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SUN OVEN3.jpg - 5.89 K
SUN OVEN OPEN2.gif - 24.27 K


Cook With The Sun*

All Year Round


Sun Oven Closed Measures 19'' x 19'' Weighs 21#

Sun Ovens are a proven high efficient method to use the sun as a great non-pollution way to cook your food and Cheap to operate!

  • Cooks Any Kind of Food with the Power of the Sun - No Fuel Needed!
  • Reaches temperatures of 360-400°F
  • Totally Safe - No Danger of Fire !
  • Used Daily in 126 Countries Around the World
  • Ruggedly Built for Years of Trouble Free Use!
  • As Portable as a Small Suitcase!

Order # 22473 Reg. $325.00 our Special Price is only $299.00 + s&h 48 states US Funds

Click here to Order The Sun Oven On Line Now

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900

* Requires direct sun light

And The Solar Powered Generating Plant


solar panels
solar inverter survivalcenter









Solar Powered Battery Bank with Generator Backup

Totally Energy Self-Contained Stand Alone system.

Everything is included.


underground generator room
underground battery bank survival center

Massive underground battery storage for the power you generate from the sun, or you can recharge them from the built-in generator.

Your choice.


Just like the WWII Submarines only we use SOLAR!

You can be totally energy independent with your own Solar Power/Backup Generator power generating system. This one we use in our Utility Underground Shelter.

This is a stand alone Solar Powered System and does not require an

Underground Shelter to use it. Starting at $22,500 + s&h.

Call us NOW and get yours on order


SoftSqueez.gif - 53.77 K

The Soft Squeeze

Hand Pump
Ultra-Bright & Long Lasting
LED Flashlight

"Squeeze and See"

No Batteries Required

  • A Soft Squeeze is all you need!
  • Last 25x Pump Time & Stores for Immediate or Later Use
  • Pump 10 Seconds for up to 5 Minutes of Light
  • Pump 1 Minute for up to 15 Minutes of Light
  • LED Life up to 50,000 hours
  • Give one of these to your cranky friends for something to do!


Environmentally Friendly
No Batteries Needed to Buy or Throw Away
Powered by a Sturdy Mini-Generator by Simply Squeezing the Handle
Balance Wheel Construction for Even Squeeze
Clear Shatterproof Lens
Bright Beam-Long Lasting Triple LED
Shock Proof ( Velvet Feel ) Case
Easy Carring Nylon Handle
Length 6"
Weight 5.2 oz. each
Optional Adapter Available








Order # 22610 $25.95 + s&h

Special sale price only $19.95 + s&h
Two or more only $15.95 each + s&h . The Adapter is available at Radio shack. It is 9 volt.

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Solar Powered ShortWave

Multi Band AM/FM Radio

007.jpg - 39.57 K

New Technology - Solar Powered

Short Wave Radio + AM/FM

4 Ways to Power This Unit

  • Solar Power
  • Hand Crank Dynamo Generator ( built in) rechargeable battery
  • 3 "AA" NiCad rechargeable batteries
  • Optional AC/DC Adapter or Vehicle power plug

This portable multi-band radio lets you listen to the radio, short wave foreign broadcast, VHF television audio, National Weather Service and commercial aircraft transmission. Its portable design means you can use it anywhere you go, indoors or out, at work or play.

Its features include:

  • 1. Power/Tuning Indicator - indicates that the power is on or off and the desired tuning frequency
  • 2. Low Battery Indicator - indicates that the rechargeable battery is low and needs recharging
  • 3. Solar Cells - allows for solar power recharging of internal battery
  • 4. Dynamo - allows for dynamo power recharging by hand crank
  • 5. Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) - allows you to listen to drift-free FM reception with reduced sound distortion
  • 6. Telescoping Antenna - for good FM and TV, SW, AIR & WX Audio reception
  • 7. Earphone Jack - allows private listening
  • 8. Carrying Handle - provides a convenient way to carry your radio
  • 9. Power Requirements - you can power your radio from three AA rechargeable batteries (NiCad Batteries), standard AC power with AC/DC adapter) or vehicle power with adapter cord
  • 10. Power Recharging Choices - A. Solar Power Recharging, B. Dynamo Power Recharging, C. AC Power Recharging adapter), D. Vehicle Power Recharging
    Included with the Solar Powered ShortWave - AM/FM Radio:
  • 1. Supersonic Earplugs
  • 2. 110 Volt AC/DC Adapter (UL Approved)
  • 3. 12 Volt Car Charging Cable

Set of 3 "AA" NiCad Rechargeable Batteries do not come with unit, but can be ordered separately.

Code # 22482 $89.95 + s&h

Order Solar Powered Short Wave Radio Online

Special sale Price only $69.95 + s&h

US Funds

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900

Normal color is black/gray. All sales final.

FM Stereo /AM/SW/SSB Dual Conversion Synthesized World Receiver




radioKA1102.jpg - 58365 Bytes

Code # 22600 $99.95+ s&h

US Funds

To Order This Short Wave Radio On Line Click Here

  • Order Toll Free USA & Canada 1-800-321-2900

    Normal color is black/gray. All sales final.

  • FM:70.0-108.0 MHz ( Step 10K/50K/100K Hz)
  • MW:522-1710 MHz ( Step 1K/9K/10K Hz)
  • SW:3.00-29.99 MHz (Step 1K/5K Hz)
  • 190 MEMORY PRESETS ( Dynamic memory on 19 Pages)
  • Auto scan and memory (ATS), Start page preset
  • Radio actual size: 143 X 88 X 28.50 mm

Be Electrically Independent

Protect yourself, your family and / or your business from costly and disrupting utility outages. You can purchase security against these disruptions. We have designed practical options for power outage protection, from simple back-up power systems, grid tie in systems (which means if you generate more electric than you need the meter goes backwards if not it goes forward) to stand-alone solar electric power generating systems that will protect you from black outs. Systems that give you protection against short term power outages to systems that are not dependent on utility power at all, generating electricity from solar electric modules.

Solar Electric Power for Independent Living

Residential solar electric power systems offer an excellent alternative for people who are looking for back-up power or stand-alone power systems. Solar electric systems are ideal for those who choose to live beyond the reach of conventional electric power. Solar electric power is clean, affordable and requires very little maintenance. More than 50,000 families in the U.S. have chosen solar power for their electric systems. Throughout the world, many thousands of people depend on solar electricity as their primary source of power.
solarschool.jpg - 5.35 K

If you choose to live more than a third of a mile from power, photovoltaics can be a cost effective alternative for you. When you factor in the cost of line extensions and monthly electric bills, solar electricity is often the preferred alternative. Other options are wind, hydro, or gas generators, or some combination of the above.

Over the past 20 years, residential solar electric systems have been installed in every climate. As the solar industry has grown, modules have become more efficient and affordable, and the accessory equipment even more reliable. Our Kyocera solar electric modules have a 25 year warranty and have no moving parts and need little or no maintenance.

Choosing the solar electric system that is right for you can be challenging. Let us help assist you in that decision. At The Survival Center we will do our best to help you in the design and installation of a solar power generating system to reach your goal of becoming more energy independant. While a solar power generating system appears to be some what expensive up front, keep in mind that you are building your own electric generating system with a long life payback from 25-50 years. But, ahh the peace of mind. What an excellent investment in your future.


solar2xmodule.jpg - 9.27 K

Solar Electric Modules

( Solar Electric Panels)

solar2xmodule.jpg - 9.27 K

KC120 - 120 Watts $ 729.95 + s&h

SolarKC120.gif - 20.35 K

* Vmp: 16.9, Imp: 7.1, Voc: 21.5, Isc: 7.45
H 56.1 in. x W 25.7 x D 1.4 in. / 26.2 lbs.
(142.5 cm x 65.2 cm x 3.6 cm / 11.9 kg)

KC80 - 80 Watts $ 489.00 + s&h

* Vmp: 16.9, Imp: 4.73, Voc: 21.5, Isc: 4.97
H 38.4 in. x W 25.7 x D 1.4 in. / 21.2 lbs.
(97.6 cm x 65.2 cm x 3.6 cm / 9.6 kg)

KC60 - 60 Watts $ 378.00 + s&h

* Vmp: 16.9, Imp: 3.55, Voc: 21.5, Isc: 3.73

SolarKC80.gif - 18.75 K

H 29.6 in. x W 25.7 x D 1.4 in. / 17.2 lbs.
(75.1 cm x 65.2cm x 3.6 cm / 7.8 kg)

KC40 - 40 Watts $276.00 + s&h

* Vmp: 16.9, Imp: 2.34, Voc: 21.5, Isc: 2.48
H 20.7 in. x W 25.7 x D 1.4 in. / 13.2 lbs.
(52.6 cm x 65.2 cm x 3.6 cm / 6.0 kg)

KC35 - 35 Watts $242.00

* Vmp: 15.0, Imp: 2.33, Voc: 18.8, Isc: 2.5
H 18.5 in. x W 25.7 x D 1.4 in. / 10.6 lbs.
(47.1 cm x 65.2cm x 3.6 cm / 4.8 kg)
Self-regulating - in most cases, no other regulation needed.

Other sizes - styles available. Call or e-mail your requirements.

Custom systems available.
* Notes: Vmp = Maximum Power Voltage, Imp = Maximum Power Current, Voc = Open circuit Voltage
Isc = Short Circuit Current

All these systems are Custom Designed to meet your requirements. Please know what your energy needs are when sending in a request.


All systems shipped freight prepaid - which means you pay for the shipping up front so all items come prepaid to you.

solarcellpakcontainer.jpg - 4.04 K

Containerized Remote or in your back yard
Solar Generating Plant or

Your own Power Plant to Replace
local utility power

Can be set up on site up in hours vs days for regular equipment and is
totally self contained. No generators or fuel needed.
(Backup Generator Can be included)

The Container-Mount Solar Power Electric Generating Plant makes use of a low cost, high-strength steel container. By design, this allows for pre-assembly of all components for shipment in one compact package. The container becomes the mounting base for the solar arrays and provides a safe and secure environment for all site electronics. Can be shipped most anywhere in the world.

Our Container-Mount Solar Power Electric Generating Plant systems are self-contained photovoltic solar-electric power systems designed to provide continuous reliable power in remote or isolated locations when utility power is either unavailable or unreliable. You could also replace your local power company with your own solar power generating plant. In a remote application this give you power for construction, cellular phone systems, satellite downlinks, microwave and any other telecommunication, construction or operational requirements. At home you just replaced the local utility company. Units start at $125,000.00 & up.

The Container-Mount Solar Power Electric Generating Plants utilize high-efficiency solar electric modules to charge long-life, deep cycle batteries. The batteries provide steady, clean power to the load with sufficient storage capacity for all of your power requirements night, day or during periods of inclement weather.

The most often asked question is "Can I do this or Can we do that with Solar?'' Generally, the answer is Yes! Remember you are limited by only two things: 1. Your imagination 2. Your ability to pay for it.

Yes, we can become electrically independent. We can do it as a family, group of families or businesses.

Happy Electric Power Generating

Call "Clyde" Toll Free at 1-800-321-2900 or e-mail us

All these systems are Custom Designed to meet your requirements. Please know what your energy needs are when sending in a request.


Solar Battery Charger

SolarBattChM.jpg - 27.32 K

Universal Solar battery charger. Use the sun to charge your AA, C,and D size nicad rechargeable batteries. A solar panel is built into the lid to capture maximum sunlight.

# 22479 - $39.95 + s&h

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
or e-mail us

Rechargeable Batteries

Sun Tap Super Batt.jpg - 3.06 K

Nickel Cadmium. Never throw batteries (or your money) away again. Use our high performance rechargables. These are the most reliable and long-life Nicad batteries we've seen.

  • # 22466 AA  $ 3.95 each
  • # 22467 C  &nbsp $ 7.10 each
  • # 22468 D &nbsp $10.85 each

New! Non-Memory Rechargeable Batteries

Charge lasts 2-3 times Longer

  • #22487 AA Batteries $ 5.95 2,000 ma - reg. 500 2.5 x more
  • #22488 C Batteries $ 9.95 3,300 ma - reg. 1000 3.3 x more
  • #22489 D Batteries $12.95 5,500 ma - reg. 1500 3.6 x more

Solar & Dynamo POWERED!!!
AM/FM Radio with 10 Channel WEATHER Band
& Flashlight/Lantern w/Siren & LED Flashers

Sun Tap - Our best Hand Crank, Solar Powered Flashlight AM/FM Radio

SunTap.gif - 10.85 K

          Tap into ~FREE~ sun light: Talk about alternative energy sources.  This baby gets its power five--count'em, five different ways.  The solar panel on the top of the handle is always charging (even in just indoor room lights).  The solar power provides the main source of energy.  But should you leave it in a dark closet for a couple of years, you can plug it into an outlet, hook it up to your cigarette lighter, pop in a couple of batteries (only as a last resort because The Sun Tap Combo uses --"Never Need Batteries Again!" technology), or best of all just wind its crank a few times and you're in business.
          The Combo stores this power in an internal non-memory energy cell for immediate or later use.  This non-memory energy cell is unlike regular  or  rechargeable  Ni-Cad  batteries, which  have  a  memory.    This  cell  doesn't  have  to  be  fully  discharged  before it is recharged, giving it a much much longer life.  So The Sun Tap Combo is always recharging--even indoors.
          What does The Combo do with all that power? It operates a flashlight which can be turned into a room-light-flooding lantern (just pull out the outer  rim  around  the  lamp), as well as an  AM/FM  radio  with  a  10-channel  Weather  Band.  It even  has a siren and red LED flashers for emergencies.  All of which makes The Sun Tap Combo an incredibly dependable tool for camping, fishing, hunting, any indoor or outdoor sports, emergencies or blackouts.  It's also environmentally friendly--it helps reduce the piles of dead batteries in our nation's landfills.

SunTap $59.95 + s&h.

Curved Solar Panel Charges Faster

Super Bright Beam
-Replaceable Bulb

All Weather Attractive Case

360o 3-D Telescoping Swivel Antenna

Hi~Fi Speaker for Crisp Quality Sound

Low Power Consumption

Self-Contained  wiith the Built-In Solar Panel
& Hand Crank

New Intella-Auto Switching System

Red LED Low Power & Green LED Power Charging Indicators

Frequency Range 88 -108 MHz {FM}
                          525-1620 KHz {AM}
                 10 Channel Weather Band

Color ~ Classic Metallic Black

Dimensions 4.25" x 4.75" x 9.25"

Weight 25ozs + Bonus Items 10ozs

Alternative Energy Books


BED005 21.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS ALTERNATOR BOOK- Get to know your alternator, it could save your battery's life.

BED004 26.50 12 VOLT DOCTORS PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE BOAT'S ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - Not just for marine, but any 12 volt system.

BED009 16.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS PROJECT BOOK - Some nice projects to streamline your electrical system.

BED003 16.00 12 VOLT DOCTORS TROUBLESHOOTER BOOK - Learn how to correct any electrical problem in your 12 volt system.

BED062 7.95 547 WAYS TO BE FUEL SMART - Every tip will pay off in lower fuel bills and more comfortable living. BSX004 21.95 ALCOHOL DISTILLERS HANDBOOK - How to make your own alternative fuel.

BED002 10.00 BATTERY BOOK FOR YOUR PHOTOVOLTAIC HOME - How to maintain and care for the heart of your photovoltaic system.

BED035 9.95 COOKING WITH THE SUN - Shows you How To harness the sun's energy in preparing food. Detailed plans & illustrations.

BED063 12.00 CREATING ENERGY - Solar energy series #3. How to use the sun to generate power.

BED008 14.95 ENERGY SAVING HOUSE DESIGN HANDBOOK - Your super guide to earth sheltering, solar heating, and thermal construction.

BED061 4.95 FUEL SAVERS - A kit of solar ideas for your home, apartment, or business.

BED036 13.95 HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY AND LIKE IT - The title says it all. Lots of ideas on how to do it.

BED026 19.95 INDEPENDENT ENERGY GUIDE - Electrical power for home, boat, and RV. Helps plan the ideal independent power system.

BED010 19.95 INDEPENDENT HOME - Living well with power from the sun, wind, and water. By Michael Potts.

BED001 25.00 LIVING ON 12 VOLTS with AMPLE POWER - A must book for anyone interested in alternative energy systems.

BED028 19.95 MANAGING 12 VOLTS - How to upgrade, operate and troubleshoot 12 volt electrical systems.

BED025 9.95 MORE POWER TO YOU - Diesel powered home energy systems.

BED037 24.95 MORTGAGE FREE! - Radical Strategies for Home Ownership. A banker's worst nightmare, tells you how to live without them.

BED029 24.95 PASSIVE SOLAR ENERGY - How to heat and cool using free solar energy. Design guide and suggestions.

BED033 12.00 PRACTICAL SUN POWER - Solar energy series #3. Parabolic reflectors, solar oven, water heater etc.


BED045 19.95 RENEWABLES ARE READY - A How-To guide to renewable energy technologies. Union of concerned scientists.

BED044 18.00 RESIDENTIAL HYDRO POWER BOOK - Complete How-To manual for DC residential hydroelectric systems.

BED014 18.95 R.V.'ers GUIDE TO SOLAR BATTERY CHARGING - A better way to charge batteries than with a noisy, high maintenance generator.

BED016 8.95 SOLAR COOKING - Harness the sun's power to cook your food. Shows you how to make your own solar cooker

BED042 16.95 SOLAR ELECTRIC INDEPENDENT HOME BOOK - Written by experts who actually use solar energy on a daily basis.

BED017 5.00 SOLAR ELECTRIC CATALOG. - This is the place to get your alternative energy supplies.

BED020 30.00 SOLAR LIVING SOURCEBOOK (8th Ed.) - The complete guide to living "off the grid" and in tune with mother earth.

BED034 12.00 SOLAR ENERGY NOTEBOOK - Solar energy series #2. Solar house, and water heating.

BED012 24.95 THE PASSIVE SOLAR HOUSE - Using solar design to heat and cool your home. By a civil engineer and one who lives in a solar home.

BED018 21.95 THE SOLAR ELECTRIC HOUSE - This is the definitive book on solar electric systems for home use.

BED022 35.00 WINDPOWER FOR HOME & BUSINESS - The authors have really done their homework, all you want to know about windpower.

BED023 20.00 WIRING 12 VOLTS FOR AMPLE POWER - This is a "how to" companion to "Living On 12 Volts With Ample Power".

solarelectrichouse.jpg - 12.70 K Passivesolarhouse.jpg - 10.50 K Solar Living Source Bbok Fuel Savers 547 Ways to be Fuel Smart Practical Sun Power Creating Energy Solar Energy Notebook

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900 ext. 2

or e-mail us

What is a solar cell? A solar cell is a kind of semiconductor device that takes advantage of the photo-voltaic effect, in which electricity is produced when the semiconductor's PN junction is irradiated. When light strikes a solar cell, part of it is reflected, part of it is absorbed, and part of it passes through the cell. The absorbed light excites the bound electrons into a higher energy state, making them free electrons. These free electrons move about in all directions within the crystal, leaving holes where the electrons used to be, and the holes also shift around the crystal. The electrons (-) collect in the N-layer, the holes (+) in the P-layer. When the outside circuit is closed, electricity flows.

solarcellcrosssection.gif 7.38 K

Maintenance Standard photovoltaic modules have a lifetime of over 20 years. In most cases, when installed in non-polluted sites, they are also easy to maintain. When solar panels are set at an angle of greater than 15 degrees, their surface is cleaned naturally by the rain, and loss of efficiency due to dust and other obstructions is minimal.

Amorphous silicon solar cells are cells containing non-crystalline silicon, which are produced using semiconductor techniques. Amorphous silicon solar cells are mostly used as power sources for devices requiring little electricity or as modulated light sensors. They are common in pocket calculators, watches, light detectors for cameras, and television and car navigator screens.

Solar Electric Systems Definitions & Glossary

Definitions and explanations of terms and words used when working with solar electric systems.

AC-Alternating current. Electrical energy which reverses its direction at regular intervals.

AC Daily Power Budget- The daily amount of watts your AC appliances use.

AC Inverter and Battery Power Allowance- Running an inverter draws a small amount of power from your battery. So does keeping power stored. The inverter and battery allowance in your power calculations help make certain enough power will be produced to keep your battery from running in the red.

Adjusted Total Daily Power Budget- A total daily power budget may be changed to meet certain situations. For instance, if you spend only weekends at a house, then your adjusted total daily power budget will be lower. Adding a generator to your system also reduces your total daily power budget. The adjusted daily power budget provides the figure that determines the size of you solar electric power system.

Ampere or amp- Electric current is measured in amperes or amps.

Amp Hours – The number of amps used or produced in a given hour equals the number of hours. Batteries are rated in amp hours.

Array – A group of solar electric modules connected together in a power system.

Battery Bank – A group of batteries wired together to store power in a solar electric system. Allows you to use the stored power at night, on cloudy days or to run more power than the array can produce at one time.

Centrifugal (Water Pumping) – Rotating outward, away from the center, as in centrifugal force.

Controller _ Simply put, the controller regulates the current from solar charger to your battery bank.

Current – The rate of flow of an electric charge. Current is measured in amps.

DC – Direct current. Electrical energy flowing in one direction and of substantially constant value.

DC Daily Power Budget – The number of watts your DC appliances use daily.

Fall (Water Pump/Hydro Sections) – The vertical descent of water, usually measured in vertical feet. Also called "head".

Flow Rate – Speed at which water moves.

GPM – Gallons per minute.

Ground Mount – A piece of equipment upon which solar modules are mounted.

Head – See "Fall".

Hertz or HZ – The frequency of electrical current described in cycles per second. Appliances in the U.S. use 60 HZ. Appliances in other countries generally use 50 HZ.

Hydroelectricity – Electricity created by water power.

Hydrometer – An instrument used to measure state-of-charge (voltage) of a battery.

Inverter – An Appliance used to convert independent DC power into standard household AC current.

Kilowatt or KW – a thousand watts. (See Watts.)

LED – Light emitting diode. These lights are often used to indicate low power on modern electronic equipment.

Line Loss – Voltage drop over the length of electric line wire. Line loss robs your system of power when wire is too small for the load being run through the line or when voltage is too low for the distance the power must travel.

Load – The lights or appliances run by your electrical system.

MA – Milliamps, 1000 MA = 1 amp.

Module – Modular solar electric charger; used interchangeably with solar electric panel.

Parallel Wiring – A system of wiring, for solar electric modules of batteries, which increases amperage. Parallel wiring is "+ to +" (positive to positive) and " – to – " (negative to negative).

Photovoltaic – Converting light into electricity. Photo means "light" voltaic means "electric". Often referred to as "PV" for short. More commonly referred to as "solar electric".

PSI – Pounds per square inch.

Self-Regulating – Some modules have a special circuitry which keeps the battery from overcharging. This means that no controller is needed when the self-regulating module is properly matched to battery storage capacity.

Series Wiring – A system of wiring, for solar electric modules or batteries, which increases voltage. Series wiring is + to – (positive to negative).

Single-Crystal Silicon – Many solar chargers use single-crystal solar cells as they are the most efficient cell on the market. Pure silicon is grown into crystalline ingots which are cut into thin slices to make solar electric cells. These cells are then soldered together to meet the charger's voltage and current requirements.

Solar Cell – The smallest basic solar electric device which generates electricity when exposed to light. Solar Electric – The preferred term used to describe something which uses sunlight to produce electricity. "Photovoltaic" is the more technical term.

Thin –Film Silicon – The tiny solar chargers found in calculators and wristwatches are solar thin-film. Thin-film solar chargers are made by spreading a micro-thin layer of silicon on glass and creating the voltage and current circuits using laser technology. Thin-film chargers are produced in sizes from the microscopic calculator chip, up to the 1'x4' power module.

Total Daily Power Budget – In a DC system, the daily amount of watts your DC appliances use, plus the battery power allowance. In a DC and AC system, the daily amount of watts DC and AC appliances use, plus battery and inverter power allowances.

Voltage or Volts – Voltage is the rating of the amount of electrical pressure that causes electricity to flow in the power line. If electricity were water, voltage would measure the amount of pressure at the faucet.

Watts – A watt is a measurement of total electrical power. Volts x amps = watts.

Watt Hour – The quantity of electrical energy used or produced when one watt is used for one hour.

Alternative Energy Equipment

Morning Star
Solar Commander

Cooling Systems



Control Devices
Todd Engineering


Battery Interconnects

Battery Chargers
Todd Engineering
True Charge

Efficient Refrigeration

Electrical Installation


Mechanical Installation

Safety Equipment

Solar Electric Modules
Golden Genesis Golden Power
Power Value

Solar Electric Module

Solar Powered Water pumping
Solar Star

Support Structures
Direct Power


Wind Generators
South West Wind Power
Whisper Wind Generators

Custom system are available upon request.


Candle.jpg - 16.83 K

Save Electric and Use Candles!

Ever seen a candle that would burn for 6 1/2 days straight?

Click here to find out Long Light Candles

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Make a list of the appliances and/or loads you are going to run from your PV system. Find out how much power each item consumes while operating. Most appliances have a label on the back, which lists the wattage. The following chart lists typical power consumption of some common devices that you can use as a guide.
  • Appliance Watts appliance watts APPLIANCE Watts
    Coffee Pot 200 Computer   60W equivalent 16
    Coffee Maker 800 Laptop 20-50 75W equivalent 20
    Toaster 800-1500 PC 80x86 150 100W equivalent 30
    Popcorn air 300-1000 Printer 100 ¼" Drill 250
    Blender 300 Typewriter 80-200 ½" Drill 750
    Microwave 600-1500 TV 25" Color 150 1" Drill 1000
    Hot Plate 1200 19" Color 70 9" Disc Sander 1200
    Washing Machine   12" B&W 20 3" Belt Sander 1000
    Automatic 500 VCR 40 12" Chain Saw 1100
    Manual 300 CD Player 25 14" Band Saw 1100
    Vacuum Cleaner   Stereo 10-30 7¼" Circ. Saw 900
    Upright 200-700 Clock Radio 1 8¼" Circular 1400
    Hand 100 Satellite Dish 30 Refrig/Freezer  
    Sewing Machine 100 CB Radio 5 20cf (15 hrs) 540
    Iron 1000 Electric Clock 3 16cf (13 hrs) 475
    Clothes Dryer   Lights:   Sunfrost  
    Electric 400 100W Incandescent 100 16cf DC (7 hrs) 112
    Gas Heated 300-400 25W Compact Fluor. 28 12cf DC (7 hrs) 70
    Water Pump 250-500 50W DC Incandesce 50 Freezer  
    Ceiling Fan 10-50 40W DC Halogen 40 14cf (15 hrs) 440
    Table Fan 10-25 20W Compact Fluor. 22 14cf (14 hrs) 350
    Electric Blanket 200 Compact Fluorescent   Sunfrost Freezer  
    Blow Dryer 1000 Incandescent Equivalent   19cf (10 hrs) 112
    Shaver 15 40W equivalent 11    

    Calculate your AC loads. Determine how many hours each week that each load will be used. Watts X hours per week = WH/Wk. Add all of your watt-hours per week to find your total AC watt-hours per week needed.

    Calculate your DC loads. It is more practical to use DC directly from the batteries for small appliances i.e. cell phone, small lights, CD's and stereos that you can use a cigarette lighter adapter for. If an appliance is rated in amps, remember that P=E x I. Where P is power or watts, E is volts or Electro-motive force, and I is current or amps.

    12, 24, or 48 volt system?

    Many people begin with a 12-volt system because of its simplicity and low cost. Higher voltage will travel longer distances with less loss. Since watts = volts x amps, your power is increased proportional to your volts, given the same current. Generally, 12 volt is adequate for small to medium systems.

    You may be able to save 50% or more of your present usage simply by conserving. Do not use electricity for heating, air or water. Propane is much more efficient. Power companies in NE Arizona will give people free hot water heaters and some people are stupid enough to go get one. Air conditioning is not practical, but there are some very efficient swamp coolers, some use DC. You probably do not need lights on in a room if no one is in it. If you use heat tape to keep pipes from freezing, use tape with a thermostat. Propane heaters in each room allow you to heat only those rooms in use.

    To calculate your battery requirements, first decide how long you will want your system to run without being recharged. For a weekend cabin, you may want a lot of batteries to power you for the weekend and they can recharge after you leave. If you have a backup generator, you may not need so many batteries as you can always start the generator (hopefully). If you have enough solar panels or wind generator to fully charge your batteries every day, you may want to get more batteries to allow for days when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. In any case, double what you think you need because you will lose up to 20% through your inverter and another 20% if you live in a cold climate.

    Use the following table to calculate wire size. On the left, locate the current you will be dealing with. Move across to locate the distance traveled. Move up to find wire size.

    AWG< ampsV 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 0 00 000
    1 106 169 269 427 679 1080 1717 2166 2730 3444 4342
    2 53 85 134 214 340 540 859 1083 1365 1722 2171
    4 27 42 67 107 170 270 429 542 682 861 1086
    6 18 28 45 71 113 180 286 361 455 574 724
    8 13 21 34 53 85 135 215 271 341 430 543
    10 11 17 27 43 68 108 172 217 273 344 434
    15 7 11 18 28 45 72 114 144 182 230 289
    20   8 13 21 34 54 86 108 136 172 217
    25     11 17 27 43 69 87 109 138 174
    30     9 14 23 36 57 72 91 115 145
    35       12 19 31 49 62 78 98 124
    40         17 27 43 54 68 86 109
    45         15 24 38 48 61 77 96
    50         14 22 34 43 55 69 87

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