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This is the information you want to have before, during and after you have taken the 3 DVD and Book Preparedness Home Study Course.

This is where you find out about some of the latest developments in survival and preparedness news, world events that shape our way of thinking, why we want to be prepared, and how we go about doing it.

How much food to store, the best water filter, the latest in medical kits, underground shelters and much more.

We will talk about How Crazy we think it is going to get and what you can do about it.

The Survival Center has a vast wealth of information combined with almost 4 decades of research, knowledge and most importantly Experience.

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Things are Changing Radically here on Planet Earth.

Are You Ready?

This is where we lay out the background of why things are so screwed up these days and what you can do about it. In just 5 short initial e-mails you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

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It is about the Future - Yours!

It’s about foreseeable disasters, looming social unrest, insider information (secrets you need to know); earth changes that are happening ever more frequently, and what you need to know – and do – to stay out of harm’s way.

It’s called the “Future Times and Trends" because if you know the Future, would you do things differently?

"No Beans" - "No Bull"

"No Holds Barred"

This is the Short Cut to being prepared. This valuable resource will save you heaps of time and money.

It’s a newsletter that is written and published by experts in the field of Survival and Preparedness. And it has been created by popular demand. The Details are Here, Not in the Freebie!

The Survival Center did a BIG survey (1000's responded) and we found that people like you do not trust what passes for “news” and “information” in the mainstream media.

Actually, this newsletter is free when you factor in all the perodic specials you will receive as a subscriber to this awesome behind the scenes newsletter.

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New" Basic Preparedness"
The 3 DVD
& Book Home Study Course

"Basic Preparedness" the preparedness book, an American Classic, and Now "Basic Preparedness" The 3 DVD Home Study Course takes you inside the " Secret " Why's and the How-To of Being Prepared To Be On Your Own for Extended Periods of Time.

Why is This Home Study Course so important? Because it saves you valuable time and money. We have taken the guess work out of being prepared.

If you are really, really, really serious about being prepared for what ever may come your way, and want to be prepared to be on your own for extended periods of time, then this 3 DVD series and the book “Basic Preparedness” is a must have. This is One of a Kind.

Learn How-To Be Prepared if you may be layed off or loose your employment. Learn How-To make sure you and your family can eat and cover some of the basic necessities ahead of time.

"This is the one thing you want to have to help you get ready" T.S. Oly. Wa.

This 3 DVD & book Preparedness Home Study Course is a 6 hour overview of the Why’s and How-To's of getting Prepared. It was filmed before a live class. Only One of its kind!

You have to Want to be Prepared for what ever may come your way and you have to Want to Survive. “Basic Preparedness” The 3 DVD & book Home Study Course is 12 sections plus an addendum and a Mini tour through the Survival Center Store.

Click Here to Listen! Basic Preparedness DVD and Book Set

Click above and Be Sure to turn your sound on for "Uncle Richard" on Preparedness

The book “Basic preparedness” is used as the text book for the Class.

The DVD Chapters are:

1.   Introduction
2.   Children
3.   Bird Flu & Pandemics
4.   General Preparedness
5.   Food Storage
6.   Grain Mills
7.   Water, Water Storage, Water Filters
8.   Home Canning
9.   Medical - Kits & Supplies
10. Mini Field Trip
11. Self Defense
12. Shelters, Above & Below Ground
Mini Tour through The Survival Center’s Store

How To Order

1. “Basic Preparedness The 3 DVD" (6 hours) Preparedness Home Study Course and the book “Basic Preparedness” 200 pgs. Plus The Survival Center's 56 page catalog only $49.95 postage included in the USA ( save $25.45 over ordering the book separately ) ( Canada + $12.00 all other foreign + $14.00 )

To Order The Complete Home Study Course including “Basic Preparedness The 3 DVD" series (6 hours), the book "Basic Preparedness" 200 pgs. and The Survival Center's 56 page Catalog On Line Click Here.

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