manual that teaches the reader How - To prepare for most anything that threatens their Survival. The idea of preparedness is spreading rapidly among those waking up to the reality of today's chaotic economic, geologic, political and environmental climate. There are many reference books available that deal with specific areas of preparedness for an uncertain future. That's the problem. There are too many books. Most of us are busy, and reading time is precious, this is why Basic Preparedness was written. Save Time and Money preparing with "Basic" Preparedness"

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Gardening Books

How to Find Your Subject

Note: Book prices and availability change faster that the weather - so - please e-mail, call or write us to see if the title/price you want are current and available.

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BGX037 3.95 ALL THE ONIONS AND HOW TO GROW THEM - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG095 15.95 BACKYARD BERRY BOOK - A "hands-on" guide to growing berries, brambles, and vine fruit in the home garden. By Stella Otto.

BGF267 6.95 BACKYARD COMPOSTING - Your complete guide to recycling lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, and animal droppings for a better crop.

BGG027 16.95 BACKYARD ORCHARDIST - Growing fruit trees in the home garden for the novice or the experienced fruit grower. By Stella Otto.

BGG111 3.95 BERRIES, RASPBERRY AND BLACK - A "country wisdom" booklet. <

BGD901 14.95 CARROTS LOVE TOMATOES - Secrets of "companion" planting for successful gardening. By Louise Riotte.

BGS705 16.95 COLD CLIMATE GARDENING - Shows you how to extend your growing season by at least 30 days. By Lewis Hill.

BGG020 24.95 COMPLETE GARDENER'S ALMANAC - A month by month guide to succcessful gardening. By Marjorie Willison.

BGG318 3.95 CONTAINER GARDENING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX112 3.95 CREATING A WILDFLOWER MEADOW - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG093 9.95 DIRT CHEAP GARDENING - For those on a budget, hundreds of ways to save money in your garden.

BGD104 3.95 EASY COMPOSTORS YOU CAN BUILD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG015 14.95 EASY GARDEN DESIGN - 12 simple steps to creating successful gardens and landscapes.

BGG203 3.95 FERTILIZER FOR FREE - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGF112 3.95 FLOWER ARRANGER'S GARDEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX115 15.95 FOOLPROOF PLANTING - How to successfully start and propagate more than 250 vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

BGX124 16.95 FRUITS & BERRIES FOR THE HOME GARDEN - Master gardener Lewis Hill provides instuctions for both the beginner and the pro.

BGG130 3.95 GARDENING ANSWERS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG031 3.95 GARDENING IN CLAY SOIL - A country wisdom booklet.

BGG112 3.95 GRAFTING FRUIT TREES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG113 3.95 GREAT GRAPES! GROW THE BEST EVER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGC124 3.95 GROW 15 HERBS FOR YOUR KITCHEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG120 3.95 GROW SUPER SALAD GREENS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG129 3.95 GROW THE BEST ASPARAGUS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG128 3.95 GROW THE BEST BLUEBERRIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG127 3.95 GROW THE BEST CORN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG131 3.95 GROW THE BEST STRAWBERRIES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGC079 3.95 GROW THE BEST TOMATOES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG109 16.95 GROW YOUR OWN CHINESE VEGETABLES - How to grow them with recipes and hints on cooking them.

BGC152 3.95 GROWING AND USING BASIL - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGC311 14.95 GROWING AND USING HERBS SUCCESSFULLY - Teaches you how to plant, propagate, harvest, dry, freeze, and store 64 popular herbs.

BGG319 2.95 GROWING AND USING LAVENDER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG320 2.95 GROWING AND USING OREGANO - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG016 27.95 GROWING FRUIT & VEGETABLES ORGANICALLY - The backyard gardener's guide to growing great tasting, problem free harvests.

BGG116 3.95 GROWING MINIATURE ROSES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX121 14.95 GROWING VEGETABLES WEST OF CASCADES - Steve Solomon's guide to natural gardening for the Northwest.

BGG312 3.95 IMPROVING YOUR SOIL - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG013 10.95 INDOOR VEGETABLE GARDENING - Construct a low-cost hydroponic garden in your home and grow fresh foods all year long.

BGG017 24.95 JOY OF GARDENING - Dick Raymond's gardening "Bible" can help anyone, anywhere turn any patch of ground into a veggie garden.

BGG036 16.95 JUST THE FACTS - Dozens of garden charts, thousands of gardening answers.

BDD508 14.95 KEEPING THE HARVEST- Canning, jam & jellies, freezing, pickling, drying, curing, & cold storage of fruits & vegetables.

BGG310 12.95 LET IT ROT! - Takes the mystery out of creating useful, ecologically sound compost. By Stu Campbell.

BGG208 3.95 MAINTAINING YOUR DWARF ORCHARD - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG123 9.95 MULCH BOOK - Gardeners & landscapers know that nothing beats mulch for weed control, retaining moisture, and fertilizing soil.

BGG132 24.95 NEW ORGANIC GROWER - A master's manual of tools and techniques for the home or market gardener. By Elliot Coleman.

BGG025 24.95 NEW ORGANIC GROWERS FOUR SEASON HARVEST - How to harvest fresh, organic vegetables from your home garden all year long.

BGG214 21.95 ORGANIC GARDENER'S HOME REFERENCE - Organically growing, harvesting, and storing 62 of the most popular veggies, fruits, & herbs.

BGG317 25.00 PERMACULTURE GARDEN - Work in harmony with nature. Produce far more than basic needs with far less effort.


BGG008 3.95 PRUNING TREES, SHRUBS & VINES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGD135 24.95 RODALE'S ULTIMATE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ORGANIC GARDENING - The indispensable resource for every gardener.

BGX117 14.95 RODALE'S BOOK OF COMPOSTING - Improve your soil, recycle kitchen and yard wastes, grow healthier plants, create an earth-safe garden.








BGG121 14.95 ROSES LOVE GARLIC - Secrets of companion planting with flowers. By Louise Riotte.

BGS094 14.95 SAVING SEEDS - Raise, harvest, and store seeds for both vegetables and ornamental plants. By Marc Rogers.

BGG110 3.95 SCAT:PEST-PROOF YOUR GARDEN - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGF365 17.99 SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS - A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relationships between plants and people.

BGX111 16.95 SECRETS OF PLANT PROPAGATION - Start plants from seeds and cuttings, dividing, layering, and grafting. By Lewis Hill.

BGG096 24.95 SEED TO SEED - Detailed seed saving guide for 160 vegetable crops. Conserve our vegetable heritage.

BGG210 22.50 SELL WHAT YOU SOW - The grower's guide to successful produce marketing. By Eric Gibson.

BGG201 24.95 SOLAR GARDENING - Concentrate and retain the sun's energy in order to grow more vegetables on less, 12 months a year.

BGG125 16.95 SQUARE FOOT GARDENING - Mel Bartholomew details his unique method of growing more vegetables in less time, half the space.

BGS099 3.95 STARTING SEEDS INDOORS - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG092 3.95 TEN STEPS TO BEAUTIFUL ROSES - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGX122 12.95 WARM CLIMATE GARDENING - Tips, techniques, plans, and projects for humid or dry conditions. By Barbara Pleasant.


BGG126 3.95 WIDE ROW PLANTING - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BGG022 14.95 YOUR GARDEN POND - Includes designing, planning, constructing, maintenance etc. etc.

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