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Emergency Kits, 72 Hour Kits, Hurricane Kits, Tornado Kits, Emergency Medical Kits

72hrKitbigfile2II.jpg - 15547 Bytes

Deluxe 72 hr Kit with MRE's

Only $179.95 + s&h

This is one of the finest Deluxe 72 hr kits anywhere. It has real food to eat in the form of MRE's. Many of the items in this kit are not consumables, which means the kit can be reused over and over with only the food and water items needing to be replaced. We have included the famous SunTap Solar/Dynamo Powered flashlight - AM-FM radio. This is the kit I use when I travel. It goes everywhere I am. The pack has extra room in it for additional items ( I carry some cookies, vitamins, extra water etc. as needed for the trip I am on at the time. It is very flexible.) You can see most of the items in the picture. Extra food and water could turn this 72 hr kit into a 1-2 week kit. This kit can be used for many emergencies such as a Hurricane Kit, Tornado Kit, etc.

Contains: (15) Emergency Drinking Water Packets, (3) MRE Complete Meals (2) Emergency candles (1) Sierra Cup (1) Emergency Poncho (1) Emergency Blanket (1Bottle) Water Purification Tablets (1) Compass (2) Disposable Hand Warmer (1) Canteen - 1 quart (1) Gloves, Pair, work (1) Eating Utensils - (fork,knife,spoon) (1) SunTap Flashlight - AM - FM Radio - with AC/DC Adapter ( see a more detailed description of the SunBurst in this specials section) (1) First Aid Kit (1) Nylon Cord (1) Wind & Water Proof Matches (1) Tissues (1) Roll Toilet Tissue (1) Can Opener - GI Type (1) Whistle (1) Magnesium Fire Starter (1) Knife (Swiss Army Type) (1) Butane Lighter (1) FM 21-76 U S Army Survival Manual (1) Pocket Soap (1) Small Stove & Fuel (1) Folding Scissors (2) Light Sticks (1) Roll Duct Tape (2) Waste Bags and (1) Back Pack - to carry all your items in.

Due to potential shortages, exact items may be substituted with an item of equal or greater value.

Order # 60030 Reg. $189.95 Special Sale price only $179.95 + s&h

To Order This Kit On Line Click Here

Custom Built 72 Hour Kits are available

Give our Order Department a call Now
Toll Free in the USA & Canada
at 1-800-321-2900 ext.2

e-mail us -      Order Form - Order Form

International Number 1-360-458-6778 ext.2
Mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558

Emergency Medical and First Aid Kits Click Here

kitRoadr20II.jpg - 12676 Bytes

Car Road Kit

This 20 piece auto emergency kit fits most all road emergency situations.All items are packed in a heavy-duty backpack.

Kit Includes:

  • 2400 Calorie Food Bar
  • 30 Minute High-Intensity Light Stick
  • Tow Rope (14')
  • Auto Spot Light
  • Jumper Cables
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight with Batteries
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Swiss Style Army Knife
  • Solar Sleeping Bag
  • Flat Tire Fixer
  • Drinking Water
  • Waterproof Poncho
  • Leather Gloves
  • Whistle
  • Duct Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Emergency Instructions and Help Sign
  • Wet Naps
  • Hand Cleaner
Order Code # 42160 Special Sale $ 89.95 + s&h. Buy 3 or more and save even more only $79.95 each + s&h.

Mvc-023s.jpg - 15.99 K

6 1/2 Day Candles

Save Energy - Use Candles

One of these candles will burn for 6 1/2 days. Once lit they will burn 24 hours a day for at least 6 1/2 days. These big candles ( approx. 7 3/4 inches tall x 2 3/4 inches wide ) come in a specially designed plastic container that keeps the wax hot and level for longer burn times. The candles make excellent gifts and some people will light one to remember a special person or occasion. They make fine emergency candles, we used some during a recent power outage.

They come 12 candles per case and 5 cases will provide over one year of continuous light. ( 78 days per case x 5 cases = 390 days of light )

Code # 24454 Reg. $49.95 per case plus s&h. 14 + cases will get you a better UPS rate.

Candle.jpg - 16.83 K

Special 6 1/2 Day Candle Sale

2-3 cases @ $46.95 per case + s&h
4-8 cases @ $43.95 per case + s&h
9-13 cases @ $39.95 per case + s&h
14 + cases @ $36.95 per case + s&h

New Sale Prices

Note: These special prices are New so get your order in now and save!

Shipping Note: The key to shipping many of the heavier products is to get at least 200# going to one location from the same warehouse. Example: you want to buy some candles but want to spread your dollars around and get some food also. You could combine some poly buckets of grain, several cases of MRE's, and several cases of candles and other items to make the 200# min. weight. This way you get a better rate for shipping. 14 + cases will get you a better UPS rate..

Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900
In the USA and Canada
Order Form
e-mail us

Order 6 1/2 Day Candles Online

New Lower Price

US Army Survival Manual ( FM 21-76 )

USArmyFM21-76.jpg - 22.94 K

Bomb threats, anthrax scares, and the fear of nuclear warfare. Gas masks, duct tape and big bottles of water fly off the shelves: today no one feels secure. And that doesn't even take into account "ordinary" emergencies. With this authoritative field guide on hand, you'll have all the information you need to survive a variety of disasters. Originally commissioned by the Department of the Army to train its special forces in all-climate, all-terrain survival tactics, the manual describes situations and illustrates solutions that could mean the difference between life and death. Find out how to make polluted water potable, improvise containers for boiling food, build shelter, treat illness and injuries, find direction using the sun and stars, foretell the weather from the clouds, and more. Full-color photographs and detailed information help you identify poisonous snakes, as well as edible and non-edible plants. Special guidance is given on surviving in the desert, the tropics, the Arctic, and at sea. A must for campers, hikers, explorers, pilots, and anyone who wants to know how to survive in primitive conditions. Survival Kit Basics Specific survival kit items vary with environments, but all should contain in a durable water repellent case: * First aid items * Signaling items * Water and/or means to obtain potable water * Fire-starting items * Food and/or items to help you obtain food * Shelter items

Order # BSS128 New Low Price Only $9.95 + s&h (foreign call or e-mail )

Give our Order Department a call Now
Toll Free in the USA & Canada
at 1-800-321-2900 ext.2

e-mail us -      Order Form - Order Form

International Number 1-360-458-6778 ext.2
Mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558

Pri-g.jpg - 4.06 K

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Saver

Extend storage life about 5 + years, depending on its starting condition, and some instances up to 10 years - cool storage and sealed containers will really help here.

  • 1. Stabilizes Fuel & Extends Storage Life ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 2. Inhibits Carbon Deposits ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 3. Removes Slime & Sludge ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 4. Lubricates & Cleans Fuel Systems ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 5. Controls Moisture & Inhibits Gelling ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 6. Prevents Tank Corrosion ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 7. Increases Power & Efficiency ( use daily in your car or truck )
  • 8. Reduces Smoke ( use daily in your car or truck )

Special Sale Price

1 Quart $ 29.95

Just think what this will do for your boat or RV in storage. How about that big diesel truck or heavy equipment engine. Large industrial quantities are available - 55 gal drum, tanker etc. Give us a call at 1-800-321-2900 Hey! This stuff is good for the environment. Cleaner burning = less pollutants. Unless you have a free energy device (call me first) let's all do something to improve the air we breathe.

One Quart (32 oz) E-Z measure bottle does 512 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel. Code #25820 Gas Treatment $29.95 + s&h. Code #25821 Diesel Fuel Treatment $29.95 + s&h ( 12 per case )



  • Visa and Master Card accepted. Order more than one book at a time and the s&h goes to $.95 for each additional book going to the same address at the same time 48 states.
    * Price and availability subject to change without notice

    AladdinB139S.gif - 10.96 K

    Aladdin Chrome Shelf Lamp with Parchment Shade

    This is one of our favorites and one of the few currently available from Aladdin. Comes with a simple and efficient parchment shade to diffuse the light and make it easier to read or study by. We keep one of these always ready near our kitchen table. Comes in handy when the power goes off.

    # 25606 Reg. $ 194.95 + s&h

    Special Sale Price only $129.95 + s&h

    Get some Extra:
    #25620 $ 16.50 Lox-On Chimney ( suggest at least 1 extra )
    #25635 $10.75 Lox-On Mantel ( suggest at least 2 extra )
    #25640 $14.25 Wick for #23 burner ( suggest at least 1 extra )

    The Country Living Mill
    Super Grain Mill

    Our most popular mill

    Special Pricing for a Limited Time - Order Now!

    Made in the USA, this mill comes with a 20 year warranty and utilizes specially designed steel grinding plates. It runs on industrial ball bearings which should supply a life time of service. It is easy to clean and has an infinite amount of adjustments for fineness or coarseness of flour. It is easy to turn by hand, but can be motorized or attached to an exercise bike for ears of operation. The mill flywheel has a V-belt groove in it for motorized operation.

    In order to process a variety of grains, nuts and beans the Country Living Mill has an optional Nut & Bean Auger. This auger has wider grooves in it to allow for larger nuts and beans to be processed through the mill. If the plates become clogged while making nut butters, they are easy to remove and clean.

    The Country Living Mill requires 30% less energy to grind all grains, beans and seeds into fine flour. It is an attractive mill that blends nicely into any kitchen decor. An optional ceramic flour bin is also available to catch the flour as it is ground.

    Code #21236 Country Living Grain Mill Reg.$ 449.00 + s&h

    On Sale Now for only $429.00 + s&h

    Order Toll Free in the USA and Canada 1-800-321-2900

    Country Living Grain Mill & Accessories
    21236 Country Living Grain Mill Sale Price $ 429.00
    21239 Optional Corn & Bean Auger $39.95
    21240 Optional Flour Bin $32.95
    21242 Optional Power Bar - for easier tuning $25.95



    Sure-Pak MRE Full Meal

    MRE04.jpg - 22.96 K

    Just arrived - NEW, commercial full meal MRE (meals, ready to eat) , the instant meal that requires no cooking. Just open the package and eat. Most include a meat entree, pound cake usually an additional item of applesauce, potatoes au gratin etc. plus the famous accessory pack of : coffee creamer, salt , pepper, sugar, wet nap, sauce and spoon. 1300 calorie, 6 varieties x 2 = 12 full meal packs per case

    MREseeit.jpg - 20.87 K

    Sure-Pack Meals New and Instock

    Great Food and approx. 1300 calorie count per meal for the average active person, and a variety of 12 Full Meals ( 6 menus twice)( this is our most popular full meal MRE )$88.95 + s&h 48 states. 2-5 cases $78.95 each, 6-12 $78.00 each, 13 - up $73.95 + s&h. ( We can ship these most anywhere in the USA. Call or write.)

    MREcan.gif - 20.59 K

    The shrinking can. MRE Sure-Pack meals are high quality foods canned in a flexible can. Most meals can be opened with just your fingers.

    Call for special pricing on orders in multiples of 48 cases.

    Need a large quantity? Call 1-800-321-2900 for discount rates and availability.

    Some Single Entrees also available - All Sold Out!

    Current selection of single entrees: All Sold Out!

    Pineapple & Peaches are available in limited quality. All Sold Out!

    Pineapple 5 oz 72 per case $75.00 +$15.00 s&h 48 states
    Peaches 4.5 oz 72 per case $75.00 +$15.00 s&h 48 states
    Pears 5 oz 72 per case $75.00 +$15.00 s&h 48 states
    Applesauce 5 oz 72 per case $75.00 +$15.00 s&h 48 states
    Mixed Fruit 4.5 72 per case $75.00 +$15.00 s&h 48 states

    e-mail us or use our electronic order form or fax/mail in form.
    Click hereOrder Form

    MRE Tray Packs - All Sold Out!

    We have several tray packs (large flat cans) available. They serve 18 per tray with 4 trays per case or 72 servings per case. Current availability: Pork Ribs, Boneless, Formed, in BBQ Sauce @$89.95 per case + s&h. Limited Availability.

    traypak-pouch.jpg - 24.88 K

    The picture at the right compares a tray pack to a single entree pouch. The tray pack has 18 servings per tray (2/3 cup)with 4 trays per case. These are great buys. We recently did a test at a friends evening family dinner . There were 14 people present including 3 younger teen boys and two older teen girls and other adults of various ages. We served three tray packs of different varieties along with some salad, steamed veggie and 1/2 garlic bread stick per person. We put a 1 cup measuring cup in each tray ( recommended serving size is 2/3 cup ) and gave each a full one cup serving times three. That is is lot of food. Most came back for seconds of at least one of the tray pack entrees and the teens came back for seconds and thirds. Boy, were we surprised. We even had some left over.

    These tray packs really have a lot of food in them. You can warm them up in your oven, over a camp fire, wood heater top, or most any heat source ( they even taste o.k. cold). Please take advantage of this offer while they are still available.

    Call for shipping to your location.

    MRE's are not always available since they are an overrun or surplus item so plan your food needs accordingly.

    Please call usToll Free 1-800-321-2900 or e-mail us for current status and pricing.

    Price and Availability of our products are subject to change without notice

    Wringer.jpg - 16.84 K

    New "Old Fashioned" Clothes Wringer

    Yes! We finally found one we like and at a reasonable price. Heavy Duty hand operated. Attach to wash tub, counter, board etc. The hardest thing about hand washing clothes is not the washing but wringing out enough water so they will dry in a reasonable amount of time. Get yours while supply last.

    Order Code # 25669 $179.00 + s&h

    To Order This Item On Line Click Here

    Foreign orders please e-mail us for s&h to your location.

    Order Toll Free in the USA and Canada 1-800-321-2900.

    e-mail us -

    Click Here for an Order Form

    Wash Board

    wash board

    Hand Operated Washing Machine - New

    Wash Your clothes by hand with this new old-fashioned washboard. Stainless Steel ribbed washing area. 23x12 Heavy duty. Made to last. Really Works. Popular model. Wash Tub not included.

    wash board

    Order # 25812 $29.95 +s&h

    To Order This Item On Line Click Here


    LogCabin3K.jpg - 13.35 K

    How-To Build This Log Cabin
    for $3,000

    Very few boys don't want one day to build their own log cabin. The author had this dream...and at age 54 he made it happen! As he went, so do you, because he was smart enough to photograph his every step in detail.
    300 photographs and several line drawings make it easy for your to do the same.

    BS1331 $24.95 + s&h USA Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900 in the USA and Canada.

    WildLivSkills2.jpg - 10.74 K

    "Naked Into The Wilderness"

    Primitive Wilderness Living
    & Survival Skills

    by John & Geri McPherson

    If you have been accustomed to reading books on wilderness skills that entertain you but fall short of actually teaching you how to accomplish the tasks and skills at hand, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

    Over 700 photographs and a couple dozen line drawings crammed into 400 pages presents for the first time the "how-to" on primitive skills. Each chapter was first written as a complete book.

    The authors know of what they write - this is not a compilation of other authors' works nor a rehashing and perpetuation of myths. The McPhersons not only know their stuff but also how to present it.

    BS1328 $24.95 + s&h USA Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900 in the USA and Canada

    PrimWildSkills.jpg - 10.45 K

    "Naked Into The Wilderness - #2"

    Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied & Advanced

    by John & Geri McPherson

    The McPherson's first book, "NAKED INTO THE WILDERNESS," PRIMITIVE WILDERNESS LIVING &SURVIVAL SKILLS, has been acclaimed by readers from around the world, both the novice outdoors man and the professional woodsman. It is the ultimate in "how-to," do-it-yourself, primitive skills instruction books. This book takes those skills and applies them in daily primitive living situations.

    " and the children are certainly to be commended for your accomplishments."

    National Geographic World Referring to the dugout canoe project (chapter 4)

    BS1329 $24.95 + s&h USA Order Toll Free 1-800-321-2900 in the USA and Canada


    Two Things You Must Have to Get Started - NOW !

    1. Family Preparedness, Health and Survival Supplies Catalog  
      by The Survival Centertm - 56 pages of Family preparedness and Survival Supplies. 1000s of items: $2.00 USA $5.00 Canada ( $7.50 Foreign)

    2. Basic Preparedness (Widely Acclaimed)- The Preparedness Book - A " How-To" Guide for Preparedness & Self-Reliant Living. Learn "How-To" do the Four Basics of Survival and more. This book teaches you how to prepare for most any emergency.
      A "How-To" step-by-step handbook. 200 pgs+charts/graphs: $19.95 + s&h (Foreign$9.50)

    "This book is a one-volume library of survival information that should stand beside the dictionary and cook book on every home reference shelf. Keep this book handy, it could save the lives of you and your family." Richard Noone - Authur / Lecturer 5/5/2000..Ice the Ultimate Disaster

    If you are a beginner or an expert - this is "The Book to have"

    Written by experts and leaders in the preparedness field with
    over 90 + years combined experience

    Order "Basic Preparedness" Now! and receive a catalog "Free"

    The Survival Center tm
    POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558
    1-360-458-6778 voice 1-360-458-6868 fax

    Toll Free Order Line 1-800-321-2900

    Basic Preparedness

    A Guide to Preparedness and Self-Reliant Living

    Our Most Popular Book

    Over the years our customers keep asking if there was just one book they could get to help them start a preparedness program yet have enough depth so they would not need to buy a bunch of other books for awhile. Something simple, basic, easy to read with charts, graphs, and cover all the basics showing what to do first, second etc.

    Finally, we did it and now our customers tell us what they think. Like the lady from Ohio who said as soon as she received the book she started reading it and never put it down until she had read it all. Wow! we said. Her comments were very rewarding as she said she had a real sense of what she needed to do and what steps to take first.

    This is an Emergency Preparedness Manual that teaches the reader HOW-TO prepare for most anything that threatens their Survival. The idea of preparedness is spreading rapidly among those who are waking up to the reality of today's chaotic economic, geological and political climate. There are many reference books available that deal with specific areas of preparedness for an uncertain future. That's the problem. there are too many books. Most of us are busy, and reading time is precious, this is why Basic Preparedness was written.

    This one book covers the basics plus more. The four basics for successful survival are FOOD, WATER, MEDICAL and SHELTER. This "How-To" book addresses all of these needs in the first four chapters with easy to understand, simple instructions. Then the following chapters cover the basics of Shelter, Grain Usage & Storage, Food Processing, Home steading, Alternative Energy, Self-Defense & Sovereignty plus an Index and Glossary. Learn how-to maintain a comfortable survival regardless of the future situation. Learn how-to prepare and preserve food. Learn how much food to store and how long it will keep. Learn how-to create the most basic household products naturally. Learn how-to set up your homestead to run without power and still be comfortable. Learn how-to secure a piece of property that will shelter and feed your family plus many more basic preparedness tips.

    Code # BSS001 $19.95 + s&h USA foreign please e-mail for rates to your location.

    Order Toll Free in the USA & Canada

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