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The Survival Center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual, hard to find books anywhere, including in-depth selections on Health, Science, Alternative Living, Wisdom Literature, Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Cooking, Building Projects, Solar Energy, Survival and more. Click on the various book sections listed below or search by subject in this alphabetical listing.

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This is an Emergency Preparedness Manual that teaches the reader How - To prepare for most anything that threatens their Survival. The idea of preparedness is spreading rapidly among those waking up to the reality of today's chaotic economic, geologic, political and environmental climate. There are many reference books available that deal with specific areas of preparedness for an uncertain future. That's the problem. There are too many books. Most of us are busy, and reading time is precious, this is why Basic Preparedness was written. Save Time and Money preparing with "Basic" Preparedness"

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Health Books

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BHH002 3.95 02-02-02 - DONSBACH - Presents the latest facts about the therapeutic uses of oxygen in its various forms.

BHF013 12.95 A DIFFERENT KIND OF HEALING - Why mainstream doctors are embracing alternative medicine.

BHF054 15.95 A HOLISTIC PROTOCOL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - A compilation of healing methodologies for major infections, including AIDS.

BHH109 5.96 A QUICK GUIDE TO FOOD ADDITIVES - By Robert L. Goodman.

BHX041 6.95 A QUICK GUIDE TO FOOD SAFETY - What are food additives? How and why they are used, and which ones to avoid.

BHS015 10.95 A SHOT IN THE DARK - This is a guide for concerned parents. How safe is the DPT vaccine and the warning signs of adverse reactions.

BHX025 12.95 ACCEPTING YOUR POWER TO HEAL - The personal practice of therapeutic touch

BHH296 5.95 ACID AND ALKALINE BALANCE (REVISED) - A carefully studied account of the acid and alkaline condition as explained by Yin/Yang terms.

BHH137 2.95 ACIDOPHILLUS & COLON HEALTH (REVISED) - Explains in simple terms the vital role of the colon in health of the body.

BHF111 9.95 ACUPRESSURE FOR WOMEN - Get relief from PMS, morning sickness, sinus headaches, and more.


BHF112 8.95 ACUPUNCTURE WITHOUT NEEDLES - Bring safe, easy, and lasting relief from pain, almost immediatly, for many ailments.

BHH139 5.95 AIDS AND BEYOND - The new microbial diseases and what you and your family can do to protect your health.

BHF109 10.00 AIDS BOOK - A manual to assist people facing AIDS and other life threating illnesses. By Louise Hay.

BHF061 8.95 AIDS PROOFING YOUR KIDS - Talking about safer sex and AIDS with your children.

BHF142 9.95 AIDS, THE MYSTERY & THE SOLUTION - Vital information about what AIDS is, who is at risk, and how it is contracted.

BHX092 15.00 ALCHEMIST'S HANDBOOK TO HOMEOPATHY - Mary Hardy and Dotty Nonman

BHH199 15.95 ALERGIES:DISEASE IN DISGUISE - How to heal your allergic condition permanently and naturally.

BHX014 12.95 ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE - Using your body without stress. Facilitate healthy balance, posture, and movement in everyday activities.

BHH039 14.95 ALKALIZE OR DIE - Learn about PH balance in the body and how to correct any imbalance.

BHF062 12.95 ALL WOMEN ARE HEALERS - A comprehensive guide to natural healing for women. By Diane Stein.

BHC158 10.95 ALLERGY RECIPES - Tasty recipes totally free of gluten, all grains, soy, peanuts, milk products, eggs, yeast, sugar, and ... food.

BHX019 2.95 ALOE VERA HANDBOOK - Compact guide to use of aloe vera juice and gel in home treatment and everyday common ailments.

BHH484 2.95 ALOE VERA, JOJOBA & YUCCA - The spectacular benefits from three desert plants of the American Southwest.

BHF167 13.00 ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO ALLERGIES - Shows that many physical and mental illnesses can be attributed to polluted food and air.

BHH105 4.50 AMINO ACIDS BOOK - Carlson Wade shows how amino acids function as natural healing substances in the body.

BHF104 12.95 AMINO ACIDS IN THERAPY - Recent research on the therapeutic applications of amino acids. By Leon Chaitow.

BHH094 10.00 AMMINO REVOLUTION - A dramatic step-by-step program of amino acid supplementation to achieve optimum health.

BHF030 7.95 AN INTRO TO NATURAL HEALTH - Explains the relationship between modern medicine and the traditional natural approaches to health.

BHH264 6.95 AN INTRODUCTION TO MACROBIOTICS - A beginners guide to the natural way of health

BHH156 11.95 ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS - Norman Cousin's personal account of his recovery from a fatal disease.

BHF169 5.95 ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - How to physically and mentally turn the aging process around.

BHH080 12.95 ANTI-FAT NUTRIENTS - Reduce body fat in 15 days by adding special vitamins, herbs, and other nutrients to your diet.

BHH066 2.95 ANTIOXIDANTS - Nutrients that guard the body against cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and allergies.

BHH118 2.95 ANTIOXIDANTS MADE SIMPLE - How antioxidants work and their role in disease prevention. By Dr. Bruce Miller.

BHH181 10.95 ANTIOXIDANTS:YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE - Fight cancer and heart disease, improve your memory, and slow the aging process.

BHH027 5.95 APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (BRAGG) - The powerful qualities of apple cider vinegar to preserve radiant health.

BHF100 7.95 APPLIED KINESIOLOGY - Learn how the science of Kinesiology can prevent the underlying cause of many bodily problems.

BHH147 12.00 APRICOT POWER - How Laetrile cured my cancer by Helen M. Curran.

BHH234 9.95 ARE YOU POISONING YOUR PETS? - A guidebook on how our lifestyles affect the health of our pets.

BHF221 12.95 ARE YOUR DENTAL FILLINGS POISONING YOU? - The latest evidence on the role of fillings containing mercury as a cause of disease.

BHH149 9.95 AROMATHERAPY FOR MIND AND BODY - Discover the myriad of uses of essential oils.

BHX422 10.95 ART OF AROMATHERAPHY - How the essential oils of flowers and herbs are used for healing, beautifying, and soothing.

BHH196 18.95 ART OF CHI-KUNG - Making the most of your vital energy. By Wong Kiew Kit.

BHH099 9.95 ARTHRITIS - Reduce and even reverse the effects of arthritis naturally. By Michael T. Murray, ND.

BHH022 4.95 ASTHMA & HAY FEVER - Expert guidance by Leon Chaitow on the causes and treatment of asthma and hay fever.

BHX053 6.95 AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL GUIDE - More information and uses of this medicinal "cure-all". By Cynthia B. Olsen.

BHX055 2.95 AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL HANDBOOK - The first aid kit in a bottle. By Cynthia B. Olsen.

BHX054 3.95 AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL MANUAL - Cynthia just can't stop talking about it!

BHX005 18.95 AYURVEDIC HEALING - The most complete book yet on the natural medicine of India. By Dr. David Frawley.

BHF125 10.95 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES - 3 books by Dr. Bach in 1 volume: The Twelve Healers; The Bach Remedies Repertory; Heal Thyself.

BHF068 10.95 BACH FLOWER THERAPY - Takes Dr. Bach's approach a giant step further considering the spiritual and psychological applications.

BHH369 7.95 BACK TO EDEN - This is the classic American herbal book credited for the early growth of the natural foods movement. Jethro Kloss.

BHX296 12.95 BACK TROUBLE - Based on the Alexander technique, includes simple exercises and posture corrections. By Deborah Caplan.

BHH223 12.95 BACKYARD MEDICINE CHEST - Offers herbal solutions for the ailments often treated with nonprescription drugs.

BHH616 6.95 BASIC HOME REMEDIES - The title pretty much says it all. By Michio Kushi.

BHX049 12.95 BATES TECHNIQUE - A natural way of enhancing visual acuity, relieve eye strain, and improve brain/eye coordination.

BHH459 3.95 BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR - Offers a wide range of vegetarian and raw foods recipes, and naturopathic remedies. By Ann Wigmore.

BHH054 14.95 BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION - Bolster your immune system using clinically proven and easy to follow nutritional methods.

BHF406 2.95 BEGINNERS INTRO TO HOMEOPATHY - The drugless alternate therapy that has healed millions. By Trevor M. Cook Phd.

BHX017 2.95 BETA CAROTENE - The amazing nutrient that is universally recognized as a vital cancer preventative.

BHS378 5.95 BETTER EYESIGHT REGARDLESS OF AGE - quick easy steps to better vision without glasses. Paul Bragg.

BHS561 8.95 BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES - The Bates' revolutionary and practical theory of self-taught improved eyesight.

BHH237 13.95 BIKRAM'S BEGINNING YOGA CLASS - Do more for your health, body, and general well-being than you ever imagined possible.

BHH119 2.95 BIOCHEMIC HANDBOOK - Fact filled explanation of what the biochemic tissue salts are and how they are used to maintain health.

BHH615 10.95 BIOCIRCUITS - A whole new way of balancing and magnifying the body's natural energy. By Leslie Patten.

BHF146 11.00 BODY ELECTRIC - The body's healing and regenerative processes clearly implicate bio-electricity as the vital life force.

BHF147 15.00 BODY MAGNETIC - by B. Payne

BHF049 11.95 BODY REFLEXOLOGY:HEALING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Relieve arthritis, back pain, prostate trouble, headaches, and many more disorders.

BHH148 12.00 BODYCRAFT - Look great, feel happy...and no diets! Create the body that you want while loving the body that you have.

BHX002 9.95 BOOK OF BEGINNING AGAIN - A book of non conventional therapies by Earlyne Chaney.

BHX048 12.95 BOOK OF GINSENG AND OTHER CHINESE HERBS FOR VITALITY - Plant substances known in China as the "Kingly Remedies".

BHF136 14.00 BOOK OF MASSAGE - The complete step-by-step guide to Eastern and Western techniques.

BHC781 5.95 BOOK OF MISO - One of Japan's most beloved foods. Miso is a high protein seasoning, rich in flavor.

BHH056 11.00 BOOK OF PAIN RELIEF - A comprehensive, self-help guide to easing and treating both chronic and short term pain.

BHH618 4.50 BOOK OF RAW FRUIT & VEGETABLE JUICES & DRINKS - Nutritional and therapeutic values of all types of raw juices.

BHC444 5.95 BOOK OF TOFU (ABRIDGED) - An oriental staple food derived from soybeans which are economical, low in fat, and nutritious.

BHC015 4.95 BOOK OF WHOLE GRAINS - Guide to grinding, preserving, cooking, and growing cereals, nuts, and beans.

BHC607 12.00 BOOK OF WHOLE MEALS - Nutritionally balanced, vegetarian meals made entirely of unprocessed fresh foods.

BHH523 2.95 BRAGG PHILOSOPHY OF SUPER HEALTH - Get Healthy! By Paul Bragg.

BHF003 13.95 BRAIN BOOK - by Peter Russel.

BHH111 12.95 BRAIN BOOSTERS:FOOD & DRUGS THAT MAKE YOU SMARTER - Metabolic processes influencing brain functions.

BHF070 5.99 BRAIN:THE LAST FRONTIER - Richard Restak presents developments in brain research in the past 20 years.

BHF001 22.95 BRAINFOOD - A provocative exploration into the connection between what you eat and how you think.

BHC453 9.95 BREAD BOOK - A natural, whole grain, seed to loaf approach to real bread.

BHX016 2.95 BREWERS YEAST, WHEATGERM, & OTHER HIGH POWERED FOODS - Lecithin, dessicated liver, whey, ricepolish, kelp, garlic, and more.

BHF010 14.95 CANCER ANSWER:NUTRITION - Cancer is not as inevitable as death and taxes. By Maureen Salaman.

BHF469 10.95 CANCER CURE THAT WORKED - 50 years of suppression - The Rife Report. By B. Lynes

BHC407 15.95 CANCER PREVENTION DIET BOOK - Prevent and cure major types of cancer through Oriental medicine and Western nutritional knowledge.

BHF458 14.95 CANCER THERAPY - Dr. Gerson cites 50 cases of cancer cures effected through diet therapy.

BHC545 10.95 CANDIDA ALBICANS-YEAST FREE COOKBOOK - Comprehensive cookbook and diet plan for victims of candida and other fungal infections.

BHC822 12.95 CANDIDA CONTROL COOKBOOK - Good foods for yeast sensitive people. By Gail Burton.

BHH114 19.95 CANDIDA:SILVER (MERCURY) FILLINGS & THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Encyclopedic collection of the known facts about causes of candida.


BHH175 2.95 CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME - Contains a host of non-surgical treatment options. By Ray C. Wunderlich, Jr. Md.

BHH058 3.95 CAT'S CLAW - The amazing healing properties of the miracle herb from the rainforest of Peru.

BHH265 3.95 CATALYST ALTERED WATER - Dr John Willard's breakthrough

BHH005 9.95 CEREAL GRASS - Explains the history, uses, and incredibly rich nutritional value of wheat grass, barley, and other cereal grasses.

BHC791 12.95 CHANGING SEASONS MACROBIOTIC COOKBOOK - A guide for preparing nutritionally complete and balanced meals in harmony with the seasons.

BHF559 3.95 CHELATION THERAPY (REVISED) - Prevent or reverse hardening of the arteries and associated cardiovascular diseases.

BHH046 12.95 CHELATION WAY - Complete book of Chelatian Therapy. An effective, risk-free alternative to by-pass surgery.

BHH257 20.00 CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE - A color-illustrated list of 200 major Chinese herbs and their uses.

BHH041 2.95 CHLORELLA:SUN POWERED SUPER NUTRIENT - The green powerhouse of amino acids, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, and nucleic acids.

BHH329 7.95 CHLORELLA:THE EMERALD FOOD - The highest source of natural chlorophyll, with almost 3 times as much protein as beef.

BHX050 7.99 CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH - The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. By Dr. Carey Reams. Recommended reading.

BHH083 2.95 CHROMIUM PICOLINATE - Amazing free radical scavenger and aid in safe weight control. By Richard Passwater, Phd.

BHF547 8.95 CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME - Here is understanding and compassionate advice on coping and treating this disease. M. Murray, Md.

BHF159 6.95 CIRCUMCISION: WHAT IT DOES - Medicine, religion, and sex have a lot to do with circumcision, but what is the truth.

BHH089 13.95 CLEANSE & PURIFY THYSELF - The "Clean-Me-Out" program - a method of self healing. By Rich Anderson.

BHF138 2.50 COENZYME Q-10: NEW FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? - The latest facts about the far reaching importance of this essential nutrient.

BHH003 3.50 COLLOIDAL SILVER - The natural antibiotic. A completely non-toxic broad spectrum germ fighter and disinfectant.

BHH136 7.95 COLON HEALTH HANDBOOK (REVISED 12TH ED.) - Rejuvinate the entire body and revive ailing health through colon cleansing.

BHH106 5.95 COLON HEALTH: KEY TO VIBRANT LIFE - Dramatic evidence that every organ, gland, and cell is affected by the condition of the colon.

BHX023 3.50 COLON IRRIGATION - The process and benefits of colonic irrigation as performed by a professional are explained in a Q & A format.

BHH620 11.95 COLOR MEDICINE - The secrets of color/vibrational healing. Safe, simple, economical, and highly effective.

bhh075 14.95 COMING PLAGUE - Newly emerging diseases in a world out of balance. By Laurie Garrett.

BHH088 19.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL OILS & AROMATHERAPY - Used for health remedies, beauty purposes, and non-toxic house cleaners.

BHF356 9.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF HOMEOPATHY - A comprehensive manual of natural healing. By Michael Weiner and Kathleen Gross.

BHC146 9.95 COMPLETE DIABETIC COOKBOOK - Anything the diabetic could want, from snacks to gourmet meals. By Mary Jane Finsand.

BHF040 12.95 COMPLETE FOOT BOOK - A family self-care guide for relieving common foot problems. First aid for your feet.

BHH133 19.95 COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEALTH & NUTRITION - Designed for easy reference and written in terms anyone can understand. By Gary Null.

BHH006 29.95 COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - A practical family reference book, full of color photos and charts, highly recommended.

BHH151 24.95 COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HOLISTIC HERBAL - A safe and practical guide to making and using herbal remedies.

BHX038 6.95 COMPLETE RAW JUICE THERAPY - The healing and regenerative powers of energy-packed raw juices.

BHF028 14.95 COMPLETE REIKI HANDBOOK - Basic introduction and methods of natural application

BHF433 12.95 CONFESSIONS OF MEDICAL HERETIC - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn exposes modern medicine's ineffective methods and practices.

BHC098 10.95 COPING WITH CANDIDA COOKBOOK - A whole range of exciting meals that are free of nutrients that "feed the yeast".


BHF056 9.95 CREATING HEALTH - How to wake up the body's intelligence. By Deepak Chopra, Md.

BHC022 2.95 CRUDE BLACK MOLASSES - The curative powers of blackstrap molasses. By Cyril Scott.

BHX419 17.95 CULPEPER'S COLOR HERBAL - Up to date practical information on almost 400 herbs and plants used for herbal remedies.

BHH621 5.95 CULPEPER'S GUIDE: HERBS & HEALTH - Color illustrations and solid information are packed into this beautiful little book.

BHH622 5.95 CULPEPER'S GUIDE:HERBS & AROMATHERAPY - Promote and maintain health through the use of Essential oils. Another great Culpeper Guide.

BHH021 19.95 CURE FOR ALL CANCERS - One of our most popular titles. Hulda Clark, Phd.,Nd. reveals the cause and cure of cancer.

BHH256 26.95 CURE FOR ALL DISEASES (four audio cassettes) - based on the bestselling book by Hulder Clark.

BHH228 21.95 CURE FOR ALL DISEASES - The third book by Hulda Clark. A must for those seeking a cure from other than that of mainstream medicine.

BHH178 19.95 CURE FOR HIV AND AIDS - Has Hulda Clark found the cure for AIDS? We will let you be the judge.

BHX034 12.95 D.M.S.O. NATURES HEALER - How to use DMSO to relieve pain, increase circulation, repair tissue damage, and fight diseases.

BHH200 11.95 DAVID CARRADINE'S TAI CHI WORKSHOP - The beginner's program for a healthier mind and body.


BHH282 14.95 DHEA: THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH DISCOVERED - Explaining the link between youth and aging

BHH159 12.95 DIABETICS BOOK (REVISED) - All your questions answered. By June Bierman and Barbara Toohey.

BHH131 11.95 DIABETICS TOTAL HEALTH BOOK - Tools that diabetics need to build three inpenetrable barriers to stress; body, mind, and spirit.


BHC818 13.95 DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA - Boldly reveals everything our meat, dairy, and poultry producers do not want us to know.

BHH195 12.50 DIET FOR A POISONED PLANET - How to choose foods for you and your family. More than 500 items reviewed.

BHC402 6.95 DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET - The book that started a revolution in the way that Americans eat. Francess Lappe.

BHC787 14.95 DIET FOR A STRONG HEART - Dietary guidelines for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.

BHS153 8.95 DIET FOR THE ATOMIC AGE - How to protect yourself from low level radiation. By Sara Shannon.

BHH243 2.95 DIGESTIVE ENZYMES- 20 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders. Are you one of them?

BHX043 17.95 DIRECTORY OF ESSENTIAL OILS - An essential resource that no aromatherapist should be without. By Wanda Sellar.

BHF101 12.95 DISCOVERING HOMEOPATHY - Introduction to the science and art of homeopathic medicine. By Dana Ullman.

BHH259 21.95 DISCOVERY OF MAGNETIC HEALTH - The amazing healing properties of magnetism.




BHC032 4.95 DRINK YOUR TROUBLES AWAY - John Lust goes "on the wagon" with raw vegetable and fruit juices (the vegetable cart that is).

BHH623 13.00 EARL MINDEL'S FOOD AS MEDICINE - Where you can eat to prevent everything from colds to heart disease and cancer.

BHH608 12.00 EARL MINDEL'S SOY MIRACLE - This book proves soy foods make it easy to enhance health without sacrificing the pleasures of eating.

BHH092 13.00 EARL MINDELL'S HERB BIBLE - Easy to use herbal remedies available today. By Earl Mindell, Phd.

BHH013 23.00 EAT SMART, THINK SMART - Function consistently at peak mental capacity. By Robert Haas.

BHH203 5.95 EAT TO WIN:SPORTS NUTRITION BIBLE - Robert Haas explains the nutritional needs for top athletic performance.

BHH042 16.95 EATING ALIVE - John Matsen, Nd. shows that disease is a a result of inefficient digestion due to stress.


BHH100 6.95 ECHINACEA:THE IMMUNE HERB - Up-to-date information about how to use Echinacea for everyday health problems.

BHH624 14.95 EDGAR CAYCE HANDBOOK FOR HEALTH THROUGH DRUGLESS THERAPY - A compendium of health remedies from the great "sleeping prophet".

BHH625 9.95 EDGAR CAYCE:THE PALMA CHRISTI - The "Palm of Christ", known in modern terms as Castor Oil, and its remarkable properties.

BHX153 13.00 EIGHT-WEEK CHOLESTEROL CURE COOKBOOK - Robert Kowalski presents immaginative ways to prepare foods that actively lower cholesterol.

BHH015 4.95 EIGHTEEN NATURAL WAYS TO BEAT A HEADACHE - Safe, fast action relief. By Norman Fork.

BHH255 15.00 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - A consumer's guide to the issues and how to protect ourselves.

BHX051 12.00 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND YOUR HEALTH - The hidden hazards of electricity and how you can protect yourself.


BHG307 9.95 EMPTY HARVEST - We are unalterably tied to the soil, water, and air. When these are polluted are bodies will suffer. By B. Jensen.

BHH037 19.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATURAL MEDICINE - The naturopathic approach to the treatment of over 70 common ailments and diseases.

BHH263 19.95 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS - Detailed profiles of all major nutritional supplements. Michael Murray ND.

BHH024 12.95 END OF CANCER - How new discoveries made by European Holistic researchers may bring final victory over cancer within our reach.

BHH262 24.00 ENTER THE ZONE - Lose weight, reset your genetic code, achieve maximum physical performance. Excellent!

BHH085 8.95 ENZYME NUTRITION - Startling facts about the essential role of enzymes. What they are and how they work.

BHH612 12.95 ESSENTIAL KOMBUCHA - The amazing Manchurian mushroom used for thousands of years to promote health and longevity.

BHH246 12.95 ESSENTIAL OILS BOOK - Creating personal blends for mind and body. Dozens of step-by-step recipes.

BHH221 14.95 ESSIAC: A NATIVE HERBAL CANCER REMEDY - A complete account of the recipe, doses and uses of Essiac.

BHH072 7.95 EVENING PRIMROSE OIL - Facts about gamma linolenic acid (GLA) required for the production of hormones. Richard Passwater.

BHF603 12.95 EVERY WOMAN'S BOOK - Complete, drugless health guide for women of all ages. By Paavo Airda, Nd.

BHX405 10.95 EVERYBODY'S GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE - A steady top seller! The premier family guidebook for home treatment.

BHH102 17.95 EYEWITNESS HANDBOOK TO HERBS - A visual guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world. Highly recommended.

BHH249 17.95 EYEWITNESS HANDBOOKS:HERBS -Packed with more than 1500 color photos of more than 700 herb species.

BHX107 15.00 FAMILY GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - Use gentle, yet effective homeopathic remedies to treat both everyday ailments and emergencies.

BHH613 22.95 FATS THAT HEAL,FATS THAT KILL - Udo Erasmus dispels the myths about the role of fats in nutrition and human health.

BHH138 14.00 FEET FIRST:GUIDE TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Enjoy the innumerable benefits of professional or do-it-yourself foot therapy.

BHF002 4.95 FINGER ACUPRESSURE - Do-it-yourself treatment for many common ailments by massaging acupressure points.

BHC439 6.95 FIT FOR LIFE (VOL.I) - Food combining for health. "Americas all time, No.1 health and diet book" (over three million in print).

BHC440 6.95 FIT FOR LIFE (VOL.II) - Follow up to the enormously successful "Fit For Life".

BHH150 3.95 FITNESS PROGRAM WITH SPINE MOTION - Unique spine motion exercises to banish backache and restore youthful energy. Paul Bragg.

BHH626 9.95 FIVE TIBETANS - Five dynamic exercises for health and personal power.

BHX044 13.95 FLOWER ESSENCES & VIBRATIONAL HEALING - The therapeutic uses of flower essences and how they relate to homeopathic remedies.

BHH035 2.95 FOOD ADDITIVES: A SHOPPER'S GUIDE TO WHAT'S SAFE AND WHAT'S NOT - Contains over 600 of the most commonly used food additives.

BHH182 12.95 FOOD ALLERGY BOOK - The foods that cause you pain and discomfort and how to take them out of your diet.

BHC017 12.00 FOOD AND HEALING - How food affects our moods, its healing qualities, dangers of diets, and much more. Annmarie Colbin.

BHF476 4.95 FOOD COMBINING MADE EASY - Dr. H.R. Shelton discusses the food classes and how they are best assimilated into the body.

BHC026 13.95 FOOD COMBINING MENU COOKBOOK - Meals for a healthy lifestyle.

BHS010 13.00 FOOD FOR LIFE - How the four food groups can save your life - eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

BHH048 9.95 FOOD WOULD LAST FOREVER - Examines the research documenting the dangers of eating irradiated food. By Dr. Gary Gibbs.

BHH026 13.00 FOOD YOUR MIRACLE MEDICINE - Jean Carper helps the reader decide which foods are beneficial for the body's well-being.

BHF144 14.95 FOODS THAT HEAL - A guide to understanding and using the healing powers of natural foods. By Bernard Jensen.

BHF242 11.00 FOOT BOOK - A holistic guide to foot care using reflexology, massage, diet, exercise, and visualization.

BHF117 5.95 FOR THE VEGETARIAN IN YOU - Billy Ray Boyd explains vegetarianism from the moral, physical, and enviromental perspective.

BHX026 14.95 FREEDOM FROM DISEASE - How to control free radicals, a major cause of aging and disease. By Hari Sharma, Md.

BHC362 5.95 FRESH VEGETABLE & FRUIT JUICES - The secret to a long, healthy productive life. By Dr. Norman W. Walker.

BHC299 3.95 GARLIC FOR HEALTH - The therapeutic benefits of garlic in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other problems.

BHC012 4.95 GARLIC:THE MIRACLE NUTRIENT - Supports the immune system, helps lower blood pressure, and a myriad of other benefits.

BHH093 16.95 GENTLE BIRTH CHOICES - A guide to making informed decisions. By Barbara Harper.

BHH012 2.95 GERMANIUM: A NEW APPROACH TO IMMUNITY - Oxygen catalyst, anti-oxidant, electro-stimulant, and immune enhancer.

BHH057 4.75 GETTING THE ENERGY BUZZ WITH SPIRILINA - The super algae high in vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and proteins.

BHF412 3.50 GLANDULAR EXTRACTS - Helps stimulate endocrines, provide enzymes, and promote cellular repair. By Michael Murray, Nd.

BHH186 8.00 GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES - The writings of the "Grandmother of Health" Hanna Kroeger.

BHC031 10.95 GOOD FOOD GLUTEN FREE - Recipes, menus, and feeding programs for those needing to avoid wheat gluten and other grain proteins.

BHC048 10.95 GOOD FOOD, MILK & GRAIN FREE - Complete program of nutrition for those who can not tolerate milk and grain.

BHF022 9.98 GOOD HEALTH NATURALLY - 20 steps to better nutrition using natural foods.



BHF163 2.95 GREEN BARLEY ESSENCE - "Nature's ideal fast food". This vegetable substance is described and its therapeutic benefits explained.

BHG101 21.95 GROWING AND USING THE HEALING HERBS - profiles more than 60 plants. (hardcover)

BHH049 9.95 GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER (PARASITES AND YOUR HEALTH) - Crucial information to guard against parasitic-related disorders.

BHH061 13.95 GULTEN FREE GOURMET - Living well without wheat. By Betty Hagman.

BHF052 12.00 HAND AND FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Enables the average person to correct urgent health problems. Free and rechannel tension.

BHH162 5.95 HANDBOOK FOR HERBAL HEALING - Christopher Hobbs describes the blending of herbs into formulas that can be taken daily.

BHS012 10.95 HANDBOOK OF ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICAL MEDICINE - A compilation of dozens of herbal and other all-natural drugless remedies.

BHH629 22.50 HANDS OF LIGHT - Guide to healing through the human energy field. By Barbara Ann Brennan.

BHF336 5.95 HEAL YOUR BODY (REVISED) - A quick reference guide to the mental problems that may underlie the disease in one's life. Louise Hay.

BHH630 10.00 HEALERS MANUAL - A beginners guide to Vibrational Therapies. How your mental states affect your health. By T. Andrews.

BHX036 14.95 HEALING AIDS NATURALLY - AIDS is not necessarily fatal. Lawrence Badgley shows how infected persons can regain their health.

BHX037 17.50 HEALING AND THE MIND - How is healing related to the mind? How do thoughts and feelings influence health? Bill Moyers.

BHF047 11.95 HEALING BENEFITS OF ACUPRESSURE - A manual of contact healing with instuctions and diagrams to show all the pressure points.

BHF387 10.95 HEALING BRAIN - Breakthrough discoveries about how the brain keeps us healthy. By Robert Ornstein, Phd.

BHH091 12.95 HEALING CHILDREN NATURALLY - Sensible, safe, and effective treatments for a variety of childhood ailments.

BHC180 16.95 HEALING CUISINE - Harish Johari presents India's art of Ayurvedic cooking. Sumptuous meals that feed both body and soul.

BHF162 12.00 HEALING ENERGIES OF MUSIC - Locate just the right music for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing. H. Lingerman.

BHH126 12.95 HEALING ENERGY OF YOUR HANDS - by Michael Bradford.

BHG100 9.95 HEALING HARVEST - Michio Kushi introduces a revolutionary method of ecological, natural farming and gardening.

BHF607 12.95 HEALING OF CANCER - The cures, the cover-ups, and the solution now. By B. Lynes.

BHX089 24.95 HEALING OURSELF - Growing beyond the true cause of disease by Kathy Oddenino.

BHH509 8.00 HEALING POWER OF CHLOROPHYLL - Complete survival and health based on the bio-chemical properties of chlorophyll. B. Jensen.

BHG127 12.95 HEALING POWER OF HERBS - The enlightened person's guide to the wonders of medicinal plants. By Michael Murray, Nd.

BHF058 14.95 HEALING POWER OF ILLNESS - The meaning of symptons and how to interpret them.

BHF233 4.50 HEALING POWER WITHIN - The use of natural laws of energy to reinforce the self-healing mechanism within. A. Wigmore.

BHH266 12.95 HEALING SECRETS OF THE AGES - by Catherine Ponder.

BHH633 17.95 HEALING THROUGH COLOR - A book of great wisdom and insight on the use of ancient healing practices. By Theo Gimbel.

BHF053 11.95 HEALING WISE - A wise woman herbal. By Susan Weed.

BHX046 32.50 HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS - Oriental traditions and modern medicine. One of our most recommended health titles. P. Pitchford.

BHH090 12.95 HEALING WITHIN - Complete colon health guide (revised). By Stanley Weinberger.

BHF859 12.00 HEALING WORDS - Larry Dossey writes about the power of prayer in the healing experience.

BHF114 12.95 HEALTH FROM GOD'S GARDEN - The sequel to Maria Treben's classic "Health From God's Pharmacy".

BHH095 6.95 HEALTH HANDBOOK - A guide to family health by Louise Tenney (pocket sized)

BHF760 18.95 HEALTH THRU GOD'S PHARMACY - Maria Treben gives instructions for treating a wide range of maladies with time honored herbal remedies.

BHC308 5.95 HEALTHFUL EATING WITHOUT CONFUSION - Paul Bragg separates sense from nonsense regarding "Good" foods.

BHH078 14.95 HEALTHY WOMAN - Good, solid, easy to use information about women's major health concerns.


BHH260 13.95 HEINERMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALING HERBS AND SPICES - For hundreds of todays most common health problems.


BHH258 12.95 HEINERMAN'S NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Health promoting uses (revised and expanded).

BHH604 7.50 HERB BOOK - Probably the most complete encyclopedia ever published on medicinal plants and their uses. John Lust's bestseller.

BHX086 2.95 HERB REFERENCE GUIDE (REVISED) - Specific formulas for 64 herbal combinations to treat a wide range of problems.

BHX365 3.95 HERB TEA BOOK - Complete guide to the healing benefits of herb teas. By Dorothy Hall.

BHX366 10.95 HERBAL HANDBOOK - A user's guide to medicinal herbalism. By David Hoffman.

BHH649 12.95 HERBAL HEALING - Learn how to prepare herbal medicines at home. Know which herbs are safe and which are used for various ailments.

BHH055 12.00 HERBAL HEALING FOR WOMEN - Prepare remedies for common disorders that arise in the different cycles of a woman's life.

BHF475 2.95 HERBAL REMEDIES II - Lists illnesses such as acne, colic, coughs, hayfever, morning sickness, and their natural remedies.

BHC071 6.95 HERBAL TEAS FOR HEALTH AND HEALING - Use as tonics, pain relievers, beautifiers, pacifiers, or just sip for the sheer delight.

BHX424 6.95 HERBALLY YOURS - One of our best sellers. An easy to use, alphabetized guide. By Penny C. Royal.

BHC073 10.00 HERBS AND THINGS - Herbal and folk medicine. Hundreds of herbal recipes plus potions to ward off evil. Lots of botanical lore.

BHG306 5.00 HERBS FOR HEALTH: HOW TO GROW & USE - Get a thrill raising your herbs, making gifts, and add zip to your cooking.

BHF447 11.00 HERBS: THE MAGIC HEALERS - Knowledge for the health of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

BHF017 3.95 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Dr. Donsbach answers your questions and provides guidelines to assist the body with nutritional measures.

BHH076 29.95 HIGH SPEED HEALING - The fastest, safest, and most effective shortcuts to lasting relieve.

BHH233 10.95 HILDEGARD OF BINGEN'S MEDICINE - The divinely inspired visions of medicine and healing by a major 20th century mystic.

BHH176 2.95 HISTORICAL USES OF HOMEOPATHY - Concise, fast reading, pocket sized book.

BHF015 16.95 HOLISTIC PROTOCOL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM (6th Ed.) - Beat the deadly new diseases and microbial mutations.

BHH250 19.95 HOME HERBAL - A practical family guide to making herbal remedies for common ailments (hardcover).

BHF009 16.95 HOME REMEDIES FOR CANDIDA - Basic information about Candida, colon health, and dental problems. By Betty Russel-Manning.

BHF247 11.95 HOME REMEDIES: HYDROTHERAPY, MASSAGE, CHARCOAL, AND OTHER SIMPLE TREATMENTS - Clear, authoritive, drugless home treatments.

BHF460 2.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE - What Homeopathic medicine is, why it is scientific, and why it has many advantages over orthodox medicine.

BHF376 11.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE AT HOME - Choose and use 28 basic remedies as the mainstays of family health care.

BHF384 9.95 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE FOR WOMEN - The use of homeopathy to treat the entire range of female disorders and gynecological problems.



BHF176 18.95 HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF CHILDREN - Understand children more deeply and help to cure them more completely.

BHH101 5.95 HOMEOPATHY: FROM ALCHEMY TO MEDICINE - Evidence of an innate, vital force in man that heals.

BHF414 9.00 HOMEOPATHY: MEDICINE OF THE NEW MAN - A valuable, useful explanation of homeopathy, which is simply nature's own way of healing.

BHH063 9.95 HOPE FOR HYPOGLYCEMIA - A controversial theory that hypoglycemia results from the malfunction of glands and organs.

BHH232 8.50 HOW DID WE GET SO FAT? - A guide for those who want to safely obtain their weight goals "without going crazy".

BHH650 7.95 HOW I CONQUERED CANCER NATURALLY - A true story of courage and triumph. By Eydie Mae.

BHS005 2.95 HOW SAFE IS YOUR WATER - A "country wisdom" booklet.

BHF363 5.95 HOW TO BE YOUR OWN NUTRITIONALIST - Design a personal nutritional program to protect against disease and provide more energy.

BHH163 10.95 HOW TO BEAT ARTHRITIS WITH IMMUNE POWER BOOSTERS - Boost your immune system to alleviate pain and symptoms of arthritis. C. Wade.

BHF459 7.95 HOW TO BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER - Achieve peak intelligence, memory, and creativity. By Roger Yepsen.

BHH240 6.95 HOW TO HEAL DEPRESSION - If you can't remember the last itme that you felt genuinely good, please read this book.

BHH267 4.95 HOW TO HEAL WITH COLOR - by Ted Andrews.

BHF367 5.95 HOW TO KEEP SLIM, HEALTHY & YOUNG WITH JUICE FASTING - Let Paavo Airola show you how.

BHH651 9.95 HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING ABILITY - Complete guide to choosing/using the best toys/games & learning aids for your child.

BHF340 5.99 HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR - Medical "heretic" Dr. R. Mendelsohn advocates nature as the best doctor.

BHH198 12.00 HOW TO SAVE YOUR TEETH:PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY - Toxic free preventive dentistry. Chase away the "Tooth Fairy".

BHH023 13.95 HOW TO SURVIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT - A holistic guide to avoiding the risks and side effects of conventional medicine.

BHH229 19.95 HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS - An electrifying ride through the neural world inside your head.

BHH230 19.95 HOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS - Unravels the mystery and presents it through colorful, easy-to-understand illustrations.

BHF005 3.95 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE THERAPY - Used as a successful treatment for many disorders, including arthritis, cancer, and AIDS.

BHH071 25.00 HYPOTHYROIDISM:THE UNSUSPECTED ILLNESS - Low thyroid function may be responsible for headaches, repeat infections, and much more.

BHH846 12.95 I HAVE A CHOICE - A reader friendly introduction to building and strengthening the immune system.

BHH044 11.95 IMMORTAL CELL - Why are we losing the war on cancer? Why has cancer research failed to serve the public effectively?

BHH190 12.95 IMMUNE FOR LIFE:STRENGTHEN THE DOCTOR WITHIN - A powerful program of mind and body conditioning. By Arnold Fox, Md.

BHH193 10.95 IMMUNE POWER - A comprehensive healing program for HIV. By Jon D. Kaiser.

BHH160 12.95 IMMUNE POWER BOOSTERS - Carlson Wade explains what is necessary for the smooth, effective functioning of the immune system.

BHH164 3.95 IMMUNE SYSTEM - Louise Tenney explains how the immune system works and gives tips on how to strengthen it naturally.

BHH172 15.00 IMMUNE SYSTEM HANDBOOK - A thoroughvolume on how to maintain your body's immune system.

BHH166 2.95 IMMUNE SYSTEM NUTRITION FOR OPTIMAL WELLNESS - Dr. Bruce Miller explains how to improve your immune power.

BHF103 10.00 IMMUNE SYSTEM, YOUR MAGIC DOCTOR - A guide to the immune system for the curious of all ages. By Helen Garvey.


BHX011 11.95 IMMUNIZATION DECISION - A guide for parents looking for an alternative to immunizations for their young children.

BHH220 12.95 IMMUNIZATION: THEORY VS. REALITY - An expose' on vaccinations. Medicinal ploys, Gulf War Syndrome, childhood shots, and more.

BHF528 12.95 IMMUNIZATION:THE REALITY BEHIND THE MYTH - A well documented case against mass immunizations. By Walene James.

BHH248 14.95 IMMUNIZATIONS:THE PEOPLE SPEAK! - Questions, comments, and concerns about vaccinations.

BHF126 6.00 IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT CLEANSE - Alternative therapies for prevention and cure of major disease.

BHX006 8.95 INCREASE YOUR ENERGY - The science of smart living by Louis Proto.

BHH268 11.95 INNER ATHLETE: REALISING YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL - (formerly "The Warrior Athlete") by Dan Millman.

BHC274 6.95 INSTANT BABY FOOD - Using no sugar, salt, artificial flavorings, colorings, or processed food. By Linda McDonald.

BHF239 3.50 INSTANT HERBAL LOCATOR - Look up the most beneficial herbs for any purpose. By Hanna Kroeger.

BHH067 2.50 INTESTINAL GARDENING - Excerpts from the writings of Dr James Empringham.

BHH129 3.95 INTESTINAL TOXICITY & INNER CLEANSING - "Sweep Out" hostile organisms and promote intestinal health. Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

BHC770 6.95 INTRO TO MACROBIOTICS - A way of balancing one's life with nature. Easy to understand and even easier to make it work.

BHF043 7.99 IRIDOLOGY SIMPLIFIED - A basic introducion to the science and practice of iridology. By Dr. Bernard Jensen.

BHF035 14.95 IRIDOLOGY:HOW EYES REVEAL HEALTH AND PERSONALITY - Dorothy Hall tells how one's entire health picture can be diagnosed by the eyes.

BHX031 10.95 IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD - Diseases caused by silver-mercury fillings. By Hal Huggins, DDS.

BHH053 24.95 JOSLIN DIABETES GOURMET COOKBOOK - 530 creative recipes let diabetics indulge their passion for good food.

BHH269 15.00 JOURNEY INTO HEALING - Awakening the wisdom within you by Deepak Chopra.

BHC741 5.95 JUICE FASTING: HOW TO KEEP SLIM, HEALTHY, & YOUNG - Paavo Airola, Nd. tells how to fast and what juices to use.

BHH007 5.99 JUICEMAN'S POWER OF JUICING - Everything readers need to know about juicing is here, including 100 delicious recipes.

BHH034 8.00 JUICING DETOX DIET - Give yourself a kick start on the road to optimum health.

BHH648 12.95 JUICING FOR LIFE - The healthy benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing with nutritional programs to aid health problems.

BHF422 2.95 JUNK FOOD WITHDRAWAL MANUAL - Fast reading guide to the dangers of processed foods and how to make the transition to better eating.

BHH185 19.95 KEEP YOUR BREASTS - Preventing breast cancer the natural way. By Susan Moss.

BHF229 6.00 KILLING CANCER - Noted media personality Jason Winters relates his experience of total remission from terminal cancer.

BHH030 12.95 KOMBUCHA: HOW-TO AND WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT - Everything you wanted to know about the miracle tea Kombucha.

BHH197 6.95 KOMBUCHA:THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE - Christopher Hobb's concise guide to the "Miracle" Manchurian Tea Mushroom.

BHH242 7.00 LAVENDER OIL - The new guide to nature's most versatile remedy.

BHF481 5.95 LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO FASTING AND LOSING WEIGHT - Everything about fasting explained in simple terms.

BHH082 12.95 LEFT FOR DEAD - A rebellious autobiography of a man's battle with the FDA and serious heart problems. By Dick Quinn.

BHX224 5.99 LET'S GET WELL - Adelle Davis outlines ways to combat disease and illness through nutrition.

BHH043 11.95 LICK THE SUGAR HABIT - Find out how sugar upsets the body's chemistry and devastates the immune system.

BHF434 16.95 LIGHT:MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE - Summarizes the current scientific knowledge about the science of phototherapy.

BHH634 14.95 LITTLE HERB ENCYCLOPEDIEA (3rd Ed.) - Alphabetical listings reference guide for the beginning herbalist.

BHH025 6.95 LIVE FOOD JUICES - Enjoy a longer, healthier life as a benefit of drinking "live" food juice from fruits and vegetables.

BHF792 9.95 LIVING WELL NATURALLY - The macrobiotic guidelines Dr. Anthony Sattilaro used to recover from terminal cancer.

BHX090 14.95 M.A.P.: Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Michaelle Small Wright.

BHC782 9.95 MACROBIOTIC APPROACH TO CANCER (REVISED & EXPANDED) - Michio Kushi points toward a long lasting solution to the cancer problem.

BHH073 9.95 MACROBIOTIC BROWN RICE COOKBOOK - How brown rice can be used in dozens of macrobiotically acceptable recipes.

BHC778 21.00 MACROBIOTIC COOKING FOR EVERYONE - The basic principals of inexpensive and nutritious cooking.

BHC419 9.95 MACROBIOTIC WAY - A beautifully illustrated volume from the world's foremost Macrobiotic authority, Michio Kushi.

BHC482 5.95 MACROBIOTICS:INVITATION TO HEALTH & HAPPINESS - Explains the philosophical/physiological reasons for the macrobiotic lifestyle.

BHF530 3.95 MAGICAL AROMATHERAPY - A practical guide to using essential oils and scents for many healthful purposes.

BHH205 7.00 MAGNET & MAGNETIC FIELDS - The significant effects of experiments on plant, animal, and human systems with healing applications.


BHX859 10.95 MAGNETIC THERAPY: Balancing your body's energy flow for self-healing.

BHC033 4.95 MAKE YOUR JUICER YOUR DRUGSTORE - Use raw vegetable juices to cure disease. By Dr. Laura Newman.

BHH125 5.95 MASTER CLEANSER - How the "Lemonade" diet is applied to effect a complete body detox. By Stanley Burroughs.

BHH097 12.95 MEANING & MEDICINE - Lessons from a "Doctor's Tales" of breakthrough and healing. By Larry Dossey, Md.

BHH224 2.95 MEDICINAL HERBS:AQUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - The properties and specific uses of over 50 of the most popular herbs in use.

BHS008 11.95 MEDICINAL PLANTS - An authentic guide to natural remedies. Fully illustrated, in color. By Hans Fluck.

BHH068 3.95 MELATONIN REPORT - How melatonin protects your brain and body functions and it's ability for aiding sleep.

BHH017 5.99 MELATONIN: THE ANTI-AGING HORMONE - Be healthier and live longer - the natural way.

BHH187 9.95 MELATONIN:NATURE'S SLEEPING PILL - Sleep like a baby, improve your mood, have vivid dreams & more energy, and possibly live longer.

BHH189 9.95 MENOPAUSAL YEARS THE WISE WOMAN WAY - Alternative approaches for women 30 to 90 . By Susan Weed.

BHH434 16.95 MENOPAUSE SELF HELP BOOK - A woman's guide to feeling wonderful for the second half of her life. By Susan Lark.

BHH464 13.95 MENOPAUSE WITHOUT MEDICINE - Feel healthy, look younger, live longer. By L. Ojeda.

BHF008 3.00 MENTAL BIRTH CONTROL - Try this if your game.

BHS093 3.95 MILK THISTLE:THE LIVER HERB - Christopher Hobbs explains in lay terms the values of milk thistle, especially for the liver.

BHF192 5.95 MIRACLE NUTRIENT COENZYME Q10 - Find out why Q10 is considered the "miracle" nutrient.

BHX028 7.95 MIRACLE OF FASTING - For agelessness, physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. By Paul Bragg.

BHH120 3.95 MIRACLE OF GARLIC - The amazing therapeutic and health promoting properties of garlic. By Paavo Airola.

BHH167 9.95 MODERN DAY PLAGUES (REVISED) - Why are so many diseases, attributed to the breakdown of the immune system, flourishing today.

BHF037 4.95 MONEY BY THE MOUTHFUL - Robert Onara's classic on how to stay out of the dentist's chair and out of debt.

BHH062 25.00 MORE FROM THE GLUTEN FREE GOURMET - Delicious dining without wheat. Bette Hagman creates 267 more gluten-less treats.

BHH029 13.95 MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD - The history and uses of "Pascalite" an amazing healing clay rich in minerals and elements.

BHX015 9.95 MOTHER AND FATHERING - Overcoming conflict in parenting

BHH008 4.95 MUCOUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM - A complete program for cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining a healthy body.

BHC132 2.95 MUSHROOM COOKERY - a "country wisdom" booklet

BHH635 12.95 MUSIC:PHYSICIAN FOR THE TIMES TO COME - Music and sound profoundly affect body, mind, and spirit.


BHH486 15.00 NATURAL CHILDBIRTH:THE BRADLEY WAY - The best and safest approach to chidbirth that's possible.

BHH058 2.95 NATURAL HEALING FOR PARASITES - An information packed booklet on how to treat and prevent parasites.

BHH553 14.95 NATURAL HEALING WITH HERBS - The complete reference book on the use of herbs.

BHH144 12.95 NATURAL IMMUNITY:INSIGHTS ON DIET & AIDS - The elements of natural (drugless) immunity to disease.

BHH145 11.00 NATURAL REMEDIES A-Z - Practical information about the many natural remedies available.

BHF294 8.95 NATURAL SKIN CARE - Natural cosmetic treatments with chapters on diet, nutrition, and preventive health care.

BHF554 13.00 NATURE HAS A REMEDY - Bernard Jensen's "Magical Survival Kit".



BHF059 14.95 NAVAHO SYMBOLS OF HEALING - Chants, prayers and songs of many Navajo ceremonials.

BHF343 21.00 NEW AGE HERBALIST - A compendium of healthy alternatives and a guide for contemporary, natural living.

BHF060 20.00 NEW OUR BODIES OURSELVES - A book by and for women. (Boston women's health book collective).

BHH132 2.95 NEW SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT PLUS - Pycnogenol, more effective than vitamin C, reduces inflamation, improves circulation, and more.

BHS016 7.95 NO IF'S AND'S OR BUTTS - Programs, products and techniques that can break your smoking habit.

BHH065 9.95 NON TOXIC BABY - Removing harmful chemicals from your baby's life. By the Natural Choices Co.

BHC007 7.95 NOT MILK-NUT MILKS - Make super nutritious milks using nuts, seeds, and many other natural products.

BHF432 15.95 NUTRITION ALMANAC (3rd Ed.) - Practical information about vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. A best seller.

BHH194 14.95 NUTRITION AND THE MIND - The treatment of mental disorders as well as conditions commonly misdiagnosed as mental disease.

BHH020 25.00 NUTRITION FOR WOMEN:THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Elizabeth Somer helps women to look and feel their best.

BHX298 3.50 OLD TIME REMEDIES FOR MODERN AILMENTS - A classic! By Hanna Kroeger.

BHX001 8.95 ONE MINUTE OR SO HEALER - 500 quick and simple methods to heal yourself naturally. By Dana Ullman.

BHX295 7.95 ONLY DIET THERE IS - by Sondra Ray.

BHF132 15.95 OUR EARTH OUR CURE (REVISED) - A book of natural medicine for today. From the works of France's most respected natural healer.

BHF024 5.95 OWN YOUR OWN BODY - A clear, detailed view of the basics of nutrition and elements of self-healing. By Stan Malstrom.

BHH609 12.95 OXYGEN HEALING THERAPIES - Nathaniel Altman dicusses the new bio-oxidative therapies.

BHF452 15.00 OXYGEN THERAPIES - The entire spectrum of therapeutic uses of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. By Ed McCabe.

BHX033 7.95 PARASITES:AN EPIDEMIC IN DISGUISE - By Stanley Weinberger.

BHH231 5.00 PARASITES:THE ENEMY WITHIN - By Hanna Kroeger, Msd.

BHH188 8.95 PAU D'ARCO:IMMUNE POWER FROM THE RAINFOREST - A long-time folk medicine in South America used to strengthen the immune system.

BHH201 16.00 PERELANDRA MICROBIAL BALANCING PROGRAM - "Make peace not war" with viruses, fungi, bacteria & turn infectious disease on its ear

BHF166 13.00 PERFECT HEALTH - Mind/body program for total well being. By Deepak Chopra, Md.


BHX012 2.95 PICOLINATES - Non-steroidal muscle builders. A good health series booklet.

BHH227 6.99 PILL BOOK - 1500 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States are profiled.

BHS391 17.95 PLEASURE OF HERBS - How to cultivate, harvest, and preserve every kind of common garden herb for culinary or botanical needs.

BHF151 3.95 PMS BOOK - Control the symptoms of PMS through appropriate use of diet and supplements. By Carlson Wade.

BHH014 4.95 PMS, MENOPAUSE & HYSTERECTOMY - A holistic approach to caring for these common female complaints. By Kurt Donsbach.

BHH011 3.95 POCKET HANDBBOOK OF FRUIT POWER - Concise and comprehensive guide to the world of juices and how to use them. By Carlson Wade.

BHH001 10.95 POISONS IN YOUR FOOD - The dangers you face and what you can do about it. By Ruth Winter.

BHH270 6.95 POTTY TRAIN YOUR BABY - A practical guide for easier toilet training.

BHH033 12.95 POWER OF 5 - Hundreds of 5 second to 5 minute scientific shortcuts to ignite your energy, burn fat, revitalize your love life.

BHH644 9.95 POWER OF COLOR - Use color to achieve greater health, better living, and greater success.

BHF345 12.95 PRACTICAL ENCYLOPEDIA OF NATURAL HEALING - Hundreds of natural remedies from the editors of "Prevention Magazine".

BHF044 16.95 PRACTICAL HANDBOOK OF PLANT ALCHEMY - How to prepare medicinal essences, tinctures and elixers.

BHH016 9.95 PRACTICAL SCLEROLOGY, HERBOLOGY, & NUTRITION - How to use the white of the eye to diagnose the body's health.


BHH183 16.95 PRESCRIPTION FOR DIETARY WELLNESS - Foods & herbs that can prevent serious diseases and a multitude of illnesses.

BHF395 19.95 PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING - A best-selling, A to Z reference on drug-free remedies. By James F. Balch, Md.

BHH074 14.95 PREVENTING AND REVERSING OSTEOPOROSIS - breakthrough approach to successful treatment of Osteoporosis.


BHH052 4.95 PROSTATE GLAND TROUBLES - Selections from writings about various aspects of the prostate. By Dr. Shelton Tilden.

BHH051 12.00 PROSTATE PROBLEMS AND THEIR TREATMENT - This is one book that every man should read. By Jeremy Hamond.


BHH611 4.95 PYCNOGENOL:THE SUPER PROTECTOR NUTRIENT - An amazing anti-oxidant comprised of a patented blend of bio-flavonoids.


BHH239 21.95 QUESTIONING CHEMOTHERAPY - Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it necessary? By Ralph Moss, Phd.

BHF011 10.95 RAY METHODS OF HEALING - The hidden meanings of seven symbolic formulas of healing.

BHH636 9.95 READING BY THE COLORS - Overcoming Dyslexia and other reading disabilities. By Helen Irlen.

BHF416 5.50 RECALLED BY LIFE - An eminent medical doctor's story of recovery from terminal cancer. By Dr. Anthony Sattilaro.

BHC601 5.95 RECIPES FOR A SMALL PLANET COOKBOOK - Based on the principals found in "Diet For A Small Planet". By Ellen Ewald.

BHF045 12.95 REFLEX ZONE THERAPY: THERAPY OF THE FEET - A textbook for therapists. Authoritive guide for treatment.

BHF243 8.95 REFLEXOLOGY TODAY - The technique of stimulating the body's healing forces through foot massage. By Doreen Bayly.

BHX003 12.95 REIKI: THE HEALING TOUCH - First and second degree manual by William Rand.

BHH283 21.95 RESETTING THE CLOCK - Five anti-aging hormones that are improving the quality and length of life.

BHH121 10.00 REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS NATURALLY - A comprehensive look at Free Radicals, what causes them, and how to combat them.

BHH515 2.95 RINSE FORMULA - The nutritional formula that Dr. Rinse devised to restore his health after crippling Angina.

BHX022 2.95 ROYAL JELLY MIRACLE - A classic look at the use of Royal Jelly as an aid to virility and a general nutritional supplement.

BHF012 14.95 SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF HERBAL MEDICINE - The science, history, pharmacology, and clinical applications of herbal medicine.

BHH179 12.95 SECRETS FOR A NATURAL MENOPAUSE - A positive drug-free approach. By Edna Copeland Ryneveld.

BHH170 12.95 SEEING WITHOUT GLASSES - Improve your vision naturally and throw away your glasses and contacts. By Dr. Robert Kaplan.

BHH152 16.95 SELF-TREATMENT FOR AIDS:OXYGEN THERAPIES - A wealth of little known data about AIDS and AIDS therapies.

BHH637 11.95 SHARKS DON'T GET CANCER - How shark cartilage could save your life.

BHX129 5.95 SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT WATER - What kind of water is safe to drink? Learn how and why to have pure, safe water.

BHH019 9.95 SILICA, THE AMAZING GEL - Testimonials and case histories support the findings that silica gel can aid the immune system.

BHH161 12.95 SIMPLE SOYBEAN AND YOUR HEALTH - The many benefits, uses, and good tastes of soy foods.

BHX540 12.95 SMART DRUGS & NUTRIENTS - How to improve your memory and increase your intelligence. By John & Dean Ward.

BHH607 14.95 SMART DRUGS II - Improve mental performance with test proven pharmaceuticals and nutrients.

BHH064 17.95 SMART MEDICINE FOR A HEALTHIER CHILD - This is a great book! Alternative care and conventional medicine for your child.

BHH103 9.95 SMART NUTRIENTS - A guide to the nutrients that can prevent and reverse senility.

BHF516 10.95 SOLVED:THE RIDDLE OF ILLNESS - Simple ways that hyperthyroidism may be discovered and treated successfully.

BHF374 18.00 SPACE TIME AND MEDICINE - Powerful case for the deeply causative role of "mind in health".

BHF303 11.95 SPIRITUAL NUTRITION AND THE RAINBOW DIET - A way of eating that helps balance the body's subtle energy centers.

BHF302 13.95 SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES OF HERBS - Trance channeled information on over 100 Western and Chinese herbs. By Gurudas.


BHF386 2.95 STARTLING NEW FACTS ABOUT OSTEOPOROSIS - Why calcium alone does not prevent bone disease and how to select a calcium supplement.

BHH117 15.95 STAYING WELL IN A TOXIC WORLD - The poisonous substances that we inhale, contact, ingest, and the effect on our health.

BHH123 2.95 STOP HAIR LOSS - A Swedish discovery that stops hair loss and grows more - even in advanced cases of baldness.

BHH087 12.95 STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - An informative book about the modern dangers that threaten our immune systems. By G. Agell.

BHF023 14.95 STRETCH & SURRENDER - A guide to yoga, health, and relaxation for people recovering from accident or illness.

BHS337 5.95 SUGAR BLUES (DUFFY) - The health disaster created by wide-spread use of sugar, white flour, and other refined foods.

BHH104 5.95 SUPER FOODS:AMARANTH, BUCKWHEAT, QUINOA, SPELT, & TEFF - The basics of cooking these grains - with recipes.



BHH639 19.95 SURVIVAL INTO THE 21ST CENTURY - A manual of practical information for starting a path to natural living. By V. Kulvinskas.

BHS955 9.95 SURVIVE THIS DAY - A doctor's guide for these critical times. By Bernard Jensen.

BHS001 9.95 SURVIVING THE AIDS PLAGUE - The big picture behinds the AIDS plague as extensively researched by an Md.

BHH010 12.00 TASSAJARA BREAD BOOK - by Edward Brown.

BHH184 14.95 TEA FUNGUS:KOMBUCHA - The natural remedy and its significance in cases of cancer and other metabolic diseases.

BHX052 7.00 TEA TREE OIL - The new guide to one of nature's most remarkable gifts. By Julia Lawless.

BHX040 16.95 TEN ESSENTIAL HERBS - 10 very useful and common plants which are ideal for hundreds of ailments. By Lalitha Thomas.

BHH192 5.00 THE ESSIAC HANDBOOK - Canada's amazing Ojibway herbal remedy that has cured thousands of illnesses

BHH127 15.00 THE IMMUNE TRIO - Excellent book. Includes section on legally avoiding unwanted immunizations.

BHH640 12.95 THIRTY PLANTS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE - Introduces readers to the best plants for promoting wellness and soothing mind & body.

BHX380 16.00 THROUGH TIME INTO HEALING - Discovering the power of regression therapy by Brian L. Weiss.

BHH254 19.95 TIJUANA CLINICS - Alternative therapies, Hospitals and Medical Centers - Where and how to go.

BHF338 8.50 TISSUE CLEAN THROUGH BOWEL MANAGEMENT - Why preventive and corrective bowel management is the key to health. By Bernard Jensen.

BHS014 9.95 TO SAVE A CHILD - Steps that you can take to protect, nurture, and teach your children.

BHX300 12.95 TODAY'S HERBAL HEALTH (REVISED 3RD ED.) - Louise Tenney compares herbal treatments to that of prescribed medicines.

BHX045 16.95 TODAYS HEALTH ALTERNATIVE - Comprehensive research about chiropractic care from a patient's perspective.

BHX032 10.95 TOFU BOOK - The new American Cuisine. Make tofu a part of your balanced diet.

BHC788 2.95 TOFU, TEMPEH, MISO & OTHER SOY FOODS - Spectacular health benefits from the many tasty high protein soy products.

BHF435 24.95 TOUCH FOR HEALTH - The use of accupuncture, touch, and massage to improve postural balance, reduce tension, and emotional distress.


BHX311 5.95 TOXICLESS DIET AND BODY PURIFYING - Proven methods for a youthful, pain free, tireless body and total rejuvenation.

BHS189 10.95 TREASURY OF NATURAL FIRST AID - Natural remedies for everything from allergies and burns to infections and shock. By James Kusick.

BHH271 12.95 TRUTH ABOUT LYING - Why we do it, how we do it and can we live without it.

BHF408 2.95 TWELVE HEALERS AND OTHER REMEDIES - Dr. Edward Bach details a number of herbal and homeopathic remedies.

BHF065 11.95 UNMEDICAL BOOK - Natural therapies and sensible solutions to eliminate pain and suffering and reverse disease.

BHH614 14.95 UNMEDICAL MIRACLE: OXYGEN - Elizabeth Baker explains the body's various needs for oxygen and the forms in which it can be found.

BHH038 13.95 VACCINATION & IMMUNIZATION - Dangers, delusions, and alternatives. Leon Chaitow discusses facts and falacies about immunizations.

BHH641 14.95 VACCINATIONS THE REST OF THE STORY - Vaccines do not guarantee immunity. Forgoing vaccines does not guarantee safety.

BHH171 18.95 VACCINE GUIDE - Helps parents understand their options and enables them to make an informed choice.

BHH031 8.95 VACCINES, ARE THEY REALLY SAFE & EFFECTIVE - A parents guide to childhood shots. By Neil Miller.

BHH130 2.95 VEGETARIAN ALTERNATIVE (REISSUE) - How and why to stop eating meat. By Vimala McClure.

BHC286 10.95 VEGETARIAN BABY - A complete and valuable source book for vegetarian parents.

BHC147 10.95 VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES - Concentrates on the wide range of foods that diabetics can enjoy.

BHC024 12.00 VEGETARIAN LUNCH BASKET - 225 easy, nutritous recipes for the quality conscious family on the go.

BHF119 16.95 VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE - New choices for healing ourselves. Bridges the gap between science and spirituality. R. Gerber, Md.


BHH047 12.95 VISIONS OF HEALTH - Understanding iridology, the method of diagnosing health by examining the eyes. By Bernard Jensen.

BHH643 11.95 VITAL TOUCH - Japanese "Do-In" exercises for physical energy and mental relaxation.

BHH069 3.95 VITAMIN C: THE FUTURE IS NOW - C metabolites, threonate, and the power of Ester C.

BHH124 4.25 VITAMIN HERB GUIDE - Natural treatments for 150 ailments. By David Nyholt.

BHF200 6.95 VITAMINS & MINERALS:THE HEALTH CONNECTION - Understand how vitamins and minerals function and when a diet needs to be supplemented.

BHF021 11.98 WALKING THROUGH STRESS - Meditation in motion by Dick Harding.

BHF508 5.95 WAY OF HERBS (REVISED) - Michael Tierra's best-selling manual on herbal properties and therapies.

BHH241 16.95 WEB THAT HAS NO WEAVER - Understanding Chinese medicine. Explains this non-scientific but effective system of healing

BHH644 5.95 WELLNESS JUST A STATE OF MIND - An excellent, very simple and readable book concerning the mind's effect on health. By Eldon Taylor.

BHH219 12.95 WHAT ABOUT IMMUNIZATIONS? - Exposing the vaccine philosophy. A parent's guide to the vaccination decision.

BHH646 13.95 WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS - The frequency of dangerous reactions and deaths caused by DPT vaccines.

BHS353 8.95 WHEATGRASS BOOK - All the practical information one needs to grow and use wheatgrass. By Dr. Ann Wigmore.

BHH134 5.95 WHEATGRASS: NATURE'S FINEST MEDICINE - Everything you ever wanted to know about its use and benefits.


BHF141 4.95 WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAS AIDS - (including information for HIV-infected infants and children)

BS1041 14.00 WHERE THERE IS NO DENTIST - How to diagnose and treat dental problems. Companion of "Where There Is No Doctor".

BS1042 22.00 WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR - What you can do for yourself when you are far from medical help. One of our best selling books!!

BS1088 22.00 WHERE WOMEN HAVE NO DOCTOR - Self-Help Medical info developed from 30 countries and Peace Corp..

BHX020 2.95 WHY A PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT - Dr. Bruce Miller believes that the key to optimal health is adequate, high quality, complete protein.

BHH050 9.95 WHY SHOULD I EAT BETTER? - Simple answers to all of your nutritional questions. A guide to food, diets, and lifestyles.

BHS234 5.95 WHY SUFFER - Dr. Ann Wigmore presents the incredible healing powers of wheatgrass as shown by dramatic case histories.

BHF079 8.95 WISE WOMAN'S HERBAL FOR THE CHILDBEARING YEARS - Complete herbal guide for problems during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

BHH115 14.95 WOMAN'S GUIDE TO HOMEOPATHY - Safe, natural and effective remedies for women.

BHH247 14.95 WOMEN'S BODIES, WOMEN'S WISDOM - An approach to healing that allows women to control their physical & emotional health.

BHC952 4.95 WONDER FOOD SPELT - This well written book explains the history of spelt, its uses, benefits, and offers a number of recipes.

BHH261 14.95 WORLD'S BEST ANATOMICAL CHARTS - A collection of 37 medical school quality human anatomy charts.

BHF066 10.95 WU WAY - A path to natural healing by Mark Dana Mincolla.

BHF762 11.95 YEAST CONNECTION - National best-seller about Candida Albicans and its harmful effects. (Revised and Updated). By Dr. W. Crook.

BHH204 17.95 YEAST CONNECTION AND THE WOMAN - Women are particularly sensitive to yeast infections. Dr. William Crook investigates.

BHF130 5.95 YEAST SYNDROME - A comprehensive, single information source on everything known to date on Candida Albicans Syndrome.

BHF081 12.95 YOGA OF HERBS - Ayurvedic guide to herbal medicine. Written for the Western student or practitioner.

BHF543 12.00 YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE - This is a best-seller! Louise Hay offers practical steps for disolving both fears and causations of disease.

BHS170 15.00 YOU CAN LIVE! - A guide to natural health centers in America and Mexico and natural food products sources. Lindsey Williams.

BHH610 5.99 YOU CAN STOP SMOKING - A former, heavily addicted smoker shows you the easy, "smoker friendly" way to quit.

BHH605 19.95 YOUNG AGAIN:HOW TO REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS - A personal guide to ageless living. By John Thomas.

BHF456 11.95 YOUR BODY BELIEVES EVERY WORD YOU SAY - The link between mind and body and the words you speak.

BHF413 5.50 YOUR BODY DOESN'T LIE - The science of behavioral kinesiology and how to build the body's strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

BHH252 14.95 YOUR BODY'S MANY CRIES FOR WATER - You are not sick - you are thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medications.

BHF292 6.95 YOUR FACE NEVER LIES - Determine your state of health and others based upon facial features. By Michio Kushi.

BHX047 12.95 YOUR INNER PHYSICIAN AND YOU - Craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release.

BHH135 19.95 YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE - The incredible proven natural miracle cure that medical science has never revealed.

BHF175 8.95 YOUR PERSONAL VITAMIN PROFILE - Fight pain and depression, improve physical performance, and postpone aging.

BHH180 12.95 ZMILE TREATMENT:PREVENT GUM DISEASE - An easy to follow, home-care program for gum disease. Avoid gum surgery.

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