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The Water Key

The Water Key provides quality information to help you choose from the cleanest and healthiest water solutions available. Whether you’re looking for water filtration systems, purification systems, enhanced water, eco-friendly water bottles, test kits; or water-related books CD’s and DVD’s, there’s something for everyone at!


Texas Broadcasting.Net

We are in a time in our history where we need to take into our own hands the responsibility to seek out truth. Texas Broadcasting's number one goal is just that...seeking out the truth. And though we all may not agree on certain issues,


We must unite like never before to protect our freedoms. By tabling our differences and coming together we will take our country back from this ever growing government and their attempt to take over.

We are all aware of the forces trying to suppress our voice. Over-coming these forces will require us to identify their attempts, and react with great strength of character. Do not allow the divisionary tactics to deter us from the task at hand.



Beyond The Ordinary Internet Radio

Here you will find... Guests who truly are Beyond the Ordinary and subjects that include cutting edge science, ancient wisdom, and always practical knowledge & information.  Neurology, biology, preparedness & sustainability, art, music, & much more.  Enjoy 9 years of Archived shows, two 24/7 Streams, independent artists' music,  plus...  teachings from Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

It's a virtual river of currents that will take you from our preparedness series ( with frequent guest "Uncle Richard" ) in a changing world to quantum physics. Listeners say it's a life changing "gold mine!"  It's all about you, for you!
       Welcome!    Your hosts, Nancy & Elena


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