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Camping Supplies

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Outdoor Toilets, Poncho's, Flashlights, MRE's,
Knives, Hand Warmers, Wool Blankets +

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These are some of the finest and best quality tents available.
Mountain Tested

4-6 Person 10'x10’ Heavy Duty Water Proof
Deluxe Flex-Bow Walk In Canvas Tent

Hey Tall Guys, check this out!

Toll Free 1-800-321-2900


tent3drawingII.jpg - 11789 Bytes
tent1II.jpg - 16089 Bytes

The Canvas tents are made with a superior, marine-grade, 100% cotton, Hydra-Shield™ canvas. What is Hydra-Shield Canvas? It is a custom woven and treated canvas ideal for the purpose of premium tent making. It is double-fill (two threads twisted together for superior strength, durability, and a very tight weave). It has a silicone, dry-finish treatment that is watertight, breathable, and durable. It also resists mold and mildew.

What are the Benefits?

1) You will stay dry, even in a downpour! It’s okay to touch ceiling and inside walls during a rainstorm. This canvas does not leak or wick water.

2) Unlike synthetic fabrics, or canvas with a paraffin or oil-based treatment, our canvas is breathable! This allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Simply put, you are more comfortable.

3) Unlike canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatments, you should rarely, if ever have to retreat the canvas. Hydra-Shield’s silicone-based treatment is durable and very long-lasting.

4) The canvas is strong and durable. It will hold up to the elements, and long outlive tents made with inferior fabrics. 10x10 footprint with 6’6” of headroom. Steep-wall design offers comfortable stand-up walk around room even at the corners and edges.

tentdrawingII.gif - 5394 Bytes
tent-polesII.jpg - 9888 Bytes

Heavy-duty galvanized steel tube frame (1” diameter). Stands up to wind and snow (Note: Not designed for heavy accumulations of snow). Simple design with linked poles for easy, one person, set up and take down. Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) for convenient access.

Two large windows with no-see-um mesh (50D Polyester). Provides excellent airflow, natural lighting, openness, and outdoor visibility.

Large 6’6” x 6’ Awning. Offers shade, and cover for entry and window when stormy. Roll and tie it up when not wanted.

Funnel-flow vents. Designed so a gentle exterior breeze will actually funnel into the vents and force air to move through the tent. Positioned at the top to help allow heat to escape on a hot day. Zip them closed when they are not wanted.

Super-duty 16 oz vinyl floor—polyester reinforced. Helps prevent rocks or sharp twigs from piercing the tent bottom. Reduce chance of damage caused by the feet of a cot.

Two sewn-in storage pockets. Mesh allows you to see what’s inside.

14 interior tie-rings (12 ceiling, 2 floor). Use them to clip on and attach gear, lights, clotheslines.

Top-rated YKK nylon coil zippers with durable nickel sliders. #10 on doors, #8 on windows and vents. Tension pull tabs on doors to make it easier to zip shut.

Exterior guy-out points on top four corners for added security in strong winds.

Heavy-duty 12-inch steel rod stakes. The best choice even in rocky or frozen ground.

Never-lost instructions sewn into the storage bag. This tent is as easy as it gets to assemble, but this makes it even easier.

Handy strap-and-cinch storage bag makes putting the tent away a snap. No cramming or re-rolling a tent to stuff it in a small bag. Strap handles to make transport easier.

Cinch button tie-backs. Securely ties back doors, windows, and awning.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your tent has any flaw in materials or workmanship, Kodiak Canvas will make it right. This is the Deluxe Model. 4-6 Person 10'x10’ Heavy Duty Water Proof Deluxe Flex-Bow Walk In Canvas Tent.

We Love ours.

Price $545.00 +s&h. ( call for current price )

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
In the USA and Canada

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Ramster Survival Knife

ramster knife

To Order this Ramster Survival Knife on Line Click Here

This is one big yet easy to handle Survival Knife. We have personal experience with it and we love its ease of use and functionality. You want to have at least one of these in your family or group.

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
In the USA and Canada



ka-Bar knife





To Order this KaBar Knife on Line Click Here




jungle survival knife




To Order this JUNGLE SURVIVAL KIT KNIFE on Line Click Here



no rinse body wash

No Rinse Body Wash 2 oz

No rinsing is required
Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free
No alcohol means no dryness
Gentle on sensitive skin
Safe and effective perineal cleanser
Use full strength as a liquid soap

Great for clean up when water is limited.

Click Here to order No Rinse Body Wash On line

no rinse hand sanitizer

No Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitizer

No Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitizer:

Instant Foam Non- Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Safe, effective: eliminates 99.99% of common germs in 30 seconds

Antibacterial foaming formula with aloe vera; non-drying

Effective in killing C.difficile bacteria

Approx. 118 applications per 47 ml bottle

plus s&h

Click Here to order Foaming Hand Sanitizer On line

no rinse bathing whipes

No Rinse Bathing Wipes

No Rinse Bathing Wipes

Eight large premoistened aloe and lanolin enriched cloths.

Cleansing, deodorizing and moisturizing.

Leaves skin clean, refreshed and odor free.

Alcohol free 

plus s&h

Click Here to order Bathing Wipes On line

Tent-markiiII.jpg - 4288 Bytes

Mark II - Easy to pitch, storm-proof stability with ample spaciousness for three people. Seam taped. · 2 entries · 2 vestibule · additional mesh ventilation · excellent ventilation through the vestibule · excellent head room · proven wind resistant elastic fixation · very fast and easy set up · 4 storm anchoring points for extreme conditions · fire retardant. Recently tested in the Cascade Mountains in snow and rain/wind conditions.

Capacity Up to 3 person.

Weight approx. 8 + pounds ( 4.100 g ).
Fly/wp is 75D Polyester 185T PU coated 5.00mm FR.
Inner Tent is 70D Polyamid Ripstop 210T FR.
Floor/wp is 70D Polyamid 210T Premium PU coated 10.000mm FR
Stuffsack is 59X24 cm/23X9( inches
Poles - Al 7001 T6; 11mm/10,2mm
Pegs - 10
Guylines - 6

Tent Price $379.00

Tent Floor Protector Price $29.95
( suggested )

Weight 460g / 1 pound
Fabric - 70D Polyamid PU coated 5.000mm

Size - 85''Length X 65''Wide X 46''High ( '' = inches )
2 Vestibules 40'' each.

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
In the USA and Canada

TentmarkvII.jpg - 4931 Bytes

The Mark V - in a geodesic construction: offers spaciousness and extreme wind stability. Seam taped.

1 entry · 1 vestibule · additional side ventilation · proven wind resistant elastic fixation · geodesic construction with external poles · fire retardant

Capacity Up to 3 person.

Weight approx. 13.5 pounds ( 6.350 g ).
Fly/wp is 75D Polyester 185T PU coated 5.00mm FR.
Inner Tent is 70D Polyamid Ripstop 210T FR.
Floor/wp is 70D Polyamid 210T Premium PU coated 10.000mm FR
Stuffsack is 65X25 cm/65X10( inches
Poles - Al 7001 T6; 11mm
Pegs - 14
Guylines - 8

Tent Price $399.95

Tent Floor Protector Price $39.95
( suggested )

Weight 670g / 1 pound 8 oz
Fabric - 70D Polyamid PU coated 5.000mm

Size - 92''Length X 117''Wide( peak ) X 56''High ( '' = inches )
1 Vestibules 44'' each.

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
In the USA and Canada

Portable Toilet Supplies

One of the easiest and environmentally safe ways to handle human waste when regular facilities are not available is with the Restop Portable Toilet and refill supplies - Kit #3.

reststoptoiletII.jpg - 6794 Bytes

RestStopManbck.gif - 46219 Bytes

Order # 33118 - Kit # 3 $69.99 + s&h.

Includes: Commode ( bucket, soft seat & lid that seals ) and 3 daily Restroom Kits. Generally enough for 3-4 days. Refill supplies are available see Kit #1, Kit#2 below.

Kit #1 and Kit #2 will fit easily in your backpack, and are the Refill supplies needed for the Portable Commode Kit #3.

Kit # 1 is designed for liquid waste while Kit # 2 handles both liquids and solids. Both contain our exclusive blend of polymers and enzymes to instantly gel liquid and break down solid waste. Restop’s patented design prevents leakage and fully contains waste, even if the bag is dropped! What’s more, both products can be disposed of in any trash receptacle ( approved in all 50 states ) no special dumping requirements, harsh chemicals, or hassle like other portable toilets!

Order # 33116 - Kit # 1 $7.99 + s&h
per four pack: Includes 4 liquid waste bags, pack of tissue, antiseptic and hand wipe.

RestStop1a.jpg - 8955 Bytes
RestStop2.jpg - 7075 Bytes

Order # 33117 - Kit # 2 $2.99 each + s&h: Includes 1 bag for solid ( and liquid ) waste, includes tissue and antiseptic hand wipe.

Why use Restop®?

  • Restop is completely portable. A four pack of Restop 1 can be easily carried in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment, ready when you need it. And it’s lightweight—only 2.5 ounces per four pack!
  • Restop is completely spill proof. Liquid waste is turned into a odorless gel instantly on contact. And Restop’s patented one-way valve prevents leakage, even if the bag is turned upside down!
  • Restop is sanitary. Since Restop is used only by you, there’s no chance of disease or smell like a public restroom.
  • Restop is disposable. Unlike bottles or other containers, all Restop products can be disposed of legally in any normal trash container. And Restop's unique enzyme formula breaks down waste into environmentally-friendly components.


ponchoII.jpg - 13308 Bytes

This is the famous poncho you see here in the Pacific Northwest. This is a surplus item and has limited availability. We really love them. They are great for hiking because depending on how big you are they generally will cover a small back pack or day pack while keeping both of you dry.

If just sitting, the poncho will generally cover all of you making like a mini-tent around you. We have used them for years. Best to have some rain pants on under it along with your water proof boots. ( gloves, hat, etc.)

One size fits all.

Price $14.95


Meals Ready To Eat

Sure-Pack Meals

Great Food and approx. 1300 calorie count per meal for the average active person, and a variety of 12 Full Meals ( 6 menus twice)( this is our most popular full meal MRE ) per case.

One case $88.95 + s&h 48 states.
2-5 cases $78.95 each.
6-12 $78.00 each.
13 - up $73.95 + s&h. ( We can ship these most anywhere in the USA. Call or write.)

To Order Meals Ready To Eat (M.R.E.'s) on line Click Here

Get together with some friends for the best discount!


This is what an MRE's package looks like. In the plastic bag they are air tight and water tight.

12 MRE Meals

12 meals come to a case. Sold in case lots only.

MRE Sur Pack Meals in a Flexible Can

The shrinking can. MRE Sure-Pack meals are high quality foods canned in a flexible can. Most meals can be opened with just your fingers.

Luggable Loo

Luggable Loo Portable Toilet
Luggable Loo Toilet with Lid Open

This is the Luggable Loo. Similar to the Reststop above however not as soft a seat and it does not have a lid that will seal as good as the Restop lid. It comes with the famous Reststop liquid and solid waste bags. Comes with 1 bucket with lid and seat plus 3 solid and 8 liquid waste bags.Total Price is $49.90.

Order The Luggable Loo Online Now

New Catalog

SCCatCoverfront2II.jpg - 13330 Bytes
The Survival Center's new Catalog is available. 56 pages of Family Preparedness, Health, & Survival Supplies.

Many new items are available for your begining or continuing preparedness program. Included is our new Climate Changes Protection Complex listed on page 24. Our New above ground shelter is on page 21 and the New "No Cook" Food Unit on page 4. See pictures located below.

To order The Survival Center's Catalog On Line Click Here ( Free in the Store or with any order )

If you Like to Eat, Store Food That will Keep!

The "No cook" food Unit, Click here to check it out

No Cook Survival Food
Storage Shed with Hidden Fortified Shelter

1. “Basic Preparedness The 3 DVD" series (6 hours) Home Study Course and the book “Basic Preparedness” 200 pgs. Plus The Survival Center's 56 page catalog only $49.95 postage included in the USA ( save $25.45 over ordering the book separately ) ( Canada + $11.00 all other foreign + $13.00 )

Home Study Course

To Order The Complete Preparedness Home Study Course including “Basic Preparedness The 3 DVD" series (6 hours), the book "Basic Preparedness" 200 pgs. and The Survival Center's 56 page Catalog On Line

Freeze Dried Foods

Quick and Easy to Prepare. Just add water ( hot or cold ) and wait 10 minutes to eat. No Cooking is required.

MHFDF3cans.gif - 7626 Bytes

Click Here to Order Freeze Dried Foods

Head Light
for hands free operation

auroraheadlamp.jpg - 3697 Bytes
Aurora Head Lamp — LED

Water Resistant, 15 Lumens, 3xAAA batteries, Portable light designed for hands-free convenience. Adjustable head band. 3 Levels of light + 2 emergency blinking, up to 160 hours.

#30964 Price: $32.95 + s&h

Hand Warmers

hothands2.jpg - 5010 Bytes
These 2 original HotHands warmers provides up to 24 hours of 130-140° F warmth in a soft 4"x 5" pack. Air activated and environmentally safe.

Pack of 2 $1.05

Wool Blankets

blanketwool70%.jpg - 48131 Bytes

A wool blanket is a great addition to the sleeping bag on those really cold nights. Also great to add an extra layer when you are outside but not that active. Some have even cut a slot in the middle and made capes from them.

Wool Blend 70% wool, 62'' X 80'' US made. Code 30850 Price $24.95.

Click Here to Wool Blanket On Line

This is a partial list of supplies one may want for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or backpacking.

Additional gear and supplies are available in our Catalog or on line at
Survival Center Web Site Click Here

Click here to order The Survival Center Catalog On Line

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