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Some of the Stainless Steel Items We Carry

other items are available - please call for special requests

Filet knives     7.95
Boning knives   10.50
Paring knives     7.95
Locking tongs     6.95
Crank sifter ( 3 cups)   14.95
Screen strainer   15.95
Solid Strainer w bigger holes     6.95
Soup plates     3.95
Dinner plates     4.25
Wine goblets     8.50
Flask   13.95
Bottle stopper (cont. 2)     8.95
Chow kit ( fork, knife, spoon)     3.95
2 Qt bowl   14.95
Bowl # 1021     2.99
Pizza pans 14   12.50
Pizza pans 16''   16.50
Cake pan 8     6.95
Cake pan 9     6.95
Baking pan   16.95
Loaf pans   10.00
Jelly roll pan   14.95
Pie pan     6.50
Cookie sheets 12'' X 15   10.00
Cookie sheets 13'' X 17   14.50
Pasta maker   57.95
Wheat grass juicer 119.95
Wide mouth funnel     7.95
Cooling rack     7.50
Peeler / Shredder     8.50
Veggie steamer     5.95
6 cup percolator   21.95
Sauce master /food strainer with s.s. screens   75.00
Food mill   34.95
Pressure cooker 10.9 Qt   99.95
Air tight/water tight containers 6 oz.   12.50
Air tight/water tight containers 10.5 oz   16.95
Pie server     5.95

The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wa 98558     1-360-458-6778

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