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Food Storage Calculator

Use the following calculator, courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to figure the minimum food storage amounts for your family. The amounts are based on the recommendations listed in the Church's Home Production and Storage manual. These are only recommendations. You will need to determine what you should store for your family.

Family Members, Ages 7+
Family Members, Ages 0-6

Your family will need:
Wheat lbs
Flour lbs
Corn Meal lbs
Oats lbs
Rice lbs
Pasta lbs
Total Grains lbs

Fats and Oils
Shortening lbs
Vegtable Oil gal
Mayonaise qts
Salad Dressing qts
Peanut Butter lbs
Total Fats lbs

Beans, dry lbs
Lima Beans lbs
Soy Beans lbs
Split Peas lbs
Lentils lbs
Dry Soup Mix lbs
Total Legumes lbs
Honey lbs
Sugar lbs
Brown Sugar lbs
Molasses lbs
Corn Syrup lbs
Jams lbs
Fruit Drink, powdered lbs
Flavored Gelatin lbs
Total Sugars lbs

Dry Milk lbs
Evaporated Milk cans
Other lbs
Total Dairy lbs

Cooking Essentials
Baking Powder lbs
Baking Soda lbs
Yeast lbs
Salt lbs
Vinegar gal

Water gal
Bleach gal


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