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Stainless Steel Cook Ware

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Water Tanks

Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty
Cooking Supplies

Stainless Steel
Dishes & Utensils

Want to avoid plastic? This is the page for you!

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The Survival Center™ carries a wide selection of
Stainless Steel Items

Why do we like Stainless Steel here at The Survival Center?

1. It is not plastic.

2. Stainless Steel will last a long time.

Childs Hand

Children's Lunch Kit

3. Stainless Steel will save you time and money in the
long run by not having to replace it so often.

4. Stainless Steel cleans up easily.

5. Stainless Steel is Heavy Duty - Made to last!

6. Stainless Steel does not break if you drop it.

7. We have used some of our Stainless Steel Items
over 20 years and counting.

ss cookk set2.jpg - 16.68 K ss flat ware2.jpg - 22.78 K ss clamp set2.jpg - 11.16 K
31044 Stainless Steel G.I. Mess Kit - New $12.95
31047 Stainless Steel - 8-Piece 2-3 Person Cookset $31.95
21350 Bread Pan 8 1/2 X 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 deep Stainless Steel $10.00
21360 Cookie Sheet 12 X 14 Stainless Steel $13.95
21361 Cookie Sheet 13 X 17 Stainless Steel $19.95
21395 Grater, 6 sided 9" Stainless Steel $  9.50
21431 Pizza Pan 14" Stainless Steel $12.50
21432 Pizza Pan 16" Stainless Steel $16.50
21440 Colander, Stainless Steel $17.50
21445 Baking/Roasting Pan 11 x 16 x 2 Stainless Steel $29.95

Quality Heavy Duty Stainless Steel kitchen products really make sense. Built to last many years. Ideal for daily use and for extended emergency situtations. We use these stainless steel items for baking bread, cookies, making lasagna, pizza etc. Some items we have used over 20 years. They have a long service life. They make great gifts.

ss clamp set2.jpg - 11.16 K

Stainless Steel Air Tight / Water Tight

Containers with Rubber Seal

  • & Lock down lids ( 3 locks )

    One of the finest storage containers we have ever seen. Great for storing all kinds of things that need to be air tight

    Get yourself some of these Now while you can.

    Single Unit Size & Price
    750 ml #21355 $19.95

    Only one size left so please call your order in now.

    48 states US Funds

    Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900

    pressure cooker stainless steel

    Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

    Pressure cookers are an ideal kitchen accessory for preparing flavorful and healthful foods in record time with little or no fat. CHEF'SDESIGN® Pressure Cookers are premium models crafted of the finest 18/10 stainless steel for durability, safety and ease of cleaning.

    The bottoms are made with an aluminum/steel "sandwich" for superior heat conductivity. Finished with an attractive mirror-like finish, these pressure cookers work equally well on gas, traditional electric, ceramic electric and induction stove tops. Includes a tempered glass cover that converts the cooker to a traditional sauce pan. Ten year limited warranty.


    The safe, fast, economical way to healthy cooking
    • Cooks rice in five minutes – four times faster than normal
    • Faster cooking means up to 40% energy savings
    • Healthy, fat-free cooking
    • Two valves for regular and high pressure cooking
    • Cooks vegetables, fruits, meats, sauces, stews, soups and more in record time
    • Includes stainless steel steamer basket and trivet/stand

    Superior quality, heavy stainless steel with mirror finish
    • Aluminum/stainless bottom conducts heat evenly without hot spots
    • Easy clean-up

    Attractive, functional safe design
    • Integral handles for safe and easy use
    • Cookers can be used as regular sauce pans with included tempered glass cover
    • Included steamer basket elevates food above the cooking liquid for steaming. Trivet/stand elevates food off the bottom. Works especially well for preparing fresh vegetables, fruit or fish
    • 10-year warranty
    • Long trouble free life
    • Over 75 recipes included in bilingual instruction manual

    • 7 1⁄4" deep, 9 3⁄8" diameter
    • 18.4cm deep, 23.8cm diameter
    • 8.5 liter / 9 qt. capacity

    *Note: Please check to ensure you have sufficient space above your stove before ordering. (Canner is not recommended for glass, ceramic or induction stoves top - it does not have a flat bottom.)

    To Order The 9 Qt. Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers on line click here


    pressure canner

    Pressure Canner

    Only ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Canner/Cookers feature an exclusive, precision machined "metal-to-metal" sealing system. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base, forming a steam-tight seal. Since the seal does not use a gasket, the cover can be easily opened and closed.

    ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Canner/Cookers make it easy to can fish, meat, vegetables and fruits - it's the only method the USDA recommends for low-acid foods. All models feature a readable pressure guage for accurate pressure control and an easy-to-read, 8.5 x 11" Instruction and Recipe Book. **We do not recommend cooking beans, lentils, etc. in our pressure cooker.  **ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Cooker/Canners are NOT suitable for glass/flat top ranges and are for home use only.

    Will Can approx. 7 Quarts and 19 pints. Number may vary.


    • Sturdy Bakelite top handle
    • Easy-to-read geared steam guage
    • 5, 10 and 15 pound pressure regulator weight
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean satin finish
    • Easy on-off cover
    • Exclusive metal-to-metal seal - no gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean
    • Positive action clamping wing nuts permit easy opening and closing
    • Double thickness edges for additional protection on these points of heaviest wear
    • Automatic overpressure release

    To Order The 925 Pressure Canner on line click here

    Pasta Maker2.jpg - 18.12 K

    Pasta Maker

    Hand Operated

    Mostly Stainlesss Steel

    Will make everything from spaghetti,
    lasagna to fettuccine, tagliolini and more.

    #21270 $ 57.95 + s&h

    To Order The Hand Operated Pasta Maker on line click here

    Stainless Steel Baking Pan

    Ideal for roasting meat, baking lasagna and cakes.

    Heavy gauge stainless steel.

    Size: 11'' x 16'' x 2''

    Order Code# 31675 $ 24.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Baking Pan on line click here

    Order Toll Free at 1-800-321-2900

    In a real emergency you could use this Stainless Steel Pan to drain your crank case oil, build a small fire in or transport something or clean some small parts or use to transport other small items.

    WARNING: However, remember once you put non - food items in your Stainless Steel food containers, then never use for food again to avoid cross contamination and other nasty unhealthy, untasty things. ( Can you just see it on the evening news! Andy Rooney would have a field day. )

    Gotta Have Some of These

    Stainless Steel Cookie Sheet

    Stainless Steel Baking/Cookie sheet

      Easy Too Clean
      High Quality
      Heavy Duty
      Reflective Backside ( see below )
      Last for years
      Many other uses ( see tips throughout )

    Ideal for rolls, cookies, pizza, cinnamon sticks,
    biscotti, brownies, toffee and fudge

    This is one of our favorite stainless steel cooking items. We use it not only for cookies, but anything we need to put in the oven that needs a tray to sit on like some casseroles, or toasted cheese sandwiches etc.

    Stainless Steel is Very Versatile and Essential for any active kitchen.

    The back side of this stainless steel cookie sheet makes an excellent reflective signaling devise.
    ( Reflect the sun across mountain ranges, well almost. Signal the crew to come home quick for those hot cookies. Sure beats smoke signals. Smoke signals are confusing. Is it cookies or chores?

    I mean you know how much more environmentally friendly stainless steel cookies sheets are over an old smoky signal fire - right? Can you just see it on the evening news! )

    Another great use of these heavy duty Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets is that you could cut them up in an emergency to repair your Mellienum Falcon if you got stranded on some far out planet in a galaxy far, far away. Or, more down to earth you could repair the old transport, car or what have you that may need repair. The Stainless Steel Cookie sheets you can cut, bend and weld to make just the repair you may need.

    11.5'' x 14.5'' Order #21360 $13.95 + s&h

    To Order The 11.5'' x 14.5'' Cookie sheet on line click here

    12.5'' x 16.5'' Order #21361 $19.95 + s&h

    To Order The 12.5'' x 16.5'' Cookie sheet on line click here

    And if you can, try to order several Stainless Steel Cooking items at one time to help save on your shipping and make it a tad easier on the 'pack your order' department. Thanks. They will be so happy!

    Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks

    When you want the very best

    500 Gallon Non UL, Stainless Steel, Above Ground, On Cradles.

    Dimensions: 45'' Diameter x 73'' long, 11 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

    Includes: 5 x 2'' Stainless Steel Half Coupling and 1 x 8'' Stainless Steel Hatch. No Paint, Single Wall Construction.

    tankss1000.jpg - 14338 Bytes

    Order 500 Gal SS Tank # 31650 Call for price + s&h.

    To Order The 500 gallon Stainless Steel Water tank on line click here

    1000 Gallon Non UL, Stainless Steel, Above Ground, On Cradles.

    Dimensions: 64'' Diameter x 73'' long, 10 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

    Includes: 5 x 2'' Stainless Steel Half Coupling and 1 x 8'' Stainless

    Steel Hatch. No Paint, Single Wall Construction.

    Order 1000 Gal SS Tank # 31610 Call for price + s&h

    To Order The 1,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Tank on line click here

    Order 2500 Gal SS Tank # 31625 Call for price + s&h

    To Order The 2,500 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Tank on line click here

    Stainless Steel Cup Plate Bowl
    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Plate, Bowl, Cup

    Great for any lunch or outing. Packs easily and clean up is quick.



    Order code # 31500 $21.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Plate, Bowl, Cup on line click here

    Stainless Steel Funnel

    Great for canning and all you funnel needs


    Order Code# 31503 $7.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Funnel on line click here

    Pizza Steel Cutter

    Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

    We love ours. Works great.

    Order Code # 31504 $12.95 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter on line click here

    Stainless Steel Fork and Spatula

    Use for salad or bar-b-cue, grilling

    Order Code # 31505 $12.95 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Fork and Spatula on line click here


    Stainless Steel Small Pitcher

    Cream, Sauces, Gravy, Milk. 4 cups

    Nice balance and handles well


    Order Code #31506 $18.95 + s&h


    To Order The Stainless Steel Small Pitcher on line click here

    Stainless Steel

    Whistling Tea Kettle


    ( Looks good on a fence post to )

    Order Code #31397 $32.95 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Tea Kettle on line click here

    Stainless Steel Utensil set

    Fork, Knife, Spoon

    They all clip together for compact storage

    Will fit easily into your back pack or mess kit bag. Easy to clean. The knife has serrated edges for smooth cutting. Notice the bottle cap opener on the knife.

    Order #31690 $5.95 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Utensil Set on line click here

    Stainless Steel Clamp on Lid Container

    3 clamps hold the lid on secure

    Casketed lid keeps items sealed until you need them.

    One of the most popular food storage container in our house. We really use ours alot. In daily use for lunches, travel, camping or to keep food sealed and fresh in the refrigerator. Extends the shelf life of many foods.

  • K E E P   I T   F R E S H !

    These air and watertight food storage containers are constructed from high-quality sanitary grade #304 stainless steel - the material of choice among the food processing, dairy and brewery industries.

    Sauces, stews, yogurt . . . tote any kind of messy food around without the risk of leakage. Perfect for storing leftovers and then bringing them to work as lunch. Our convenient size will fit a child’s lunchbox.

    Lightweight and durable, handy and safe - what more could you want!

    CARE Dishwasher-safe. The bottoms are re-heatable on the stove-top or in the oven.

    Because the lid has a silicone seal, we recommend not washing this part of the container in the dishwasher nor re-heating it in the oven.

    Order #21355 $19.95 + s&h

    To Order The Air Tight Container on line click here

    Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes


    These layered stainless steel lunch boxes have been used for generations in Asia to transport various types of food to school or to work. Each compartment can be reheated separately or used as a bowl.

    These Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes work well for carrying salads, pasta, sandwiches, fruit - anything as long as the content is not too liquidy (unless you make sure it doesn’t tip over).

    Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

    This mini Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes is an especially cute little lunchbox that school kids will love toting around.

    These Lunch Boxes are made of high-quality sanitary grade #304 stainless steel.
    6 1/4'' x 4'' dia..


    Dishwasher, stove-top and oven safe.

    Order #31692 $15.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Lunch Box on line click here

    Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers and Lunch Box on the Go


    Do away with plastic containers and rest assured that your food is contaminant-free with these #304 grade stainless steel alternatives. They are lightweight yet durable.

    Re-heat your food on the stovetop using the “Round Tote” with its convenient fold-out handle and high quality pot.

    The oval containers, 16 cm in size, also can be used to heat up a meal in the oven or toaster oven*. An ideal size and shape for use as lunch boxes to carry sandwiches and other items.

    They are not airtight. Made of high-quality sanitary grade #304 stainless steel. 2 1/2 in. h. x 4 3/4 in. dia.


    Dishwasher safe, stove-top and oven safe.

    *(Note: Oval containers must be handled with the proper hand protection when heated).

    Order #31695$12.95+s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Food Storage Container and Lunch Box on the Go on line click here

    Stainless Steel Pitcher
    with Lid

    We looked high and low for this stainless steel pitcher. A lid does come in handy. Keeps them big flying critters out of your juice, especially in the summer.

    Note it has a baffel near the pour spout. This will help keep ice and larger things like fruit slices from pouring out.

    Order #31700 $27.95+s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Pitcher with Lid on line click here

    Stainless Steel Vented Sauce Pan

    with see through lid

    This is one heavy duty pan. Made to last. We have been using ours for years.

    The lid has straining holes on two sides.

    Crafted from the finest 18/10 polished stainless steel, with an exclusive brushed satin finished exterior.

    The multi layered stainless steel base ensures superb heat conductivity for rapid, even cooking. Ideal for slow cooking.

    Wide comfortable welded loop handles add balance and handling ease. Your hands are kept a safe distance away from the pot while pouring hot liquids. 6.75''/17cm diameter.

    All in One, Strain, Pour, and Serve. Ideal for simmering sauces, soups, hot cereals, pasta and vegetables.

    Order #31705 $31.95 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Vented Sauce Pan with see through lid on line click here

    Stainless Steel Pizza Pan

    Baster not included


    Heavy Gauge Professional Quality Construction

    Easy To Clean

    Stainless Steel is recyclable

    2 Sizes: 14 inch and 16 inch

    To Order The 14 inch Stainless Steel Pizza Pan on line click here

    To Order The 16 inch Stainless Steel Pizza Pan on line click here

    Stainless Steel Bread/Loaf Pan

    4.5 x 8.5 inches

    Heavy Duty

    Made to Last, Easy to Clean

    Order # 21350 $10.00 +s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Bread Pan on line click here

    Stainless Steel Shaker

    We love ours. We use them for herbs, spices, garlic, cayenne etc.

    18/10 Stainless Steel

    Easily turn to desired hole size or to tightlyt seal for freshness

    Fill with your favorite spieces, dried herbs, sugars, and candy sprinkles

    1 cup/240ml capacity

    3-Way Adjustable Shaker

    Large holes 1/4'' (6mm) Perfect for coconut, crushed pepper, dried herbs, and "jimmies".

    Medium holes 1/8'' (4mm) Perfect for sprinkles and spices.

    Small Holes 1/16'' (2mm) Great for flour, sugars, cinnamon, and spices.

    Order #31708 $8.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Shaker on line click here

    Lid up

    Stainless Steel Stove Top Popper

    Lid closed

    Large 6-Quart Capacity

    Heavy Three-Ply Pan Botton for Even Heat Distrubution

    Enjoy theater-Style Popcorn at Home!

    Durable Stainless Steel construction is made to last for years.

    Lid vents produce dry popcorn at optimum temperature.

    Hinged lid panels for ease in adding ingredients & dispensing.

    Pin & clamp lid securely attaches to pan.

    Stay-Cool wood handles and long-life metal gears.

    Stainless-Steel stir paddle keeps popcorn moving during popping.

    Stainless Steel Stir Paddle
    Still lookin good on a fence post

    Order #31710 $59.95 + s&h

    To Order The Stainless Steel Pop Corn Popper on line click here

    Chromed Steel Cooling Rack

    19'' x 13''

    How much can one say about a cooling rack?

    We use our extensively for all kinds of cooling uses, not just baked goods.

    Order # 31685 $6.95 + s&h

    To Order The Chromed Steel Cooling Rack on line click here

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    "Basic Preparedness" the preparedness book, an American Classic, and Now "Basic Preparedness" The 3 DVD Home Study Course takes you inside the " Secret " Why's and the How-To of Being Prepared To Be On Your Own for Extended Periods of Time.

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    5.   Food Storage
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    7.   Water, Water Storage, Water Filters
    8.   Home Canning
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