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Grain Mills

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To make flour from grains.

A grain mill is used to make flour from grain and is indispensable in a well rounded food storage program that contains grain (wheat, oats, corn etc.). We carry several popular mills. Most of these mills we have used over the years to test their ease of use and reliability.

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Super Grain Mill
clm04.jpg - 21.05 K

The Country Living Mill

Made to Last for Generations

Our most popular mill

Made in the USA, this mill comes with a 20 year warranty and utilizes specially designed steel grinding plates. It runs on industrial ball bearings which should supply a life time of service. It is easy to clean and has an infinite amount of adjustments for fineness or coarseness of flour. It is easy to turn by hand, but can be motorized or attached to an exercise bike for ears of operation. The mill flywheel has a V-belt groove in it for motorized operation.

In order to process a variety of grains, nuts and beans the Country Living Mill has an optional Nut & Bean Auger. This auger has wider grooves in it to allow for larger nuts and beans to be processed through the mill. If the plates become clogged while making nut butters, they are easy to remove and clean.

The Country Living Mill requires 30% less energy to grind all grains, beans and seeds into fine flour. It is an attractive mill that blends nicely into any kitchen decor. An optional ceramic flour bin is also available to catch the flour as it is ground.

Order The Country Living Grain Mill From The Survival Center's Secure Online Store

clminside.gif 11.89 K

The Country Living Mill is without a doubt the most rugged manual grinder on the market today. It is the only grinder that uses ball-bearings that I am aware of. Most use brass bushings. Many of the other grinders have only one large bushing type bearing. The Country Living Mill has two sealed ball bearings spaced far apart to increases the stability of the drive shaft and reduces bearing strain. It also turns easier saving your energy.

clminside2.jpg 8.12 K

The photo to the right shows what the grinder looks like when the threaded adjustment knob, the rotating burr, the drive key and grain auger have been removed. The grinder must be broken down to this point to install the bean and corn auger. If you wished, you could now pull the drive shaft out of the mill from the crank side. You can see that this grinder is very easy to take apart and clean.

clminside3.jpg 5.01 K

The Keys: ( see red arrow on the left ) If you are using the large auger, there are three keys that must be installed for the grinder to operate. The standard auger set-up only requires two keys. The purpose of the keys are to lock the different rotating parts of the grinder to the drive shaft so they all turn as one unit. There's a key locking the pulley wheel to the drive shaft, another to lock the nut, bean and corn auger to the drive shaft if installed, and on the end of the grinder, a third key to lock the rotating burr of the grinder to the drive shaft.

The keys are quite small and are easily lost. When taking the grinder apart, be mindful of the keys. And before any disassembly, clean your work area. More than one key has been lost in a bowl of wheat or flour. This is especially true for those who do not know to keep an 'eye out', as the key can quite unnoticeably fall out of the groove in the drive shaft during disassembly, then get lost in whatever floury mess you have at the base of the grinder. For many folks, the first indication there's something wrong is when they reassemble their grinder, and the rotating burr doesn't turn when they crank the handle. By this time, the key may very well be long gone. Be careful with the keys. The grinder won't work without them. ( may we suggest having some spares & tape them to the side of the mill )

Order The Country Living Grain Mill From The Survival Center's Secure Online Store

clminside4.jpg 9.68 K

Parts of the Country Living Mill Grinding Mechanism

A. The Fixed Burr or Plate. Held into position by three screws.

B. The Rotating Burr or Plate

C. The Threaded Coarseness Adjustment Knob

D. The Grain Auger

E. The Key

F. Three or Four Washers.

Steps To Installation  

clminside2.jpg 8.12 K

1. Install the stationary plate or burr with the three screws. This requires a 5/32 Allen wrench. Don't tighten them too tightly. Snug is enough- as the housing is made out of aluminum.

2. Slide one or two washers over the stainless steel shaft so that they touch the inside bearing. (See the illustration at right).  If you have difficulty putting the short key (E) into place in step 4, remove one of these washers.

clmadjknob.jpg 8.26 K

3. Slide the grain auger spring over the drive shaft and push it into the feed housing until it bottoms out at the end.

4. Install the drive key into the slot of the drive shaft. (See photo above left)

5. Slide the rotating burr onto the drive shaft ensuring the key way on the burr slides over the key in the groove of the shaft.

6. Install 2 washers on the shaft.

7. Screw the threaded coarseness adjustment knob onto the drive shaft and screw it down until the two burrs are almost touching.

8. For operating instructions, see the owner's manual.

After you've done it once you'll realize that this isn't too difficult.  It isn't necessary to take the grinder apart and clean it after every use.  A little flour residue in the feed chamber and between the plates isn't going to hurt a thing, especially if you are frequently grinding grain. It is suggested that you give your grinder a thorough clean-up maybe once a year.


The Video to the Left will show you how to change the Corn and Bean Auger.







Order # 21236 Country Living Grain Mill   Regular $429.00

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Country Living Grain Mill & Accessories + s&h
21236 Country Living Grain Mill Special Sale Price $ 429.00
21239 Optional SS Corn & Bean Auger $39.95
21240 Optional Flour Bin $29.95
21242 Optional Power Bar - for easier tuning $25.95
21247 Optional Motor Kit $385.00
21243 Mill & Motor Special $745.00
21246 Just-in-Case Mill Repair Kit $29.95

Order Country Living Accessories Online

Mill Repair Kit Includes 2 replacement bearings, proper size bolt, nut, 2 custom-cut washers to match bearings while pressing, 12 standard washers, stainless steel spring auger, snap ring, 2 long keys, and 2 short keys. (and instructions).

Motorizing the Country Living Mill is easy to do. Our motor kit is German made, with a special gear reduction motor attached to a birch base. It also comes with a safety guard to hide the pulley wheels and belt. All you have to do is bolt your Country Living Mill to the mount, attach the belt and belt guard and it's ready to go. Just like the Country Living Mill, the motorization kit is built to last for many years. With this kit, your mill turns at about 50 rpm to insure a cool grind for all your flours. 

The motorization kit is available for $395.00 + shipping and handling. Order Motorization Kit Online From The Survival Center

clmmotor2.jpg - 10.40 Kclmmotorkit.jpg - 10.42 K

Above, you'll see our motorization kit with and without the safety guard.  As long as you have electricity this is a wonderful way to grind your flour.  It's very quiet (you can actually have a conversation standing next to it), and the grind is very cool.  At Country Living Mill we've had our motorization kit on the Mill for over four years, and ground flour for friends, neighbors, and a large extended family.  There has been minimal wear on the grinding plates, and the motor has performed flawlessly.  In short, we love it. 

Hand Grain Mill

When making homemade flours, meals and cereals use the Hand Grain Mill.  This energy efficient Mill has zero power consumption and is perfect for emergency preparedness.  Get yours today!

hand grain mill

The Hand Grain Mill is an essential tool for any kitchen.  The compact design and convenient, 2" wide clamp base make storage easy and set up a snap.  The stainless steel grinding burrs will grind any type of non-oily seed or grain and turn it into a quality ground product.  All our Grain Mills come with an adjustment knob to give you the freedom to grind as coarse or as fine as you need. Whether you need fine flour for breads and pastries or coarse cracked grains for cereal, this Grain Mill can do the job.

● A simple, compact, hand crank mill
● Grind wheat, rice, oats, barley, non-oily seeds, and spices
● Holds  up to 2 cups of grain
● Stainless steel grinding cone is adjustable from course to fine with the simple twist of a knob
● Wider clamp base allows for a secure grip on thicker counter tops (up to 2-inches)


To Order This Hand Grain Mill On Line Please Click Here


Disclaimer and Caution: 

Full Liability And Responsibility For Complying To All Federal, State and Local Safety Standards Is Assumed By Any Person Or Persons Who Modify Or Motorize The Country Living Mill In Any Way.

Motorized mills should be operated by adults only.

Note: All belts and pulleys not driven by hand should be enclosed.

Motorizing your Country Living Mill invalidates the warranty. However, correctly done, a motorized Country Living Mill should still last for many years under normal use before the bearings or burrs wear out.

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