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MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane

Disclaimer: Leaves For Healing makes no claims regarding any of it's products. Any medical concerns should be discussed with your physician.

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MSM Testimonials

Reprinted with permission

The following letter is one Mr. Williams has sent out to his customers and friends. We thought it was very interesting.

Hi - This is Lindsey Williams.

You may know me by way of a Radio Talk Show or you have my book or video tape, or a mutual friend suggested you listen to my information.

For many years I have looked the world over for natural methods of healing the body of all diseases. Because of this, I have authored six books and have lectured in many countries of the world. I believe it is God's will for us to be healthy and to live to be at least 120 years of age.

The reason for this letter is to let you know what I personally believe is the greatest healing substance to be discovered in our lifetime.

This substance is MSM. It is now a patented food supplement for human use and was just introduced into America publicly. It has worked wonders in my body. My digestive system was gone. I suffered with colon and lower bowel troubles for years - They are now healed. I am over 70 now and after two months the wrinkles around my eyes are gone. My wife says my skin tone and color have improved dramatically. Arthritis - Allergies - Parasitic infections - Gastrointestinal upset - constipation - Muscle soreness and cramps - Brittle and soft Fingernails can be a thing of the past. (For references see Dr. Earl Mindell's new book, "The MSM Miracle".) I have never worn glasses but for the past year I could not read the fine print. I am as sexually active as I was in my twenties because MSM has cleaned out my blood vessels which allows everything to operate as it should. (If you have any questions about what I am saying, just ask my beautiful wife.) Because MSM works at the cellular level, it can take care of so many different things.

I know all of this sounds too good to be true but the Lord said in the Bible that He gave the leaves and bitter herbs for the healing of the nations. This is what this modern miracle is. I urge you to try it. It is not expensive. It can work wonders in your body. It is all natural. According to the U.S. patents, it has no side effects and you cannot overdose. I began with 1/2 tsp. twice daily and now have worked up to 8 to 9 tsp. daily. Needles to say, I will be taking it from now on.

We can be healed of all disease. There is no need for us to suffer. By God's providence He has allowed me to find modern day NATURAL wonders - miracles for us to be well.

Enclosed is a brochure on MSM and also information on where and how to get MSM.

For better health, I urge you to phone 1-800-321-2900.

The best of health to you,

Lindsey Williams


My name is Lisa and I have bad problems with allergies. Whenever pollen is in the air, I will sneeze and wheeze uncontrollably. I started taking the MSM twice daily and in a few days my allergies were under control. I still take the MSM and my allergies just don't seem to bother me anymore.

Here's how it works: An allergic reaction is simply your body's reaction to something foreign in your system. These foreign proteins and free radicals invade your body and cause reactions and problems. Your body responds with a sneeze, wheeze, swollen, puffy eyes, etc. When you take MSM, your cells become more permeable, enabling your body to quickly wash out any foreign particles in your system. Every twelve hours your body is designed to flush each cell of any unwanted debris. When your diet is deficient, the cell walls become hard and stiff and this hinders fluid flow through the cell walls. MSM softens the cell walls, allowing foreign proteins and free radicals to be washed out of your system. If enough MSM is taken, all of the foreign particles can be flushed from your system and your allergies will no longer occur.

My name is George and I live in the Northwest. My wife was 72 years old and I could not communicate with her. She would get lost going from room to room and would forget why she was going there. I cooked, washed, bathed and put her to bed every day for 6 years. Then I met Bill Rich and he told me about MSM, and how it could help. I gave her 2 heaping teaspoons full of MSM every day for two weeks. I had her soak in a tub with warm water and 3/4 cup of Clorox for 20 minutes twice a week. It leeched the aluminum out of her system. In less than a month, she was up cleaning the house, communicating and going shopping. I and my wife cannot thank Bill Rich enough for providing us with MSM which got her mind back in order. We are now living again thanks to MSM - It really works! Here's how it works: The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells, intricately connected with each other like electrons in a electrical circuit. When you think - you send electrical impulses throughout your brain. Alzheimer's disease is a condition where the brain is coated with aluminum, causing it to short circuit and sends brain impulses to the wrong synapse creating confusion. MSM opens the membrane that contains the aluminum, and allows the unwanted deposits to be flushed into the blood stream. The hot bath with Clorox makes the body sweat and release the aluminum. Then the Clorox leeches it right off your body.

My name is George, I had lots of itching, burning and skin cracking between my toes. I heard about MSM lotion and used a little dab between each toe twice a week. The itchy-burnt feeling went away and my skin stopped cracking and healed up nicely. I have been using it once a week ever since and have not had any sign of athlete's foot since.

Here is how it works: MSM lotion is made of all natural products: almonds, apricots, aloe vera, jojoba, calendula, melleluka, and MSM. Almonds, apricots, aloe vera and jojoba softens and moistens your skin for about three hours and does not leave a greasy film. Calendula and mellaluka kills fungus that develops around fingernails as well as athletes foot and ringworm. When taking MSM orally, the body distributes MSM where it needs nutrition most; applying the lotion allows you to concentrate MSM in the areas where you want the most benefits. The MSM lotion is ideal for skin care and maintenance, bringing softness and elasticity to your skin care needs.

Your body is creating new cells 24 hours a day. You have white corpuscles running around in your body eating things up like a little pacman. To protect that new cell from the white corpuscle, your body puts a negative charged protein layer around the new cell, and because the white corpuscle is also a negative charged element, they repel each other.
Each cell contains the complete encyclopedia or DNA of your whole body. If you have a computer and they give 2 manuals 3 inches thick, you'd never learn to use the computer. But if I tell you to read pages 10 through 15, you will learn how to use your computer. When your body needs a cell, at the last minute it decides if it needs a kidney, eye, or fingernail cell. The body then tells the cell what pages of the DNA to read and when it takes the place of a dying cell, it begins to function. Once in a while a cell gets old that hasn't been programmed, your body then puts out an enzyme that dissolves the protein layer and a white corpuscle gets recycles it. If a unprogramed cell gets away and replaces a dying cell, it can't be replaced until it dies. But it doesn’t know what to do, because it doesn't know which pages of the DNA to read. One cell here and there doesn’t hurt you, but if half your kidney is unprogramed cells your going to die of kidney failure. Doctors call it a tumor and their answer is to cut out the tumor and throw it away. Well if they cut your arm off and throw it away the body cannot rebuild it. Sew the arm back on and the body will do everything possible to rebuild it, even make new nerves and blood vessels to save the arm. If the body can get a bad cell to die and a good programmed cell to replace it, you go into remission. Doctors often use radiation and chemotherapy to kill bad cells. The only problem is those treatments cannot tell the good cells from the bad cells and tears up your whole system. Layatrell, which is a food, has a cyanide molecule and two sugar molecules. In a healthy area of your body, you put out an enzyme that changes the cyanide to a food and the cells are very happy with it. In a cancerous area, that enzyme is not available so the cancer cells gobble up the cyanide intact and it kills the cell. So layatrell is very fussy as to which cells it kills. The only problem is, with chemotherapy, radiation, or layatrell some people go into remission and some people do not. Some people don't do anything and they get a remission. Killing bad cells is treating the symptoms and not the cause. If you get rid of bad cell, and replace it with another bad cell your treading water and you can't win. You have to work on the other end, where your creating nothing but good, healthy programmed cells. Then it doesn’t matter why the old cell dies, you are in remission. That is where getting the glands to put out the right hormones and enzymes are very important so the body will heal itself.



Dr. John J. in the Northwest area is one of the foremost experts on Candida. So far for the last nine years MSM has been his #1 weapon against it. We have a natural bacteria, acidophilus, in our stomach that digests our food. We also have a yeast that lives in our colon called Candida that keeps bad bacteria out, which lives on the food created by acidopholus. When you take antibiotics, it kills the bad AND THE GOOD bacteria. Your pH then gets out of balance, and the Candida gets hungry and starts spreading. When it gets in the vagina, women have yeast infections. When the tongue gets a white coating that is Candida yeast. When it gets in the ears and the eyes, they change the name and call it thrush. When it gets in the blood stream, they call it chronic fatigue, "an incurable disease". There is no such thing or we would have all died 6000 years ago.

Food for thought: When a doctor tells you, you have 6 months to live, what he is saying is: "everyone who has these symptoms, always seems to . . . die!" Now, don't you want a second opinion? After all, this is just his "opinion". Well, I want a second opinion! One that gives me forty years more to live! I'm paying for answers and solutions, not dead ends.

When you digest the food and it goes into the bloodstream, the Candida steals it. So you don't assimilate your nutrition, the glands don't get their vitamins and minerals so you develop allergies to foods, pollens and fragrances. You also don't have any energy because the Candida is a living organism and digests food like you do and puts out toxins, like you do that are floating in your blood stream. When those toxins are added to your toxins, it can simulate 80 different diseases that you don't have. When it simulates strep throat, the doctor gives you an antibiotic and kills the acidopholus, keeping the pH out of balance. It then simulates pneumonia, . . . the doctor gives you more antibiotics and it then simulates sinus infection. Every three or four weeks, you have a cold or flu and you feel terrible. This becomes a vicious, painful, and costly cycle.

Candida is a living yeast and can turn any bread you eat into blood alcohol. Blood alcohol is a blood sugar. When the body has adjusted to a high blood sugar content and it suddenly drops, you go into a mood swing like a diabetic and feel terrible. So, you crave bread, cookies, or alcohol to kick up the blood sugar. This is why bars have so much pretzels, breadsticks and popcorn for their patrons ... it makes them feel good. When they're driving in a car they always have cookies, soda pop and candy at hand or when they're watching TV they surround themselves with junk food.

If you want to see if someone has a Candida yeast infection, lay out a corn curl, potato chip, or cookie. When you turn away, it's gone. Of couse this a joke and not to be taken seriously. Hunger may be the reason for stealing your potato chip.

When you take MSM your pH goes normal. Candida can not live in your body when your pH is normal-except in the colon where it belongs, so the Candida dies out. This is how MSM cures people of Candida. Just that simple. Becareful, you may start doing strange things. You may go looking for fresh fruit stands. When you find fruit-ripe off the tree, you want to inhale them.

note: The last couple days before harvesting is when fruit is riping, the starches turn to sugar flavor and nutrition. If it ripened too soon, the bugs would eat it and the fruit would never mature. Think about it. If the bugs don't want it, why should you? That is why one tomato ripened on the vine does not satisfy. When they pick fruit before it is ripe, usually still green, they may keep it up to 6 months before you see it. You can play ping pong with it and not dent it. Then, they gas the fruit and that turns it red. You put it on a sandwich and bite into it, . . . you think you just bit into a piece of cardboard. This is not nutrition. This is filler. Your full but have not provided your body with nutrition. Your body craves the food right off the plant ... THAT IS nutrition.

Candida can turn any bread in your diet into blood alcohol. Blood alcohol is a blood sugar. When this happens, the body readjusts itself for a high blood sugar content and you suddenly drop into a mood swing and you feel terrible. Some people can actually eat 4 or 5 pieces of bread and get drunk. The bars have lots of pretzels and breadsticks because it satisfies Candida’s craving for bread and keeps the blood sugar content high. If enough MSM is taken the pH becomes normal and Candida can't live anywhere accept in the colon where it belongs. MSM makes it possible for an alcoholic to come down off the alcohol without any of the withdrawal side effects.



My name is Sylvia, I have had diabetes for several years. It was hard to control-either to much sugar or not enough. After 3 months and 800 grahams of MSM powder, I am self regulating my sugar levels. I am so grateful I stayed with it for the full 3 months. I now take a full teaspoon a day, to feel good.

Here’s how it works: The cells in the body have become rigid and non-permeable. The insulin carries the blood sugar to your cells but do not become absorbed because the cell walls are not permeable and prevent all the blood sugar to penetrate the cell walls. The pancreas works to hard and fast to compensate for the deficiency, but becomes injured and stops working correctly. The blood sugars that are not being used saturate the blood stream, creating a high level of blood sugar. By taking MSM regularly your cells become permeable and the pancreas begins to be repaired. The blood sugars are now being absorbed by through cell walls and the body becomes healthier. After a few months on MSM, the pancreas should become self regulating, balancing your sugar levels.



My name is Betty, I had Diverticulosis. I took two heaping teaspoonfuls of MSM twice daily (morning and night). The pain went away and I did not have to go to the doctor. I will continue to use MSM as I do not want to see my doctor again, and God knows I love him.

Here's how it works: MSM is an anti-parasite. Hook worms, tape worms, and pin worms hang on to the pockets in the colon. MSM fills in the pockets and leaves a natural Teflon like coating that they can't cling on to. As the worms hatch they flush out, preventing Diverticulosis and constipation.



My name is John and I live in the Northwest. I worked in the shipyards as a welder down in the hull and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I got what doctors call emphazima, I was coughing and hurting most the time. I started taking MSM powder and after a year I have strong lungs that allow me to breath easily. The MSM made it possible for me to contimue on with my work and my life.

Here's how it works: Emphazima is not caused by smoking. Dogs get it, horses get it, and they never smoke. But the smoking burns the tissues in the lungs so that the cells are dying faster than the body is able to replace the new cells. Think of it in terms of making cement: one guy brings water, one guy brings sand, and the another guy brings the cement. You have what you need to make cement, but the guy bringing the cement keeps taking a break because his feet hurt. The final mixture or product you have is adobe and not cement. When cells are dying in a hurry and your not giving your body enough building materials, you start losing the flexibility in the lungs and they tear. If this happens to often, and you still don't provide the necessary building materials, you start to build a type of scar tissue. MSM gives your body the building materials it needs to make good flexible cells and strong lungs, with the ability to expand and contract freely. It also helps sore and tired feet.

"20 Minute Hangover"


My name is Kathleen, I was very sick with a bad hangover, a fun night out ended with a crash. I heard about MSM and how it flushes alcohol and other toxins out of your system and decided to try it. I took two tablespoons and in about 20 minutes I felt fine, the hangover crashed and burned, not me.

Here's how it works: When you drink alcohol it gets into your cells and is trapped disallowing oxygen to get in. The cells die of oxygen starvation, causing you to feel ill. MSM makes the cell walls permeable so that the alcohol can be flushed out, along with other toxins, and oxygen can get in. Your body will begin to feel better and the hangover will be gone in a very short time (approximately 20 minutes).

"Chronic Headaches"


My name is Dr. JoAnn C. and I live in the Southwest. Once a week I either had a headache or was continuously building up to or recovering from a headache. I started taking MSM twice daily and have done so for the past six months. I have not had a headache since I started.

Here's how it works: MSM helps to make the cell walls more permeable which increases circulation. By increasing circulation there is less build up of pressure and in effect less pain. Taking the MSM regularly will help maintain good circulation and low pressure.



Dr. Hannon W. was a hypoglycemic and was afraid she was going to lose her big toe through gangrene. She takes MSM daily and feels better. The last time we heard from her she had nearly forgotten all about the toe not because it was gone but because it quit hurting and was completely healed after a few days on the MSM.

Here's how it works: The cells in the body have become rigid and non-permeable. Their is too much insulin carrying blood sugars to your cells. The blood sugars do not get used because the cell walls are not permeable and the cells do not absorb the blood sugar. Their is more insulin than blood sugars in the blood stream, so the body believes it needs more sugars and it does. You then have low blood sugars and have a low or bad mood swing. By taking MSM regularly your cells become permeable. The blood sugars are now being absorb by the cells and the body becomes healthier. After a few months on MSM the pancreas should be producing insulin at a normal rate.

"Muscle Soreness and Lactic Acid"


My name is Jack, I work out every day in the gym. Ordinarily I get sore muscles after I work out. I use MSM powder in large amounts (3 heaping tablespoons full) before I work out and my muscles do not get sore any.

Here's how it works: The MSM disallows the crystallization and build up of lactic acid. The MSM flushes the lactic acid out, along with all the other bad toxins in your system. By taking large amounts of MSM, more toxins that cause soreness are flushed out of your system.

"Pain and Inflammation"


My name is Bob, I am a martial arts instructor. Because I over extended my joints while training, I had bad inflammation in my knees. I took two heaping teaspoons full of MSM powder. Literally in a few hours I had tremendous relief of the pain. After continuing to take two teaspoonful twice a day (morning and evening) over a short period of time, the swelling in my knees went down and I could see my knee caps again. Because of the MSM I have mobility, agility, and feel much better.

Here's how it works: MSM works on pain. Think of a cell as a balloon full of water but instead of rubber it's protein. When the protein is tough the water pressure inside the cell can become much greater than the water pressure outside the cell, and this causes inflammation or inflating of the cell. This is where most pain comes from. Aspirin shuts the nerve off but the cell is still damaged. MSM effects the protein so that the water freely flows through the cell wall, taking toxins out and getting more nutrition in. That is why a person with emphysema and asthma experience immediate relief. The cells flexibility enables more oxygen and nutrition to get inside the cell.



My name is Joan and I used to have cramps and nausea every month. I started taking MSM powder two times a day. One heaping teaspoonful in the morning and in the night for two months. Now I do not have the cramps and nausea any more. I take one teaspoonful a day, and I feel good.

Here's how it works: MSM helps the glands maintain a normal level of production. The normal level of enzymes, acids, and hormones, allows the body to go in and out of the cycle smoothly eliminating the cramps, headaches and nausea that come with the monthly cycle.

"Scar Tissue"


My name is Bill Rich, the way I got introduced to MSM was back in 1970 when I was in an auto accident. The seat belt would not release and the engine caught on fire, trapping me in the car and cooking me for twenty minutes. I was charcoal from my arm pit down to below my knee and was never was unconscious. For seventeen years, I cried at night trying to sleep because the scared tissue and adhesions hurt to much. The pain would not allow me to walk, maybe for about a total of 1 block a day without hurting real bad. Eleven years ago a veterinarian introduced me to the nutritional sulfur (MSM). Three days later I could out march my troops, I am a 60 year old sergeant in the Oregon State Defense Force. Later I got reports that our lotion with MSM made scar tissue go away, so I rubbed it into my burn area. That entire portion of my body was flat, purple in color, and was covered by 65 feet of grafting marks. By using the lotion I was able to concentrate the MSM in the areas that weren't getting enough. The collagen grew in along with new blood vessels and I turned round in shape, pink in color, and now I am down from 65 feet of grafting marks to about 3 inches, and those have nearly faded out. The MSM has made it possible for me to do all that I do today. And if you know me, you know I hardly ever stop, I just slow down.

"Snake and Spider Bites"


My name is Susan and I was bit by a brown recluse spider on my foot. Normally the brown recluse is deadly because the venom rots your skin until you get an infection and die. My husband took a handful of the MSM powder and held it in his hand over the bite area while I was soaking my food in water. The MSM being extremely water soluble dissolved into the skin around and in the bite. Within 5 minutes the pain was gone and within 15 minutes the swelling was gone. MSM worked almost immediately and successfully saved my life.

Back east the MSM is used as an anti-venom. When a snake bites a horse or a dog they cannot tell you what king of snake did it and if the wrong anti-venom is used to treat it, the animal will be killed. Instead they super saturate distilled water with MSM and inject it into a few places around the bite. It locks up the foreign proteins and flushes them out.



My name is Florence, I live in the Deep South and we have lots of sunshine. I sunburn easily so I used MSM lotion with all that good stuff in it and found that it was the best sunburn lotion on the market. It stopped the burning and stinging almost immediately and I found that it can prevent blistering and scar tissue.

Here's how it works: The aloe vera takes the stinging and burn (the heat) out of the area. The MSM helped to make all of the new cells flexible and permeable. This allowed the skin to stretch with movement and prevented blistering by flushing the toxins an other fluids regularly.



My name is Hamond, I had ulcers off and on for several years until I found the MSM powder. I take one teaspoonful twice a day, morning and night, and my ulcers were gone after only 3 weeks. I now take one teaspoon a day and have not had any ulcers since.

Here's how it works: Your amino acids area all sulfur bonders, without the sulfur they are not complete.; When they build a gland the gland puts out hormones and enzymes, that work as thermostats for chemical production in your body. Without the sulfur the glands do not work right they produce too much stomach acids and you get ulcers. Tagament covers up symptoms, normally after three days on the MSM your off the tagament and after thirty days you can eat a Mexican dinner with jalepenos.

"Veins, Lungs, Arteries"


My name is Bertha and I live in the Northwest. I raise horses and love them. Horses are famous for coughing blood out of their noses when they race because they breathe so hard their lungs rupture. I give my horses MSM regularly and that has eliminated that problem so they can breath freely and their lungs do not rupture. MSM and vitamin C together do what they can't do separately, they rebuild the collagen around the veins and arteries so they become stronger. The MSM makes the cells more flexible so they can expand and contract with greater ease. MSM also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing much more oxygen in with less work.

"Water Retention Due to Weak Kidneys"


    My name is Mr. J. and my kidneys were not working right and caused by legs to retain water. My legs were swollen so badly that I was unable to fit in my shoes. I was introduced to MSM and began taking two teaspoons daily (a.m. - p.m.). Within a few days my kidneys began working right and the swelling was reduced to normal. Because of this I know MSM really works!!

    Here's how it works: The kidneys start slowing down due to some bad cells. The MSM gives the body the building blocks it needs to make good cells. The bad cells are replaced by good ones so the kidneys start working again. By fixing the kidney, the body will cure itself of the water retention and the problem is solved.

    "Withdrawal Symptoms"


      My name is Jerry, and I had a drug addiction. I used MSM to help me quit. I was told if I loaded my system with MSM, it would reduce my headaches, cramps, convulsions, and nausea. So I tried it, and took 3 tbs. in the morning and 3 at night every day. My withdrawals were not that because the MSM helped to break down and flush out the drugs, that had crystallized in my body. I believe MSM helped me to kick a bad habit and is the reason why there was no edge when I went through withdrawals.


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